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Bible Society of the West Indies (BSWI)

Jamaican Creole Translation Project
Quarterly Report
Financial Year: 2010 Quarter: 3rd (April—June)

By: Bertram Gayle (Project Co-ordinator) Date: 8th July, 2010

Gad Wod iina fi wi Langwij
The Translation Department, BSWI, P.O. Box 146, 24 Hagley Park Plaza, Kingston 10, Jamaica, W.I. t. 1(876) 926-2772; f. 1(876) 926-0334. e-mail. w.

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Project Activities that Took Place During FY10 Q1
The following were achieved in the last three months:
1. Exegetical reviewing of seven books: 1 Timothy, 2 Thessalonians, 1 Peter, 1-3 John and Titus. 2. Completion of the 2nd draft of Galatians. The same was also submitted to our exegetes. Work has started the 2nd draft of Ephesians. 3. Commencement of the translation of Acts and 2 Corinthians. We also commenced reviewing the 1st draft of John’s Gospel. 4. Production of a documentary – “The Making of the Patwa Bible” 5. Meeting with Phil Kenney of Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH). 6. Entering into a formal agreement with the Jamaican Language Unit of the University of the West Indies re the Unit’s role as the project’s Linguistic Consultant. 7. Completion of the Luuk Buk Project: • • 2,500 copies of the text of Luke were printed for distribution between Jamaica, the UK and North America 250 copies of the audio (MP3 format) of Luke were done for the UK leg of the Buk’s launch in May. There, Rev’d Courtney Stewart, General Secretary of BSWI, along with one of the Society’s board members visited 5 churches and had approximately 20 interviews! • The audio files are available on the British and Foreign Bible Society’s website and are can be downloaded from iTunes first_patois_bible_gospel_of_luke/

Problems in reaching goals originally scheduled:
Several issues prevented the Team from completing a second draft for the following books: John, Ephesians, Colossians, Philippians and Revelation. These included illness, meetings, personnel going on leave and completing the text of Luke and planning its launch.

Other activities that took place:
1. Media promotion of the project 2. Visiting an orphanage and sharing the message. The response was excellent! The children wrote songs, skits, etc based on the text that was read to them in Jamaican.

Project Goals and Activities Planned for the next Three Months
The following are scheduled for the next three months:
1. Local Launch of Luuk Buk Project. This includes: • • • • Further media promotion of the project Breakfast with heads of denominations and leaders of major para-church organisations on 28th July A launch in a Church on the Sunday afternoon of each Sunday in August Lecture at the University of the West Indies (early September)

(We’ll need to make more copies of the audio text for the launch.) 2. Complete the 2nd draft for John, Ephesians, Colossians, Philippians and Revelation. 3. Continue translating Acts and 2 Corinthians. 4. Submit 2nd drafts to the Jamaican Language Unit of the University of the West Indies for the commencement of linguistic review.

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Project Impact: How God’s working in lives through the project
The following is a “Customer Review” of the Luuk Buk (from the iTunes site) “I am loving the Patois or Jamiekan Gospel of Luke. To hear my religious text, the Bible, in my mother tongue is so significant to me. I am so grateful I cannot fully express it. It means I can engage with the words of Jesus at a much deeper level. I look forward to the rest of the Bible being translated in the same way. I wish the Bible Society of the West Indies all the best in their endeavours. My only criticism is that the music is a little cheesy but the tone and the music of the language outweighs this small niggle. God bless you.” —————————————————————————————————————————————— Features of the UK Leg of the launch can be found: 1. In one of the UK’s leading Papers, the Independent: news/the-word-of-god-ndash-in-every-language-on-earth-1981957.html 2. BBC Radio 4: 3. YouTube by British and Foreign Bible Society: v=mJKYgiR1FcA&feature=player_embedded 4. The British and Foreign Bible Society’s website:

Team Member Profile:
• Name: Ronald Ross • Project Responsibility: Translation Consultant • Bio: Born in Colorado, Ronald Ross immigrated as a very young man to Costa Rica, where he worked as a translator and graduated from the University. Subsequently completing a Ph. D. in linguistics in the United States, he has taught at the University of Costa Rica for 36 years. For nearly 20 of those years he was a translation consultant with the United Bible Societies and worked with indigenous language translation projects in many parts of Central and South America. In the late 1990s he was granted the special opportunity of working with the Jamaican Language Translation Project, the largest language group in the Americas after Spanish, English, Portuguese and French. He has had an abiding interest in Creole languages and his work with this project –which has continued after retiring from the UBS in 2007-has become a vital part his life. He looks forward to the day when Jamaicans everywhere will be able to hear –and read—the Bible in the language of their heart.

Prayer Requests:
1. Thank God for the meeting with FCBH. Pray for guidance as we look into the possibilities of a partnership. 2. Praise God for the success of the UK launch of Luuk Buk. Pray for equal success in the remaining launches. Our hope in planning these launches is that they will serve as a precursor to our larger goal of making the Scriptures available to Jamaicans (at home and in the Diaspora) in their mother tongue, and as a forerunner to the release of the entire New Testament in 2010. 3. Praise God for having answered your prayers on behalf of our Translation Consultant. His retirement papers have now being sorted. Now, he is able to give more time to the project. 4. Pray for Jamaica, particularly our government, the security forces and those directly affected by the recent clash between the security forces and criminal elements.

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LUUK 1:46-56, 67-79
Mieri Sang Mieri se: “Mi priez di Laad wid aal mi aat, 47 Mi suol priez Gad we siev mi; 48 kaaz im si an memba mi im puo sorvant. Fram nou aan, evri jinarieshan a go se mi a Gad-bles uman, 49 kaaz di muos powaful Gad du da mirikl ya fi mi— im uoli! 50 Gad gud kyaahn don, an kain tu evribadi iina evri jinarieshan we rispek an priez im. 51 Im tek im an du som powaful sitn; im skata skata buosi piipl. 52 Gad aal dong ruula aaf a dem ai chuon an lif op piipl we nobadi neva tingk se mata. 53 Im gi onggri piipl uol iip a gud sitn bot rich piipl im sen we wid dem tuu lang an. 54 Gad elp im sorvant dem, Izrel. Im memba fi bi gud an kain tu dem 55 jos laik ou im did pramis Iebraham an im pikni dem, fi bi gud an kain tu dem fi eva." 56 Mieri tan wid Ilizibet bout chrii mont an den go bak a ar yaad. Zakaraiya Sang Di Uoli Spirit tek kanchuol a Jan faada so im staat fi se:
67 46

Dievid. Jos laik ou im did taak chuu im uoli prafit dem wie bak wen an se: 71 im a go siev wi fram wi enimi dem an fram di wan dem we iet wi an av powa fi ort wi. 72 Im se im wuda gud tu wi faada faada dem an im memba im uoli pramis; 73 Di pramis im mek tu wi faada Iebraham, 74 fi siev wi fram dem we iet wi. So wi kyan du we im waahn wi fi du an no fried; 75 So wi kyan liv wan gud an kliin laif til wi ded.

Mi pikni Jan, piipl a go kaal yu wan prafit fi di Muos Ai, kaaz yu a go gwaan til im kom an get im piipl redi fi im; 77 Yu a go mek Gad piipl nuo se di laad a kom fi siev dem; Im a go paadn dem so dem kyan get siev. 78 Siek a ou Gad gud an kain tu wi, di maanin son a go shain dong pan wi. 79 It a go shain pan di wan dem we a liv iina di daak an we fried fi ded. An im a go shuo wi ou fi liv iina piis.”


BIBLE SOCIETY OF THE WEST INDIES 24 Hagley Park Plaza P.O. Box 146, Kingston 10, Jamaica W.I. Phone: (876) 926-2772, Fax: (876) 926 - 0334 E-mail:

Priez di Laad, Izrel Gad, kaaz im kom an frii im piipl. 69 Im sen wan powaful smadi fi siev wi. De powaful smadi ya, kom fram di fambili a Gad sorvant