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2017-2018 Course Syllabus

Instructor: Michael Conover Room:
Email Address: Phone:

Welcome to Economics, a challenging course designed to give students a greater understanding
of economics ranging from decisions of individual consumers or small business owners to
fundamental macroeconomic concepts. This course will study the law of supply and demand,
market structures, money, fiscal policy, and monetary policy. The course relates history and
politics to the study of economics.

Course Objectives:
Upon the successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Develop an economic way of thinking
Analyze different economic systems that exist throughout the world
Understand the nature of, changes in, and elasticity of supply and demand
Identify and differentiate the types of business organizations that exist
Explain the role of the government in different markets
Analyze how fiscal and monetary policy can affect economic growth

Required Class Materials:

Notebook/Paper Notetaking
Folder and/or Binder Organize returned/graded assignments
Pens and/or Pencils

Clayton, Gary E. (2016). Understanding Economics.
Other readings may be assigned.

Course Outline:

Week Chapter Topic

1-2 Chapter 1 Foundations
3-4 Chapter 2 Stock Markets and Market Systems
5-6 Chapter 4-6 Supply & Demand
7-8 Chapter 7 Market Structures
8-9 Chapter 8-9 Business & Labor
10 Chapter 12-13 Economic Instability
11-13 Chapter 14-15 Fiscal Policy
14 Chapter 10 Money & Banking
15 Chapter 16 Monetary Policy
16 Chapter 17-18 Globalization and Trade
17 Chapter 19 Personal Finance
18 Review and Senior Final
Student performance will be classified into the following sections:
Daily Assignments / Classwork 35%
Tests 30%
Projects / Group work 25%
Participation 10%

Grading Scale: Final Grade:

A = > 90% Quarter 1 = 40%
B = 80-89% Quarter 2 = 40%
C = 70-79% Final Exam = 20%
D = 60-69%
F = < 59%

Class Policies & Procedures:

Attendance/Tardiness/Late Work/Academic Dishonesty These policies
are aligned with the _______ High School handbook

Make-Up Students are high encouraged to attend school on exam

dates. Make-Up test times will be assigned by the instructor

Class Rules / Expectations:

Attend class on time
Be Prepared
Complete assignments in class or finish as homework
Be respectful to other classmates
Bathroom passes will be limited
No profanity
I reserve the right to move your assigned seat at anytime
All other rules are consistent with the ________ High School

Contact Information:
Please, email me if you or your parents/guardians have any questions or

Michael Conover Economics Instructor (email)