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Early Childhood Education

Learning Experience Plan

Name: Abby Gootee Lesson Title: Playing with streets and ramps
Date: 3/28/2017 Grade Level: Preschool
Two Standards/Guidelines: 1. Approaches towards learning, Creativity Use imagination and creativity to interact with objects and materials.
2.Cognition and General Knowledge, Memory Recreate complex ideas, events/situations with personal adaptations.

Pre-assessment of current knowledge: The students are currently investigating ramps. Observe students while preforming prior lessons to see if they
can form a ramp with blocks.

Instructional Objectives (1-2) Assessment of Student Learning Learning Experience

Two Assessed Instructional Identify Evidence: (What will you collect or record as data Academic Language:
Objective(s): The student will be to demonstrate students have met your objective(s) and Ramp, street, car, road signs
able to... skill?) Procedural steps:

1. The students will be able - Checklist of each student and objectives they were 1. Teacher will read the book Red Light, Green Light by
recreate what the boy able to meet. Anastasia Suen
does in the story by using - Pictures of them playing 2. Teacher will ask students What did you see the boy
toy cars, streets and - Poster boards of the students who created their own doing in this book
blocks to pretend play streets 3. Teacher will give students the tools to pretend play
with. with toy cars, posters that have drawn streets, fake
2. The students will be able road signs and blocks.
use the cars to move 4. With these tools students can pretend play like the
throughout the streets and boy did in the book with cars, streets and ramps. Or
ramps. students can use blank poster boards to draw and
create their own streets.
Program Monitoring: (How will you aggregate or compile 5. After giving students time to play teacher will ask the
One Assessed Developmental your evidence into a class or group view? This is not how to students what were some things they did with the
Skill: (Social, Emotional, Physical, display childrens work) items and discuss how ramps can play an important
Language, or Cognitive) part when driving.
-Class graph of overall what objectives the class was able
The student will be able to use to succeed in and what they need to work on. Authentic Materials: (Describe authentic real life, hands-on
motor skills to move cars materials.)
throughout the streets, and on and Book, Poster Boards, printable street signs, sticks, tape,
off ramps. toy cars, ramp blocks

Adult Roles:
Safety Considerations: -Read Book
- Making sure students do -Prompt students with questions
not hit one another with -Monitor play

Resources & Reference:

Early Childhood Education
Learning Experience Plan

Red Light, Green Light by Anastasia Suen