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Lesson Plan Butterfly Painting

Teacher:__Brooke Leiphon_____________________________ Date:__4-3-17________________________

Class/Time:__10:00-10:20a.m._________________________ Room Number:__Blue Room____________
Number of Students:__8_______________________________ Grade Level:___Toddler 2______________

Big Idea: Fun activity to do with two and three years old to get their hands messy.

Can children be able to use their hands to rub the paint on the butterfly?

Assessment: Students will use their hands to make the butterfly painting.
(Evidence) Small Motor Skills

Standards: Use a variety of media and materials for sensory experience,

exploration, and creative expression
Incorporate a variety of elements (e.g., shape, line, color, texture,
Apply a variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional processes
(e.g., painting, printing, drawing, coloring, observation, cutting,
shaping, rolling, pulling, patting, observing, imitation, patterning,
Represent experience, thoughts, concepts, and/or ideas through
visual arts
Select different media and processes to express emotions and ideas
Use safe procedures when handling art materials and tools
Use a variety of media, materials, and tools to create
Use a variety of media and materials for sensory experience,
exploration, and creative expression
Show others and/or talk about what they have made or have done
Show interest and respect for the expressive/creative work of self and
Objectives: The objective is to discover what the children knows about painting with their hands by
rubbing the paper together.

Materials: Paper

Anticipatory Set:
(Hook & Hold) I have a lot of toys for Spring week. What is your favorite toy for Spring? Have you seen
any of these before?

Take the pieces of paper and have printed on them of butterflies. Once they have butterflies
on them take the scissors to cut them out. After you have them cut out write the names of
your students on them so you know who is whose. Then put some paint in them and fold the
paper in half to make the design of the butterfly.
Lesson Plan Butterfly Painting
Closure: You did a great job with your butterflies. Did you have fun painting and rubbing the paper
Adaptations: The purpose of this lesson is to see how the children can paint the butterfly by rubbing the
paper together. The special needs for one of the children is to make sure that the colors are
being seen by the child can see what they are doing for the activity.


Assessment of Did the students use their hands to rub the papers together?
your teaching and What went well?
student If I did this again, what would I do differently?