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Classroom Procedures

Entering the Classroom

Students will enter, turn in any assignments to the Turn it Bin due that

day, pick up any worksheets to be completed as bell work, collect any

absent or graded work from the student box and their notebooks, and

find their seat

Students will complete bell work in the first 10 minutes if it is indicated

on the board in their notebooks or on a worksheet picked up as they

entered the room

Turn it Bin

All work will be turned into this bin

This bin will be placed at the front of the room

The teacher will collect the work turned int between each class period


If students are absent, the first day after their absence they will:

Go to the student box when they enter the classroom

Find the hanging file with their name

Missed work will be in their hanging file

If assignments were due while the student was absent, but the student

was present when they were assigned, the assignment is due the day

they return to the Turn it Bin

If assignments were due while the student was absent, but they were

not present when they were assigned, they will:

- Initial and date the attached assignment slip

- Leave the assignment slip in the Turn it Bin

- Have an equal amount of days to submit the assignment as those

who were present did (if in class assignment, due the following


If an activity or exam needs to be made up:

- Students will choose a time on the activity makeup schedule,

hanging by the bin

- Students will be responsible for being present for the time they


- If students do not show up to make up the activity or exam without

prior notice, they will receive a zero for the activity or exam

If the day(s) a student missed were to work on a long term project that

can be worked on outside of class (more than 2 weeks from assigned

date to due date) then the student will not need to take any action and

will not have additional time to work on the project

If the day(s) a student missed were to work on a long term project that

can only be worked on in class (more than 2 weeks from assigned date

to due date) then the student will not need to take any action, but the

missed worked dates will be added to extend the due date and the

student may come in during free time to work on the assignment


Each student will have a notebook that they are responsible for

This notebook will be used for

- Bell work

- Note taking

- Assignment rubrics

Notebooks will be turned in at the end of each class period

Notebooks will be turned into the Notebook Bin for their class period

Bell Work

When students get to their seat they are expected to complete bell work

(if applicable)

Bell work may include:

- Vocabulary for the assignment

- Survey of knowledge to prepare for the next unit

- Reflection writing to be used for the days discussion


- Bell work will be graded by completion

- Only one of the bell work assignments for the week will be graded

- The graded bell work will be randomly selected each week and the

students will not know which ahead of time

Bell work will be completed in students notebooks


Students are expected to take notes for lectures

Notes will be graded on completion

Notes will randomly be chosen to be graded and students will not know

what notes will be graded

Students are free to take notes in whatever way works best for them

Return of Graded Work

Graded work will be returned to students every Monday from the

previous week

If there is a substitute on Monday, then the work will be handed back

the first day that the teacher returns

Graded work will be placed in each students hanging file in the student



Students will be notified of an exam date at least 1 week before the

exam date

There will be a seating chart projected at the front of the room when

students enter the room on the day of the exam

Exams will be placed on the students desk, face down

Students are expected to enter the classroom, find their assigned seat,

and begin their exam

If the teacher suspects cheating:

- The first time she will place an red sticker on the corner of the

students exam, this is the first and final warning

- If the activity seems to continue, the teacher will pick up the exam

and the student will receive a zero for the exam

- A student may protest the accusation of cheating by seeing the

teacher after the exam

Exams will be returned in the same manner as all graded material

When the student has completed the exam, they will place it in the Turn

it Bin, face down

If a student has extra time after an exam is completed, they may quietly

either work on a long term project for the class, read, complete extra

credit work, or work for another class, as long as they do not disturb

other students

Students who dress in business professional will receive 5 extra points

on their exam

Submitting Assignments

Assignments are due at the beginning of class

Anything submitted at the end of class will lose 2 points

Students shall submit work as they enter the classroom, into the Turn it

Bin bin at the front of the room

Assignments will lose points for every day that they are late

Assignments that are more than a week late, without teacher approval

or absences causing late submission, will not be accepted

Extra Credit
There will be no more and no less than 5, predetermined opportunities

for extra credit

Students will be notified of the opportunity at the beginning of the

corresponding unit, to which the material covered in the extra credit will


Extra credit opportunities may include:

- Shadowing a professional in a related field and writing a one page

report about it

- Creating a model of a system with a one page explanation

- Writing a two page report on an experience they had that relates

to the topic

There will be no opportunities for extra credit outside of those that are


Extra credit will be due the class following the exam covering the unit in

which the extra credit is included and students will be notified of the

date at least a week ahead of time

Substitute Teachers

All information needed for the substitute will be in the Sub Binder at the

teachers desk

There will be an assignment when there is a substitute

Students are expected to complete their work

The substitute binder will include:

- A detailed schedule of how the class should run when I am not


- An optional form to fill out about each class to report on their


- Helpful resources

- Any worksheets that may be used for the day

- Any movies/ videos that may be used for the day

- Teachers that could answer any questions

- Students in each class that could answer questions and be trusted

The students will NOT be allowed to go to project facilities such as the

greenhouse or mechanics shop while there is a substitute

Cell Phones

Students are allowed to keep their cellphones on and with them during


If students do not continue to pay attention during lessons due to their

phones, we will go to the phone attendance program

- When students enter the room they will put their phones in their

assigned spot in the phone hanger at the front of the room

- Failure to put their phone in their spot will result in them being

ousted absent of the day

- If a student claims that they do not have a cell phone, they will

have two days to obtain a notecard stating that they do not have a

phone, signed by their parents, to be used in lieu of a cell phone

Cell phones should remain in the students bags during exams

Cell phones will not be allowed in project facilities unless special

permission is given

Seating Charts

There will be no seating chart at the beginning of the semester

If behavior becomes poor for an extended period of time a seating chart will be


The chart is subject to change at any time

Attendance will be taken by assigned seats, if a student is not in their assigned seat,

they will be counted absent

During exams

- The seating chart will be projected on the board at the front of the room

when students enter the classroom

- Students will be required to stay in that assigned seat

- Failure to sit in the assigned seat will result in being counted absent


Classroom expectations will be available for all students to see at all time

Students are expected to follow these expectations

Poor behavior

- 1st verbal warning after class; will be recorded

- 2nd written warning to be sent home with student and email home; will

be recorded
- 3rd written FINAL warning to be sent home with student and call home;

will be recorded

- 4th referral to the office for behavior to be handled their

Failure to comply with safety rules

- Students will be tested on their safety rules and must receive a 100 before

they are allowed in the project center

- If a student breaks any of the rules they will IMMEDIATELY be asked to

leave the project center, with no warnings

- Once the student has left the project center, they will be given a chapter

out of the textbook to read, take notes on, and answer the questions

- 1st time the student will have an opportunity to retake the safety rules

test the following class day; they may re-enter the project center when

they get a 100

- 2nd time they will stay in the classroom for a week and may retest at the

end of that week; verbal warning

- 3rd time stay in the classroom for the remainder of the unit and given an

alternate project/ assignment; call home

- 4th time stay in the classroom for a month; office referral

- 5th time the student will no longer be allowed in the classroom; call

home to explain why the student will no longer be participating in

activities in the project center; instead of the work done in the project

center, the student will be given a program of book/class work to complete

Inappropriate language/ profanity

- The first time will be a verbal warning

- The second time the student will receive a written warning and a phone

call home

- The third time the student will be referred to the office

Disrespect of a substitute

- Handwritten apology letter from each student that was disrespectful

- If class-wide

A day of book work

Lesson over classroom expectations and respectful behavior followed by

a quiz

A week of book work

Persistent poor behavior

- We will go to a lecture only class

- Students will take notes on a lecture every day for a participation grade

- Anything said in class could be on the exam

- Their will be an exam at the end of each week, with no review