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Gangs 101 for School Personnel

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Gangs 101 for School Personnel

About Robert Tornabene
He is a police officer working with the Niles Illinois Police Department. In his career he has worked in patrol and investigations and is
presently serving in the capacity of School Resource Officer/Community Policing Officer.

Certification & Training
State Certified Gang Specialist, State Certified Juvenile Specialist, State Certified Evidence Technician, State Certified Breathalyzer
Operator, State Certified Truck Enforcement Officer, State Certified Designer Drug Instructor, Nationally Certified Police Cyclist ,
Nationally Certified School Resource Officer, Trained by Federal Bureau of Investigations in Domestic and International Terrorism,
Trained in both basic, Advanced Reid Interview and Interrogation Techniques, Communications Tactics, Gang Prevention and
Suppression Techniques, State Certified, Crime Prevention Officer, Street Survival Spanish, De-escalation Strategies for Street Survival,
Counseling Parents of Juvenile Delinquents, Emergency Operations Center Coordinator, Community Emergency Response Team
Trainer, Terrorism Awareness – ITOA 2002, First Responders to Critical Incidents, Haz-Mat Awareness, Landlord Training Program,
Cops In Schools, School Violence Issues: Protecting Our Schools In Illinois, Rave/Club Drug Awareness Seminar, Terrorism
Intelligence Specialist. Explosive Recognition: Bomb and Security Planning,

Awards & Achievements
• Awarded “2004 Police Officer of the Year” by the Niles Chamber of Commerce
• Recipient of Frederic Milton Thrasher Award 2001, by National Gang Crime Research Center for Outstanding Intervention
Efforts in dealing with gangs.
• Recipient of Frederic Milton Thrasher Award 2001, by the National Gang Crime Research Center for Exemplary Prevention
• Recipient of Gang Investigator of the Year, 1998 by Midwest Gang Investigators Association – Illinois Chapter.
• Creator and Developer of the Gang Awareness Training Education Program (G.A.T.E.)
• First School Resource Officer in the Department’s history
• First Bicycle Patrol Officer in the Department’s history
• First Community Policing Officer in the Department’s history.
• 1 Chiefs Award of Merit
o For Community Policing efforts to reduce crime and improve quality of life issues in the officer’s COPS beat.
• 3 Distinguished Duty Declarations
o Arrest of suspect in possession of controlled substance and loaded firearm resulting in class X felony.
o Identifying suspects and recovering proceeds from Residential Burglary based on confidential informants.
o Recognition for officer’s efforts to reduce and prevent gang activity.
• 35 Performance Reports

Public Speaking
• Presented at the National Gang Crime Research Center Conference 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
• Illinois Crime Prevention Association 2003 Conference
• Illinois School Resource Officers Association Training Conference 2004
• Training of Niles Police Officers, 4 - Hour Gang Identification Course 2002.
• Terrorism Preparedness in the Workplace 2004
• Terrorism Preparedness in Educational Institutions 2004
• Child Abduction Awareness 2003.

Successfully wrote grants
• Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System Grant, $150,000 to be used for Joint Interoperable Communications Equipment for
Niles, Park Ridge, Skokie, Morton Grove, Des Plaines and Lincolnwood.
• Identified issued in a newly identified Community Policing Program which identified lighting as an issue about quality of life.
This ultimately led to a $225,000 grant for lighting awarded to the Village of Niles.
• Illinois Citizen Corp Grant, from the Department of Homeland Security, for creation of an Community Emergency Response
Team, totaling $22,000.
Employment History
• Police Officer, Forest Park Police Department 4/1993-12/1993
• Police Officer, Niles Police Department 1993 to Present, serving as School Resource Officer/Community Policing Officer.
Association Membership
• Midwest Gang Investigators Association
• Member of National Gang Crime Research Center – Board
• Member of the National School Resource Officers Association
• Member of the Illinois School Resource Officers Association – Board Member/Webmaster
• Member of International Police Mountain Bike Association
• Member of the Illinois Crime Prevention Association – Regional Board Members
Articles Published.
• Journal of the National Gang Crime Research Center Training Symposium, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004.
• U.S. Conference of Mayors, 2004 – Best Practices in Community Policing and Homeland Security.

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Italian. such as the search for cheaper more affordable housing and higher paying jobs. marijuana. When crack made its debut in the 1980s many street gangs saw an increase in drug sales. burglaries to businesses and eventually drug trafficking and drug sales. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Street Gangs Overview Street gangs date back to as early as the 1600’s when bands of roving peasants attacked villages and travelers in the English countryside.T. These early gangs had special symbols and hand-signs to identify themselves as their present day counterparts do also. Add into that the Gangster Disciples experienced a feud internally causing two other groups to split from the GD’s forming the Black Disciples and Black Gangsters. El Rukns and Latin Disciples were formed.emerged. America Inc. Vice Lords. it should be noted that the first municipal police force in the United States was formed in New York because of a street gang galled the White Rabbit Gang. El Rukns. Modern day street gangs did not appear on the scene in the United States in any great degree until the 1950’s. Waukegan and Rockford. LSD and Crystal Methamphetamine. As times changed. As they began to fight with each other over this lucrative drug market many gang members began to be killed. Many neighborhoods started block clubs and small bands of youths grouped together to protect their neighborhood. At times. Most neighborhoods were divided by ethnic groups. With this mobility the gangs realized that drug profits could be increased ten fold. Vice Lords. heroin. turf struggles and is still ongoing to this date. G.E. Jewish. Present day street gangs formed originally in the ethnic neighborhoods along the neighborhood lines. Gangs in Chicago The gang problem in Chicago dates back at least to the early 1900s (originally appearing as athletic clubs). gang members made the trip by car to meet with their counterparts to bring drugs up to their suburban counterparts and return the profits home. Soon. These groups have committed robberies. Originally settling in the larger suburbs such as Aurora. However. Irish. which are known as Latin Kings. the super gangs . 8 © Copyright 2005 . Weekly. The leaders of these gangs realized immediately that money could be made from drug sales. The Gangster Disciples.People and Folks . Gangster Disciple. Some significant changes came after World War II. Elgin. i. etc. when membership in Chicago gangs became younger and more nonwhite. As a result many of these immigrant neighborhoods had problems that the inhabitants did not want to take to local authorities. the gangs were formed in the prison system to protect each other in prison. Sometime during the 1960’s.e. This break brought numerous deaths over drug sales. these groups began to delve into criminal activities. These modern day super gangs. Gangs began showing up in the suburbs in noticeable numbers from the 1970’s on.. armed robberies and burglaries to commercial trucks. German. Polish. Latin Kings and Black P Stones all began to sells drugs like cocaine. the residents still clung to old world traditions of solving issues using someone from within the community. Black P Stones. many new sets of the gangs were found in rather large numbers in these communities. traditionally following urban sprawl.A. In Chicago.

Southwest I-88 to Aurora. means any combination. The gang may vary across time in characteristics of age. colors. criminal or some combination thereof. be relatively well organized and persist over time. and South on Route 57 to Kankakee. codes of conduct. west on I-90 to Elgin and Rockford. west I-290 to Dupage County. illegitimate. Some of these people who moved to the suburbs were gang members. in law or in fact.” A street gang is defined as “ a group or collective of persons engaged in significant illegitimate or criminal activities. In order to better understand. confederation.” different. or generation. how to classify a gang related activity or crime the definition under Illinois law of what a gang is must be outlined. conspiracy. mainly threatening and violent. understanding. America Inc. 1990) a gang is “ a group or collective of persons with a common identity who interact in cliques or sometimes as a whole group on a fairly regular basis and whose activities the community may view in varying degrees as legitimate. alliance. or other similar conjoining. What is a street gang? In order to understand and classify gang members one must understand what a gang is and what the definition of a gang member is. symbols and the like. as well as in scope and nature of delinquent or criminal activities. Street Gang Terrorism Omnibus Prevention Act.A. Such a group is concerned primarily with issues or status. gender. arc/ethnicity. The definitions listed below were taken directly from the Illinois Combined Statutes. Suburbs that were along these routes saw an increase in lower middle class population as they exited from Chicago in search of cheaper rents and higher paying jobs. special dress. of 4 or more persons with an established hierarchy that. According to (Spergel and Curry. The youth gang may have a name and a location.” A traditional street gang is defined a youth or adolescent gang and often to the youth sector of a street gang. Up I-294 and I-94 to Waukegan and Milwaukee. 9 © Copyright 2005 . Gangs 101 for School Personnel As these gangs began to see profits increase they began to branch into many suburbs along the major travel corridors out of the city of Chicago.T. or special interstitial character. community. The gangs often have leadership structure (implicit or explicit). G. prestige and turf protection. through its membership or through the agency of any member engages in a course or pattern of criminal activity. signs. network. What distinguishes the gang from other groups is its communal or “fraternal. and ILCS 147/10 Street Gang.E.

acquiesced in. profit or other advantage whatsoever to or for the gang. G. or (2) with the intent to provide the gang with any advantage in or any control or dominance over any criminal market sector. or (4) with the intent to obstruct justice. aids or abets any such activity. or intimidate or eliminate any witness against the gang or any member of the gang. person or authority: (1) with intent to increase the gang size. or who knowingly performs. influence or membership. or voluntarily associates himself with a course or pattern of gang-related criminal activity. Gang-related. ordered by. pursuit. consented to. gain. or undertaking directed by. executory. America Inc. officer or governing or policy-making person or authority. or (5) with the intent to otherwise directly or indirectly cause any benefit.E. means any criminal activity. or is legally accountable for. its reputation. membership prestige dominance or control in any geographical area. means any person who actually and in fact belongs to a gang. or ratified by any gang leader. aggrandizement.A. agreed to. 10 © Copyright 2005 . requested by. or by any agent representative or deputy of any such officer. indicates the increase in communities reporting the existence of gangs and gang problems. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Street Gang Member.T. enterprise. Gang Migration. Gang Proliferation. (3) with the intent to exact revenge or retribution for the gang or any member of the gang. the movement of gang members from one city to another. or cover-up phase of any activity. authorized by. and any person who knowingly acts in the capacity of an agent for or accessory to. whether in a preparatory.

This alliance is supposed to show affiliation and solidarity to the gangs within these individual Nations during times of strife and conflict. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Nations In order to understand the gangs themselves one must understand that most gangs fall underneath an umbrella group called a Nation. An earring in the Right ear. or wrapped around the Left leg. Latin Kings. Members of the California Crips and Bloods have aligned themselves with the People and Folk Nation as well as Surenos and Nortenos Prison Gangs have also began to appear nationally as well. Traditionally. Vice Lords. Black P Stones. The gangs in the people nation have a strong Islamic influence in the Black ethnic gangs. Kents. Clothing and other identifiers like jewelry and bandannas are worn to the left or on the left side of the body. The People Nation ride under the 5 pointed star. Clothing and other identifiers like jewelry and bandannas are worn to the right or on the right side of the body. Gaylords. However. Latin Saints. An earring in the Left ear. Latin Lovers. They use a slang term “All is Well”. Asian street gangs will not fall under this alliance. El Rukns. a cap distinctively tilted to the Right. Nationally they are aligned with the Bloods street gangs.E. Freaks. Latin Counts. People Nation The People Nation was loosely formed in prison in order for the gang members who were separated from their own gang during incarceration to have a way to protect themselves from rival gang members. As a result once known affiliations have branched out dramatically. Insane Dueces. a strap of a pair of coveralls dangling to the Left side. as a disrespect to the Folk Nation they show pitchforks pointed downward. America Inc. Cullerton Dueces. In the Midwest the Folks/People alliance is extremely strong most gangs will fall under this alliance. a bandanna G. Pachuchos. a bandanna hanging out of the Left pocket. Red Scorpion Gangsters. Nationally many of the gangs listed in this manual fall under either the People Nation or the Folk Nation. a cap distinctively tilted to the Left. People Nation gang members when asked or told to represent themselves will state “I’m People”. However. Some of the gangs that are represented in the People Nation are Ahkros. in the recent past the Asian street gangs are picking up the subculture of the Nation sets and have now started to identify under People or Folk Nations in graffiti and literature as well as gang members identifying gang affiliation by saying People or Folk. However. each year new gangs spring up or are transplanted into other areas of the country as a result these affiliations expand.T. Stones. Insane Unknowns. a strap of a pair of coveralls dangling to the Right side. These Nations show a loose alliance between individual gangs. Spanish Lords. Folk Nation gang members when asked or told to represent themselves will state “I’m Folks”. P. as they tend to be Neutrals. as has been seen many of these gangs under the same Nations have had disagreements that have resulted in violent outburst.A. Bishops. Folks Nation The Folks Nation was loosely formed in prison in order for the gang members who were separated from their own gang during incarceration to have a way to protect themselves from a rival gang member. 11 © Copyright 2005 . a Left pant leg rolled up. Mickey Cobras. In their graffiti and writings they will display Crowns and Pyramids.R. a Right pant leg rolled up.

Harrison Gents. According to the National Gang Crime Research Center the Neutrons came into being because some juvenile delinquents that are not in a gang must basically identify themselves as being “Neutrons” or “Neutrals”.E. The Crips will show disrespect to their rivals the Bloods by calling them “Crab”. LA Dodgers. Spanish Gangsters. the neutral parties are sometimes the first to face injury. Imperial Gangsters. They usually have to pay protection money or provide other favors to some gang just to live. Campbell Boys. poorer neighborhoods such as South Central LA. Gangster Disciples. The gangs in the Folks Nation have no Islamic influence in the Black ethnic gangs. Crips tend not to use symbols like Midwestern gangs. as in a “war”. Simon City Royals. Crips will wear any clothing with the Royal Blue and Black colors. They use a slang term “All is One”. with other Crip gangs attacking each other depending on what the feud is about. such as West Side Rolling Sixty Crips = WSRSC in displaying graffiti. They will wear any jewelry with the Letter “C”. One gang member alleged that the name Crip is an acronym for Common Revolution in Progress. Crips The Crips are essentially from the West Coast of the United States. Some of the gangs that are represented in the Folks are Ambrose. and prisons. The Crips have been known almost from their appearance on the gang scene as an extremely violent group. his status in the gang. Satan Disciples. University of North Carolina. Latin Disciples. and Seattle Mariners.A. and his access to transportation. Two-Sixers and Two-Two Boys. as well as Champion Gear. they prefer to use acronyms. Crips have a serious in-fighting problem as well. from the word Kryptonite. jails. Nationally they are aligned with the Crips. La Raza. Latin Souls. when the gang density rises to above 50 percent the Neutrons are usually in a lot of trouble. G. Latin Eagles. We run across these in all communities that have gangs. as a disrespect to the People Nation they show crowns and pyramids pointed downward. Black Gangsters. Black Disciples. they run under a more spur-of-the-moment. The Folks Nation ride under the 6 pointed star. Asian Dragons (Crazy Angels). weapons and so on. Gangs 101 for School Personnel hanging out of the Right pocket. their colors are Royal Blue and Black. Party People. 12 © Copyright 2005 . Starting in the 1960’s in Los Angeles. Nationally they are aligned with the Crips street gangs.P. In their graffiti and writings they will display Pitchforks and the Star of David. Several stories include borrowing the name from the popular horror TV show “Tales from the Crypt”. with leadership being assumed by different members depending upon who was present during a criminal act. They usually have a hard time in custody. America Inc. or the Star of David.D. Neutrals The gangs that fall under the Neutral status sometimes called as “Neutrons”. this gang proved to be quite formidable for the L.A.T. Where the name Crip actually came from is hard to pin down. In juvenile’s detention centers. or wrapped around the Right leg. Crip street gangs are not highly structured or organized as Folks/People Nation gangs. Orchestra Albany. The Crips like their Midwestern counterparts branched out into other communities and across the country in search of more lucrative drug markets.

selling narcotics meets that purpose.E. As years passed on the Bloods began growing breaking off into factions. there are Crip gang members in Illinois and they have aligned themselves with various streets gangs in Chicago and the suburbs in an attempted to increase drug profits and secure new markets themselves. G. Bloods are heavily into selling of narcotics. perhaps even more deadly. All though because of such a strong People/Folks representation in Illinois the Crips and Bloods never got a foothold.A. The Bloods whole driving force is to make money. The actual term Blood and where it came from including how it became identified as a gang is unknown. Some sources suggest it originated from the color red. is make alliances with the People/Folk gangs for drug trafficking and profit purposes. America Inc. including Crack Cocaine and Heroin. Bloods The Bloods formed during the late 1960’s. However. Bloods have spread out from LA into many states across the country including some in Illinois. Mob Piru etc. including the West Side Piru’s. Compton Piru. Bloods originated in Compton in LA. shotguns and military weapons such as grenades. and M- 16’s. Gangs 101 for School Personnel At present Illinois does not have a large number of Crip gangs appearing. what they did do. However. The California street gangs do not have quite the organization as their Midwestern counterparts but they are just as very dangerous. which is the primary identifying color of a Blood Gang member.T. Bloods street gang members prefer using fully automatic weapons. 13 © Copyright 2005 . primarily because of the strong foothold that the People/Folk Nation have in Illinois.

SATAN DISCIPLES National Alliance National Alliance Bloods. Blue) Gangster Disciples (Black/Blue) Gaylords (Black/Gray) Harrison Gents (Black/Purple) Insane Deuces (Black/Green) Imperial Gangsters (Black/Pink) Insane Unknowns (Black/White) La Raza (Red/White/Green) Kents (Black/Gray) Latin Disciples (Black/White) Latin Counts (Black/Red) Latin Eagles (Black/Gray=) Latin Kings (Black/Gold) Latin Souls (Black/Red) Latin Lovers (Red/Yellow) Orchestra Albany (Brown/Gold) Latin Saints (Black/Blue) Party People (Black/White Mickey Cobras (Black/Red) Satan Disciples (Black/Yellow) P.E. America Inc.BG’S.R.T.R. STONES (BLACK/ORANGE) Spanish Gangsters (Black/Lt Blue) Spanish Lords (Black/Red/Maroon) Two Sixers (Black/Tan) Vice Lords (Black/Gold) Two Two Boys (Black/Blue) Use of the “5” pointed Star Use of the “6” pointed star Common Phrase “All is One” Common Phrase “All is well” Throw Pitchforks Down Throw Pitchforks Up Crowns/Pyramids Up Crowns/Pyramids Down Strong Islamic Influence In Black Gangs No Islamic Influence Largest Gangs Largest Gangs BPSN. 14 © Copyright 2005 .VICE LORDS GD’S. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Street Gang Color & Alliance Summary People Gangs (To Left) Folk Gangs (To Right) Bishops (Black/Brown) Ambrose (Black/Light Blue) Black P Stones (Black/Red) Black Disciples (Black/Blue/Red) Cullerton Deuces (Gray/White) Black Gangster (Black/Grey) El Rukns (Blue/Red) Campbell Boys (Red/Blue) Freaks (Brown/Lt. LATIN KINGS. Nortenos Crips.A. Stones (BLACK/Orange) Simon City Royals (Black/Royal Blue) P. Surenos G.BD’S.

15 © Copyright 2005 . Gangs 101 for School Personnel Gang and Supporting Team Clothing TEAM GANG HOW USED Atlanta Braves People Initial "A" for Almighty Boston Celtics Spanish Cobras Colors: Green/Black British Knights Crip Initials "B" & "K" for Blood Killers Burger King Crip Initials "B: & "K" for Blood Killers Charlotte Hornets 4 Corner Hustlers Initials "C" & "H" Charlotte Hornets Imperial Gangsters Colors "Black/Pink" Chicago Bulls Vice Lords Colors Black/Red Latin Counts Mickey Cobras/Cobrastones Black P Stone Nation "Bulls" stands for "Boy You Look Like Stone Chicago Blackhawks Vice Lords Colors: Black/Red: Pitch fork Scar Chicago Cubs Spanish Cobras Initial "C" Cincinnati Reds 4 Corner Hustlers Put a "4" next to the "C:" and an "H" inside of the "C" Colorado Rockies Simon City Royals They place a white "S: in front of the "C: Columbia Knights Bloods Initials "C" & "K" for Crip Killer Converse All-star People Five point Star in the Logo of Label Dallas Cowboys People Five point Star Denver Broncos Black Disciples Switch "DB" for initials "BD" Detroit Lions Folks Initial "D" for Disciples Detroit Tigers Gangster Disciples Colors: Black/Blue Duke Folks Colors: Black/Blue: "Duke"- "Disciples Utilizing Knowledge Everyday" Duke Folks Crown going down "Disrespect" to Kings Georgetown Folks Initial "G" for Gangster Georgetown Hoyas Gangster Disciples Colors Black/Blue. America Inc. "Hoyas" stands for "Hoover On Your Ass" Georgia Tech Folks Initial "G" for Gangster Kansas City Royals Folks Colors Black/Blue Kansas City Royals Simon City Royals "Royals" LA Dodgers Gangster Disciples Initial "D" for Disciples LA Kings Latin Kings Kings" LA Kings People "Kings" stands for "Kill Inglewood Nasty Gangsters" LA Raiders Folks "Raiders" stands for "Ruthless Ass Insane Disciples Running Shit" LA Raiders People "Raiders" stands for "Raggedy Ass Iced Donuts Everywhere Running Scared" Used to Disrespect LA Raiders Gangster Disciples Colors: Black Maniac Latin Disciples Colors: Black Louis Vitton Cap Vice Lords Initials "LV" reversed.T.E.A. Miami Hurricanes People Colors: Orange Miami Hurricanes Future Stones Colors: Orange Michigan Surenos/Mexican Mafia Initial “M” 13 letter of Mexican Alphabet Michigan MLDs Initial "M" for Maniac Latin Disciples Minnesota MLDs Initial "M" for Maniac Latin Disciples G.

The above information details current ways in which gang members are using popular sports clothing to represent individual gangs. Carolina Tar Heels Folks Colors: Black/Blue Nike Folks Colors: Black/Blue Oakland A's Ambrose Initial "A" for Ambrose Oakland A's Orchestra Albany Initials "O" & "K" Oakland A's Spanish Cobras Color: Green Orlando Magic Folks "Magic" stands for "Maniacs and Gangsters in Chicago" Colors: Black/Blue-represents many "Folks" gangs. Philadelphia Phillies People Initial "P" for "People" Phoenix Suns Black Peace Stone Colors: Initials "P" & "S" Pittsburgh Pirates People Initial "P". Louis Cardinals Spanish Vice Lords Basic red color hat. It should be noted that the sporting of clothing does not always signify gang affiliation. Letter “M” St. 13 © Copyright 2005 .E. This list was compiled to make the reader ware of possible gang involvement.A. Starter Symbol Folks Crack the five point star to disrespect the "People" Starter Symbol People Five Point Star Tampa Bay Lightning Gangster Disciples Colors: Black/Blue Texas Rangers People Initial "T" looks like pitchfork going down University of Illinois Folks Initials "U" & " I" together appear to be a pitchfork being thrown up University of Indiana Imperial Gangsters Initials "U" & "I" overlapping Folks appear to make the shape of a pitchfork showing "Folks" affiliation UNLV Vice Lords Colors: Red/Black "UNLV" backwards stands for "Vice Lords Nation United.T. America Inc. Colors: Black/Gold for Latin Kings Bloods Initial "P" for Piru (Bloods) San Francisco Giants Folks Switch initials for "Super Gangster Folk" San Francisco Giants Future Stones Initials "S" & "K" spelled backwards San Francisco (any) Stone Freaks Initials "S: & "F" Seattle Mariners Surenos Color Blue. Both professional and college teams are represented . Gangs 101 for School Personnel Gang and Supporting Team Clothing NY Yankees Gangster Disciples Colors: Black/Blue/White N. Source: Chicago Crime Commission report on Street G.

America Inc.T.Gangs 101 for School Personnel G.A.E. 14 © Copyright 2005 .

15 © Copyright 2005 .A.T. America Inc.E. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Chapter II Identifying Gang Members G.

E.Gangs 101 for School Personnel G.T. 16 © Copyright 2005 . America Inc.A.

Abuse that creates a cycle of violence. 2. brought up to identify strictly with rigid masculine behavior. G. Puts tattoos on self. lack of opportunity. boyfriend or girlfriends are members. Male gender (males outnumber females 20 to 1). Basic needs that have been neglected or are unable to be filled.E. Some gang members display all of these traits others may have only but a few. Marital discord (in the family is often associated with a child's behavior problems and related to juvenile delinquency. socially isolated from neighbors and peers or parental rejection. 4. Poor academic performance records 6. or underemployment. 8. Frequent contact with the police 16. 12. 10. praise and encouragement) 11. unemployment.A. 7. Dresses in traditional gang attire or in gang colors. chronic delinquency. friend. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Gangs Characteristics of Potential Gang Members Gang members seem to possess many common features and attributes that made them susceptible to gang recruitment efforts. Poor living conditions or poverty. 17 © Copyright 2005 . At-Risk characteristics that contribute to a youth's vulnerability to gang influence are: 1. it is obvious that even if they child does not get involved with gangs that they will need prolonged care to keep them out of a criminal lifestyle. parents have disregard for obeying laws. Fighting and aggression in early adolescence. America Inc. affection. 13. Family member. Living with a single parent or grandparents (simply because one parent is less effective in supervising a child than two) 5. These are not absolutes. 9. However.T. Has friends who are gang members 15. (including love. 3. Having poor to nonexistent job prospects. Alcohol or other drug used frequently in the home. Lack of community involvement. (Violence produces more violence or causes a youth to leave home to escape the violence. 14.

First. If someone wishes to portray himself as a gang member. most likely in the home.” There are several reasons why this should not be handled casually and with a label as such. This is not to suggest that you give credibility to their behavior. expressions. • Witnesses connecting the individual to gang activity. slogans. insignia or activities. Including possible suspension. • Disclosure of gang membership. and to have a subject in school that wishes to place not only themselves at risk but other students and teachers places all in jeopardy. This can include domestic abuse. “Oh so you think I am a wannabe! Well I will show you!” This places the young person in a challenge mode that you do not take them seriously. attitude or other means. America Inc. • Gang Tattoos. students behavior all though mimicking in manner is an outcry for other problems that are occurring.’ The term Wannabe should be stricken from the dictionary of educators and law enforcement officers. if the person wishes to portray themselves as a gang member then they should be considered a gang member. even those drawn with pen ink. by dress.T. ‘How do I know if someone is in a gang or a wannabe.E. Additionally. expulsion and criminal charges if behavior is observed or acts are committed on grounds. then they should be treated as such and dealt with accordingly.A. with today’s young people it is almost a matter of defiance. Next students all to frequently. G. Lastly. • Having photographs showing gang names. but to be dismissive can be equally dangerous. Therefore it important that if a student is openly demonstrating gang like behavior that as an educator in the school someone sits down with the student and informs them of consequences. marital issues. Tell Tale Signs: • Gang graffiti on books. • Use of hand signs. 18 © Copyright 2005 . this may set the ground work for the student to understand that they may be heading down a path which they do not control and in turn reach out for help. We should not use the term “they are just wannabe’s. • Threatening other students or staff • History of impulsive behavior such as Bullying. regardless of how you believe there behavior is in appropriate. Early warning signs include but are not limited to: • Drug Use • Decline in grades at school • Truancy • Change of friends • Keeping late hours • Having large sums of money or expensive items which cannot be explained. In particular because our primary goal is to educate and protect young people. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Many new educators have asked. health issues and financial issues. notebooks or clothing • Wearing of gang colors or gang identified jewelry and clothing.

a mule (for carrying drugs or guns) or a go-between for business transactions or drug deals. One of the most noted acts of violence committed by female gang members was the set up murder of two Latin Kings by female Latin Disciples.T. and then shot to death both Latin Kings. In essence. the females are an extension of the gang and exist under the direction and whim of the male leaders. Frequently. some times even more violent then their male counterparts. 19 © Copyright 2005 . Estimates in various studies place actual female gang members between five (5%) and nine (9%) percent of the total gang population. Note to Officers: The searching of females who are with gang members should not be overlooked.A. fulfilled in part by the dress codes and traditions imposed by gang membership as a sign of solidarity ™ To express anger and frustration encountered daily in a life filled with poverty and joblessness and devoid of hope. The reason was to avenge the killing of another Latin Disciple. Female gang members associate with their existing male counterparts.E. Female gangs are a rapidly growing segment of the gang subculture. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Female Gang Members Only a small percentage of gang members are females. Do not look at females who associate with male gang members as weak or non-threatening. The following female factions have been identified in various police districts in Chicago: Female Gang Male Counterpart Affiliation Cobretts (Mickey Cobras) “People” Mobites (Blackstones) “People” Latin Queens (Latin Kings) “People” GD Queens (Gangster Disciples) “Folks” Lady Two-Six (Two Six) “Folks” Sisters of the Struggle (Black Gangsters) “Folks” G. America Inc. There are no known gangs with ”female only” membership in Chicago. It should be noted that two females riding in a car with two males giving the look of couples is less suspicious to police and rival gang members. ™ Satisfy the need to belong to a group. Female gang members may join a gang for some to these reasons: ™ Cure loneliness and secure warmth and affection. Many male gangs allow females to join their ranks. Typically in the past females who were involved with gangs were a girlfriend. they are holding or carrying drugs or weapons for the male gang members in the group. The two females lured two Latin Kings in “Latin King” territory into a bathroom in Humboldt Park. but other gangs are exclusively female.

They have passed the initiation and life for the common goals of the gang. These individuals have extensive criminal backgrounds and charismatic personalities. Fringe or Marginal Member associate with gang members occasionally for social status and recognition but are not officially members. Leaders Leaders are typically the oldest members of the gang. Claimers associate with gang members and copy them in dress and attitude. the leader surrounds him with trusted and knowledgeable advisors.E. They are deciding whether or not to join a gang. As in other segments of society. Level 4 Regular Members: Ages 14-17. A leader strives for conformity within the membership. Level 5 Hard-core Members: Ages 14 and Up Hard-core member’s entire lives and days revolve around gang activity with or without gang approval. while directing the course of the gang’s criminal activity. Their entire lives revolved around gang activity. Leaders have gained the respect of the other members of the gang through there past criminal behavior. They do not live their daily lives for the gang. The recruitment of new members is vital to the continuing success and longevity of the gang. America Inc. G. Regular Members are officially gang members.A. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Levels of Gang Membership Level 1 Potential Members: Ages 7-11. 20 © Copyright 2005 .T. These gang members have their own goals for the gang as a whole. Potential members are at-risk youth know gang members and usually live near gang areas. Level 2 Claimers or "Wanna-bes": Ages 10-13. They are leaders and are likely to deal drugs as a means of income. The success of their leadership is measured by how they capture the attention of the membership. Level 3 Fringe Members: Any Age.

It is obvious that persons other than gang members wear popular athletic apparel. classrooms. have been recognized as having gang significance. See department form for actual qualifiers. America Inc.T. tattoos and oral admissions. A description of the jewelry item worn or a description of the tattoo as well as the location on the body must be incorporated in the reports. especially athletic jackets and baseball caps in the color scheme of the gang have become popular. Tattoos on various parts on various parts of the body are viewed as extensions of gang graffiti and indicate a permanent allegiance to the gang. All gang affiliation indicators must be documented in official reports. Gangs have used these popular clothing items to disguise their gang colors. G.A. Determining Gang Affiliation Affiliation may be determined by what clothing and jewelry items that are worn by gang members. An oral admission of membership is also recognized as proof of gang membership during court proceedings. Schools are the most vulnerable of our public institutions because they contain both the largest groups of gang recruiters and potential recruits. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Recruitment As previously shown. 21 © Copyright 2005 . vacant bathrooms. most street gang rely on Marginal members or juveniles to comprise over 50% of their membership. most likely where there is least amount of supervision (i. For that reason an investigator must look for other indicators of gang affiliation such as jewelry items. etc.e.E. Clothing items. pyramid. Gang members annually attempt to increase and build the size of their gang in preparation for summer recess. or hallways.) Schools will see the highest concentration of gang recruitment occurring in the spring quarter of the school year. A statement made by a gang member may be described as made by a self-admitted member of a particular gang. six-point star. Recruitment occurs in all areas of a school. public and private areas in our community that provide services to or involve juveniles are the same areas most prone to gang recruitment. gymnasiums. Discretion and good judgment must be exercised when documenting gang membership. Jewelry items bearing a five-point star. Therefore.

Commission of Criminal Acts. the juvenile is orally tested on their knowledge and understanding of the material. During the ceremony. city parks and even school lunchrooms. “Blessed In” This type of initiation most commonly occurs when other members of the juveniles family are involved in a gang or juvenile is well known to the gang members. ”Beat In”. Placing of Tres: This is a practice that is done with New Breed gang members. ”V’d In”. 3. 2. is directed by a ranking gang leader to assault the juvenile for a designated time period. 1. The group. auto-theft and rape. This may be unprotected sex as well. symbols. robberies. which ever number comes up is the number of gang members that the initiate has to have sex with. America Inc. 6. laws. “The Gauntlet”: More juveniles are initiated into gangs this way. Many times this ceremony takes place in backyards. Typical dues are $5 per meeting. “Sexed In. There must be a high level of trust between the gang and the recruit. This can include drive by shootings. the size of the group varies but is usually kept under 10 members. This is just a short list of some of those types of activities a perspective member will have to undergo to join. Rolling the Dice”: Females who wish to join a male gang or an all girls gang may be required to have sex with male or female gang members. Once it is done they are now full members of the gang and will be expected to do nation work and pay dues. thefts. 22 © Copyright 2005 .A. It is the juvenile’s responsibility to fight back and defend his or herself during this time period. Before the ceremony the juvenile is taught the meanings of the signs. where high ranking gang members are present. The number of gang members required to have sex with is determined by “Rolling the Dice”. The juvenile attends the ceremony and is placed in the center of a group. This ritual takes place to show the gang the juvenile’s ability to endure pain and his or her capability to the ceremony can be finished in as little as 30-60 seconds. probably because most juveniles do not grow up with family members who are already in street gangs. made up of gang members. Payment of Dues: Attending meetings and interacting with all gang members in order to gain acceptance. 4.E. codes.T. They will place their hand in the gang hand symbol upon the gang members forehead while reciting the gang prayer. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Initiations Initiation into a gang can take on a variety of activities. The juvenile is required to study and memorize the literature until they feel confident and able to recite all of the material. “Jumped In”. This type of initiation usually occurs in a private setting as the ceremony takes a long period of time. Lastly a combination of the first two initiation methods and the commission of an additional criminal act can lead to full-fledged gang membership. prayers. assault on police officers. 5. G. and philosophies of the gang.

stealing money from the gang’s drug operation or wanting to leave the gang. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Making Rank Once accepted into the gang. 23 © Copyright 2005 . This advancement is commonly known as “making rank”. Rank can be attained by exhibiting strong leadership qualities. losing a gang gun or narcotics to the police. The following are examples of violations of various Chicago street gangs.A. AS they gain recognition. Making rank is important to new members as they try to impress and influence their leaders. they are given more responsibility in the day to day operation of the gang activity and are eventually promoted to higher positions. Typically gang members cannot hold rank in a gang until they have completed Nation work for a period of time. by demonstrating the ability to turn greater profits from narcotic sales or simply being one of the toughest of in the group.E. beaten by several members > “Walking the line” (the gauntlet) while being beaten by gang members > encircled by gang and then beaten unconscious > burnt with hot curling iron > single gun shot to the thigh > expulsion for the gang (Pulling flag) > Death by Execution G. A member can “catch a V” by informing on another members.T. Violation The leadership and fellow members will violate members who violate the code of conduct for the gang. > Paying a fine to gang > Reduction of rank > “Pumpkin Head” – being beaten about the head and face by one ore more members > timed beatings of varying duration > beating with “no cover-up” (not allowed to defend self) > “Put on Wall” or “Wall Time”. America Inc. an ambitious member can advance through the membership by participating in criminal acts of a violent nature. running from a fight. Violations are meted out by the seriousness of the transgression. In some gangs this is about 6 years.

or to flush out rival gangs. This has a two folded meaning. he may become the target of a drive-by shooting or the victim of a beating by the offending gang. By using these signals. It is important for law enforcement officers to properly identify and document individuals by the nickname or nicknames for intelligence purposes. Hand signs Hand signals are used by gangs as a means of communicating gang affiliation and or to challenge rival gangs. G.T. “false flagging. False Flagging accounts for several homicides every year as a result of drive-by shootings. False Flagging False Flagging is “throwing a sign” or shouting out a gang slogan to induce or trick a rival gang member into representing his affiliation. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Nicknames/Street Names Most gang members are known by a nickname or several nicknames. It is not unusual for other members of the gang to know each other only be nickname. a photograph displaying him or her showing their hand signs is hard for a defense attorney to counter in court or for a parent to say that their child is not involved in a gang. Note – If you can get a consent to photograph a gang member. also get them to display themselves showing their gangs sign. America Inc. the gang can show which gang he or she belongs to and issue challenges to other gangs in the vicinity. When this suspected gang member represents back by “throwing up” the pitchfork or responding by shouting “G.D. These signals or signs are made by forming letters or numbers with hands and fingers to depict the gang symbol or initials.E. but secondly if you need to identify this gang member in court. Love to a suspected Disciple gang members.A. including hand signals or “throwing signs”. it gives you valuable intelligence on new gang hand signs. First. 24 © Copyright 2005 . a member of the Latin Kings “People” might represent Gangster Disciple “Folks” by “throwing up” the pitchfork hand sign or shouting G.” Gang members employ several means of non-verbal communication to acknowledge their gang or to challenge rival gangs.D. As an example. Love”. Nicknames appear in gang graffiti and tattooing. Most common use of hand signs by gang members is the “throwing down” of a rival gang’s signs This “throwing down” of a rival gang sign is a common motive for today’s drive by shootings. ”flagging”.

or chalk to place graffiti on any available space. However to the street gang. A rival gang can also degrade other gang’s graffiti by writing the original graffiti upside down. Additionally. numbers. This is usually done by the original graffiti being crossed out and opposing gang graffiti written over or next to it. Stacking is used in some gangs as part of the initiation process where a member will have to employ all the signs of the gang. Graffiti One of the first indications that gangs are being formed within a community is the appearance of graffiti (markings of names or symbols on a wall or other surface. buildings. This is done by using an elaborate form of throwing signs or flagging by using hands and fingers to depict gang symbols. Most often it is observed on bridges. Before removing any graffiti have the graffiti photographed for intelligence purposes. overpasses. letters or names of the gang and its leaders. garages. It can include. graffiti can range from the simple to the elaborate. G. America Inc. The Village of Niles will remove the graffiti free of charge and liability if the property owner signs to appropriate waivers.(7) day time limit on property owners removing the graffiti. schools and public buildings.T. fences. graffiti is a clear marking of territory associated with a particular gang and serves as a warning and challenge to rival gangs. markers. see attached forms. If graffiti is not promptly removed. Gangs use paint. but is not limited to the drawing of symbols. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Stacking Stacking is method of using hand signs and symbols to show respect for ones own gang. 25 © Copyright 2005 . gang names and street names of gang members.E.A. a rival gang can deface it. numbers. The Village of Niles Ordinance about graffiti removal sets a seven.) Some people think graffiti represents the defacement of property by thoughtless vandalism and pranks.

(Un-incorporated Cook County). Gangs 101 for School Personnel Alpha Numeric Codes Street gangs sometimes utilize an alphanumeric sequence to represent and communicate. Boxwood (Satan Disciple) street in Mount Prospect off of Dempster street. seventh and eleventh letters of the alphabet (G. the numbers 4.).D. Now the Park Ridge Commons The Wood reference by Vice Lords to Maywood Park. Suburban areas D Block Dee Road. (Un-incorporated Cook County). Carlisle Carlisle apartment building near Dee and Ballard in Un-incorporated Cook County. P-Town (Latin King) area of Palatine near Country Glen apartment complex on Lake Cook Road and Route 53.A. Near Grand and Mannheim Roads G. This simple code is most often seen as graffiti or in coded messages sent or passed among gang members.7. 26 © Copyright 2005 . unincorporated Cook County (Latin Kings) Pimp City (Latin King) is of Palatine near Country Glen apartment complex on Lake Cook Road and Route 53.K. As an example.E. Ironwood (Gangster Disciple) street in Un-incorporated Cook County near Golf Road and Dee Road. By recognizing the names you will pick up valuable clues as to the origin of the person whom you are interviewing.11.T. The Keyhole refers to Wentworth & 12th in Chicago Heights (Gangster Disciple) Hell Zone refers to 16th-Cermak 50th Court (Gangster Disciple) Gangster City refers to 48th and Union (Spanish Gangster Disciple) E-Town Evanston The Jungle Area of Apartments in Franklin Park which is a known gang hangout. This nickname could be simply the name of the housing complex they live in or the street or something completely different. Common Replacement alphanumeric Code A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Locations by Nick Name Gang members and criminal types refer to certain areas within the Chicago land area by using nicknames. These numbers written in sequence stand for Gangster Disciple Killer. represent the fourth. America Inc.

B.A. 27 © Copyright 2005 . Gangs 101 for School Personnel Chicago areas Gangster Disciple The Valley Vincennes to Cottage Grove from 49th to 51st. Unknowns and Vice Lords) streets beginning with the letter K.H.A. A. 011th and 025 Districts.L. Western to California Dogpatch North Avenue to Armitage from Milwaukee to Noble Logan Square Belmont to Diversey from Elston to Kimball K/B Kedzie and Barry T/W Bloomingdale to North Avenue from Maplewood to California New Breed The Village C.A. America Inc. west of Pulaski to Cicero in the 010th. Federal to State Hooverville 44th & Federal Rag Town 53rd & Union /53rd & Emerald Maniac Latin Disciple The Zone Division to North Avenue. Homes between Roosevelt to 16th street from Racine to Loomis Two Six Darkside 26th Street to Cermak from Central Park to Kostner K-Town (Two Six.T. G.E. The Darkside Langley to King Drive from 60th to 63rd Death Rhodes Rhodes from 63rd to 67th Murdertown 67th to 71st from Stony Island to Dorchester Paxtown 67th to 73rd from Yates to Stony Island Death Row 100th and Michigan Rag Town 115th to 199th from Halsted to Morgan Black Gangsters The Pocket 69th to 71st from Woodlawn to Kenwood G-Town 63rd-71st Halsted to Dan Ryan Expressway Murder City Elm & Larabee Nightmare City Elm & Hudson H Town 20th-Cermak.

The need no excuse for violence. slang. e. ‰ Never confront a gang member in the presence of their peers. ‰ Never cross out gang graffiti. rap music. jewelry. G. ‰ Never show disrespect for gang clothing. Gang members are proud to be part of the gang subculture. This invites resistance in normal society. graffiti or other indicia of the gang subculture. particularly in front of their gang peers. or that they must be treated in different fashion. 28 © Copyright 2005 .E. but particularly when peers look on. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Things you say or never do in front of a gang member. creates a volatile mixture easily ignited under any circumstances. The gang member may perceive this as disrespectful. “firm but fair” manner. You may even be mistaken for a rival gang member. ‰ This admonition should not be misunderstood as suggesting that gang members must actually be respected. or even as a direct challenge. This does not mean that you totally paint over or remove graffiti. America Inc. only behavior. let alone in the gang subculture. ‰ Never insult or show disrespect for a gang member. ‰ Never call a gang member a ‘wannabe’. tattoos. taken together with the inherent machismo of some individuals. disrespectful term and may induce the individual to prove that you have underestimated them. and that subculture dictate that no insult shall go unanswered. it is a less direct one and one from a more acceptable and predictable source. ‰ Never mimic gang activity by. This is dismissive. It is simply a safety warning that when dealing with gang members a showing of disrespect invites violent retaliation. While this is still a challenge. effecting a gang stance or throwing a gang hand-sign.T. ‰ Never place rival gang members together unsupervised. Always photograph graffiti before removing it. This mentality. ‰ Never confront gang status. Graffiti is the gang‘s newspaper of the streets and may contain information of value to the police.g. the property owner or the community.A. This will be perceived as disrespect for the gang member and the gang. hand-signs. Most gang members ill not feel disrespected if they are treated in a professional. This is one of the ways in which a rival gang may show disrespect and issue a challenge.

‰ Never assume anything.A. Gang members respect no neutral ground. ‰ Never physically confront a gang member. The presence of witnesses may even encourage a display of bravado. ‰ Never underestimate the threat from a young.T. Gangs 101 for School Personnel ‰ Never assume you are safe because you are encountering a gang member in a school. 29 © Copyright 2005 . America Inc.E. small or female gang member. NSTI G. The need to prove themselves may make them all the more dangerous. No location is off limits. mall or other public place – even in custody.

30 © Copyright 2005 .T. ‰ While many gang members would rather die than be thought of as n informant. particularly younger ones.A. some of the more hard core members or “veteranos” refuse to identify themselves for because of recent Federal RICO indictments. ‰ Most gang members are proud of their affiliation and will readily admit it if you simply ask them. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Gang Interview Tips When questioning a witness. but also creates a topic of discussion with which the subject will feel comfortable. you are conducting an “interrogation”. making them want to discuss their gang and maybe even contribute some of their paraphernalia to your collection. Many gang members. Once the gang member becomes used to speaking with you about things they deem to be non-threatening. ‰ If appropriate. via a drive-by shooting. the gang mentality dictates that the victim gang retaliates and not has the authorities interfere with that process. A number of well-established techniques exist. The reverse may be true if the person you are questioning. you are conducting an “interview”. Properly done. consider questioning a gang member in a setting where paraphernalia from other gangs is displayed. This may induce a sense of competition in your subject. This not only creates some proof of gang affiliation. G. ‰ Many gang members will show you their tattoos. or a rival gang. America Inc.E. are so proud of their gang affiliation that they will have irresistible urge to draw gang symbols or graffiti while awaiting you. with dozens of books debating the virtues of each. demonstrate their hand signs and draw their gang symbols. However. When questioning a suspect. they may readily share with you information they think harmful to a rival gang. You can build rapport before going on to more serious matters. Under such circumstances. it will become easier for you to move on to more sensitive subjects. The following tips are offered to increase the likelihood of your success when the objet of your interview or interrogation happens to be a gang member. What works well for one practitioner may miserably fail when applied by another. ‰ Consider leaving a gang member alone in a room with blank paper and pen before interviewing or interrogating them. for example has victimized their gang. an interview or interrogation is a form of art. in the last few years this has changed.

State consequences. your interpreter will be a trusted individual who will give you an accurate translation of what the subject says. ‰ If you are forced to use a foreign language interpreter. unless that is a conscious ploy on your part to appeal to a particular subject. Even if adept. Consider tape recording the interview for later translation by a second interpreter. One must handle them in a professional. Presumably. whether they deserve it or not. ‰ Gang members uniformly demand respect. give no indication to the other gang members that the individual you questioned has been cooperative. ‰ Never lie to a gang member unless you are sure you can get away with it. Acknowledge of your subject’s cultural differences will be of extreme value. Be sensitive to indications that the interpreter might be intimidated by the gang member. should be demeaned in any way if you expect success. confirm the interpreter is familiar with the subject’s dialect and slang. find some subterfuge by which to get a gang member aside before questioning. It is legal to induce a confession by misrepresenting the quality of evidence you have against the subject. If necessary.T. some gang members will perceive you as being patronizing.A.E. Caution: Your safety is more important than the success of any interview or interrogation. nor their gang. you will not be successful interviewing gang members in front of other gang members. You may have more success with your subject if you use language and a manner that they believe to be consistent with your profession and authority. 31 © Copyright 2005 . Admissions of ignorance can gain respect even in the gang subculture. Confront behavior. When finished. “Respect” does not necessarily mean that the gang member must be treated in a deferential fashion. ‰ Don’t try to use gang slang during questioning unless you are adept at doing so. “firm but fair” manner. In some cultures a smile is not always a smile and a nod does not always mean yes. ‰ Many gangs form along ethnic or racial lines. ask them to explain. do not threaten. It is their natural inclination to defy authority and to be seen defying authority. or even threatened by the gang member while in your presence. Neither the gang member. America Inc. not gang status. ‰ Many gang members know each other only by their street names or monikers. Gangs 101 for School Personnel ‰ Generally speaking. G. If you do not understand a term your subject uses. They may be truthful when they claim not to know any individual’s given name or surname.

A simple follow-up investigation can prove the suspect a liar. Many subjects are more inclined to give information to a single person than to a group of people. misconceptions and disrespect for the suspect create a double injustice.A. This individual may be more inclined to speak to you. Initial responders. The lie may be used to bolster probable cause if a search or an arrest warrant is later sought.E. NLEI G. least experienced member of the gang to approach first for information. ‰ Generally. Often claims of innocence are accompanied by hastily concocted alibis. or may be used to discredit the suspect in front of a jury.T. and may provide enough information for you to sound credible as you start to ascend the pecking order of gang members.e. these false claims may lock the suspect into a story that later proves inconvenient for them. America Inc. i.. Do not allows early presumptions. ‰ Officers and others dealing with gang members are so used to hearing denials that they fail to report them. many successful interview/interrogation techniques suggest that a single interviewer/interrogator be alone with the subject. ‰ Do not overlook the fact that the person’s claims of innocence may be true. Gangs 101 for School Personnel ‰ If you have a choice consider picking the youngest. If recorded and passed on to the investigating officer. transporting officers and custodial personnel frequently hear and dismiss claims of innocence. the prosecution of an innocent individual and the escape of the real culprit. 32 © Copyright 2005 .

E. America Inc.Gangs 101 for School Personnel G. 33 © Copyright 2005 .T.A.

A.Gangs 101 for School Personnel Chapter III Street Gangs G. America Inc.T. 34 © Copyright 2005 .E.

Gangs 101 for School Personnel G.E. 35 © Copyright 2005 .T.A. America Inc.

murder for hire and murder. The gang specializes in early indoctrination to the rules of the gang with these young members. Gangs 101 for School Personnel 18th Street Gang 18’s Handsign Colors Blue Alliance: Surenos Racial Makeup Hispanic Emblems 18. 18th Street is known as the Children’s Army due to its recruitment of elementary and middle. The membership of 18th Street in California is estimated at more than aged youth. who are told that leaving the gang will result in their death or deaths of their loved ones. America Inc. 36 © Copyright 2005 . arms trafficking.A.E. 666 History th 18 Street has been around since the 1930’s. rape. carjacking. This gang reached out to over 30 states and Native American lands. 18th street gangs are heavily involved in auto theft. G. drug sales. XVIII. XV3. extortion.000. drive-by shootings.T.

This gang’s leadership has remained within the same family since its inceptions. Members readily identified themselves as Ambrose members and are usually attired in clothing denoting their affiliation.10.12 Addison Villa Park G. America Inc.T. the Ambrose evolved into a social athletic club and eventually into a street gang. White and Puerto Rican History Originally formed in the early 1960’s as a softball team in the Chicago Pilsen community. 37 © Copyright 2005 .A.E. letter “A”. Oakland A’s cap Racial makeup: Mexican. The Ambrose “A: breaking up the five-pointed star is an example of the Ambrose opposition to street gangs belonging to the “People” alliance. Area of Operation Chicago PD Districts 8. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Ambrose Hand signs: Colors: Light Blue and Black Alliance: Folks Emblems: Plumed Helmet with spear. passing from brothers to cousins.

Gangs 101 for School Personnel Akrhos – Acros . As the Philiphino families moved from Chicago they transplanted the Flip City kings in numerous suburban communities. Both of these gangs have access to firearms and will openly display them in photographs. They aligned themselves with the Latin Kings in the city of Chicago. In addition. in fighting among Ahkros from Chicago and the suburban factions occur regularly. America Inc. pacific islanders some white History Originally known as the Flip City Kings this street gang was formed in the late 1970’s early 1980’s as a way of protecting the Philiphino community from Vietnamese and Korean Street gangs. At present there is a strong opposition between the Ahkros – R. Recently in the 1990’s numerous problems occurring between the Ahkros and the Red Scorpion Gangsters have caused distrust and incidents of fights.S. Area of Operation Niles Glenview Chicago (Waveland Bowl) Glendale Heights Elgin Acronym F ilipino E quals A sian R oyalty G. In the early 1980’s the Flip City Kings made a split becoming the Ahkros and the Red Scorpion Gangsters.’s and the Asian Dragons. Mexican.T. AKP Racial makeup: Philiphino.E.G. They tell their parents that they are just in dance club or a break dance club to in case their parents find out.Akhros “Flip City Kings” Hand signs: Colors: Red & Black Alliance: People (tentative) Emblems: Three Dots and Letter “A” Left wrist.A. 38 © Copyright 2005 .

Niles. Korean. Area of Operation Glenview Niles Park Ridge Des Plaines Morton Grove Chicago G. This gang traditionally has been extremely violent and have been known to carry large caliber firearms.: Filipinos).e. recent incidents involving Gangster Disciples and Latin Kings have shown an involvement with the Asian Dragons siding with the Gangster Disciple because of a recent homicide involving a Gangster Disciple. it is believed that they have aligned themselves under the People Nation as some of their graffiti has shown 5 point stars and down turned pitchforks. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Almighty Asian Dragons Crazy Angel Hand sign: Colors: Alliance: Alliances Changes frequently Emblems initials “AD” History Very little is known in regards to this gang.A. There is a long-standing cultural hatred between traditional Asians and Pacific Islanders (i. At present.E. Chinese).T. 39 © Copyright 2005 . However. The Asian Dragons and Crazy Angel Faction traditional have been all Asian (Vietnamese. Morton Grove area. their main rival gang are the Red Scorpion Gangsters and Ahkros. America Inc. They have a rather large membership in the Glenview.

In recent years this group has not been very active and may be dormant at this time. Area of Operation 99th & Ridgeland. 40 © Copyright 2005 .T. Oaklawn Skokie Orland Park Bridgeview G.A. America Inc. Assyrian History This group was formed as a way for young Middle Eastern males to protect themselves from other groups and racial prejudice as they moved into the southwest and northwest suburbs. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Arab Posse The Arab Posse Hand sign Colors: White and Red Alliance: None Emblem: Four Point Star Ethnicity Mostly Middle Eastern.E.

Gangster Disciples and Black Disciples. Mickey Cobras. A misconception among law enforcement is that the Gangster Disciples. Area of Operation Nation wide G. In 1978 the Devil Disciples split up into the Black Gangsters. “BD”. about 2 times a month. Black P Stones. and that left a leadership void within the Devil Disciples.Blue & Red Alliance Rivals Gangster Disciples. Originally the Devil Disciples under the leadership of “King David” Barksdale was the leader. The represent their sets by calling them “Dynasties”. The splintering of these groups from the parent Devil Disciples is due to the individual leaders. There is a female faction called the ‘Daughters of Universal Star’.T. Gangster Disciples and the Black Disciples. That has cost several inmates their lives as they have been mixed in with Gangster Disciples mistakenly in prison blocks and subsequently been killed. At that time the Devil Disciples comprised the Black Gangsters.”2” and “4” History The Black Disciples were an off shot of the original Devil Disciples before Larry Hoover took over the Gangster Disciples.00). Members of the Black Disciples have been known to shot at members of the Gangster Disciples over drugs and turf. America Inc. As a matter of fact. Vice Lords Racial Makeup Black Emblems “BDN”. In 1974 King David was killed. The Black Disciples collect dues (approximately $5. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Black Disciples Hand signs Colors Black . the Black Disciples are controlled by Shorty Freeman. There is rivalry for drug sales and turf that the Black Disciples. 41 © Copyright 2005 .E. The Black Disciples are considered by its membership to be a nationwide drug operation.A. Members do not have to be beaten in or sexed in to join. Black Disciples and the Black Gangster Disciples are all the same. Gangster Disciples and the Black Disciples. They are instead initiated at birth by members placing “treys” on the forehead of the infant child to be initiated into the gang.

Loyalty and Love. Black Disciples and Black Gangsters. The Black Gangsters are an off shot of the Devil Disciples street gang. the Gangster Disciples. The Black Gangsters are well organized and heavily into drug sales. The Black Gangsters do not consider themselves members of the 5 or 6 star.E. After David “King David” Barksdale was killed. They are an all Black gang in mortal combat with the single largest “folks’gang". there were three leaders who separated into the Gangster Disciples. Area of Operation Chicago Aurora Milwaukee Wisconsin G. 42 © Copyright 2005 . Black Disciples. Black Souls Emblems Georgetown Sportswear (means “G-town”). The three L’s stand for Life. L in Lower left corner and L in lower right corner. AKA New Breed is a renegade gang defying classification along the folks/peoples gang alliance system.A. Square with Circle in center with and L in Upper left corner. Rather they consider themselves riding under the four star or square. America Inc. Racial Makeup All Black History The Black Gangsters.T. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Black Gangsters AKA “New Breed” Hand signs Colors Black and Grey Alliance Strong alliance with Vice Lords and Four Corner Hustlers Rivals Black Gangster Disciples.

A. Unlike the Vice Lords and now the Black P Stones with their organized close knit organization building a powerful coalition of various gangs and leaders.” G. History D’s. BDN. Some White Emblems: Six pointed star: Heart with horns and Devil’s Tail with upward crossed pitchforks. 43 © Copyright 2005 . The obvious symbol of the separation is the use of the six (6) point Star of David and the letters “G” and “D. Heart with wings. During the gangs early days. America Inc. Imperial Crown with six pointed star.E.BOS. Heart with Flames. The loose-knit structure of the disciples is the main reason for much of the in fighting that has been associated with the Black Gangster Disciples. there were constant altercations with the Blackstone Rangers and the rapidly growing Vice Lords over territorial boundaries. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Black Gangster Disciples Gangster Disciples and Brothers of the Struggle Hand signs Colors: Blue and Black Alliance: FOLKS Racial Makeup: 99% Black. BGDN.T.BGN The Disciples formed and developed in the early 60’s and were arch rivals of the Blackstone Rangers. even to this day.

Gangs 101 for School Personnel

Area of Operation
Nation Wide
Argo, IL East St. Louis Skokie
Arlington Heights Elgin University Park
Aurora Elk Grove Village Fort Wayne Indiana
Bloomington Evanston Grand Rapids Michigan
Blue Island Montgomery Jackson Mississippi
Bolingbrook Mount Prospect Minneapolis Minnesota
Bristol Normal Nebraska
Calumet City Oswego New York
Carpentersville Palatine Ohio
Chicago Heights Peoria Texas
Cicero Riverdale Virginia
Decatur Robbins Seattle Washington
DeKalb Rockford Tacoma Washington
Dixmore Romeoville Kenosha Wisconsin
Dolton Round Lake Dear Love Cove

G.A.T.E. America Inc. 44
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Gangs 101 for School Personnel

Black P Stone

Hand sign

Colors: Black, Green, Red

Alliance: PEOPLE

Emblem: Pyramid with five pointed star; crescent moon with
five pointed star: letters B.P.S.N.


This gang evolved from the Blackstone Rangers in the late 1960’s. Jeff Fort took control of the Blackstone Rangers
and formed a “nation” of many street gangs now knows as the Black P Stone Nation. After Fort’s incarceration in
the early 1970’s, the gang took on a new identity under the name El Rukns.

Although they use the same identifying colors and symbols, the Black P Stone Nation and El Rukns are separate and
distinct. The gang uses the crescent moon with the five-pointed star as identifiers. The street nicknames of the
B.P.S.N. are “Stones” and “Rockboys” The gang is aligned with the Vice Lords and Mickey Cobras of the People
Alliance. They are opposed to all “Folks: gangs.

Area of Operation
Chicago Pd District 2 Hoffman Estates
Evanston (Dodge/Howard) Little Rokc Arkansas
Aurora Atlanta Georgeia
Bolingbrook Gentucky
Decatur Jacksonville Florida
Joliet Milwaukee, Kenosha,
Kankakee Madison, & Racine
Maywood Wisconsin
Bellwood Cleveland & Columbus Ohio
North Chicago Indiana
Peioria Iowa
Robbins St. Louis, Missouri
Justice Mississippi
Ford Heights Houston Texas
Harvey Virginia

G.A.T.E. America Inc. 42
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Gangs 101 for School Personnel


Hand sign:

Colors: Red

Racial makeup Multi-racial

Alliance: PEOPLE

Emblems: Letter “B” , Piru, CK

There is little known about the blood activity in the Chicago land Metropolitan area. The activity
that has resulted typically comes from passing through gang members from other states and does
not appear to have created a local gang presence.

G.A.T.E. America Inc. 43
© Copyright 2005

T. Gangs 101 for School Personnel C-Notes Hand sign: Colors Green. 13. America Inc. C-Notes have been know to commit crimes. Red and White Alliance: FOLKS Racial Makeup: White and some Hispanic Emblem: Dollar Sign $ History The gang has been around for about twenty (20) years but have not been found in the system as a highly organized group. typically they are a nuisance gang in the 16th. 25 Jefferson Park Harlem & Addison Hutchinson & Lockwood G.E. and 25th districts in the City of Chicago Area of Operation Chicago PD District 16. 44 © Copyright 2005 . from drug dealing to armed robbery.A.

As urban legend goes. America Inc. The Crips like the Bloods do not have the hierarchy organization like the Folk/People Nation gangs. therefore they tend to be less formalized.E.T. a group of Crips attempted to move into an area that was heavily controlled by Vice Lords in the hopes of opening a Midwest drug operation. The Vice Lords did not take the Crips setting up shop in their turf lightly and quickly introduce themselves. G. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Crips Handsign Colors Blue Alliance Folks Racial Makeup Multi Racial Emblems Letter C History The Crips presence in the Chicago land area can be traced back to the early 1990’s. As a result several Crips were killed and hospitalized and ever since then the Crips have aligned themselves with Folk Nation Gangs.A. 45 © Copyright 2005 . There entire operation revolves around drug sales and the profits they can make.

A. 46 © Copyright 2005 . in the early 1990s they branched off and then grew to be the main set of the PR Stones to date. GA G. letters FS. white Emblems: 5 point star. America Inc. Prospect Niles Des Plaines Glenview Wheeling Mount Prospect Atlanta.T. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Familia Stones Future Stones Hand sign: Colors: Black and Orange Alliance: People Racial Makeup Mostly Latino.E. Area of Operation Chicago Dixmore Rockford Streamwood Mt. Pyramid with 21 bricks History The Familia Stones were a branch of the Future Stones.

however.A. America Inc. Latino and Black members.E. Pink Panthers the latter “IG”. the Imperial Gangsters main rivals. This gang has an alliance with “Folks” and appears to align with members of the United Latino Organization (ULO) on the inside. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Imperial Gangsters Hand sign: Colors: Pink and Black Alliance: Folks Racial Makeup: White. The membership was predominantly Mexican.25 Des Plaines Franklin Park Northlake Crystal Lake Carpentersville Beaver Dam. Hispanic and Black Emblems: Imperial Crown with crossed pitchforks. This has been a long-standing feud between those two gangs and has recently surface in a series drive-by shootings and homicides. today it is inter-racial mixed with white. However. 47 © Copyright 2005 .T. on the streets are the Latin Disciples who also affiliate with the “Folks” This inter-alliance rivalry has caused the Imperial Gangsters to utilize the crossed pitchforks in a downward fashion show disrespect to the Latin Disciples. Kenosha. & Appleton Wisconsin Miami. History This gang originally formed approximately twenty (20) years ago. Orland & Tampa Florida Michigan New Jersey Texas G.14. They still maintain the classic rivalry with the Latin Kings and other gangs from the “People” alliance Area of Operation Chicago Pd Districts 13. Mexican Flag.

History Areas of Operation Oakley to Honore. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Insane Deuces Hand sign: Colors: Black and Green Alliance: Folks Racial Makeup: Mostly Hispanic Emblems: Spade with 2 dots above it with deck of playing cards. Graffiti could also be the number 2 with two dots over it. Roscoe to George Hamlin Park 21st & Washtenaw (Cullerton Dueces) 39th.A.T.E. 47th Halsted to Normal “Spade Town” Addison Villa Park Elgin Aurora Del Rio Texas Houston Texas Appleton Wisconsin G. with 2 of spades emphasized. 48 © Copyright 2005 . America Inc.

T. The north-side faction is the older of the two factions. Over the years the members moved north and another moved southwest. Chicago PD District 16. Both groups of Popes use the hooded robed figure in their graffiti. Area of Operation Niles. Glenview. Cross with knife behind Racial Makeup: White History The Insane Popes started about twenty (20) years ago as a Greek street gang.A. This gang itself was founded on anti-Hispanic platform and these hooded robed figures show that aspect of this gang. but many of their members preach a Nazi. they have no other common traits. Although these two factions use the same name and same racial makeup. 49 © Copyright 2005 .E. The north-side faction affiliates with “Folks” and the south side with “People”. This gang has not been actively involved in any physical acts of violence relative to hate crimes as of yet. America Inc. white supremacy philosophy. This same figure has been used by the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacy groups.17 Popes is an acronym for P rotect O our P eople E liminate S pics or scum G. KKK. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Insane Popes Popes Hand signs Colors: Black and Baby Blue Alliance: Folks (North) People (South) Emblems: Cloaked or hooded figure with cross on the chest.

Ohio G. As LaRaza evolved. Area of Operation Harding & Waubansia Carpentersville Cicero “Grant Works “ Glen Ellyn “7 Blocks” (Spook Town) Streamwood Leipisic & Ottawa. Racial makeup: Mexican History The La Raza street gang was formed in the late 1970’s primarily by illegal aliens who were tired of being the brunt of violence by street gang members.E. the Mexican Eagle and logos associated with the “Folks” alliance.A.” which reflects their ethnic pride.T. LaRaza founders had this in mind when they selected the colors of the Mexican Flag as their gang colors and often wear a shirt with this flag on it to signify their gang affiliation. White and Green Alliance: Folks Emblems: The letters “LRZ” the Mexican Flag. it expanded to include legal aliens. will not readily admit their affiliation as this gang was originally designed to be secretive in nature. particularly the older ones. Gangs 101 for School Personnel LA Raza Hand sign: Colors: Red. as well as second and third generation Mexican-Americans. 50 © Copyright 2005 . America Inc. Members of LaRaza are closely allied with members of the Party People street gang. Members of LaRaza. A translation of the name LaRaza is “the race.

which is attended religiously by active and inactive members.A. the Latin Counts have a large picnic/reunion.E. the letters “LC” Racial Makeup: Mexican. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Latin Counts Hand sign: Colors: Red and Black Alliance: People Emblems: Knights helmet. In August of every year.12 Addison Villa Park Lombard Berwyn Cicero Chicago Heights Calumet City Hoffman Estates G. some white and Puerto Rican History The Latin Counts were formed in the mid-1960. Original members are still seen on occasion in Latin Count turf and they consider themselves as family.T. It is believes that besides renewing of relationship policy and rules are decided and dictated during this meeting. 51 © Copyright 2005 . America Inc. Area of Operation Chicago PD Districts 10.

Area of Operation Chicago PD District 14. white and black Emblems: Heart with tail of devil and horns. They call themselves Latin Disciples. Maniac Latin Disciples. The swastika is placed backwards so the gang will not be mistaken for a white supremacist gang.A. In their logo. and YLO (Young Latino Organization) Disciples. America Inc.19. It is the largest “Folk” Hispanic Street gang. pitchforks MLD or swastika in center History The Latin Disciples have been in existence for approximately 25 years. 52 © Copyright 2005 . Gangs 101 for School Personnel Latin Disciples Maniac Latin Disciples Hand sign: Colors: Blue and Black Alliance: Folks Racial Makeup: Hispanic.25 G. a backward swastika signifies honor to the original leader whose street name was “Hitler” and was killed in 1970 by the Latin Kings.E.T.

A. This gang developed as a traditional street gang to protect their neighborhoods or turf’s. 53 © Copyright 2005 . History The Latin Kings are the oldest and largest street gang in Illinois. Most Mexican factions of the Kings will follow the five-pointed crown while most Puerto Rican factions follow the three-pointed crown. Approximately 25 years ago this gang originated. The Latin Kings have followed a five-point crown and three-pointed crown. The Latin Kings developed a reputation as a very violent street gang. G. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Almighty Latin King Nation Latin Kings Latin Queens Hand sign: Colors: Black and Gold Alliance: People Racial Makeup: Hispanic. However.E. cross kings head with crown known as the master. White and Black Emblems: Three or five pointed crown. additional factions developed in almost every Hispanic Community. Both groups use the LA Kings Jackets and Hats. Another identifier of this gang is the “Kings head with the five pointed crown commonly referred as the Master. five pointed star. America Inc.T.” The colors of yellow and black have along been associated with this gang. five dots. it has been found that Latin Kings west of Illinois use the colors of black and silver. Later.

Janesville. Indiana Las Vegas.A.T.E. Madison Wisconsin Puerto Rico Ecuador Grand Rapids & Holland Michigan G. 54 © Copyright 2005 . Gangs 101 for School Personnel Area of Operation Chicago and Suburbs Niles Palatine Romeoville Rockford Westmont Woodstock Woodridge Stone park Summit Waukegan Central Stickney Dee Road (Des Plaines) Michael Todd (Glenview) Des Plaines (Mannheim Road) Chicago Heights San Francisco Indianapolis. Beloit. Milwaukee. Nevada New York City Delavan. America Inc. Waukesha. Lake Geneva.

The original Latin Lovers were former Spanish Cobras and Latin Disciples.A. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Latin Lovers Hand sign: Colors: Red and Yellow Alliance: Folks Emblems: “LL”. Area of Operation Chicago PD District 14 G. pitchforks up. America Inc. heart with wings Racial Makeup: Hispanic.T.E. White and Black History The Latin Lovers have been in existence for about 16 years. 55 © Copyright 2005 .

they formed the Mara Salvatrucha (MS) gang. “13”. Each local gang is divided into “cliques”. commonly referred to as MS-13 enforces an extensive hierarchy. These Salvadoran guerrillas were known as “Salvatruchas” Here in the United States. a street gang in El Salvador. as a result of prejudice of Hispanic gangs. Refugees fled to the United States and some had connections to La Mara. America Inc.E. he gang. The words Salvadorian Pride. which are further divided into smaller groups.T. 56 © Copyright 2005 .A. Some of the immigrants had once belonged to groups auch as the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front and were trained as guerilla fighters. G. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Mara Salvatrucha MS 13 Handsign Colors: Blue Racial Makeup: Salvadorian Emblems: Letters MS. Letter “M” History This gang began as a result of people feeling El Salvador as a result of a civil war.

A. As the 13’s got started by aligning themselves with the Mexican Mafia the 14’s did the same by aligning themselves with La Nuestra Familia. but are mentioned here because they are known rivals for the Surenos. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Nortenos / Fourteens Hand sign: Color: Red Alliance: No Known Alliances Emblems: Catorce. The Nortenos are not well organized and do not have a good network for communicating across the country.T.E. America Inc. In 1960’s the Hispanic prison population began organizing into gangs in the prisons. XIV. N. Area of Operation Elgin Rockford La Salle County West Chicago Dupage County G. UNLV Clothing (Us Nortenos Love Violence) History The Nortenos started out in Northern California. 57 © Copyright 2005 . The number 14 as used by Hispanics is synonymous with Nortenos and also indicated the gang’s origin in Northern California. “Norteno” translates into Northerner. N is the fourteenth letter in the alphabet and signifies the Nortenos. The Nortenos are typically Hispanic and come from American born Hispanics usually not from illegal aliens and immigrant population. X4 14. They are not well represented in Illinois.

Area of Operation Chicago Pd District 14. 58 © Copyright 2005 .T.17 Diversey & Harding Hamlin & Wellington Spaulding & Schubert Sawyer & Emmett Skokie Waukegan G. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Orchestra Albany Hand sign: Colors: Brown and Gold Alliance: Folks Racial Makeup: Mostly Latino Emblems: Initials “O/A” History This gang has been in existence for about 17 years.E. America Inc. The O/A’s began as a musical group.A. it has developed an alliance with all “folks” gangs against the Latin Kings. Due to the small size of this gang. One of its members was the victim of a gang murder in the middle 1970’s as a result they formed a street gang.

History Starting off as an off shot of the Acros the RSG’s have evolved into a full-fledged gang dealing in methamphetamine and contract “hits”. RSG’s have also been responsible for home invasion style takeovers in order to get large sums of cash from business owners. The gangs recent activity has including using crash type pads in multilevel apartment complexes. Cigar Burn on web of hand. G.E. America Inc. They typically pray on Asian victims in these takeovers. Vietnamese Emblems: RSG.A. mostly methamphetamine. Chicago PD recently made numerous drug arrests against Filipino subjects who then contracted with the RSG’s to “hit” the narcotics officers who made the arrests. which are used for drug sales.T. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Red Scorpion Gangster RSG Hand sign: Colors: Red Alliance: No Known Racial Makeup: Filipino. 59 © Copyright 2005 .

two dots and a heart and club History These two gangs merged several years ago. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Sin City Boys Spanish Gangsters Hand sign: Colors Black & Baby Blue Alliance: Folks Racial Makeup: Mostly Latino Emblems: Hooded Bunny.E. 60 © Copyright 2005 .A.T. Area of Operation Berwyn Mundelein West Chicago Carol Stream Austin Texas G. America Inc. smoking a blunt a sward with two lines.

Emblems: Coiled King Cobra Snake. Originally . and White. America Inc. the cobras are closely aligned with the Maniac Latin Disciples. this gang was the Maniac Latin Disciples. The Spanish Cobras are part of a coalition called the United Latino Organization (ULO) comprised of the Maniac Latin Disciples. the Latin Jivers and the Imperial Gangsters. Wisconsin Michigan Arizona Florida Cicero G. A disagreement resulted and some members formed what is now the Spanish Cobras. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Spanish Cobras Insane Cobras Handsigns: Colors: Green and Black Alliance. 61 © Copyright 2005 . Recently members of the Spanish Cobras have been moving into un-incorporated areas of Des Plaines and openly recruiting people to sell cocaine in these areas. Today. “S/C” and “ISC” History The Spanish Cobras were formed in the early 1970’s.A. Area of Operation Chicago Pd Districts14.E. Folks Racial Makeup: Puerto Rican. Black.T. 25 Un-incorporated Des Plaines Bensenville Wheeling Waukesha & Milwaukee.

La Raza. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Satan Disciples Hand sign: Colors: Canary Yellow and Black Alliance: Folks Emblems: Pitchfork and or the devil and logos associated with the Folks alliance Racial Makeup: Mexican. White and Black History The Satan Disciples were formed in the 1960’s. All of the gang involved in this war are allied as “Folks” Area of Operation Mount Prospect (Boxwood Drive) Chicago Pd Districts 8. The Satan Disciples are closely allied with members of the Ambrose street gang and have joined them in their current war against the Two Six.A.17.E. Puerto Rican. Senior members of the Disciples. 62 © Copyright 2005 .T. are not as active as their counterparts in the other predominantly Mexican gangs.25 Cicero Berwyn Summet Joliet Bensenville Calumet City G. America Inc.10. for the most pat.9. and Party People street gangs.12.

They controlled a small portion of this housing project.E. but their center of activity was in the area of 87th and 90th street. Wisconsin Justice Kankakee Oak Lawn Robbins Rock Island Waukegan East Chicago Indiana Miami Florida Okllahoma El Paso . 24. Wheeling and areas west of Cook County. Member’s hangout in the area of Cuyler and Broadway and the Walt Disney Elementary School yard. San Antonia Texas G. 23. In the 23rd District the Spanish Gangster Disciples are in opposition to the Latin Eagles and the Latin Kings. 25 Wheeling Berwyn 21st and Ridgeland Mount Prospect Blue Island Un-incorporated Cook County Burbank Kane County Cicero Milwaukee. America Inc. 63 © Copyright 2005 . The Spanish Gangster Disciples are active in Mount Prospect. The police conducted numerous narcotic operations in this area. They were established by Mexican youths residing in the Trumbull Park Housing Project at 106th and Bensley.T.A. between Baltimore and Commercial Avenue. heart with horns and top and crossed Pitchforks in an upward fashion Racial Makeup: Predominately Hispanic History The Spanish Gangsters were formed in the early 1980’s in the South Chicago area of the 4th District of Chicago. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Spanish Gangster Disciples Spanish Gangsters Hand sign: Colors: Black and Blue Alliance: Folks Emblems: Six pointed Star. Areas of Operation Chicago Police Districts 4. As a direct result of loss in leadership. gang membership of the Spanish Gangsters in the 4th District declined to the point that it is considered a minor street gang. The Spanish Gangsters gained control of street sale of cocaine in the area of 88th and Baltimore. which lead to the arrest and conviction of this gang’s leadership.

In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s this gang was very active in burglaries in Chicago and nearby suburbs. Oklahoma G. America Inc. Miami Florida Boomville.” Area of Operation Chicago Pd Districts 14. hat with crossed shotguns and a cross.19. Mississippi Ponca City. In some areas.A. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Simon City Royals Hand sign: Colors: Blue and Black Alliance: Folks Emblems: The initials “SCR” “R’S” or rabbit head with bent ear.E. The gang was formed in the early 1960’s There were formed to stop the Hispanic Street gangs from moving into their area.T. the Simon City Royals have dropped the name “Simon City” and refer to themselves as “Royals. 64 © Copyright 2005 .16.25 Niles Park Ridge Glenview Arlington Heights Lyons Franklin Park Wisconsin Fort Lauderdale. Racial Makeup: White and Hispanic History The Simon City Royals are one of the oldest white gangs in Chicago. The Simon City Royals have strong ties with the Black Gangster Disciples.17.

Gangs 101 for School Personnel Surenos / Sur 13/ Thirteen’s Hand sign: Colors: Blue Alliance: None Known Emblems: Letter “M”. America Inc. X3. XIII. the Mexican Mafia members use the number thirteen synonymously with the letter M. In 1960’s the Hispanic prison population began organizing into gangs in the prisons. 65 © Copyright 2005 . As a result. Trece. “Sureno” literally means “one from the south” or “southerner”. “13”. Michigan University Hat History The Surenos started out in the Los Angeles Area of California. The number 13 as used by Hispanics is synonymous with Sur or Sureno and also indicated the gang’s origin in Southern California.3’ce. As a result several went to prison but others turned informers for the police. Since the letter M is the thirteenth letter of the alphabet. G. La Eme Leaders sent word down to its street gang counterparts that any aid to the police meant immediate death. The Mexican Mafia was also referred as La Me. which is Spanish for the letter “M”. “Sur” is the Spanish word meaning Southerner. As Law Enforcement began to see the violence that surrounded this gang increased pressure began to bear down upon the Sureno gang members.T.A.E. As a result the Midwest has seen an influx of Surenos gang members. Many of the Sureno gang members decided that they should leave southern California.

66 © Copyright 2005 . Prospect Niles Rockford Rolling Meadows Rosemont Round Lake Beach Villa Park Waukegan West Chicago Woodridge G. However.E.A. and there is no network to communicate with their fellow gang members in other states. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Surenos Surenos are not as organized as Chicago area Street Gangs. they are extremely violent and known to carry firearms regularly. Leadership is not very strong. Typically Surenos come from immigrant or illegal alien Mexicans and Hispanics. America Inc. However.T. Area of Operation Addison Arlington Heights Aurora Carol Stream Carpenters Ville Des Pines Elgin Hanover Park Joliet Melrose Park Mt. at the present time they are accepting white and black members in Illinois.

America Inc. As the racial makeup of the area changed is did the Two Six.E. At its inception of the Two Six was primarily a white street gang with a small minority of Mexican members. Today. Area of Operation Chicago Pd Districts 10.T.8 Berwyn Cicero Burbank Glenview Hanover Park Joliet Oak lawn Orland Park Romeoville Schaumburg (G-Town) Northlake Rock Island Albuquerque. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Two Sixers Hand sign: Colors: Tan and Black Alliance: Folks Emblems: Playboy bunny with cocked ear wearing fedoras and glasses a pair of dice with two dots on one and six on the other tattoos using three dots and the initials “TSN” Racial Makeup: Hispanic. the Two Six has evolved into one of the largest and most dominate street gangs in Chicago. 67 © Copyright 2005 . New Mexico Texas G. white History The Two Six street gang originated as the Two Six Boys in the 1970’s.9.A.

Wisconsin G.E. Area of Operation Chicago Pd Districts 9. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Two Two Boys Hand signs: Colors: Black and blue & Brown and Beige Alliance: Folks Emblems Two dice with two dots showing on each dice A crest or shield with two lion guarding the dice reflecting the number two Racial Makeup: Mexican and White History The Two Two Boys originated in the Late 1970’s. America Inc. 68 © Copyright 2005 .A.T.10 Cicero Boling Brook Countryside Franklin Park Northlake Oaklawn Texas California Kenosha. During this period the gang found it difficult to compete with the more organized larger street gangs in the area such as the Two Sixers and the Latin Kings.

Illinois. Each Vice Lord faction has leadership and membership separate and distinct from other Vice Lord factions. pair of dice. The gang has also expanded its territory into many suburban areas surrounding Chicago. the initial “V/L” top hat with cane and gloves. Playboy bunny head.E. Racial Makeup: Black History The Vice Lords are the oldest street gang in Chicago dating back to the late 1950’s.A. America Inc. Although each faction uses the name Vice Lords. martini glass. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Vice Lords Hand signs: Colors: Black and Gold and Red Alliance: People Emblems: Pyramid with crescent moon. Charles. each indicated their independence by using their own gang faction name in their graffiti.T. Name of factions: Conservative Vice Lords Renegade Vice Lords Cicero Insane Vice Lords Horner Home Vice Lords Traveling Vice Lords Four Corner Hustlers Unknown Vice Lords Insane Vice Lords Rockwell Garden Vice Lords Undertaker Vice Lords Area of Operation Chicago and Suburbs G. crescent moon with five pointed star and dollar sign. There were formed in the Illinois State Training School for Boys in St. 69 © Copyright 2005 .

70 © Copyright 2005 . Milwaukee & Racine Wisconsin G. The gang has also expanded its territory into many suburban areas surrounding Chicago. America Inc.A. Although each faction uses the name Vice Lords. Each Vice Lord faction has leadership and membership separate and distinct from other Vice Lord factions. martini glass. each indicated their independence by using their own gang faction name in their graffiti. crescent moon with five pointed star and dollar sign.E. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Four Corner Hustlers Vice Lords Hand signs: Colors: Black and Gold and Red Alliance: People Emblems: Pyramid with crescent moon. Kansas Madison. Illinois. Area of Operation West Aurora Carrier Mills Chicago Heights Harrisburg Marion Maywood Midlothian Rockford Gary. 50 Playboy bunny head. Inidiana Topeka. the initial “V/L” top hat with cane and gloves.T. There were formed in the Illinois State Training School for Boys in St. pair of dice. Racial Makeup: Black History The Vice Lords are the oldest street gang in Chicago dating back to the late 1950’s. Charles.

Gangs 101 for School Personnel G. America Inc. 71 © Copyright 2005 .T.A.E.

72 © Copyright 2005 .A.T. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Chapter IV Basic Body Mark Identification (Tattoos/Scars) G.E. America Inc.

73 © Copyright 2005 .E.Gangs 101 for School Personnel G.T. America Inc.A.

next to the letters RIP (rest in peace). In the gang subculture however. Deceased gang leaders have been eulogized by having the gang leaders nickname tattooed on surviving gang member’s bodies. There is no rule for determining the number. America Inc. tattoos are viewed as an extension of gang graffiti and identify the wearer as a member of a particular gang. As in the case of graffiti. many tattoos are homemade. Tattoos are not confined to any particular part of the body and may be found on the face. Tattoos may include the faction or area to which the gang member belongs or the name of a fallen fellow gang member. Photographing or providing a detailed description of any tattoo a gang member may be wearing is essential for identification purposes. While some appear professionally drawn. at the end there is a listing of all known tattoos some may be extensions of graffiti and others may be acronyms for a particular gang. The permanent nature of tattoo signifies that the bearer will be a gang member forever. the better documented the easier it is to identify a suspect.T. scalp. tattoos will usually include initials or symbols of the gang. Several Asian gangs such as Red Scorpions and Loco Bloods burn round scars in the web of their left hand. chest. These gang members use cigars and cigarettes to brand themselves between the thumb and index finger as a form of identification and representation. legs or back. 74 © Copyright 2005 . This section is meant as a reference only.A. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Tattoos In the 1990’s. size or degree of ornate ness of the gang member’s tattoos. Especially when the particular tattoo is unique or extremely elaborate. tattooing has become very popular and is viewed by many as “body art”. hands. G.E. fingers. neck. As in later investigations a description of a tattoo maybe all that you have to start an investigation.

75 © Copyright 2005 . it may be an indicator of gang membership. because they will not be happy later. This tattoo is a definite sign of gang membership. it is still not exclusively gang related but it does imply dappling. Typically worn by Hispanic and Asian gang members. America Inc.” Tear Drop The teardrop has a variety of meanings depending on the gang that is using it. Cry Later” G. Some say the number of teardrops times ten indicates the number of years the person has been imprisoned. There is a Vietnamese translation of “The Crazy Life” and that is called "toi o can gi ca. mac and money.A. Although first time recipients tend to get this particular tattoo. if seen on a person. Theatre Masks The Theatre Masks are an expression in the gang culture of living life now. Pachuco The Pachuco is another tattoo that is not always an indicator of gang affiliation or membership but it is usually a good first indicator that they are being recruited or wish to be involved in gang membership. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Mi Vida Loca My Crazy Life This tattoo has various meanings and is not always associated with gang membership. A filled in teardrop can indicate that the members committed a retaliation murder for a fallen comrade. It translates to “father. son. However.E. A teardrop that is not filled in may indicate that a comrade has been killed and not yet avenged.T. This tattoo dates back to early Hispanic street gangs in California and is usually the first tattoo a Hispanic gang member may display. holy ghost." The three dots also fall under the 26’s and means to them murder. It is supposed to reflect the craziness of the gang lifestyle. The term they use is “Happy Now.

this stands for “Asian Brotherhood”. The Vietnamese gang using this name would twist coat hangers into the letters. On females it is seen most often on feet or ankles. “AB” or “ABZ” or “ABS” Tattoo or Scar Stands for “Asian Boys” or Asian Boyz.T. but occasionally shows up on arms or hands. May mean with such a mark is sending a signal that he or she might be willing to associate with a gang for some period of time. Oriental Boyz” or “Oriental Bad Boyz”. Gang members looking for accomplices to commit criminal activity will approach these ‘marked” individuals first. There are a number of Southeast Asian gangs that have adopted this name. 76 © Copyright 2005 . “TRG” Tattoos with variations such as “TR” or “RG” in tattoo form. or girlfriend. “ABS:. “OB” has been identified with “Orange Boyz”. not just Cambodians. The gang members to identify those whom they can trust often use the burn as a “signal”. family. a mixed Asian gang. Use of “TR” for “Tiny Rascal” or “RG: for “Rascal Gangster” is done in an attempt to conceal gang affiliation from law enforcement.A. “ABH” Tattoo A variation of the Cambodian “Asian Boys” gang. although may not be a member of a specific gang. Started as primarily Cambodian gang it now recruits among all of the Asian populations.E. usually for some specific purpose such as the opportunity to commit crimes for economic gain. It is an attempt by the gang to increase membership by appealing to all Asians. G. “Tiny Rascal Gang” or “Tiny Rascal Gangsters”. and then burn the letters into their upper arms in the same manner as branding. America Inc. It may relate back to an old custom of Buddhist monks who used to burn a mark in their forehead for every year they are a monk. but does indicate willingness to engage in criminal activity. Most often seen on males on the back of the hands or lower arms. a primarily Vietnamese gang from the Orange County area. In an attempt the disguise the true meaning of the tattoos the “TR” or “RG” will be identified by the gang members as initials of a friend. It is an indication that the subject is part of the criminal subculture. The Cambodian gang using this name uses the letters in tattoos. heat them up. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Asian Street Gangs Body Markings Single Cigarette Burn Does not indicate a particular gang affiliation.

This is an especially common tattoo among those involved in the martial arts. There are some gangs that use the dragon as a gang symbol. The Korat are a separate ethnic people from the country of Laos.E. but it does indicate the subject is part of the gang subculture. Black Panther Tattoo When dealing with tattoos of any animal on a person from Southeast Asia. Dots refer to the Vietnamese words “Tu” (For)-upper left dot. KB Tattoo or Scar Used by two gangs. Scorpion Tattoo The Red Scorpion Gangsters uses a red scorpion tattoos signify their gang. as in “me ( or my friends) against the world” or “all alone in a world against me.T. It was a symbol of that gang and was used as a form of non-verbal communication. and the prongs run in the opposite direction from the “Nazi” type swastika. G.” Tattoos of animals were often used in the various cultures of Asia to impart the characteristics of that animal to the person. A general meaning is “A group of good friends” (Usually the gang or thr criminal band). “Huynh” (Friends)-lower left dot and “De” (Brothers)-the center dot. 77 © Copyright 2005 . The Buddhist swastika is not offset at an angle. Five Cigarette Burns or Five Tattooed dots in a dice pattern Not an indicator of a specific gang. and the surrounding dots the world. Other subjects have identified the pattern as the center dot representing themselves. America Inc. Dragon Tattoo This is not an indicator of gang affiliation as many Asians in the community use the dragon tattoo as a symbol of luck or power.” As with the three dots pattern the five dots represent the individuals or group’s feeling of being “rebels” from society. it is not a gang tattoo among the Southeast Asian gangs. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Asian Street Gang Body Markings Flying Eagle Tattoo. Swastika Tattoo A Buddhist religious symbol. The Eagle’s wings and claws must be outstretched to associate this tattoo with gangs. “Hai” (All directions)-lower right dot.A. It usually appears on the left up arm near the Deltoid Muscle. Korat Boys. of not needing to conform to society’s laws or standards. great care must be taken not to incorrectly label it as a “gang tattoo. Members entering a business would expose the tattoo and the Chinese merchants would often expose the tattoo and the Chinese merchants would often offer goods at no cost without the gang members ever having to verbally extort the merchant. Orginally used by the Chinese gang called the Wah Ching. a subset of members of the Korat People that associate with “Asian Boyz” out of Long Beach. “Giai (Group)-upper right dot.

The tattoo is often found on the lower arm area. Kansas. A subject with this tattoo may not be identified gang member. It is this lack of concern for the consequences of their actions that make many Asian gang members so dangerous. it usually indicates this inmate will back any Asian in any conflict with any non-Asian. Never seen as a tattoo on a female it is often found drawn on clothing or papers. Many different gang members to indicate a philosophy common to many of the Asian gangs use not an identifier of any particular gang. Tattoo of a Scorpion “Scorpions”. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Asian Street Gang Body Markings Casket with Candles tattoo “Born To Kill” gang out of New York. Whites and Hispanics who run with Asian Gangs have been found with “Vietnamese Pride” and “Asian Pride” tattoos. Some of the inmates are more selective and have taken to the “Vietnamese Pride” “Cambodian Pride” “Chinese Pride”. These inmates will only back that ethnic group. “AC” or “Asian Crips” “Asian Crips” gang out of San Diego.A. The inmate does not necessarily have to be of that ethnic descent. It is the concept of live now and pay the consequences later.E. Texas. Theater Masks showing Happy and Sad faces as a tattoo or drawing. this is centered around Oklahoma. a gang out of the Midwest area of the U. This tattoo has also shown up in Hispanic gangs as well G. but he is definitely in the criminal subculture. a phrase used to identify the female associates of “BTK”. Primarily Vietnamese “XKE” or “XI KE” Tattoo The Vietnamese word for marijuana. One of their specialties is contract killings. “BTV” “Born To Violence”. America Inc. Primarily Vietnamese. Or a better explanation is that the gang members live for today and have no concern over what tomorrow brings. The inmate does not necessarily have to be of that ethnic descent. The tattoo is most often found on the back. primarily Chinese and Vietnamese gang.S. this tattoo. “BTK” Also used by the “Born To Kill”. and Iowa area. These letters are primarily found on wrists and fingers. 78 © Copyright 2005 .T. Missouri. Asian Pride A prison tattoo starting to be adopted by Asian inmates.

The Letters “LK”. G. sometimes known as King Lion. in some cases is personal preference. The amount or degree to which the individual gangs member is tattooed.E.T. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Latin King The Tattoos depicted below are usually associated with the Latin Kings.A. depicting a human head profile with a 3 or 5 pointed crown on top of his head. A lion’s head. 5 pointed star. or the letter “L” next to a 3 or 5 pointed crown followed by the letter “K”. 79 © Copyright 2005 . America Inc. A Kings head. 5 Dots which appear to be in the shape of a.

E. For example: Growth and Development and 21st Century Vote. as to be expected some of the tattoos that may appear are standard as shown below.A. However. However. 80 © Copyright 2005 . America Inc. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Gangster Disciples The Gangster Disciple Nation had in the past had a large number of their membership displaying tattoos. in the last 10 years the GD’s have reduced those numbers in an attempt to hide their involvement in the gang in an attempt to further the involvement in alleged legitimate enterprises.T. 7-4-14 G.

E.A.T. 81 © Copyright 2005 . America Inc. A close examination of these tattoos should be made for other identifiers. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Vice Lords The Vice Lords have so many different factions within the main gang that several of these tattoos maybe displayed with regular street type tattoos. Vicey Louie VL 4 M INSANE F I A G.

Single tattoos are typical only in the very young. arms and face. 82 © Copyright 2005 . Below is just one example of their tattooing. The bunny may have three diamond shape dots on one ear of the bunny looking something like an earring. G.A.T. including their head. America Inc. Gangs 101 for School Personnel 26 Gang 2 6 Gang members may have the three dot tattoo as well as a playboy bunny with one ear bent. back.E. MS -13 Gang members tend to be heavily tattooed all over their body.

They typically are heavily tattooed the more active they are in the street gang.T. X3.E. G. They will also have non-gang related tattoos such as things like our lady of Guadalupe or praying hands shown below.A. which is the number 13 in Spanish. 83 © Copyright 2005 . This tattoo is popular among the Hispanic culture. or XIII. It is not exclusively to any one gang. The numeral 13. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Surenos This Hispanic street gang will have several different tattoos. America Inc. They will have tattoos such as Trece.

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T.Gangs 101 for School Personnel Chapter V Gangs and the Internet G. America Inc. 85 © Copyright 2005 .A.E.

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threaten. or U. boast. They are now all to frequently using the internet as a way to recruit new members. MSN and Netscape that individuals have created under their email monikers promoting their preferred gang. that resulted initially in the users website being shut down. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Gangs on the Information Superhighway Street gangs just like any other culture in our society have recognized that the Internet is a valuable tool to be used. The websites talked about gang recruitment drug use. represent their gang. posted threats.ENS Limited Access These gang sites include secure sections where gang members can go online and pass information back and forth. sell drugs and a whole host of other eliminating the possibility of being identified by law enforcement. However. The internet is a tool. G. it can be used to educate. 87 © Copyright 2005 . America Inc.T. Asian street gangs long ago became involved in credit card fraud and check kiting schemes. As young people do searches on the internet they get drawn into these websites just like sexual predators and adult website attempt to draw in young people through the use of web bots. spiders and meta tags. investigate crimes or commit them. If you do a Google search on the Internet for gang based street gangs you will find hundreds of actual gang websites created to bolster gang activity as well as thousands of profiles in AOL. Web access. preventing law enforcement from logging on to those websites and observing activity. We must be vigilant if we have knowledge of gang content on a website or on a profile or we see information while we are at school that it is reported to the appropriate authorities.E.A. log on line and make a purchase and have it delivered to a static address such as a Mail Boxes Etc. Yahoo. as well as representation for the gang. Crimes.emergency. these young people were so quick that they were able to get it placed on a Web server in New Zealand and they were unable to remove the content because legislation in that country did not prevent them from doing so.P. can be planned and executed through the internet as well.S. Because of this limited access gang members can log on into a private conference chat room and can hold a meeting without ever leaving their house. Lets not forget that the two members of the trench coat Mafia in Littleton Colorado posted threats on the school website that they ran for the school weeks before the event occurred. As early as 1996 an alert was put out regarding gangs on the Internet by the Emergency Net News Service at www. Because most young people are computer knowledgeable they can get credit card numbers from a confederate at a restaurant or a business. store with little fear of being caught.

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E.Gangs 101 for School Personnel Resources G.A. 89 © Copyright 2005 .T. America Inc.

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being involved in gang activity banger gang banger. get away.O Burned out. ongoing dispute bend the block drive around the block bill gram of heroin or $100 bird kilogram of cocaine bishop rank in gang blade knife blessed female performs sex acts with male members in order to be accepted into the gang.K. seven days a week 7-7 Dope spot open for business seven days a week 8-ball eighth ounce of cocaine or heroin AK AK47 assault rifle All that in possession of all good qualities angel dust PCP an attack on a rival gang (usually a drive by to commemorate anniversary roll the anniversary of the death of a slain gang member. 91 © Copyright 2005 . gang member base head person hooked on cocaine beef complaint. Blob Crips derogatory term for a blood Blood member of LA street gang blow heroin blue coat uniformed police officer blunt reefer. ar-15 AR 15 Assault rifle audy Cook County Juvenile Center B. There is a cross over between West Coast gangs and East Coast gangs as well. To kill some.E. America Inc. California penal code for murder. Blood Killer B. leave G. 24-24 dope spot open for business 24 hours a day 24-7 Twenty four hours a day. sold out of dope. ie- (any name) killer king killer (any name) Love shouted by members of gang during an attack on a rival gang.A. phony or counterfeit Bolt or Break Run bone to have sexual intercourse book run. cigar that is hollowed out and marijuana placed inside bogart to con or trick bogus fake. This is in no way a complete list.T. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Gang Slang Glossary The vast majority of the slang in this glossary are based on Midwest gang slang. need another pack baby teeth crack cocaine bag package bags of narcotics for street sale bag up to laugh real hard at something bang gang bang. appears in 187 Black P Stone Graffiti 13 sureno 911 police "got you faded" "I'm going to kill you" "Whats you about?" What gang do you belong to "You straing?" you selling drugs shouted by rivals when attacking or disrespecting gang.

who use rabbit head as gang bunnies or bunny symbol burbs suburbs burn bag bogus narcotics burn out cloned cellular phone bust. America Inc.A. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Boy Heroin breakdown Shotgun brick kilogram of cocaine bricks term used by Blackstones to putdown Gangster Disciples bud marijuana Bullet one year in county jail bumpin titties to fight with put down of Two Six members. 92 © Copyright 2005 .K.T. bust a cap shoot or fire a gun Buster youngster trying to be a gang member.E. fake gang member C Spanish Cobra gang member or Conservative Vice Lord C. represent clica Spanish slang for gang clique synonymous with gang clone cloned cellular phone Cluck Cocaine Smoker coke cocaine colors specific color scheme used by the gang to represent contract an ordered homicide Controzza Con Sotoas Gang hood or gang territory cop buy dope county county jail Courting In initiation into a gang Courting out initiation out of a gang crank mentally unstable person crib house or apartment crossed out eliminated from the gang crown Latin King gang member G. Crip Killer cabbage cash money call the shots give the orders camarada friend candy $10 bag of cocaine cap to shoot at catch a V punishment for breaking a gang rule or code of conduct caught a case arrested for criminal offense cellie person who shares cell with another inmate chale no chavala little girl chief gang leader chingasos fighting chingate fuck yourself chiva heroin chivero heroin addict chota police chrome marijuana claim announce your gang affiliation.

T.22 caliber handgun Double I Imperial Insane Vice Lords Down for the hood loyal to the neighborhood drive by shooting from a passing vehicle drop a dime to inform on someone drop the flag to leave the gang. 93 © Copyright 2005 . execution style don leader of the New Breed donkey donuts putdown of Gangster Disciples double duece .44 caliber handgun free air released from jail or prison from womb to tomb blood 4 life G.A.25 semi-automatic deuce five . Disciple gang members four five . ese Hey man Ese Hey Man (Spanish) ese vato hey dude false flagging representing oneself as a rival gang member. putdown dissed out given disrespect or no respect Dog term used to address someone dome shot shot to the head. cuz cousin. Gangs 101 for School Personnel cut house location where dope is weighed and packaged. number of persons riding with demos $10 bag of heroin deuce and a half . plainclothes police officer flag handkerchief in the color of the gang flake nerd or geek flake cocaine change gang allegiance. plainclothes police officer field marshal rank in Black Gangster hierarchy Five-O police. FBI police. dubs $20 bags of heroin e ricketts enemy.45 caliber handgun four four . Crips egg ounce of cocaine eight ball 1/8 ounce of cocaine el jale the job elite rank of the Vice Lord hierarchy Eme Spanish letter M.E. America Inc.22 caliber handgun dime $10 bag of narcotics or cannabis dis disrespect for someone. testifying against fellow gang flip members flying your color wearing colors of your gang.25 caliber automatic deucy deucy . folk Chicago Based street gang nation forks pitchforks. Mexican Mafia ends money enforcer gang members who punishes violating members. close friend cuzz Crip D Disciple gang member deck street location where drugs are sold deep many.

hook up to meet up with hooks Vice Lord gang member hornets Robert Horner CHA housing project house arrest home confinement in the wind on the run. participate in gang activity gang banger member of gang gansta gang member gansta rap music that extols the gang lifestyle.T.E. Gangs 101 for School Personnel front-in talk about someone. 94 © Copyright 2005 . America Inc. fellow gang member homie friend from neighborhood hood neighborhood hoodie hooded sweatshirt. gapped up armed with handguns gaps guns gat gun gauge shotgun get down fight get free get high from drugs ghost town Bronx. NY gig gang gathering girl cocaine governor rang in gang g-ride stolen vehicle gump homosexual gunned up armed with handguns gunner shooter from the gang half bird half kilo of cocaine ham sandwich derogatory term for Muslims happy stick marijuana laced with pcp heads up to fight someone one on one heat up draw attention to.A. hit attack a rival gang member hit ya call you later hoe put down of a moe (Black P Stone) holdin carrying narcotics or weapons homeboy friend from neighborhood. on the move inca Leader of the Latin King jack rob someone jammy dope spot jets housing projects joint hand rolled marijuana cigarette juice power of influence junior new gang member K kilogram of cocaine key kilogram of cocaine or heroin G. embarrass FTW fuck the world fugly extremely ugly G Gangster Disciple gang member game criminal activity gang bang fight a rival gang member.

increased locked at lock down school mac mac 10 machine pistol mad dog hard stare marshal rank in Black Gangster hierarchy midget young gang member minister rank in Black Disciple hierarchy missile handgun mob the gang moe Black P Stone member mufti enforcer within the Blackstones hierarchy mule person that transports narcotics or guns my bad my fault narc plainclothes police officer nation the gang. young gang member peel a cap fire a gun G.T. original gangster (older gang members) old girl or O. relaxing. mother on deck on the dope spot selling narcotics on the line working selling dope on the street for a drug operation on the square on the dope spot selling narcotics onion one ounce of cocaine OZ ounce of cocaine pack quantity of narcotics. person not associating with a street gang. gang membership drug profits from one day a month are set aside for bond nation days money and attorney fees for gang members with criminal cases neutron neutral.G. America Inc. 95 © Copyright 2005 . individually packaged for street sale pack man individual that deals pack to dope spot package quantity of narcotics paper cash money payback retaliation for gang violence (shooting or murder) paying tribute giving a certain percentage or fixed amount from drug profits to incarcerated gang leaders peace out bye peace-n not looking for trouble pedo fight pee wee new gang member.G. chilin kite a letter kite in the wind letter sent or received by an inmate knock him out of the box to kill someone knockin boots having sex las wimp or whiner leaf marijuana cigarette saturated with PCP lick quantity (bags) of narcotics packaged for street sale lieutenant rank in gang increased security within prison system. relax kickin hanging out with.A.E. Gangs 101 for School Personnel kick back hang out. nickel $5 bag of narcotics or cannabis nine 9mm handgun O.

E.A. controls certain neighborhoods run the gauntlet initiation or used as a form of violation runs it controls gang. set tripping to jump from one gang to another sexed in female performs sex acts with male members in order to be accepted into the gang. 96 © Copyright 2005 . or where individual feels safe section faction of the gang that congregates in a certain area. shank knife G. shake house location where dope is weighed and packaged. terms used for a gang by members of street gangs. attack rival gang in retaliation ruka gang chick rules controls gang. America Inc. firearm pipe gun Piru Blood red down LA street gang pitch sell drugs pop a cap shoot a gun. fire a shot por vida forever (p/v) powder powder cocaine power rank or control within a gang prince rank in Black P.T. security lookouts for police at dope spots serve sells drugs set party or particular gang set particular gang sub group set neighborhood gangs. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Peope Chicago Based street gang nation Phat incredible PHD pumpkin head deluxe piece handgun. Stone or Black Gangster hierarchy product narcotics sold on the street beating a gang member as the result of committing a pumpkin head violation punk coward raid search warrant rank hold position or status within the gang rap talk rat partner close friend regent rank in Gangster Disciple hierarchy renegade splinter group of original gang rep reputation represent identifying oneself as a gang member ride car ride with to associate with a particular gang RIP rest in peace rip to steal to rip off rock boy member of Black P Stones rock house location where rock cocaine is cooked up or sold from rock star cocaine prostitute or user rocks crack or rock cocaine roll drive by shooting. controls certain areas safe house dwelling that does not contain narcotics or weapons.

spot street location where drugs are sold stack em kill em stack up save up money stash hidden money or narcotics static conflict steel handguns stole on me hit me. punched me straight alright. gang member without rank solid term used by Four Corner Hustlers and Traveling Vice Lords meaning together or united. young gang member shorty police slab kilogram of cocaine or heroin slick boys plainclothes police officer slinging rocks selling rock cocaine Slob Crips derogatory term for a blood smoke some dope smoke rock cocaine snakes members of the cobras snitch informant snort ingest cocaine or heroin through nasal cavity soda cocaine soldier foot soldier. 97 © Copyright 2005 . quantity of narcotics ready for street sale x'ed out eliminated from the gang young blood new gang member or young gang member G. strip where the gang hangs out or sells dope strips bags of narcotics taped to adhesive strip for street sale. currently influenced by the Gangster Disciples wickey stick marijuana cigarette laced with PCP wire up appraise or inform work the spot sell narcotics or provide security at a drug location work the spot drug stash. good straight up that's the truth strap gun monies paid by drug dealers to the gang in order to work a street tax certain area.T. sur southern or southside tecato heroin addict varrio neighborhood V'd out violation out of gang. America Inc. usually by beating veterano veteran gang member violation punishment for breaking a gang rule or code of conduct weed marijuana weight large quantity of narcotics whack attack or kill What up?" greeting among fellow gang members or can be construed as a challenge to rivals.E. Whites white bricked buildings in Cabrini-Green. Gangs 101 for School Personnel shanked knifed sherm sticks marijuana cigarette laced with PCP shooter gang member that will shoot or has shot rivals shortie new gang member.A.

Gangs 101 for School Personnel

This is a sample of a good addition to any school student manual.

Gangs and Secret Societies

The East Maine School District will Maintain conditions on school property, which are safe for
students and staff in accordance with the law, and the standards set by the State Board of
Education. In meeting this commitment, the Board prohibits the presence and activities of gangs
on or near school property. A gang is defined as “any non-school sponsored group with selective
membership standards other than academic.”

The following findings with respect to gangs and gang related activities are presented:
1. Groups which initiate or advocate activities which threaten the safety and well being of
persons or their possessions anywhere on or near school property and are harmful to the
educational purposes of the East Maine School District will not be tolerated.
2. The use of hand signals and or the presence of any apparel, jewelry, accessory, books,
objects, or manner of grooming which, by virtue of its color, arrangement, trademark,
symbol or any other attribute, denotes membership in a gang or creates a clear and
present danger of the commission of unlawful acts on school premises, the violation of
lawful school regulations, and/or the substantial disruption of the orderly operation of
school, will not be tolerated.
3. Gang incidents involving recruitment, initiation, fighting, assault, establishment of turf,
on school property or at school functions and school-related activities and are likely to
cause bodily dangers, physical harm or personal degradation or disgrace resulting in
physical or mental harm to students will not be tolerated.

Students who initiate or participate in gangs or secret societies as stipulated above will be
disciplined in a manner which may include, but not be limited to, detention, removal from extra-
curricular activities, suspension and/or expulsion. In addition, the police department may be

G.A.T.E. America Inc. 98
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Gangs 101 for School Personnel

Legal Issues

n the following pages, information is listed regarding specific court cases, which impact
an information exchange between schools and law enforcement. Because of these
specific court cases, it allows certain information to be exchanged between schools and
law enforcement when it indirectly or directly involves the safety and well being of a
student, students, or staff at the school.

The actual court cases will not be cited in their entirety but will be briefly touched upon
as to their impact on schools. Individuals should consult with legal experts in their
communities and home states to determine what affect these particular cases may

Searches and Seizures

New Jersey V. T.L.O. (1985) 105 S Ct. 733

This cased addressed three specific areas that are problems in school laws.
1. Legal Technicalities Impending Sound Action
2. Incompatible Theory i.e.; In loco parentis
3. School Safety

The United States Supreme Court ruled that;
1. Schools may investigate, interrogate and search students based on reasonable
suspicion, a greatly reduced standard than probably cause.
2. No school official ever needs a search warrant
3. Miranda rights do not apply in situations in which school officials are pursuing school
disciplinary policy, even if the questioning is likely to reveal criminal activity which
will be reported to the police.
4. In Loco Parentis is not necessary to an understanding of school discipline. The
school’s right to maintain safety, order and discipline derives directly from the
constitutional right of the student to an education.

Tennessee V. Garner (1985) 105 S Ct. 1694

Covered unreasonable search and seizures

Medlin V. Bass (1990, NC) 398 SE 2d 460
Stoneking V. Bradford Area School District (1989, CA3) cert den 110 S Ct. 16
(1990, CA 10) 894 F2d 1176

Covers deliberate indifference to the safety and civil rights of children is that there may
be no duty to intervene in a dangerous situation, but to ignore it altogether may be

G.A.T.E. America Inc. 99
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Gangs 101 for School Personnel

When one recognizes a danger to a juvenile in ones charge, the person or persons in
control must;
1. Give proper warning of the danger to the juvenile
2. Take reasonable steps to protect the juvenile from harm.
3. Institute action to avoid repetition of the problem
4. Document thoroughly

In re Boykin A juveniles (1968) 237 N.E. 2d 460
Established a precedent for educators to utilize the services of a police officer when
safety demanded it.

New York V. Overton (1967) 20 NY 2d 360
Law enforcement officers summoned to the school and searched a student prior to the
principal asking him to search. The principal stated that he works with these officers
frequently as partners and as a result was going to ask them to search the student

Hughes V. Caddo Parish Schools (1945) 65 Ct. 562
Secret Societies is any non-school sponsored group with selective membership
standards other than academic. Prohibited activities include any group meeting or
practice on campus, any recruiting on campus and any retribution or pressure exerted
on campus in furtherance of any group recruiting activity or other function. Supreme
Court ruled that such laws were constitutional and that they did not have to be enforced
in a court of law, being enforceable by means of school policy with suspension or
expulsion being possible penalties.

Katz V. U.S. 389 U.S. 347
Daniels V. Williams (1986) 106 S Ct. 662
Threshold rule, the waiver rule.
1. Conspirators, gang members can be treated differently from other persons without
the disparate treatment to discrimination
2. Extra suspicion attaches to a gang member’s already suspicious activity just
because of gang membership
3. Individual suspicion as to one gang member extends to other conspirators.
4. All gang members should be assumed dangerous.

Off Campus activity

Augustus V. Escambia County, Florida Schools (1989) 361 F2d 383
Students wanted to badger the school principal without becoming subject to discipline,
so they organized noisy demonstrations across the street from the school. Punishment
by the school was upheld.

G.A.T.E. America Inc. 100
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America Inc. In order to satisfy most state laws regarding the protection of student’s information and how it is disseminated from school. 101 © Copyright 2005 . G.E. agreements should be adopted. It is important to clearly spell out the conditions under which the officers operate.T. leaving room for discretionary action in times of emergency. These agreements are between the police department and the school district or school. there needs to be a written agreement covering the entire school session.A. The arrest could affect the safety of other students at school when the arrested student returns. They allow for the two-way exchange of information between each agency when it involves students. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Law Enforcement Officer Assigned to Schools In situations in which a law enforcement officer is regularly assigned to the campus. Examples of this would be if a student were arrested for drug or weapons charges away from school.

imprisonment. please share this letter with your child. It is urgent that you. This is done so that you can be aware of our concerns and help to deter your child from criminal activity. Your child’s activity could subject him/her to criminal prosecution. do your part to help stop gang activity. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Deputy Chief Charles Smith at 847-555-1212 Chief of Police G. and that any violations of the law will be prosecuted. 102 © Copyright 2005 . we can make the city a safer place to live and raise a family. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Dear Your son/daughter _____________________ has been identified as a possible member of a criminal street gang.E. You and your family will not be safe from violence if your neighborhood is a haven for drugs. which was adopted from the Illinois Combined Statutes Street Gang Terrorism Omnibus Act. the purpose of this letter is to relay to you the information we have received and documented concerning certain activities of your child.T. as a member of our community and as a parent. Also. America Inc. Again. or gang association. Your son/daughter has demonstrated a pattern of gang activity as described in the Police Department. Working together. and or civil penalties.A. gang membership. You should also be aware that under Illinois State Law parents of juveniles could be held civilly liable for activities of their children. This is also to inform you that your child’s conduct and involvement with a criminal street gang will not be condoned.

T. In Communities That Care. 1993 G. Developmental Research and Programs.E.. America Inc. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Risk Factors for Adolescent Problem Behaviors Adolescent Problem Behaviors Risk Factors SA DE PR DO VI Community Availability of drugs X Availability of firearms X X Community laws norms favorable toward the X X X problem behavior Media portrayals of violence X Transitions and mobility X X X Low neighborhood attachment: community X X X disorganization extreme economic deprivation X X X X X Family Family history of the problem behavior X X X X Family management problems X X X X X Family conflict X X X X X Parental attitudes favorable toward and X X X involvement in the problem behavior School Early and persistent antisocial behavior X X X X X Academic failure in elementary school X X X X X Lack of commitment to school X X X X Individual/Peer Alienation and rebelliousness X X X Friends who engage in a problem behavior X X X X X Favorable attitudes toward the problem X X X X X behavior Early initiation of the problem behavior X X X X X Constitutional factors X X X * Adolescent Problem Behaviors SA = Substance Abuse DE = Delinquency PR = Teenage Pregnancy DO = Drop out of school VI = Violence Developed by David Hawkins and Richard Catalano.A. 103 © Copyright 2005 . Inc.

University Athletic Leagues e-mail: Maginphx@aol. 104 © Copyright 2005 . MD 20852 1401 East Thomas Road 301-468-2600 National Association of Police Phoenix. of Health and National Library of Education 1450 Duke Street Alexandri4 VA 22314-3490 National Crime Prevention Council www. DC 20036 303-443-3297 (fax) 202 –466-6272 x 152 or 161 http://www. NW www. PA 19107 Washington. Suite 201 Bureau of Justice Assistance North Palm Beach.cdc. 600 Independence Avenue. Department of Education U. GA 30333 305-670-2409 404-693-3311 305-670-3805 (fax) 404-639-1623 (fax) www. Suite 2100 930 618 North US Highway 1 000 Connecticut Atlanta. IL 61801 American Academy of Dermatology 217-384-4118 National PTA (Tattoo Removal) 217-384-8280 (fax) 330 North Wabash Avenue. CA 91362 Mothers Against Gangs National Clearinghouse on Alcohol and 805-373-9977 Telephone: (602) 235-9823 Drug Information 805-373-9277 (fax) of Colorado Campus Box 442. FL 33156 Atlanta.bbbsa. NE PO Box 12729 Tallahassee. 13th Floor Washington. Suite 600 G.streetlaw. Ste 100 1600 Clifton Road. 4165 Thousand Oaks Blvd. GA 30309 Youthinfo 404-815-5700 National School Safety Center Human Services 404-815-5789 (fax) www.ncjrs.S.ycwa.(602) 235-9174 PO Box 2345 www.hhs.colorado. www. DC 20202-6123 800-LET ERIC 202-260-3954 http://askeric. FL 33217 Center for the Study and Prevention of 850-385-0600 Violence 850-386-5356(fax) Institute of Behavioral Science.youth. AZ 85014 www. SW NW Washington. NW. DC 10036 Washington. 230 North 13th Street 1726 M Street. Inc. FL 33408 Clearinghouse 561-884-1823 PO Box 6000 561-863-6120 (fax) Rockville. Building #10 Teens. Dept.ed. Meacham Road Juvenile Justice Clearinghouse National Center for Conflict Resolution PO Box 6000 Suicide Hotline Education National Injury Control and Prevention Center Youth Crime Watch of America Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 9300 South Dadeland Blvd. 13th Fl 303-492@5 202-296-1356 (fax) www.pta. 600 Independence Ave. Illinois 60713 Boys & Girls Clubs of America 312-670-6782 888-462-DERM (3376 1230 West Peachtree Street.T. or www. CO 80309-0442 1000 Connecticut Avenue. DC 2002-0498 Washington. and the Community Boulder.S. Department of Education Portals Building. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Big Brothers Big Sisters of America National Institute for Dispute Resolution Street Law.ncirs.E. DC 20006-2902 215-567-7000 202-466-4764 202-293-0088 215-567-0394 (fax) 202-466-4679 (fax) 202-293-0089 (fax) www. America Inc. DC 20036 National Youth Gang Information 202-466-62 27 Center 202-296-1356 (fax) Institute for Intergovernmental Research www. MD 20849-6000 Toll-Free Nationwide USA Illinois Institute for Dispute Resolution 800-638-8736 1-800-784-2433 110 West Main Street www. Ste 290 Westlake Village. MD 20849-6000 800-688-4252 National Sheriffs Association 202-260-7767 (fax) www. Suite 500 918 16th Postal address: Mothers Against Gangs Rockville.orq www. IL 60611 Schaumburg.htm Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program Educational Resources Information Office of Elementary and Secondary Clearinghouse Education U.

stedwards.html National Institute of Health Focus Adolescent Services http://www.A.safeyouth.hamehome. America Office of National Drug Control Policy Gang Prevention and Intervention Safe Youth National Criminal Justice Reference Service Centers for Disease Control www.openthegate. 65 © Copyright 2005 .focusas.nih. Gangs 101 for School Personnel Resource to keep you gang free Gang Awareness Training Education www.cdc.ncjrs.

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