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March 13, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

Mackenzie Flaherty was my student during his 10 week psychiatric/mental health nursing
clinical rotation last semester. As a clinical instructor/lecturer with fifty years experience in
various psych nursing areas, I have a unique opportunity to become acquainted with my
students as individuals. Since they're learning to use their own personalities as a therapeutic
tool, I try to help them get to know themselves more in depth and as members of a team on our
4-unit inpatient facility. During our psych rotation, they also experience working with older
adults, pediatric therapy services, and intensive adult outpatient services. My goal for them is to
practice interpersonal relationship skills that can be generalized and applied to any nursing
endeavor they choose.

Review "Mac" Flaherty's resume again. Then set up an interview with him ASAP. If you think
he looks good on paper, just wait until you meet him! It's true that, at first, he may seem
somewhat reticent, but "still waters run deep", and soon you'll get to know what a fine person
and RN-to-be he is. Beneath that in-earnest, sincere demeanor is a thinker with a heart.
Although he works well with all people, he seems to gravitate towards the most vulnerable
among us - particularly, the elderly, the poor, the young, the disenfranchised of the U.S. and the
world. A man with a mission (whether he has actually defined it or not) to actually help his
fellow human beings via healthcare or otherwise.

Now the usual (but true) description of the strengths and attributes that Mac will bring to your
organization: 1) a broad and in depth nursing knowledge base; 2) highly developed
technical/technology abilities; 3) excellent verbal/written communication skills and finally; and 4)
an appreciation of the value of the continued application of evidenced-based nursing practice

Mac exudes a certain calm, grounded core even when things get somewhat chaotic - like on an
inpatient psych unit! This is why, although he is an excellent team member (just ask his
preceptors at St. Joe's), he may eventually be the head of the team, the unit, the clinic, or the
organization. Via his volunteer travels, Mac has seen the tremendous needs of those we serve
and inherent reward in meeting those needs. Of course, it's about time to be compensated for
doing so!

It would be very wise to offer your setting as the environment where he continues to spread his
wings. Including Mac with you early in his career will definitely pay off tenfold in the future. A
resume of his resume: a well-rounded honors student with volunteer and work experience of
local/global implications.


Susan Markovich, RN, MSN

Clinical Instructor