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PETR 4405 Production Facilities and Processing

Disclaimer: Topics and/or dates may be changed during the semester at the instructors discretion because of
scheduling issues, developments in the discipline, or other contingencies.

Catalog PETR 4405. Production Facilities and Processing (4:3:3): The design and
Data: understanding of surface facilities for the processing and disposition or sale of oil, gas
and water. Three field trips (2 Saturdays + Thursday/Friday) are REQUIRED to
pass this course.
Objective Course is structured toward the design of both oil and natural gas production facilities
rather reservoir engineering; however the student is expected to have a general
knowledge of reservoir engineering as it will be utilized in solving problems. Text is
supplemented by handouts pertinent to the course material. Proper units are
emphasized and at least one iterative type computer program is required. Upon
completion of the course, the student has been prepared to solve real oil and gas
surface production engineering problems including fundamental calculations of gas and
liquid volumes, oil and water treating and handling, liquid and gas storage, single and
network pipeline flow, gas measurement, plant processing of natural gas, compressor
and pump designs, multiphase flow and flow assurance problems and to integrate
various gas contracts into the design of a gas production system.
Prerequisi 3.0 TTU GPA, PETR major only, C or better in PETR 4121, PETR 4300, and two senior
tes: PETR electives (concurrent enrollment allowed)
Co PETR 4222
Textbook: Sivalls Notebook and notes provided plus copy of course notes will be
Reference: Ikoku, Chi U., Natural Gas Production Engineering, 1984
Production Facilities and Construction Engineering, SPE Petroleum Engineering Handbook- Vol. III, Kenneth
E. Arnold (editor in chief). SPE Bookstore, 2011. ISBN 978-1-55563-116-1 Free:
Arnold, K. and Stewart, M., Surface Production Operations, Gulf Publishing Co., 1989
Craig. B. D., Sour Gas Design Consideration, SPE Monograph 15, 1993
Bradley, H. B., Petroleum Engineering Handbook, SPE, 1987
Gas Processors Supply Association, Engineering Data Book, Vol I and II, 1987

Topics Time* Outcomes (Goals)
0.5 Introduction to concepts of surface handling of oil Homework,
Week and gas Quizzes, Exams
Hydrates and Concepts of thermodynamics; Overall design Homework,
1 Week
prevention considerations; Hydrates and Line Heaters Quizzes, Exams
Design gas/water/oil separating and storage. Oil
Separation, Storage 2.0 Homework,
treating FWKO, heater treaters, emulsions.
and Controls Week Quizzes, Exams
Controls for equipment operations
Compression 1 Week Types of compressors including vapor recovery.
Quizzes, Exams
Prime movers and design of field pumping Homework,
Pumps 1 week
systems Quizzes, Exams
Method of measurement; Derivation of orifice
Gas and Liquid meter equation, and define most import factors in Homework,
1 Week
Measurement the orifice flow coefficient; Description and Quizzes, Exams
reading square-root and uniform-division charts
Exam 1, Wednesday March 8, 5:00 7:00 PM
Basic flow equations; Gas, liquid and multiphase
Piping System 2.5 flow pipeline design and maintenance; Flow in Homework,
Performance Week series, parallel pipelines and pipeline networks; Quizzes, Exams
Gas flow through restrictions
Condensate Stabilization; Glycol Dehydration; Gas
Gas Treating and 1.5 Treating (CO2 and H2S Removal); Gas processing ( Homework,
Processing Weeks Adsorption, Refrigeration, Cryogenics and N2 Quizzes, Exams
Understanding of Water Chemistry including
Corrosion 1 Week bacteria scale and types of corrosion. Cathodic
Quizzes, Exams
Exam 2, Tuesday April 25, 5:00 PM 7:00 PM

Water Injection and Design of injection systems for saltwater disposal Homework,
1 Week
Environmental and secondary recovery systems. Quizzes, Exams
Design + Other
Miscellaneous Facilities and systems design, plus special topics. Design Project
**Lab 3 Saturday field trips to Oil and Gas Facilities
Quizzes, Exams
Final 1 week No Final Project due 5/9/2017, 5 PM
*Dates are subject to change

Coordinator: Ekarit Panacharoensawad, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, PE 236,
Office hours: 12:20 12:50 Tuesday and Thursday
Otherwise: email for an appointment

Denny Bullard, P.E.

Instructor, PE 232,
Office hours: email for appointment

TA: Marshal Wigwe
Office hours: Wednesday 9:00 AM 12:00 PM Room: PE 241
Class Attendance Regular Class: Attendance is mandatory for all lectures and exam sessions.

Late 1 times is equivalent to missing from class 1/3 times. If a student has a
university excuse, any Late or class missing will be excused and will not be
counted toward the grade calculation.

Coming to class within the first 5 minutes of the class time is not considered as
being late for class. 30 minutes late or more for class is considered as missing
from class. Yet, a student is allow to sit in the class. Leaving the class before
the end of the class time or leaving and coming back is considered as missing
from class if a student miss more than 30 minutes of class time. It is considered
as 1/3 of missing from class if a student miss more than 5 minutes but not more
than 30 minutes of class time.

To be eligible for getting the grade of A+, a student must not miss the class
more than 1.0 time. To be eligible for getting the grade of A, a student must not
miss the class more than 2.0 times. To be eligible for getting the grade of B, a
student must not miss the class more than 3.0 times. To be eligible for getting
the grade of C, a student must not miss the class more than 4.0 times. To be
eligible for getting the grade of D, a student must not miss the class more than
5.0 times. For example, a student miss the class 1 time, and late for class for 4
times without any university excuses. That student get full score on all exam
and homework. That student is not eligible to get A or a higher grade. This
student will get B.

Lecture, exam, field trip and laboratory sessions are mandatory. Missing from
any of this is counted as missing from a class.
Class Attendance During the class a student name will be called. If a student sign the attendance
Checking sheet, but not be in the class room at the time of calling, that student name will
be called again during the class, and will be called again at the end of the class.
If that student is still not in class, then it is considered that that student is
missing from the class. The Office of Student Conduct could be consulted if the
academic integrity is being compromised.
Question During Each student is expected his/her name to be called to answer questions during
Class the class. Wrong answer is OK and has no penalty toward the grade. Please
understand that your name may be asked quite a few times, because I will need
some time to memorize students name.
Field Trip Field Trip: Saturdays; February 4 (Chevron, Odessa, TX); February 18 (Hy-Bon
Requirement and CSI Compression, Midland, TX); April 6 & 7 (Oxy gas plant, Sundown, TX).
Field trip date are subject to change by the instructor dates set aside are two
SATURDAYS IN February. Most likely the Oxy gas plant will be on Thursday-Friday
(half of the class will go on each day, NOT both days). IF A STUDENT MISSES

A student will get 100% of the field trip grade by attending all 3 field
trip. No report is required if a student attend the field trip. The Field
Trip grade will be based on the number of the field trip trips attended divided by
the number field trips given (3).

Any field trip missing with the university excuse is not counted as missing the
field trip/class time. However, the student who miss the field trip with the
university excuse need to submit a report of the field trip that s/he miss with the
university excuse within 10 calendar days (including holidays/weekends, each
day end at 11:59:59 PM). 10 days start to count after the date of the missing
field trip. For example, if a student miss a Saturday 2/4/17 field trip, the report
must be submitted by 2/14/17 11:59:59 PM. If he/she did not submit the field
trip report within 10 days after missing with the university excuse, this missing
will be counted toward class missing and field trip missing. Thus, if a student
miss 2 field trip, both missing have the university excuse, but the student did
not submit the report within 10 days. That students get F for the course. The
submitted report will be graded and used as the missing field trip score. The
report must be at least 2000 words about the technical part of the missing field
trip. This include the function of the equipment, type, size, related calculation /
government regulation, description of parts, picture of the equipment, etc.

For a field trip missing without a university excuse, student is allowed to write
the report to get partial credits of the field trip grade (50% of the grade of the
missing field trip). This report must be submitted within 10 calendar days.
Quizzes & Any missed quizzes/homework will not be made up. Any missed quiz will receive a score
Homework Policy of 0. There are NO MAKE UP QUIZES! Two lowest score of the combination of quiz and
homework will be dropped in computing the quiz and homework grade. For example, 1 lowest quiz
score and 1 lowest homework score can be dropped from the grade calculation. Homework is due
via blackboard as specified on assignment (usually 1 weeks); late homework will not be accepted
(Get 0).
Grading Policy: Class Grade (CG): The final grade for this course will be based on
Homework/quiz/on Exam I, Exam II and Final Project. The class grade are strictly
distributed as follows

Pretest on the first day 0

Homework 10
Quiz 10
TTU Labs + East Campus 10
Field Trip 20
Exam 1 20
Exam 2 20
Final Project 10
Total 100

Grad % of the course total Grade % of the course total

e score score
A+ First 3 highest scores A 90.00 to 100.00
+ Must be eligible to
get A+
B 80.00 to 89.99 C 70.00 to 79.99
D 60.00 to 69.99 F 59.99 or less

The third digit or more will round the second digit up. For example, 89.990001
will be rounded up to 90.00. Note that 89.98 or 89.9900000000 are B, not A.
Exam Policy Any missed exam with a university excuse will be made up by counting the
other exam as the equivalent of the missed exam (same score). Missed exams
with no excuse will be given a zero (0).

1 Must have valid TTU id or drivers license on desk or WILL NOT BE

2 Back packs against walls with cell phone in them. Anyone caught with
cell phone will be removed from the exam and given an F for course
3 Pencil and/or pen, straight edge, NCEES approved calculator
4 Exams will be picked up when done. DO NOT GET OUT OF SEAT UNTIL
5 Must sit at assigned seat with your name on both the test and scan Tron

Exam will be reviewed in class following the tests in the sections. Exams will not be handed back.
All grades will be posted and if a student has a question about their grade on that item (homework,
quiz, and exam), they must come see the TA within 1 week of the grades being posted. Subsequent to
that, exams may not be viewed again.

Final Project replaces the final exam. Students that are currently
enrolled in PETR 4222 will use the facility portion of their design project for
the report.
Class Time & Lecture Time: Tuesday & Thursday 11:00-12:20 pm in TFPE 110
Location: Lab Time: Field Trip labs 2/4/17, 2/18/17, and one of either 4/6/17 or 4/7/17
Building Labs: Wednesday: 1-1:50, 2-2:50, (not every Wednesday)
Course Web Site: The University blackboard web site schedule of reading and homework
Notes: Any student who, because of a disability, may require special arrangements in
ADA Compliance: order to meet the course requirements should contact the instructor as soon as
possible to make any necessary arrangements. Students should present
appropriate verification from Student Disability Services during the instructors
office hours. Please note instructors are not allowed to provide classroom
accommodations to a student until appropriate verification from Student
Disability Services has been provided. For additional information, you may
contact the Student Disability Services office in 335 West Hall or 806-742-2405.
Only approved NCEES calculators can be used during exams, tests and quizzes.
A current list can be found at
Academic Academic Integrity is described in the Bulletin of Texas Tech University
Integrity: Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogue and OP 34.12. The penalty for Academic
dishonesty will be a grade of F for the course.
All students are expected to come to class alert and ready to participate. If you
Conduct Policy must leave the class before the end of the session, do not return. Sleeping,
Classroom reading newspapers, surfing the net and doing homework for other classes are
Citizenship: not allowed during class. Students are expected to assist in maintaining a
classroom environment that is conducive to learning. PDAs, cell phones,
beepers and other electronic devices are distracting and should be silenced
during class time. No Tobacco products are allowed. When exiting the
classroom place your trash in the waste can, the next student will appreciate
your diligence.

Prepared by, Ekarit Panacharoensawad, 1/17/2017.


Detailed Schedule:
Laboratory session is to demonstrate functions of equipment / theories. It is a lecture type demonstration which requires
full contact hours from faculties (contact hours are counted as the regular lecture). Field trip are the lecture type with the
real equipment. (contact hours are counted as the regular lecture).
Day Date Topic s
Thu 17 Introduction + pretest 1.5
Tue 17 Hydrate & Prevention 1.5
Wed 17 Lab 1: Safety 0.5
Thu 17 Hydrate & Prevention 1.5
Tue 17 Separator 1.5
Wed 7 Lab 2: Separator 1
Thu 7 Separator 1.5
2/4/201 Chev Yrd 6:30 AM to 6 PM :: arrive 8:30,
Sat 7 leave 4 pm 6.5
Tue 7 Crude oil Treating 1.5
Thu 7 Tank 1.5
Tue 17 Tank/Storage 1.5
Wed 17 No lab / No class- Job fair 0
Thu 17 Thermo-Compression 1.5
Sat 17 CSI/Hy-Bon 6.5
Tue 17 Compression 1.5
Thu 17 Compression 1.5
Tue 17 Pumps 1.5
Thu 7 Pumps 1.5
Tue 7 Metering 1.5
Wed 7 Exam 1 2
Thu 7 Metering 1.5
Tue 17 Spring break 0
Thu 17 Spring break 0
Tue 17 Liquid flow in pipe 1.5
Thu 17 Gas Pipeline Desing 1.5
Tue 3/28/20 Gas treating 1.5
Thu 17 Gas treating 1.5
Tue 7 Multiphase Flow 1.5
Wed 7 Lab 3: Horizontal Well 1
Thu 7 Multiphase Flow + OXY Field trip 1.5
Fri 7 OXY Field trip 3
Tue 17 Flow assurance 1.5
Thu 17 Flow assurance 1.5
Tue 17 Water Chemistry 1.5
Thu 17 Short Course Attendance 0
Tue 17 Exam 2 2
Thu 17 East Campus Lab 1.5
Tue 7 Design project help: Optional 0
Thu 7 Design project help: Optional 0
Tue 7 Design project help: Optional 0
Total 60