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Spring 2014


Angel Detox with

Doreen Virtue
Reincarnation with Ram
Yoga for Spiritual Dass
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12 Chakras -The Basics 52 A Witchs Garden

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4 Psychic Guidepost
Andi is a five-star reader. She works
to enlighten her clients to the
EDITORs Universes light and love in ALL!!
Through Tarot readings, she gives

Notes inspiration and insight into ev-

er-changing lifepaths. She believes

Tarot is based on the principle of
synchronicity. Its symbolism will
relate to everyday activities with-

Benandanti in your life. While it does give its

guidance and clarification, the
Tarot is also extremely enjoyable
and entertaining! It is an empow-
ering way of divining your souls
purpose while navigating through
believe in the people behind the lifes many twists and turns! Visit
scenes that work hard to bring it Andi at:
together! While we dont always
notice the small details in life and

can get caught up in the hustle and
pring is upon us and bustle of the world around us, we
providing some new all can use a little break sometimes Contributors
beginnings and fresh to stop ourselves from forgetting
perspectives! Theres purity our purpose and reminding
in the air; the sights and smells of ourselves to stay inspired! So I
the brilliantly colored flowers petals Publisher
ask each of you reading to take a Aguilar Publishing Info., Inc.,
open and fragrant tree blossoms moment for yourself in nature to
sprout forth into life! Mother Montana USA
just kick back and enjoy the sights,
Natures sensual touch invigorates sounds, and smells and create a
us romantically as birds sing us memory that will bring a smile that
their love songs, while her gentle Managing Editor
you can always remember! James Masters
rain nourishes our passion! The Enjoy this issue and have a
longer days warmth envelops us in
beautiful Spring! Guest Editor
a tender embrace.
With the turning of the season, as Andi Benandanti
you turn pages for yourself; on
page 6 with an Angel Detox by Art Directors
Doreen Virtue you can find ways Chris Friar
to let go of the struggles holding James Masters
you back. Encourage your soul with
An Awakening with Ram Dass by FREE Digital Subscription at www.
Janet Red Feather on page 26. And issuu/psychicguidepost
if youve been considering jumping READ on your phone, download
feet first into the world of psychic the ISSUU app from Google Play
readings; be sure to take a look at
Professional Psychic 101 on page Get your printed copy at
35 by Mondez Durden.
When I was asked to help as guest
editor of the Psychic Guidepost, I
was more than happy to help as I
Spring Issue 5
The following is an excerpt from Angel
Detox Taking Your Life to a Higher Level
Through Releasing Emotional, Physical,
and Energetic Toxins, by Doreen Virtue
and Robert Reeves, published by Hay
House (January, 2014) available at
bookstores or online at www.HayHouse.

Archangel Raphaels Addiction


his is a powerful clearing
method for substances
youre willing to release.
Please be sure that youre
ready to let these substances, foods, or
beverages go. However, the healing
still works even if you dont think
youre ready yet. By acknowledging
that your life would be better without
dependency, the angels are able to
step in. Many people can no longer
tolerate the effect certain items have
on their body, so when the angels
give you messages about which items
to release, trust in these feelings and
choose to let them go.
The angels ask you to release these
addictions in order to bring you
greater joy. Dont look at this process
as if youre losing somethingyoure
not, youre gaining! Your Divine life
purpose is an important mission that
only you can complete. Therefore,
God needs you to be in your
healthiest state.
Find a quiet space to sit peacefully.
Begin by breathing deeply, taking
your breath all the way down to your
stomach. Exhale fully and completely
as you let go of tension. Continue this
deep breathing for several minutes.
Now visualize the foods, substances,
and beverages that youd like to
release. See them sitting above your
lap, hovering in front of your stomach
area. You may clairvoyantly see thin,
sticky fibers extending from your
body to these items. They are cords
of addiction that are anchoring the
unhealthy items in your aura. Now
call upon Archangel Raphael by
Archangel Raphael, please release

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6 Psychic Guidepost
Angel Detox
By Doreen Virtue

physical and
Spring Issue 7
Michael, please send your pure,
loving, light of God into [my body, home,
office, etc.]. Please protect me from
lower energies and remind me to call
upon you for guidance and support.
Thank you.

me from these cords of addiction now. using his etheric suction tube, which to switch the vacuum to low, medium,
Please take these items out of my aura resembles a vacuum. By inviting high, or extra high. Continue working
and into the light. Archangel Michael into your life, with Michael until you feel that all traces
You may see or feel Raphael you give him permission to help of fear are removed.
clearing your body. He uses a white, you. Ask him to vacuum your body, Next, infuse the area with additional
cleansing foam that dissolves the aura, or home and he will remove healing light:
cords. As he releases the cords of unwanted negativity for you. His tube Michael, please send your pure,
addiction, continue to remain relaxed also suctions away fear, and at the loving, light of God into [my body, home,
by breathing deeply. See or feel the other end of the tubing is the Band office, etc.]. Please protect me from lower
unhealthy substances leaving your of Mercya group of smaller angels energies and remind me to call upon you
body and being dissolved into the who accompany Archangel Michael in for guidance and support. Thank you.
light. Ask for Raphaels healing by his clearing work. They transmute all Archangel Michael can be with
saying: lower energies to a higher vibration everyone simultaneously. Call upon him
Raphael, please send your healing, and work to instill love and peace. for yourself, and also ask him to help
emerald-green light into my stomach loved ones who need clearing. Michael
area. I know and trust that this will Call on Michael by saying: cannot interfere with others free will, so
prevent cravings or desires for these he will only conduct healings if people
substances in the future. Thank you. Archangel Michael, please be here are willing to receive them.
Sense Raphaels healing light with me now. I ask you to please When you undergo a spiritual
warming your abdomen. Visualize the vacuum [me, my home, my office, vacuuming, you raise your vibration, and
unhealthy foods floating away. The my country, the planet, etc.]. Please as a result, you will crave higher-energy
angels now guide you to release those suction away the lower energy of fear. foods. So, this process helps you align
foods and substances in a gentle and Release all darkness to awaken the yourself with natural, nutritious foods
supportive manner. light. I ask you to now lift away all and drinks. Youll also find yourself
Archangel Michaels Spiritual traces of negativity, leaving behind aligning with like-minded individuals.
Vacuuming only love. The angels are happy to clear you as
See, in your minds eye, Michael often as you need it, and they may gently
Vacuuming is a spiritual clearing clearing away any negative energy. guide you to avoid situations causing
method channeled from Archangel By doing so, he reveals the beauty of you pain. By becoming a clean and clear
Michael. Its extremely effective for your Divine light. You can ask him vessel, you intensify your sensitivity.
releasing negativity. Michael pulls to turn up or reduce the speed with Soon youll notice the situations or people
out psychic attacks and blocks by which he suctions away fear. Ask him that lower your vibration; and when

8 Psychic Guidepost
youre around them, you may notice people might abuse alcohol and/or
headaches, fatigue, constant yawning, drugs, which you realize is a form of
itchy skin, or difficulty concentrating. self-harm. Many convince themselves
Take these as signs from your angels
to avoid these people and situations,
When angels that theyre not addicted, and that
they can stop anytime they like. But
as theyre only causing you harm. give you a your inner knowingness and Higher
Sometimes the most healing thing Self tells you otherwise.
you can do is to extract yourself from message about Trust this higher guidance, and
unhealthy situations.
For example, you may find that you substances that avoid these unhealthy situations and
people. Youre a beautiful example of
can no longer listen to, or be around,
people who complain a lot or who
are not good for Gods love, and you have the ability
to shine your light upon those in
create lots of drama. By releasing
those individuals, youre not being a
you. You can ask need, but you dont have to join them
on a path of despair to do so. You
bad friendyoure merely attempting them to release cant help your friends if you involve
to raise your vibration. Youre making yourself in their crises and dramas.
the choice to only allow positive these addictions Doing so will only create more people
energies to come into your life.
You may feel guided to modify and bring greater in need of healing.

other types of relationships with

others, as well. This, too, is part of
joy into your life!
the natural process of developing
your spirituality. For example, certain

Doreen Virtue has appeared on

Oprah, Good Morning America, CNN
and other networks, she is the best
selling author of several angel books
including: The Lightworkers Way,
and Signs From Above: Your Angels
Messages about Your Life Purpose,
Relationships, Health, and More! You
can check out her books on Amazon or
visit her at.

Spring Issue 9
Taking Your Life to a Higher Level Through Releasing
Emotional, Physical, and Energetic Toxins

by Doreen Virtue & Robert Reeves, N.D.

Work with the Angels to Detox Your Body, and Energy

Detoxing with the help of your angels is a gentle way
to release impurities from your body, fatigue, and

Doreen Virtue and naturopath Robert Reeves teach

you simple steps to increase your energy and mental
focus, banish bloating, feel and look more youthful,
and regain your sense of personal power. Rid your
life of physical toxins, as well as negative emotions
and energies.

Angel Detox guides you step-by-step on how to detox

your diet, lifestyle, and relationships. You'll learn how
to reduce or eliminate cravings for unhealthful food
and substances, feel motivated, and enjoy wellness in
all areas of your life.

This book also includes 7-Day Detox Plans for those

wanting to quit smoking or drinking, or to flush out environmental pollution.

About the Authors

Doreen Virtue holds B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in counseling psychology, and is a lifelong
clairvoyant who works with the angelic realm. She's the author of Archangels 101, Earth Angels,
and Healing with the Angels, among other works. Doreen has appeared on Oprah, The View,
Good Morning America, CNN, and other programs; presents workshops around the world; and
also has a weekly call-in talk show on

Robert Reeves is a best-selling author and accredited naturopath who blends herbal medicine with his psychic
abilities. He gives self-help workshops, writes magazine articles, and runs a successful natural -therapies clinic in
Australia. Website:

Erin Dupree
Hay House

Available: Jan. 6, 2014

Price: USA/CAN $24.95
Format: 6" x 9" Hardcover
ISBN: 9781401944315

10 Psychic Guidepost
the Wisdom
of the Ages

Best-selling Author
and Internationally
known, 5-star reader!
Sound spiritual
Ask Cristina!
Spring Issue 11
Chakras: The Basics
knew about chakras by Erin Pavlina
growing up, but I didnt fully
understand what they were The chakras are
and how I could use them in
my life until earlier this year. Now thought to vitalise
that Im clear on what they are the physical
and what Im supposed to do with
them, I wish I had learned sooner. body and to be
Theyve become an instrumental associated with
tool in helping me do intuitive
readings for people. Lets explore interactions
the chakras and see what theyre of a physical,
all about, and how to keep them
spinning clearly. emotional and
mental nature.
Chakra Definition

What is a chakra? Wikipedias In a nutshell, chakras are energy

definition is: The chakras are centers in the body.
thought to vitalise the physical
body and to be associated Chakras 101: Location,
with interactions of a physical,
emotional and mental nature. They
color and function
are considered loci of life energy, or
There are 7 major chakras, but
prana, (also called shakti, or chi),
really there are many more,
which is thought to flow among
including some that reside outside
them along pathways called nadis.
of our physical and etheric bodies.
The function of the chakras is to
But for now, well just talk about
the major 7. Here is a list of their
spin and draw in this Universal
location, color and function,
Life Force Energy to keep the
starting at the bottom and working
spiritual, mental, emotional and
our way up.
physical health of the body in
The function of balance.
Name: Root Chakra
the chakras is to My definition is simply that
Color: Red
chakras are energy centers located
spin and draw in Location: Some people say the
in the body with corresponding
soles of the feet, others say its
this Universal Life locations in your ethereal or
around the genitals. When youre
astral body that act as conduits
Force Energy sitting in the Lotus position, thats
or connectors between you and
roughly the same place.
Source. Each chakra is responsible
Function: This chakra represents
for a different aspect of Source
the physical, root, survival, security,
your base
12 Psychic Guidepost
Name: Sacral Chakra Name: Third Eye
Color: Orange Color: Indigo/purple
Location: The groin area, lower abdomen. Location: Right between your eyebrows
Function: Emotions, sexual energy, creativity Function: Intuition, psychic abilities, clairvoyance

Name: Solar Plexus Name: Crown chakra

Color: Yellow Color: White or Violet
Location: The stomach or gut Location: Top of your head
Function: Personal power, control, freedom, mental Function: Consciousness, connection to the divine
Clogged Chakras
Name: Throat Chakra
Color: Blue The way I like to think about chakras is that they are
Location: Throat sockets. You can plug a loving tendril from Source
Function: Communication, expression, speech into each one and let that divine energy fill you up.
Name: Heart Chakra But sometimes chakras can get clogged, and when your
Color: Green chakras arent clear and spinning freely, youre likely
Location: Heart and lung area to have problems in the area where youre clogged.
Function: Love, compassion, empathy, healing For example, if your heart chakra is clogged, you
Name: Throat Chakra probably feel very disconnected from other people. If
Color: Blue your third eye is clogged, your intuition is probably
Location: Throat not getting through. If your crown chakra is clogged,
Function: Communication, expression, speech you probably feel disconnected from God (Source). If

Spring Issue 13
your solar plexus chakra you, but please find the
is clogged, you probably method that works best
feel scared or victimized. for you. Experiment
A clogged throat chakra before you adopt one
can feel like youre being single method.
suppressed or youve got Sit quietly in a chair
something you want to say or lay down. I like to
that youre not saying. listen to meditation
Clogged chakras can music but thats not
cause physical problems required. You could
related to the area where even light a candle.
they function. For Knock yourself out.
example, if someone is Locate your root
intimidating you, you chakra and imagine a
might have digestive issues red energy spinning
in your solar plexus (i.e. clockwise in that
nervous stomach). If there location. (If youre
is someone you really need above your body and
to talk to but you just cant looking down and
bring yourself to do it, you there is a pole running
may end up with a sore through your head
throat. Clogged intuition and out your feet, spin
could result in a headache. it clockwise around
And so on. this pole). Use the
If you are empathic or psychic, you may be attracting centrifugal force of the spin to remove and clear any
other peoples emotions and issues to you like a dark spots or psychic gunk that has accumulated there.
magnet. Other peoples issues might stick to you Just imagine it all spinning away. When that chakra
because you dont release them, and that can cause is spinning with clear, red energy, youre done. Move
your chakras to get a little clogged as well. There is no your awareness to the next chakra, the sacral chakra,
earthly reason to carry around someone elses burdens and do the same thing. Spin it clockwise, imagining
or pain. Youre just gumming up your own system. an orange light whirling around that imaginary pole
Some people unconsciously (or even consciously) running through your body. Clear it and move to the
close their chakras because they are afraid of the next chakra. Do this all the way to your crown chakra.
connection they are feeling to themselves, other At the end I like to pour white light all around my
people, or the divine. This is what happened to me in body, and sometimes I add golden light for protection,
my 20s when I decided to turn off my psychic abilities or green light for healing.
so I could be normal. When I finally got back to Cleansing your chakras should only take a few
opening them up, there was a lot of accumulated fear minutes. If you do this every day, youll notice less and
and gunk that needed to be cleaned out. It was quite a less psychic gunk and you can get them clear really fast
task, but I did it. (30 seconds or so).

Cleansing the Chakras The Benefits of Clean Chakras

So how do you clean up your chakras and get them Why bother with all this chakra cleansing stuff right?
spinning energetically? There are many ways to do it; I mean, I went through more than 30 years of my life
everyone I speak to has their own method. There is no without clearing a single chakra and Im no worse
one right or wrong way, so Ill share my method with off, right? Wrong. If you asked me when I was 30

14 Psychic Guidepost
heart chakra again. That glimpse
was a catalyst for me. I asked a
friend how to re-open my chakras
and she told me the method Ive
shared with you. Clearing out
my chakras the first time took a
lot of time and energy. So many
years of accumulated dust had
taken their toll. But I did it. And
thats when my psychic abilities
began manifesting. I developed
clairvoyance, clairaudience, and
claircognizance in short order.
Cleansing my chakras became a
daily ritual. Before any reading that
how important the chakras are to I do, I clear out my own chakras
good overall physical and psychic and get them spinning fast and
health I would have said they were energetically. I plug into Source Erin Pavlina is one of the
fictitious energy centers in the body and bring in extra energy so I can most highly regarded and
that new age people play around reach the higher realms where highly sought after intuitive
with for fun. Now I have to eat angels and ascended masters reside. counselors in the world today.
those words. Im also able to sense whats going She is most often described as
Back in January 2006 when my on in the chakras of the people Im compassionate, intuitive, and
guides told me I had a choice to reading for. I can see where they down-to-earth, providing a
make (use my abilities to help are closed up, clogged up, or out of combination of wisdom and
people or be forever locked in my balance. Its become a very useful insight to make the spiritual
own fear), one of the first things tool for me in diagnosing spiritual very practical.
I had to do was re-open my heart ailments. Believe me, I know how
chakra. That was the key chakra for that sounds. But it works time and Although Erin has been
me, it might be different for you. I time again so I dont question it developing and using her
had closed off my connection to anymore. intuitive gifts since she was
other people because it hurt me too a young child, it wasnt until
much to watch people suffer and 2006 that she began blogging
not be able to do anything about it.
and sharing her wisdom and
So my guides sent me a lovely gift. experiences with the world.
Chakras are a powerful
For about 30 seconds, they opened She has written more than
connection between your body,
my heart chakra so wide that it 600 articles on the subjects of
your etheric body, and Source.
engulfed the entire planet, and they spiritual, psychic, and personal
Keeping them healthy and clear
allowed me to feel the suffering development.
will bring you balance, good health,
and pain of all the people in the
and stronger intuitive connections.
world. It shook me to my core. Sign up for her
Just one minute a day is all it takes.
Feeling all that pain and suffering Daily Message Meditation
Take care of your chakras and allow
and hearing peoples souls crying
them to help you reconnect with
out for help overwhelmed me and I
started sobbing immediately. And
my guides said to me, If you could
alleviate their suffering and help
them, would you? And I replied,
Yes, yes, if I can help them then I
must. And then they closed my
Spring Issue 15
Psychic Business News
Psychic Business News
f youre a lightworker who has been working
through phone and website networks owned by
large corporations, then you may want to take a
look at what other independent readers are doing
to build their business.

In August of 2012, Ebay decided to do away with readings,

spells and potions and pretty much sought out to ban
intuitives and psychics from doing readings via eBay.
The categories removed were any items falling under the
Everything Else and Metaphysical Psychic Paranormal
categories which included readings, spells, potions and
Tarot readings.

This hasnt stopped independent psychics because they

are listed with graphic logo design and do-it-yourself home
repair guidance.

Ebay couldnt really get rid of trinkets, handmade items

OR psychic readings. You can now find psychic readings
under Specialty Services, subcategory Other. Spells and
potions may not be readily available on eBay, but there are
Social Media
plenty of books on the subject, as well as crafts to assist
Facebook and Twitter seem to be brimming over with
you in spell making. With most of the 345 or so psychics
lightworkers and crafters offering items or services that deal
making less than $10, you are not going to get rich quick.
with metaphysical topics.
However it seems to be a good marketing tool for readers
who want to promote their independent websites or other
Independent readers post information, horoscopes or
materials and products they may have. Its simple. The
offers for readings at reduced rates on both networks. They
customer buys your $5 reading and in exchange you
may not make a lot of money, but they build a network of
answer their question AND sell them your books or a more
friends or supporters and help build brand recognition,
comprehensive reading for more money and collect through
or get their name out there. They also help drive traffic
PayPal in the email you send them.
to their blogs. These sites work best when a reader is
offering a webinar or has interesting videos or quotes or
The same is true for Originally they didnt carry
useful information. So its best to keep friendship in mind
psychic readings but now a reader can offer an email
first when using social media. How you help people on
reading or a horoscope chart, tarot cards, or anything
these networks is the best way to go, how to sell them is
they wish to a customer who wants a reading or needs
better done in another format. Helping people brings more
guidance. Psychic readings on Etsy cost anywhere from $3
abundance anyway, so it all works out.
to $75 or more. It seems its cheaper to sell a full reading
Doreen Virtue is just one of hundreds of independent
on Etsy, than on Ebay. The reason is because Ebay
lightworkers with a popular following on both networks. She
charges more for placement than Etsy. It costs $0.20 to list
has more than 438,413 likes on Facebook and more than
an item for 4 months, or until it sells. Once you sell your
3959 followers on twitter.
item. They collect a 3.5% fee on the sale price. This is a
better deal than Ebay who collects whether you sell your
Social media is also the way some are scheduling
item or not, plus a percentage of your sale.
readings in their local area. Keeping in contact with
community is the way to go for many readers like Mel
To sell or get started on either of these sites you need a
Mathes in Montana who has over 200 local clients and
PayPal account and a credit card on file. Just sign up for
followers on Facebook.
free, upload a photo, description of what you offer, and you
are in business.
Streaming radio
Paranormal, lightworker, psychic radio shows abound all
16 Psychic Guidepost
over the internet. Many are created by independent readers
seeking to reach a diverse audience. Most of these shows
are informative and the talk radio format allows potential
customers to speak to the psychic on the air and ask
questions or get a short reading.

There are some radio stations that help in marketing

the shows, like A1R psychic radio (Postive Peak Radio
Network). It is a call-in psychic readings & great psychic
radio. Psychic Radio Hosts have a nightly slot and the
company helps promote it, for a fee of 180 a month. You get
four weeks.

Type in the word psychic at radio and

you will come up with more than 47,000 shows listed.

BlogTalkRadio is a podcasting service, that lets you stream

your podcast in real time and lets you take telephone callers
to your show and put them on the air with you.
Its a just the thing for podcasters who want to
add interactivity to their work. And BlogTalkRadio is
clever in its implementation: all audio input is via the
telephone. Podcasters get a private dial-in number to the
BlogTalkRadio service, from where they are streamed out to
the Net (and also archived for later replay). Callers get their
own number, too, and BlogTalkRadio provides a Web-based
console that the podcaster uses to control the show.

For $39 a month you can host your own radio show
at Blogtalk and produce quality information for people
interested in metaphysical topics. Just remember that it will
take a lot of work to rise in the ranks and be noticed. With
tens of thousands of shows on the topic it will be difficult,
but not impossible to become a hot new radio talk show
host and personality.

If you have any news or information about the psychic

business, please contact us at psychicguidepost@gmail.

compliled by editorial staff at Psychic Guidepost

Spring Issue 17
The best
The best psychics
psychics from
from around
around the
the world
StarZ Psychics is the Internets Leading Metaphysical and Live Psychic Community. Enjoy your
StarZ Psychics is the Internets Leading Metaphysical and Live Psychic Community. Enjoy your
private reading in our state of the art chat room. None like it anywhere else. We have a variety
private reading in our state of the art chat room. None like it anywhere else. We have a variety
of amazingly talented Advisors with special talents including, Astrologers, psychics, channelers,
of amazingly talented Advisors with special talents including, Astrologers, psychics, channelers,
tarot card readers, clairvoyants, spiritual advisors, and clairaudients who can assist you in
tarot card readers, clairvoyants, spiritual advisors, and clairaudients who can assist you in
answering your questions and more importantly guiding you to a new level of spiritual health.
answering your questions and more importantly guiding you to a new level of spiritual health.
18 Psychic Guidepost
Paranormal news
Paranormal news

Compiled by Chris Friar

Paranormal news is gathered from various websites The late night shows reins were comfortably taken over by
online which feature, news and stories about the popular George Noory.
metaphysical trends or unexplainable occurrences
happening around the world. This past July, SiriusXM Satellite Radio announced that
Bell would launch a new, live, nightly call-in show, Art
Art Bell, The master of UFOs, fringe science Bells Dark Matter, in September 2013.
and conspiracy theory is apparently at odds But since Bells new program Sept. 16
with SiriusXM over live streaming for his premiere, there have been, according to
millions of fans. Bell on his website, many problems with
The 68-year-old co-creator of the hugely streaming his show. The show, Art Bells
successful Coast to Coast AM retired from Dark Matter was canceled after six weeks
his full-time role of master of the macabre in due to mutual agreement with SiriusXM.
2003, after 15 years. Over that span, he went
from mainstream talk to a highly successful
foray into unexplained phenomena, turning
the syndicated juggernaut into the most Art Bell continued ~
listened to overnight show in North America.

Spring Issue 19
Weeping Virgin Mary Statue In
Tarshiha, Israel, draws hundreds To see the
People have flocked to a small town in
northern Israel to view a statue of the Virgin
Mary that residents say weeps oil.
Members of a Christian family from Tarshiha,
near the Lebanon border, say they have
witnessed a miracle in their living room.
Osama Khoury said Tuesday that his wife
Amira found the statue covered with oil
recently. Amira said the statue spoke to her
and told her not to be afraid. After a neighbor
witnessed the oil, word soon spread.
Parts of the statue appear to be slick with moisture, even after it is wiped off.
The family says it is most striking when a tear seems to roll down the statues
cheek. It says some 2,000 people have come to see the statue over the last
LaLaurie Mansion in 1832
Mysterious blinking lights in Tennessee
Most Haunted Place in America Something appeared in the
northwest sky over the Hermitage
According to the Daily Mail in the UK,
area, and then disappeared as
the most haunted house in America
quickly as it came.
is LaLaurie Mansion. Built in 1832,
One man scrambled to take some
this New Orleans manor is reputed
cell phone video of what looked like
to be haunted by several mistreated
blinking, bouncing red lights around 8
slaves - a story stemming from a fire in
p.m. on February 6.
the building in 1834, when neighbors
He showed News 2 the video, but
helping to save furniture from the
did not want his name released.
flames reputedly found tortured slaves
Dolores Fitzgerald, however, did not
chained up in the attic by owner Marie
mind telling what she saw at exactly
Delphine LaLaurie, better known
the same time in the same area of
as Madame LaLaurie, a prominent
Louisianan socialite and, it would later
They were kind of coming up at
be discovered, serial killer.
an angle, and they would just come
The fire had started in the kitchen
up, go over and disappear, she told
and upon entering the home, police
News 2. They came from the northwest.
found an elderly woman, the cook,
Dolores said she first saw the mysterious lights driving home on Interstate 40
chained to the stove from the ankle.
east from downtown with a friend, but wanted a better look so they pulled over
According to the New Orleans Bee of
for a clearer view along Andrew Jackson Parkway.
April 11, 1834, bystanders found seven
To be honest with you, I was just fascinated by them, and just watching them,
slaves, more or less horribly mutilated
she told News 2. Then they were gone.
... suspended by the neck, with their
While the man who took the video captured some of blinking lights, a caller to
limbs apparently stretched and torn
911 said she saw more than a dozen of them.
from one extremity to the other, who
The recording released to News 2 indicates the female caller said she saw the
claimed to have been imprisoned there
images while also driving on Andrew Jackson Parkway.
for some months.
I see all those lights following one another, the caller told the 911 Center.
Upon hearing this and once the fire
There were more than 12. I counted and they were just going, blinking a little.
was out, an angry mob descended
To find out more about what was in the sky that night, News 2 called places
upon the house and all-but completely
like the National Guard, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Nashville
destroyed it.
International Airport and even the Adventure Science Museum.
Actress Kathy Bates plays a character
based on LaLaurie in the current
None of them had any answers about some mysterious lights over Hermitage
season of American Horror Story,
last week.

20 Psychic Guidepost
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Spring Issue 21
Feed the People
An Awakening with Ram Dass, by Janet Red Feather
HERE ARE NO Dass come to grips with his initial confronted his guru with tears
ACCIDENTS. arrogance, a tendency to be self- and protestations. What can
In browsing my possessed of the importance of I do, Holiness? He implored
favorite thrift store, I ones own mission in life. In the pathetically. What assignment do
came upon an invaluable treasure. early persona of the academician you have for me? I know I have a
The synchronicity of this particular and spiritual querent, I saw a larger purpose in life. Please, tell
find was instantly exhilarating. reflection of myself. me what should I do?
Eagerly I clicked open the bulky, Ram Dass braved planes, Baba, as he was lovingly known,
interlocking plastic snap case, trains and buses. Once inside closed his owls eyes of wisdom
thirsty for more spiritual input. the ashram, the professor did and said quietly, You want to do
Inside was a well-preserved set of all he could to engage his gurus something with your life? Feed the
eight cassette tapes; someone had attention. Unfortunately for the people.
recorded a series of lectures by young lecturer, his esteemed That was it? Feed the people?
Ram Dass. guru Neem Karoli Baba had Ram Dass had traveled a long way,
Ram Dass, a Harvard professor more pressing concerns like both physically and spiritually.
with a doctorate from Stanford, the degree of hunger, disease and He had lectured to hundreds of
became enamored of Hindu poverty within his beloved India. students at home, meditated with
culture and spirituality and To his horror and astonishment, thousands more abroad. Had he
traveled to India to meet his Ram Dass was virtually ignored as finally gained a personal audience
guru, Neem Karoli Baba. Thirsty the guru devoted his attention to with his spiritual guide and mentor,
for growth and longing to attain other spiritual aspirants. only to be told something so utterly
realizations, only later would Ram Ultimately, Ram Dass innocuous and trifling?

22 Psychic Guidepost
say this to affirm that every being involuntarily.
is Sacred. Thanks to my teachers, I have to work on myself all
I have come to realize that every the time. I meditate, pray, sing
sentient being is worthy of my love devotional songs, read and reflect.
and devotion. As I step outside I do not yet awaken automatically
the filter of my own importance, I in a state of grace every morning. I
am more able to sense the spirit of have to make an effort. The Guides
every tree, every leaf, every bird, and helpers are with me all of the
every snowflake, every human time now, and I realize that, there
being. but for the grace of those of clearer,
Recently, I attended the Edge more compassionate vision, go I.
Life Expo in Minneapolis. At a
booth featuring Tibetan devotional
items, a beautiful woman named
Karma said something that stopped
me in my spiritual tracks. We were
having a spiritual conversation
about Buddha and his many
manifestations, and she said to
Ram Dass (born Richard Alpert; April 6, 1931)
me, Some of these Beings have
is an American contemporary spiritual teacher.
stayed around for millions of years
Author of Be Here Now. He is known for
just to help us. Her comment
his personal and professional associations
made me lower my head, almost
with Timothy Leary at Harvard University in
the early 1960s, for his travels to India and
his relationship with the Hindu guru Neem
Karoli Baba, and for founding the charitable
organizations Seva Foundation and Hanuman
Foundation. He continues to teach via his

This is what I have gleaned

from the stories of Ram Dass and
other spiritual teachers. We begin
to live a spiritual life the moment
we accept how profoundly
insignificant we are in the cosmic
I learned this myself while Janet Michele Red Feather,
fasting and praying upon a J.D., M.A., has taught literature
butte overlooking beautiful Lake and composition for 18 years at the
Sacagawea. I awaited great visions, university, state, tribal and community
only to be reduced to a shivering, college levels. She is currently a
crying child assailed by wind, rain, tenured English Faculty member at
cold, bellowing cows, a swarm of Normandale Community College. Janet
bloodthirsty mosquitoes, and a few enjoys her role as Ceremonial Singer
bees. Humbled, I wept and prayed for Native American ceremonies,
for the Guides to come closer to
me and listen, and at last, they did.
To Baba, every living being is
I awaited great visions, singing traditional songs in Mandan
and Lakota. She made a career shift
into teaching after serving nearly
a face of God another mask
of the Beloved. The Nueta
the Mandan People have
only to be reduced to a eight years as a defense litigator in
California. Her life changed significantly
after she traveled to North Dakota in
always known this. They regard
everything that exists as Holy.
When they pray, they say Numak k
shivering crying child.. 1993 to fast and pray for a way of life.
She welcomes correspondence at
ki ama wa (All my Relatives). They

Spring Issue 23
How to become
a paid intuitive

ut of tens of thousands
of people who show a
life-long active interest
in the psychic world,
maybe only one will have all the
natural skills needed to thrive at
making a living using this interest.
The awkward teen who often
finds herself thinking about a
particular person right before that
person calls could be that one out
of thousands. An overworked food
service employee who has a knack
for guessing peoples orders right
before they utter a syllable can
be that one out of thousands. A
stay-at-home mom who has had
accurate prophetic dreams for as
long as she could remember can be
that one. Not everyone can make it
on a tarot deck and a dream, but for
those who can, there is little in the
way of limitations professionally
depending on where they live.
Seers in classical antiquity
ancient Greece, Egypt, Persia,
and other civilizations with active
economies worked with the tools PROFESSIONAL
of divination and magic to sustain
themselves as work-a-day cure-all
magicians or soothsayers.
Younger, less established,
by Mondez Durden
Egyptian priests, the administrators to give freely to the community
of religious rites, often worked and gods. Compensation like with
side jobs as seers and magicians. any other work was expected. The
They worked for linen. They often expressed belief that one
worked for beer and sustenance proficient at using the sight should
to bring to the family hearth. A not charge for this use is a modern
professional seer was not required one alien to ancient practitioners.
24 Psychic Guidepost
a spectator on the sidelines. They
are only content with living an
authentic seers life similar to that
of the ancients who came before.
For those individuals willing to
put effort into being a professional,
their earning potential is limited
only by their business savvy, drive,
talent, and luck. For some, coming
into this profession was more of an
evolution than anything. I evolved
from banking and marketing sales
to intuitive business consulting.
Some come into it to make extra
income only to develop such a love
for it that it takes them away from
their primary job. However one
comes into it, these tips below will
help make the transition smoother
and easier to digest.

You should know your talents.
Each reader has different
talents. No two advisers will
have the same measure of talents.
Intuitive advisers by any name -- depending on the ancient Psychic is an umbrella term so
soothsayers, palmists, clairvoyants, civilization, along with philosopher know what particular talents you
tarotists -- have worked as a and medicine man or woman, often have. This seems easy, but youd be
professional class since antiquity. intersected with one another and amazed by how many psychics do
In todays society, intuitive required a person to be well versed not know the difference between
consultants are often the last resort in many diverging subjects. Simply a precognitive clairvoyant, and
for people needing answers. In dipping ones toes into the esoteric a retrocognitive empath. The
ancient times, seers were the first river of professional intuitive uniqueness in the combinations
avenue many people would turn. advising is one thing; however, of talents determines how one
Civilizations, like middle kingdom being a full time, full service, picks up information. Psychics can
Egypt and the Mali Empire, adviser with a consistent and be mediums who sense sentient
afforded soothsayers of noble and enduring client base, is another. energy or spirits. Psychics can be
common familial lineage the same There are few hard core devotees
respect as those in the priestly, out there whose interests in this life Continued...
scholarly caste. These professions, pushes them beyond being merely
Spring Issue 25
Seers in classical antiquityworked with the tools of divination and magic to
sustain themselves as work-a-day cure-all magicians or soothsayers.

telepaths who pick up thoughts You should know your market. A successful self-employed
from people, or even animals in professional knows her business. This does not apply as much to
some cases. A psychic who sees readers who work on aggregate psychic sites, but it is important
current events from distant places none the less. Spending time learning the segment of the economy
and even events from the past your business is part of early on can save you time on marketing to
or future is called a clairvoyant. demographics that would not respond well to your brand. Take time to
Even clairvoyant is subtyped into study other psychics youd like to emulate or be associated. Look into
retrocognitive and precognitive. the ideal client with whom you would like to work. Do some marketing
As you can see, the list could demographic research to sort out how to achieve that particular market
continue indefinitely. Before you share. In basic terms: figure out what the ideal average client to you looks
open up shop and take your first like, and find out ways in which you can sell yourself to him or her. If you
are someone who have gotten
lots of readings yourself and see
yourself as the ideal person you
would like to work with, ask
yourself what were the reasons
you went to a psychic? The more
you know about your target
demographic and business, the
better you can tackle this from
a place of strength and quickly
acquire a client base important to
your success.

You should know your gut.
Psychics tend to be the
most apprehensive at
trusting their own intuition and
instincts when it comes to their
business matters. We use our
intuition in our sessions to read
client in a paid session, spend time for clients. We use our intuition for interpersonal relationship matters
defining your talents. This helps each day. However, for some reason, we do not think to use them in
you understand your limitations business. The gut feelings one picks up about what contracts to sign and
and not promise what you can what clients to take on are coming to her for a reason. If your gut is telling
not deliver. Being knowledgeable you to work at the festival for 20 bucks a tarot spread, then give it a try
about your talents and realistic and listen to your intuition and see what happens. Intuition accompanied
about your limitations will help you by logic and objective reasoning is your best offense in developing your
greatly in this career as you will be business plan.

better able to build a strong brand
name consistent with what you You should know the skills that pay off. Developing good
can offer. This knowledge will help counseling and customer service skills is helpful to any consultant.
you consistently meet your clients It is more important to the psychic consultant. Those in the human
needs. and health professions are overrepresented in the part time professional
psychic community. These skills come in handy when dealing with

26 Psychic Guidepost
be practical if you want a very small private boutique
practice. So, depending on what brand of readings you
will do, the people you will work with, the size of the
practice, and your modality of providing these services
you may work one of many ways as a professional
psychic consultant. You may work from an office
giving psychic based business advice to HR directors
and small business owners. You may work the celebrity
circuit and give interviews to entertainment magazine.
You may work as a consultant for the movie studios.
You may contract to work with a web or phone based
emotional people at the point of sale. People come psychic service and work from home in your pajamas.
to psychics for three main reasons, entertainment, You may drive hundreds of miles a week to work local
insight and genuine guidance. Entertainment type fairs and themed parties. Your clients may visit your
readings are that of fairs and party readings and within home or you visit them. Alternatively, you may do a
themselves can be fun and lucrative. However, the combination of all the above. For as many different
majority of your sessions will more than likely consist types of psychics, there are just as many different kinds
of people dealing with conflict and/or crisis. Being of approaches to using that talent in the modern world.
very proficient with basic customer service skills is a This is not the days of ancient Egypt, but maybe they
must. Understanding counseling techniques will serve can be just as positive for our continued survival as
you extremely well in this endeavor also. a profession. Figure out which way is best for your

personality and dont be afraid of trusting your gut.
You should know your limitation. Psychic is not This is a wonderfully rewarding profession that can
equivalent to a licensed counselor or medical bring you lots of happiness if you are willing to work
doctor so know when not to accept a reading hard for it and be the best you can be. Blessings.
and when you cannot help. If a person seeking your
services is dealing with extreme psychological distress
or suicidal thoughts, refer that person to a qualified
therapist and do not try to take this person on as a
client. If a person seeking your services is dealing with
extreme medical distress or disease, refer that person
to a qualified medical doctor and do not try to take Mondez
this person on as a patient. If a person seeking your
services is dealing with extreme financial distress or Durden
need financial planning advice, refer that person to
a qualified financial planner and do not try to take
this person on as a customer. If a person seeking your
services is dealing with legal issues, refer that person
to a qualified legal advisor and do not try to take this True, compassionate and honest clairvoyant insight
person on as a client. You will not have the necessary has helped world leaders, merchants and everyday
training to be helpful in any of these situations unless people make sound personal and financial decisions
you are a qualified professional. It is not advisable to for thousands of years, but it has at times been seen as
put yourself or your client at risk. a taboo. Now, utilizing it along with advancements in
interpersonal communication facilitation and personal

You should know the nuts and bolts. Ive worked financial education, we can see the gift of intuition for
from an office that was separate from my home what it truly is: A potent tool for personal, spiritual
for about 6 years. I did this because at the time I and business developement.
only dealt with an affluent customer base who would CALL NOW 404-775-4198
not want to come to my home for sessions. This may, or visit
however, not be the ideal situation for you. It may not
Spring Issue 27
by Cherokee Billie
28 Psychic Guidepost
Have you Met
in Past lives?

ave you ever met that I knew I had known before my early twenties. I eventually
someone and felt that in another life. That was quite married him and he was my second
you have known them remarkable considering I had husband. Our entire relationship
before? Do you find no spiritual beliefs at that time. was combative and ended terribly. I
that you know certain aspects Obviously I have developed a wanted to know where we had met
of this persons personality and spiritual belief and understand before. So the regressionist took
yet you have never met before? life after death since my earlier me through the process where I
There is a good reason for this. years. Since that first meeting with was able to go back in time and see
Its a strong possibility that you someone I felt I knew before I have where I had met this man before.
have been together in a previous had it happen on other occasions.
lifetime. Thats why the connection We met approximately 600 years
is instantaneous. The very fact that When I was working on my ago and I was an older man with
we are drawn to certain people and doctorate I was allowed to choose long gray hair and a gray beard,
certain places is a reflection of the any study I wanted to add and I who was an Alchemist, and lived
dim memory of previous lives we chose to study past lives. I had basically as a hermit inside a
all possess. countless sessions with a past life mountain cave in the northern
regression specialist and saw many
The first time I had this experience of my past lives, even though I continued....
was when I was an atheist in my was an open minded skeptic. Let
early twenties and I met a man us go back to this man I met in
Spring Issue 29
The main reason for reincarnation is for our soul to grow
and learn from each life time.
part of England. I constantly another country. This was the most
worked on herbal formulations astounding past life regression I
to heal different ailments. I was ever did.
called upon by these surrounding
people to help whenever someone In my other past life regressions
they love was sick and my potions I was always a normal person
healed many. This man came to me and never someone famous
as a young apprentice who wanted or important. In one I was a
to study with me and help go out blacksmith, another I was a wealthy
and heal people like I did. I was woman in France deeply loved
leery of him and took my time by my husband and children
showing him the most simple of but died at a very young age; I
things to do and I let him practice traveled across the prairie in a
on animals to see if he really covered wagon in the 1800s, I was
had the healing gift. In time he a commander in a Middle Eastern
proved himself to me and I treated army about 3,000 years before and I
him like my son. We worked was a leader who fought and killed
together for many years until he many. The last past life we were
had learned almost everything I able to get during the sessions was
knew. I never fully let him know around the turn of the century into
all of my secrets. Once he felt that the twentieth century and I was a
he had learned everything from woman who was a housewife but
me, he left our cave home and addicted to opium and eventually
took off to the next country and died from drug usage.
the city where the King lived. He Many people can say that its just
managed to get an audience with a highly active imagination. But
the King and was able to show him many of the great masters and
his healing powers. He became teachers have found that the idea
the head Alchemist and personal of past lives is very real. According
physician to the King. His fame and to Hinduism, the soul is immortal,
wealth spanned many countries. while the body is subject to birth
I continued practicing as I always and death. The Bhagavad Gita
had and never took in another states that: Worn-out garments are
apprentice. I lived in my cave alone shed by the body; Worn-out bodies
surrounded only by my animals are shed by the dweller within the
until my death. body. New bodies are donned by
Needless to say this was quite an the dweller, like garments.
amazing experience. It really made What Is The Significance Of A
sense to me because we were always Past Life Experience?
competing with one another in our
marriage to see who knew the most Why we are shown a past life often
and could outdo the other. And he has to do with how we have evolved
left me abandoned and went off to throughout our different lifetimes.
The main reason for reincarnation/
30 Psychic Guidepost
Birth is the beginning,
death is not the end
recalled being horrifically decapitated as a child, in
another lifetime, by a relative who was hoping that
he would inherit the childs fathers wealth. When his
claim was investigated it was found that the person he
claimed to have been, did in fact die by decapitation.

In Taoism the Chuang Tzu states Birth is not a

beginning; death is not an end. There is existence
without limitation; there is continuity without a
starting-point. Existence without limitation is Space.
Continuity without a starting point is Time. There
is birth, there is death, there is issuing forth, there is
entering in.

past lives is for our soul to grow and learn from each American mystic Edgar Cayce who considered
life time. himself to be Christian promoted the theory of both
reincarnation and karma, but they act as instruments
Reincarnation can happen in linear time. Your next life of a loving God as well as natural laws - the purpose
may actually occur in the past! How is that possible? being to teach us certain spiritual lessons.
Because your innermost spirit/soul exists outside of
time and space (reference The Time Space Continuum) General George S. Patton was a staunch believer in
and can travel to wherever and to whenever it wants. reincarnation. In particular, Patton believed he was a
The findings of quantum physics increasingly support reincarnation of Carthaginian General Hannibal. He
Plato, who taught that there is a more perfect, non- felt that he won many of his battles because he could
material realm of existence. see them before they happened.

Ravi Shankar the famous sitar player, who taught There are endless books written on this subject and
George Harrison of the Beatles how to play the sitar, I have given you some examples above. The bottom
was born with a scar from one side of his neck to line is to keep an open mind and realize that spiritual
another. As soon as he was old enough to talk he truths go way beyond what we can think of in our
limited capacity.

For over 30 years, Cherokee Billies record of astounding

accuracy has helped thousands of people with their most
important and intimate questions. One Live Online Psychic
Reading will assure you that Cherokee Billie has real answers
for your life. She is a gifted Clarivoyant, Spiritual Advisor
helping you on your path. Once youexperience the wisdom
and knowledge of Cherokee Billie, you will never want to go
to anyone else because you will know she truly cares about
you. Call 866.563.3997and speak directly to Cherokee
Billie,Spiritual Advisor, Live Online Psychic, Clairvoyant,
and a Naturopathic Doctor who can provide you with hope,
healing, well-being, direction for your life, and guidance in our
Uncertain World.

Spring Issue 31
When saving a life is all that matters
32 Psychic Guidepost
Click here for your copy!

Spring Issue 33
In ancient
and Modern Literature by
Melanie Simms

Everything changes, nothing dies;

the spirit wanders, arrives here or
there, and occupying whatever body it
pleases, passing from a wild beast into
a human being, from our body into a
beast, but it is never destroyed.
34 Psychic Guidepost
or centuries literature has offered it is still one in the same; I teach that the soul
a platform for both exploring and is always the same, but migrates in different
affirming our belief in the idea forms.
of reincarnation. For this reason,
reincarnation has been a recurring theme Now let us look at an excerpt from Indian poet
in both ancient and modern literary text Rabindranath Tagores lyric poem,Unending
internationally. Love

Whether discussed in such ancient texts I seem to have loved you in numberless
as Ovids Metamorphosis (A.D.8), Nobel forms, numberless times
Laureate Rabindranath Tagores lyric poem, In life after life, in age after age, forever.
Unending Love, (1889) or utilized in a My spellbound heart has made and remade
modern day analysis of a Bloomsburg the necklace of songs
University English Professors book That you take as a gift, wear
written in 2010, one thing in round your neck in many
certain; reincarnation maintains forms,
a respectable place in literature, In life after life, in age
allowing it to be preserved as after age, forever.
an integral part of mankinds Whenever I hear old
spiritual and cultural belief set. chronicles of life, its age
old pain,
One of the first early texts Its ancient take on being
that reflect upon the belief in apart or together
reincarnation can be viewed As I stare on and on into
in an excerpt from Ovids the past, in the end you
Metamorphosis, Book XV 143-175: emerge
Clad in the light of a pole star,
Everything changes, nothing dies; the spirit piercing the darkness of time
wanders, arrives here or there, and occupying You become an image of what is remembered,
whatever body it pleases, passing from a wild forever.
beast into a human being, from our body into
a beast, but it is never destroyed. A pliable wax What about reincarnation has captured the
was stamped with new designs, is no longer interest of writers and their public for so
what it was; does not keep the same form; but long and made it the subject of numerous

Omnia mutantur nihil interit

(everything changes, nothing perishes)
Ovid, Metamorphosis Spring Issue 35
short stories, poems, movies and fiction universally and cross-
culturally? If one doubts that such an interest exists, you need
only examine the existence of such North American films as
Switch, Aubrey Rose or Birth or such popular Indian films as
Available at Amazon! Sin Milap or Tales of the Kama Sutra 2 or such pop culture
books (as listed on Goodreads) as The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller or Sleeping in Flame by Jonathan Carroll to recognize
that the topic of reincarnation is still alive and resurgent.

Dr. Todd Borlik, Professor of English Literature at Bloomsburg

University discusses one of the reasons for this resurgence:

Borlik: The theme of mortality is universal. We have a constant

desire to know what happens after death. It has given us an
opportunity to see ourselves not bound in bodies but connected
to everything else.

Borlik,whose latest book, Ecocriticism and Early Modern

English Literature reincarnation offers a special purpose in
literature as a way of breaking down the boundaries between
the human and non-human:

Borlik: Reincarnation is ecologically sound. In literature and

for the purposes of my book, it can work as a powerful metaphor
for extending ourselves in nature.

Dr. Borlik infuses the topic of reincarnation in Ecocriticism

Available at Amazon! and Early Modern Literature in many other ways as well. In one of the chapters of his book Reincarnating Pythagoras, Anima
Mundi and the Gaia Theory, one way he does so is by examining
how Elizabethan poets like William Shakespeare, and Edmund
36 Psychic Guidepost
Spencer draw on reincarnation to endow nature
with a sentience and a soul.

For Borlik, regardless of whether he may or may

not hold a personal belief in reincarnation we can
learn through analysis of his text and the texts
of those who came before him how intertwined
reincarnation has become in literature today.

The theme of reincarnation will continue to

rebirth itself throughout the centuries. By
purposefully cross-examining the texts of the
ancients, cultures such as India and the works
of modern day authors such as Todd Borlik, we
can gain powerful insights into the historical
consciousness of humanity and how it has
wrestled with, negated or accepted the belief in and poetry journals including The Pittsburgh
reincarnation. By such textual analysis, we may Post Gazette, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Ascent
also gain insights into how mankind can be Aspirations and CLAM (UC Berkeley). Her
bonded together spiritually or even ecologically, poetry book Waking the Muse is available on
through the belief that all life is sentient and with more upcoming.
renewable. Learn more about Melanie at
This author believes that literature is perhaps
one of the greatest midwives towards achieving
that exploration.

I wish to credit Dr. Todd Borlik and Professor

David Miller of Bloomsburg University for
their development suggestions, interviews and
editorial comments.

I would also like to link Dr. Borliks book for the

readership: His book is on If you think about the
My website is located at and
concept of reincarnation,
my link formy poetry book is
located at
its essentially uploading
David A. Miller is located at:
yourself and your spirit into a new form, a new
hard drive as it were.
Melanie Simms: Poet Melanie Simms is an
Conor Oberst
award winning poet with over 200 publications
of poetry in various magazines, newspapers
Spring Issue 37
ife has a level. Having trust in our
tendency to advisors to provide the very
throw you a best to our clients is of the
curb ball from utmost importance to us.
time to time. You may We screen the advisors
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So why not try an respected in the community
affordable spiritual or by their peers and by their
psychic reading and clientele. We do reference
get the answers you checks and we make sure
need to reach your that the person you are
highest self and have working with, is the person
a happier life. Here is you see in front of you. Not
a new website with all all psychic platforms do
your favorite advisors. this, and this is one reason
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readings available Our website will enable
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Readings. or phone, but through live
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38 Psychic Guidepost
Will you fall in love this Spring?
Contact a
Psychic today!

Spring Issue 39
Harvey and LIz share a moment at the beach.
Pet Psychic Liz trained as a spiritual healer,
taught Reiki and meditation. Her first real
subject was her pet Harvey who had to have
diabetes shots. She came across a lady who
spoke to animals, attended a workshop and it
changed the course of her life forever.
Her other animals are showcased in this

Talking with
Animals Pet Psyhcic LiZ
f anyone had told me a few years ago that I and the name of the pet. Although I am English
would spend my days chatting to rabbits in spirit and live in Spain, this means that my clients can be
or dogs living thousands of miles away, I would anywhere in the world as long as they understand
have booked my room at the funny farm. But Grizzly
English. Most of my Goldie
clients are currently based in
here I am, Pet Psychic Liz! USA, Canada and UK.
I trained as a spiritual healer, taught Reiki and There are three main areas for this work. Animals that
meditation but somehow felt that my journey towards are living but have either health or behavioural issues.
spiritual development and growth had become lost in a Pets that are missing and the owners need to know
fog. I seemed to be static for so long, unsure of the way what has happened to them. Finally I also connect to
forward. The answer came from an unlikely source... animals in spirit to bring some comfort to the owners
my West Highland Terrier, Harvey. He developed that their beloved pets are safe and cared for over the
diabetes which meant daily injections of insulin, and Rainbow Bridge.
Harvey hates needles! Every day was a battle to get
him injected, stress levels were rising and I needed a
solution. It was at this moment that I met a lady who
worked as an animal communicator and who just
happened to be running a workshop near me. Thank
you angels!
The workshop changed my life, and Harveys too as
now he understands the need for his injections and
they are easily administered. I started practising by
reading the pets of friends, then friends of friends until
I felt confident in the connections I was making. Im
not a horse whisperer as I dont usually ever meet the
animals I work with; I connect through a photograph
40 Psychic Guidepost
Communicating with pets calms them
Animals are not dumb; sometimes they are a great
deal more intelligent than humans.
One of my first connections to
a living animal was a cat called administer his much-needed medication. Three days later he went home.
Ambrose. I had spoken to him Missing pets are a difficult area. So many times I have to give bad
during my training period but news to an owner that their pet has passed or maybe that their pet has
the real proof of how well this now found a new home. Sometimes, cats especially, do like a change of
technique works came late one scenery. One I spoke to had hitched a ride with a truck driver and found
evening. His owner called me a new home at a truck stop in another state. Then again three cats that I
saying that Ambrose had been have contacted have returned home safely.
attacked, was at the veterinary When an owner has lost a beloved pet they feel a tremendous grief,
surgery but had been refusing all which all pet lovers will understand, and sometimes it helps to hear that
medication for over a week. The Fido or Tiddles is happy in spirit and being cared for by a family member
vets were unable to handle him due or close friend. I give them some confirmation of the character of their
to his aggression so unless he could pet before describing who cares for them in spirit. This is where trust
be persuaded to take medication comes in. One dog told me he was in spirit and showed me a picture of a
he would die. I connected to flamboyantly dressed woman as his companion. Then he told me he was
Ambrose, explained the situation with a man. He then mentioned Mrs Doubtfire! So I asked if the man
and told him that until he took his liked to dress as a woman and he confirmed it! Take a deep breath and
medication he would have to stay give what you get... I did and the owner understood perfectly.
at the vets. I knew he hated being My work is tremendously rewarding. I get to chat daily to a wide range
caged and wanted to go home so of animals, from the cats and dogs to rats, birds, hedgehogs, horses
I helped him to understand what and rabbits. I even connected to a pet pig not realising the incredible
was needed to get home. The next
morning the owner called me to
say Ambrose had allowed the vets
to pick him up, cuddle him and



Goldie Lottie
Spring Issue 41
intelligence that pigs have. I was given a lecture in with a gift of connecting to any animal, alive or in
philosophy from a pig! spirit. This has been enhanced in recent years by
As an example of how well animals respond to a making an excellent connection with a new spirit guide
connection, I was asked by a lady to speak to her who works just with the animals for me. I created the
cat who didnt seem to be herself and was being website recently as most of my
unusually unfriendly with her owner. The cat told me enquiries come from USA and Canada, so this is an
she had eaten something which was making her feel easy way for them to find me and book a reading. The
a bit queasy. I suggested that she may feel better after site shows some of the feedback from grateful clients. I
cuddles with mummy. I reported back to the owner just feel so honored to have been asked to do this work
who said I wondered who had eaten the tinsel! Five and help both animals and their human friends.
minutes later the owner came back to me to say her cat
had just jumped on her for the biggest cuddle ever!
Animals are not dumb; sometimes they are a
great deal more intelligent than humans. So, when
challenges appear in your path, dont doubt the
message just give thanks to the angels. Sometimes it
is the challenges that light the way forward, without
needing to visit the funny farm!

Liz Chapman: After over 25 years working in

insurance, I began to open up to spiritual teachings. I
still believe to this day that meditation saved my life in
times of excessive work-related stress. I then took early
retirement to follow my dream of working spiritually.
I started as a spiritual healer and Reiki Master, I also
trained in Crystal Therapy, Past Life Regression and
Meditation. I still use my healing therapies, I teach
meditation classes and also run a local healing group
where we have guest speakers, workshops and help
to introduce people to the benefits of meditation and
healing. I have attended many courses on mediumship
but somehow that never worked for me until I began
my journey with animals. People in spirit still dont
speak to me (or I dont listen) but I have been blessed

42 Psychic Guidepost
P et P sychic L iz
A connection to your beloved
pets whether alive, missing or
in spirit.

Just email a photo of your

pet, with their name and sex,
and I will confirm and book
your reading. Then make your
payment by PayPal using the
same email address. Normal
rate is $27 but mention
Psychic Guidepost for a
reduction to $20 per reading.

For more information, to

read client feedback or to see After the publication of his best-sell-
all the ways I can help both ing book Power Animals, many people
owners and their animals inquired about the meaning of spirit
please check my website - animals that were not contained in that work. In Animal Spirit Guides, Dr.
Farmer provides concise, relevant
details about the significance of more
than 200 animals that may come to you
in physical or symbolic form as guides
and teachers. With each animal listed,
youll find general meanings of the visi-
tation; practical ways that they can help
you as spirit guides; and how, as your
power animal, they reflect characteris-
tics that you possess. Youll also find a
whom-to-call-on section that will tell
you which animal spirit guide to call on
for any specific purpose.
Spring Issue 43
Strengthening psychic
abilities through Yoga
by Tana Hoy

44 Psychic Guidepost
One of the best ways to attain higher awareness is
through the spiritual practice of yoga

o fully hone your psychic ability, you need HATHA YOGA - Hatha Yoga is commonly
to reach a level of higher consciousness. This referred to as the Path of Hidden Power. It is the
higher state of conscious can be perfect in a path of separation of the self from the body and its
many number of ways. One of the best ways consciousness. Through physical and mental exercises,
to attain higher awareness is through the spiritual the body is prepared for the kundalini force to aid
practice of Yoga. the seeker in attaining a higher level of universal
Yoga and How it Can Increase Your Psychic Ability

Yoga is a Sanskrit term that describes the traditional

physical and mental disciplines that originated JNANA or SANKYA YOGA - This is the path of
from India. It is an exercise or discipline that an knowledge, science, and wisdom. This starts with fine
individual can benefit from in order to achieve a deep distinctions that may evolve from careful observation
transformation of consciousness -- a to studying and
state that is vital to fully enhance experimenting, and
ones psychic ability. This shift is then combining
completed when the seeker becomes knowledge with the
aware of the difference between the ability to reflect,
ego-dominated physical body and the meditate, and develop
limitless qualities of his soul. With ones psychic ability of
this newly discovered wisdom, the intuition.
psychic and intuitive aspects of the
person are heightened and it can lead
to thoroughly unlock an individuals KARMA YOGA - The
true psychic ability. path of action as it
The Five Branches of is popularly known,
Yoga Karma Yoga is the
practice of unselfish doing of deeds to benefit others
There are five branches of Yoga that can be used to and the self without requiring anything in return.
nourish a persons psychic ability. These six branches Karma Yoga is connected to strengthening ones
are Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Jnana or psychic ability in the sense that helping others using
Sankya Yoga, and Karma Yoga. These principles are your psychic gifts without demanding for anything in
further explained below: return can greatly increase your psychic powers.

RAJA YOGA - Raja or Royal Yoga is a meditation Yoga Can Enhance Psychic Ability; So What Now?
practice where the seeker eventually hopes to find
union of the self with the universal reality. The seeker Practicing traditional Yoga can help you speed up the
becomes more aware of his or her true inner self and of process of attaining the higher level of awareness you
who he or she really is. need to fully unleash the true power of your inner
psychic ability. Yoga and meditation must go hand-in-
BHAKTI YOGA - Known as the path of love, Bhakti hand so you can fully hone your psychic ability. These
Yoga is a form of meditative yoga in where one directs two techniques are very easy. With patience, diligent
and focuses emotions into spirituality.

Spring Issue 45
Tana Hoy was born
Tana Hoy
with a very rare
psychic gift. He not
only has the ability
to hear the voic-
es of Spirit Guides,
Guardian Angels,
Ascended Masters,
and loved ones on
the other side, but
he can also see them,
and talk with them!
practice, and the right guidance on how to meditate Ever since he was a
and do Yoga, youre guaranteed to reach that higher
little boy, his earli-
level of consciousness to nurture your psychic ability
est memories are of
in no time at all.
talking and playing
You need to know the proper meditation techniques to with his invisible friends. He later came to under-
perfect that higher level of consciousness for honing stand that these invisible friends were Guardian An-
your psychic gifts. Natural born psychic Tana Hoy is an gels, Spirit Guides, fairies, elves, and even his loved
expert in meditation, and he can share with you a lot ones on the other side.
of meditation secrets that can help you in your psychic When Tana receives messages from Guides and
journey. Visit his website to begin unlocking the true Angels during a psychic reading, he describes it as
psychic power in you! follows, Imagine me and you are talking, and your
best friend is standing behind you. Your friend is telling me everything about you, your life, and your
future, but you cant see or hear your friend, only I
can! Then I simply repeat back to you what I hear!
What I experience is very similar to how Whoopi
Goldberg talked to
Patrick Swazey in the Movie Ghost.

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46 Psychic Guidepost
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over the world! We have over 7,000
downloads, 200,000 impressions,
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Spring Issue 47
Meditation for Lightworkers
and everyone else ~ by Willows Brilliance

n recent years, meditation is no longer thought of tool to keep the practitioner in balance energetically
as only for Buddhist Adherents, monks or seekers; and emotionally. It allows us to connect to our clients
it and has been adopted by people of all ages, more fully and to have appropriate boundaries, and it
faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds as part of their assists in creativity and intuitive understanding of the
spiritual and wellness routine. Meditation has gone best ways to offer help or guidance. Meditation allows
from ritual to routine in homes, meditation centers, proper intuitive messages to flow and for ego fears and
Churches and health-complexes worldwide. Many concerns to drop into the background.
people believe that meditation inspires a quieted mind,
the clarity of their Higher Selves, and feeling more The physical benefits of meditation are well studied,
attuned with their spiritual selves as well as reaping with new breakthroughs constantly emerging; the
physical and mental benefits. NIH now endorses meditation for the treatment of
chronic pain and the University of California, Davis
For healers, doctors, counselors, therapists, intuitives, has done a study which correlates meditation with
psychics and light-workers, meditation is an important biochemical changes that could support cellular

48 Psychic Guidepost
Those who meditate experience a reduction in
hypertension, insomnia and chronic pain
longevity*. Because its low-cost and has no side-effects, experts
have found meditation to be effective adjunct therapy for many health
conditions. Studies site evidence of fewer doctor visits, hospitalizations
for heart disease, and fewer instances of infectious disease in those who
meditate over control groups. Those who meditate experience a reduction
in hypertension, insomnia, chronic pain, and inflammation.

Mental advantages of meditation are just as well documented and

researched; lessened anxiety and other psychiatric symptoms, but also
increased concentration, faster response times, better flexibility under
stress, increased memory, relaxation and better performance at work
and school. Brain scans indicate changes in the brain with meditation
that allows us to decide more effectively and to be happier and more
objectification. What works
better than viewing meditation
as something we use, is viewing it
as something we are. Instead of
some external source that we can
reap rewards from, meditation
can be seen as illumination and
balance of those things that are
already within us. It can be a
quiet unfolding which helps us
find a deeper intrinsic connection
between ourselves and all other
things that exists within us, hidden
from view. As spiritual author
Deepak Chopra says, Meditation
is not a way of making your mind
Unfortunately, there are plenty of practitioners who know that meditation quiet. It is a way of entering into the
is good for them but dont take enough time to refine their own practice. quiet that is already there -buried
A physician friend of mine quipped, In med school the course-work under the 50,000 thoughts the
highlight the importance of self care but the dormitories are full of average person thinks every day
cigarettes, beer and pizza and its do as I say, not as I do.
Some of the hidden barriers people have in incorporating meditation While there are many meditative
practice, for practitioners and clients alike, are ideas like: I dont have techniques and practices
time for this. Others may, but I dont. I cant stop thinking! I want (Transcendental Meditation, Zen
the fastest, most effective route to the benefits of meditation I feel Meditation, Vipassana meditation)
blocked from the benefits of meditation. there are a few basic forms that are
good for every level of experience.
Many of these roadblocks arise from the idea that meditation is something Mindfulness meditation is about
that we attain, or win through doing the exact best method, for just
the exact right amount of time, to get optimum results. As with the Continued...
rest of modern life, we often view meditation in terms of prize/goal
Spring Issue 49
Find the meditation that is best for you
being aware of your surroundings, your body and
your thoughts without attaching or focusing on any
particular thing, allowing your consciousness to be a
fluid observer that gradually releases into a place of
calm and detachment from busy-thoughts.

Focused Meditation allows your mind to focus on a

sound, an image, or a chanted mantra with your focus
on ONE thing instead of many different fragmented

Movement Meditation allows your mind to focus

on your body in space through repetitive rhythmic
movement. This can be something as simple as
breathing meditation (focusing on your breath) or as
advanced as swaying or walking meditation.

To make the most of your meditation practice whether

youre an experienced healer/practitioner, or are new
to meditation:

1 Dont be afraid to find the meditation practice that

is best for you . Nobody can tell you whether or
not mindfulness meditation, movement meditation,
or guided meditation is better or right for you.
Experiment and familiarize yourself with different
Available on Amazon modalities. Dont be afraid to explore and learn different techniques but always bear in mind that your
own inner energy will align best with what is right only
for you. Listen to your intuition and trust your own
inner wisdom

2 Allow for frustration. No matter how long

youve been meditating, you might find yourself
frustrated or uncomfortable at some point. Especially
if you are new to meditation you might find yourself
thinking about how much youre thinking, how youre
not relaxed and about what you need to buy at the
store later. If you allow yourself to have intrusive or
uncomfortable thoughts, you can more easily commit
to bringing your attention and focus back to your
meditation and release the frustration. Dont allow
meditation to stress you out.

50 Psychic Guidepost
3 Find a comfortable position. You dont really need
to sit in the lotus position under a Bodhi tree in
order to meditate. Wear comfortable clothes and sit
*Intensive meditation training, immune cell telomerase
activity, and psychological mediators: University
of California, Davis, University of California San
in a comfortable position in a serene environment Francisco
if you can, but meditation can really be done almost
anywhere at any time. Many people sit in a straight-
backed chair with their feet flat on the floor, but others
sit on cushions, or even lie down. Your eyes can be
open or closed. Willows is a writer
and teacher in the
4 Be consistent and dont give up. As with other
activities, meditation requires active attention,
intention and effort. If you find your attention or
area of spiritual
commitment to meditation waning and flagging, its
She does sessions
then that you need meditation the MOST. At first, on:
meditation may seem difficult or daunting but it does
get easier and more rewarding with practice but trying Relationship building,
to monitor your daily progress will not work. Stick soul agreement
with it, but let go of monitoring yourself and you will and purpose within
gradually build a deeper, more beneficial meditation relationship and
practice and benefit. Find a time every day to in your own individual context. conflict
meditate and schedule time for this to be part of your resolution and couples sessions
day. Many people meditate two times per day; once in Dream interpretations based on your own
the morning and once in the evening. unique symbolic language - dreams being
powerful symbols from your deepest, wisest

5 If you get stuck, simply allow yourself to release core.

the frustration you have or the mental chatter you Building career and business success
have by gently returning your focus to your breathing by encorporating intuitive awareness and
or to your mindfulness. Imagine that you are on a Authentic Self into your toolbox. Pain, Loss,
bridge overlooking a stream passing underneath. Challenge from a different perspective.
Thoughts and mental chatter are like twigs and leaves Ego (fear motivation) and the power of true
winding down the stream beneath you, they pass by SELF.
unencumbered and without judgment. You dont dive Visit her at.
in there and focus or run away with any one of them,
instead you stay on the bridge.

With commitment to meditation, light-workers,

counselors and body-workers can incorporate a rich
dimension to their self-care and can better inform
clients of the benefits of meditation. Creativity,
complex problem solving, emotional health and well
being, and improved sleep are all wonderful effects
of meditation but perhaps the most important reason
is simply to attune with who you truly are, and gain
a sense of connection to all things and your spiritual

Spring Issue 51
A Witches
Garden by Sharon Watkins

52 Psychic Guidepost
Are actually from the daisy fam-
ily. In China they are a symbol of

pring is a time for renewal
and rebirth. Spring brings
out a warm, fuzzy feeling
in people. Even more so for
those of the Wiccan faith. It is a time
Tulips & Trumpets
Tulips are part of the lily family.
to commune and be more in touch Trumpets are toxic but beautiful
with nature and the beauty of the and are known as Jimson weeds.
Now is the time to start thinking
about a garden. There is an endless
variety of flowers, herbs and plants
that you can incorporate into your
garden. Every plant has a specific
use and meaning. I will share with
you some of my favorite flowers
along with their meanings and uses.
It should be noted that many of the
following flowers have medicinal
uses. But if you dont know how to
identify flowers and make certain
home remedies do not attempt it.

Many flowers and plants are toxic

to humans and animals. Some
The leaves of this flower are
flowers may have toxic stems brewed into teas for good health.
and leaves but edible petals and
vice versa. So please do extensive
Violets research when dealing with plants
Violets are considered the flower and flowers.
of modesty and are known for Sunflowers are actually from the
bringing good luck. They can calm daisy family. They are a beautiful,
anger and chase away bad spirits. tall and strong flower. The seeds
they produce are edible. Their
meaning varies in different
cultures. In China they are symbol

Spring Issue 53
Also known as lambsear wer
originally grown in monestary
gardens to ward off evil. It can be
used in magic to purify body and

Amaryllis Calendula
Amaryllis is grown from a bulb This flower is also called summers
and is associated with the zodiac bride. Its taken interally to heal ul-
sign, Aries. They are stunning cers and other illness. Its good for
when they are in bloom. They wounds too.
symbolize passion, enthusiasm
and adventure.

of longevity. Over all they symbolize deep loyalty, power, warmth and
Being part of the lily family, the tulip has more than one hundred
different species. They represent dreaminess and love. However different
colors of tulips represent different kinds of love. Deep red tulips are for
irresistible love. Give a variegated colored tulip to someone with beautiful
eyes. A yellow tulip symbolized hopeless and unanswered love.
An angels trumpet is a beautiful addition to a garden but very toxic. It is
also known as jimson weed. It is a relative of the nightshade family. Native
Americans and settlers use to brew a tea from this plant that brought on a
hallucinogenic state. Because of this fact it symbolizes mystic visions.
Violets are the flower of modesty. Violets go by two hundred different
Chamomile common names. They are considered to be a gift of good luck. Violets
Commonly brewed in tea, this can calm anger and chase away bad spirits. But beware of the violet that
flower is good for relief of certain blooms in autumn. It is said to be a warning of impending death within
digestive problems. Use it in the upcoming year.
spells to attract money and good Amaryllis is grown from a bulb and is associated with the zodiac sign,
fortune. Aries. They are stunning when they are in bloom. They symbolize
passion, enthusiasm and adventure.
Bergamot is also known as bee balm. It is used for a vast array of
maladies. The leaves are often brewed into teas. The fragrance is similar to
Some know betony as lambs ear or woundwart. It was originally grown
in monastery gardens to ward off evil. It can be used in magic to purify
body and soul. It is also used to end quarrels, bad health ailments and
ill fortune. Burn some betony at midsummer solstice for purification
and protection. You can also put some in a small cloth pillow to defend
against nightmares.
Calendula has become quite popular over the last couple of years. It is
also known by names such as pot marigold and summers bride. Taken
54 Psychic Guidepost
an extensive number of varieties as well as common
names it goes by. The daisy stands for innocence and
children. It is use for medicinal purposes such as eye
The foxglove has a long history of magic and mystery.
A long lost legend says that foxgloves are used to
house fairies. They are used to guard against evil.
Even they are toxic the cardiac drug, digitalis was first
derived from this plant.
The most important thing to remember in building
your own witchs garden is to have fun and enjoy the
process. You would be surprised at how many different
ways you can make your own private oasis. It is a labor
of love that give back to you and your family ten fold
Check out other articles by Sharon here: http://

Is known as the key to heaven. The petals of this
flower represent the aspects of woman, birth,
consummation and death.

internally it aids to heal ulcers and other illnesses.

Calendula used externally helps speed up the healing
of wounds.
Chamomile is commonly brewed in tea. It is good
for relief of certain digestive problems. Use it in spells
to attract money and fortune. Sprinkle chamomile
around your property to remove curses and spells cast
against you.
Comfrey is a great plant used in spells to ensure safety
when traveling. Also known as boneset, bruisewort
and slippery root it too has medicinal properties. It can
be used externally for wounds and bruises. Ingesting
it will help ease stomach upset. The root can also be
applied in money spells.
Cowslip is also known as primrose and key of heaven.
The petals of this flower represent the aspects of
woman, birth, consummation and death. This plant
was held in high regard by ancient druids. The flower
can be used for love spells and protection.
Daffodils are quite common but beautiful. Some
know it as the jonquil. There are over five thousand
varieties of this flower. In ancient Arabia it was used as
Available at Amazon
an aphrodisiac. The daffodil symbolizes new hope and
The daisy is another common favorite. There are
Spring Issue 55
Cuppa Tea anyone? by Celeste Heldstab

evening, as well as just before going to bed. After 2-3
ilk thistle, native to southern Europe days, reduce your intake to 3 times a day.
and North Africa, can grow to more Therapeutic Effect: The active ingredient in milk-
than 3-1/2 feet in height. The herb, with thistle seeds is silymarin, a combination of three
its pretty, red-violet flowers, spread to different flavonoids that supports the walls of liver
gardens and farms in other parts of Europe. According cells, preventing poisons from penetrating them. It
to traditional Christian thought, the white pattern on also stimulates the regeneration of these cells. Butter
the leaves comes from the milk of the Virgin Mary - a principles and amino acids help support the entire
belief that clearly manifests how prized milk thistle digestive system.
was as a medicinal plant. Today, it is primarily the Silymarin As A Liver Tonic: People with acute liver
seeds that are used medicinally. They have such a problems should follow a six-week treatment with
powerfully protective and regenerative effect on liver tea made from milk-thistle seeds (below) several
cells that their main constituent, silymarin, is used to times a year. This tea treatment program is often
treat poisoning by the very deadly Amantita phalloides recommended for people with liver damage caused by
mushroom. Even extreme cases of hepatitis and liver excess alcohol intake and cirrhosis.
degeneration have shown improvement when treated How Silymarin Works: Silymarin helps prevent liver
with milk-thistle seeds. A tea made with the seeds has poisoning in two ways. It changes the liver-cell 3walls
also been used for skin, vein and gallbladder ailments. in such a way that it is very difficult for poisons,
Making the Tea such as carbon tetrachloride, to penetrate the walls.
Crush 1 tbsp. of milk-thistle seeds in a mortar. Add Silymarin also stimulates cell division so that new liver
to 3 cups of water and boil. Steep for about 10 minutes cells will grow continually.
and strain. Drink 1 cup 30 minutes before meals in the For Your Health: Peppermint increases the

56 Psychic Guidepost
For Venous Pain and Varicose Veins
1-1/2 oz. milk-thistle seeds
1 oz. calendula flowers
1 oz. witch-hazel leaves
Prepare this tea (above) with the above herbs. It constricts open leg
wounds; it strengthens the walls of the veins and seals the tissues around
the wound. You can drink the tea, or use it to make a compress.
Medicinal Uses
Tincture for Intensive Treatment: Silymarin is only partly water soluble,
so for an intensive treatment to protect and regenerate liver cells, you
should also use a tincture made from milk-thistle seeds to increase the
effect of the tea. Put 10 drops of the tincture into 1 cup of milk-thistle
tea. This tincture can also be purchased in health-food stores. Caution:
Because of its alcohol content, never use the tincture if you are suffering
from acute liver inflammation or alcoholism.
Leaf-tea For Aiding Digestion: You can also make therapeutic teas from
the leaves of the milk thistle. They do not contain silymarin, but they have
an overall positive effect on the liver and gallbladder, and a tea made from
Celestes book is available at them is valuable for improving digestion and for easing mild digestive
Amazon! complaints. Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1-1/2 tsp. of finely chopped leaves. Steep for 5-10 minutes and then strain. Drink 2-3 glasses per day.
Compresses for Varicose Veins: The external application of the tea in
a compress can help varicose veins and open leg sores. Make the tea
effectiveness of milk-thistle tea (above); cool. Soak a cloth in the cooled tea and apply as damp compress
and improves its taste. When you 1-2 times per day.
make the tea (above), add 1 tbsp. of
peppermint leaves to the mixture
before boiling.
Healing Tea Mixtures Celeste Rayne
To Promote Liver Health Heldstab (Monroe, LA)
1 oz. milk-thistle seeds has over twentyfive years of
1/2 oz. peppermint leaves experience creating oils and
1/2 oz. fennel seeds incense for companies and
Prepare this tea (above) with the individuals. Since 2000, she has
above herbs. It is a therapeutic taught many workshops on how
mixture than can be used over a to utilize essential oils in magical
long period of time to protect liver applications, along with tarot
cells without side effects. Drink 3 reading and incense making. She
cups of the tea per day. follows an eclectic spiritual path
For Stomach Complaints that incorporates Native American
1-1/2 oz. milk-thistle seeds beliefs and voodoo, and manages
1 oz. dandelion plant and root an online store that sells incense,
3/4 oz. chicory toot oils, and other products. She is also
3/4 oz. fennel seeds a best-selling author of Llewellyns
Prepare the tea (above) with the Complete Formulary of Magical
above herbs. This mixture eases Oils. You can find her at www.
gastrointestinal problems, such as
excess gas and upper abdominal
discomfort, that may be the result
of liver problems.
Spring Issue 57
Ask The Astrologers

Melodie Chris Alis

USA Australia
58 Psychic Guidepost
Aries March 21-April 19: Relationships take center stage for you this month for better or
worse. With your ruler (Mars) moving retrograde through your 7th house and the Lunar Eclipse
taking place there on the 15th, youll be dealing with relationships issues for at least the first few
weeks. Mars is not comfortable in Libra. And its not used to slowing down or retracing steps
which is exactly what happens when a planet retrogrades. So be prepared to rehash old con-
flicts and revisit old haunts. The Universe is forcing you to deal with things that you and a loved
one need to resolve before you can move forward. The Eclipse will shed light on problems and
reveal to you things that have been kept in the dark, including areas youve been in denial about yourself. In the
meantime, a grand cross is forming across your personal, relationship, professional and home sectors, and this is
where things start to get really tricky. You could feel like youre being pulled in several different directions, or like
everyone wants a piece of you and theres just not enough to go around. Your best bet will be finding a middle
ground; getting centered and giving what you can to each area without losing sight of yourself.

Taurus April 20-May 20: You could be looking into some health concerns this month that
have been put off but are now surfacing enough to get your attention, With Mars retrograding
through your 6th house (the area associated with physical health) and the Sun and Uranus con-
junct in your 12th house (the area related to hidden problems and weaknesses) you want to take
stock of both your physical and mental well-being. Youre known for having a good constitution
so this is probably not going to develop into a grave concern. But its also wise not to ignore it.
The first eclipse (a lunar eclipse) takes place in your health sector on April 15th, just after Pluto changes direc-
tions. This is a powerful transit because its a part of a grand cross that is stretched across your cadent houses.
Take the time to assess your mental and physical state during this time and make appropriate adjustments. The
Sun moves into Taurus on the 19th and Mercury follows suit on the 23rd. Youll probably start feeling more in
your element at that time. The solar eclipse on the 28th falls in your sign and should bring with it the clarity and
perspective youve been longing for. See this as an opportunity to reinvent yourself and embrace the changes

Gemini May 21-June 21: A blast from the past may have your full attention this month es-
pecially in the romance department courtesy of a Mars retrograde moving through your 5th
house. Be careful though: there are just as many things that could wrong with this scenario as
there are those that could go right. For starters, Mars rules your friendship sector, which ought
to tell you the best place to put (and keep) an old love interest who resurfaces at this time. The
Full Moon this month (a Lunar Eclipse) falls across your romance / friendship sectors, reinforc-
ing this concern. Your ruler (Mercury) is in Pisces (where its not happy) until the 23rd, when it moves into Aries
(where it is happy). Because Mercury in Pisces can cloud your thoughts and have you indulging in too much
wishful thinking, you may want to hold off on making major decisions until that time. The New Moon (a Solar
Eclipse) on the 28th falls in your 12th house: the area associated with self-undoing. The good news for you the
best news ever is that this area is also tied to dreams, spiritual inspiration, intuition and creative potential. You
can take your pick as to how this will manifest ultimately, so choose wisely and go make your dreams a reality.

Cancer June 22-July 23: As much as you may feel like staying close to home this month, chanc-
es are good you wont be able to. For starters youve got Mars (your career-ruler) retrograding
through your 4th house the area associated with home and family. This can manifest as prob-
lems juggling your professional and family obligations, having to take work home with you, or
unable to disconnect from your work even away from the job. You could also run into problems
Spring Issue 59
with family members or find yourself having to take care of one who is ill. The lunar eclipse on the 15th also
takes place across this axis, bringing problems youve tried to sweep under the rug to the forefront. Therell be
no hiding your head in the sand with this eclipse. In the meantime theres a cardinal grand cross forming that is
stretched across your angular sectors. The good news for you is that Jupiter one leg of the cross is in your
sign and exalted, meaning that youre less likely to be negatively impacted by it.

Leo July 24-August 23: If youre planning on doing any traveling this month, take time to put a
Plan-B in place as there are bound to be snafus. With Mars retrograding through your 3rd house
(the area related to local travel) you could have car problems or scheduling conflicts. The Lunar
eclipse the 15th also takes place in this area. Its not a good time to sign contracts or make major
decisions related to training or education. At the beginning of the month, your ruler (the Sun)
will be conjunct Uranus in Aries. Youll probably be bursting at the seams with ideas, and may
be impatient to put them into action. But youre bound to run into some snags especially with co-workers or
business partners. Dont be surprised if your enthusiasm lands you in a self-created pickle on the job. Doing the
work of two or three people, being called out for overstepping your bounds, making careless mistakes, etc: these
are all possibilities with this aspect, especially as it tightens into a grand cross later in the month. The second
Eclipse, on the 28th, falls in your professional sector.

Virgo August 24-September 22: Youll be focusing on your relationships for the better part of
the month, especially after the 5th when Venus moves into your 7th house joining Mercury
(your ruler), Chiron and Neptune. Venus is exalted in Pisces and Neptune is its modern ruler, so
bringing them together with your own ruler bodes well for you. Falling in love, renewing your
vows, discussing lifes mysteries or figuring out ways to make the world a better place (Neptune
and Chiron) are just a few examples. This can be a very idealistic and romantic time for you, but
dont lose sight of practical concerns, especially regarding money and your health. Mars rx moving through your
financial sector and the lunar eclipse taking place there mid-month can bring financial problems to the surface.
The eclipse just so happens to occur on tax day so get your records in order and dont take any risks. This is not a
good time to lend or borrow money: right now you want to be responsible (and accountable) for your own debts.
Save some for a rainy day too:

Libra September 23-October 22: Right now, youre trying to figure out ways to balance your
career with family, personal and relationship obligations. With Mars retrograding through your
sign for the last five months, its probably not been a picnic. You may be questioning whether
youre even pursuing the right career path or whether your relationship is worth holding onto.
This is not the time to make a change, as much as you may feel like throwing in the towel. Think
back to what you were doing 19 years ago. With the Nodes now in your sign for the first time
since 1995 you may experience notable synchronicities or dj vu occurrences related to that earlier time. The
Full Moon eclipse on the 15th stretches across your relationship axis, bringing any hidden problems to the sur-
face. Its the not a good time to start or end a relationship but it is a good time to hash out problems so that they
can be resolved.

Scorpio October 23-November 22: The 6th house / 12th house axis, which relates to both
mental and physical health is going to be lit up like a firecracker for you this month. As such you
want to pay attention to health-related concerns rather than ignoring and avoiding them. You
may have been working too hard and neglecting your health, or you could be nursing an ail-
ment on your own that will end up causing you to seek medical attention, such as back or dental
problems, etc. Speaking of work, this is another area that youre going to have to figure out a way
to balance this month. Your career ruler is moving through your work sector most of the month, which will have
you chomping at the bit to make things happen. But a grand cross thats developing threatens to derail your best
laid plans. Its going to be all about balance work with home and family; your physical and mental well-being
60 Psychic Guidepost
with taking care of others; and your personal goals with those of your partners or loved ones.

Sagittarius November 23-December 20: This month you may be trying to figure out where to
put certain people in your life. Are they friends? Lovers? Casual acquaintances? As much as you
like to roll with the punches and let things take their natural course, youll probably be forced to
define your relationships with others. Unfortunately this can also manifest as cutting people out
of your life for good but not without cause. The combination of Mars retrograding through
and the Full Moon eclipse taking place in your friendship sector can unmask the truth behind
nagging suspicions and can bring conflicts to a head. Your ruler is exalted in Cancer and moving
through your 8th house the area associated with sex, death and other peoples money. You could be in line for
an inheritance or settling a law suit, or you may be expecting a nice tax refund. Either way you want to put it
into savings. If you decide to invest it or lend it to someone during this time, you might as well kiss it goodbye.
Your libido should also be quite high courtesy of that same Jupiter transit. But remember the relationship
dilemma and try not to complicate your love life any more than it already is.

Capricorn December 21-January 20: Youve got a lot on your plate this month and a lot of
people relying on you, most of whom will be vying for your attention all at once. Mars is elevated
in your career sector now. Its in detriment (not good) and retrograde (a lot of back-peddling)
and will ultimately complete the last leg of a cardinal grand cross (very stressful and crisis-ori-
ented). So what is there to look forward to this month? Well for starters this grand cross stretches
across four major sectors for you: personal, professional, relationship and family. Youll have
opportunities to show others what youre made of in all four areas. You may feel like youre under a great deal of
pressure, that youre spread very thin, and that theres not enough of you to go around. But youll also have the
chance to step up and take charge something you do very well. Your ruler is also now retrograde and is mov-
ing through friend and social sector. Its a good time to get back in touch with old friends and to repair old rifts.

Aquarius January 21-February 19: You may need to reign yourself (and your opinions) in a
bit this month. Youre either in danger or rubbing people the wrong way or could end up with
egg on your face over some fact that gets disproved publicly if youre not careful. Your ruling
planet (Uranus) is in Aries and moving through your 3rd house (the area associated with com-
munications) and is the focal planet of an intense t-square aspect thats developing into an even
more intense grand cross. So what does this mean for you? It means youre going to be impatient
(Aries) to express your ideas and opinions (3rd house), which leads to conflicts (t-square) with
others. You do like to be in the know but these transits can trick you into repeating information prematurely or
asserting conjecture as fact. Venus is in your sign at the start of the month and moves into your money sector on
the 5th. This would be a good time to buckle down and focus on making money.

Pisces February 20-March 20: You may be feeling a bit emotionally fragile until the 5th when
Venus moves out of your 12th house and into your sign. Youve got a lot going for you now. Venus
is exalted in Pisces, and Jupiter (your modern ruler) is exalted in Cancer, while Neptune (your
traditional ruler) is in its own sign. With all this in your favor, you should be in better shape
than most. The whole world could be falling apart around you and as long as you can retreat to
your safe place mentally, emotionally and spiritually youll have a leg up on everyone else.
Expressing yourself creatively, spending time with children, developing romantic connections all these are
potential manifestations of this energy.There are some stressful aspects, too: with all thats going on itll to be im-
possible to avoid them. You wont want to be spending money frivolously for example. And its not a good time to
gamble or take financial risks. You could also be clearing out some old (fair-weather) friends and making room
for new friends. There may be moments of loneliness or uncertainty, but dont doubt yourself. These transits are
clearing away the dead wood in your life now in order to replenish them with what (and whom) you really need.

Spring Issue 61
The story of the 22
Majors in Life

by Esther Libra
62 Psychic Guidepost
ur story begins with the journey of The This lady is also the Empress as she is highly artistic
Fool. The Fool is man just leaving his and does pastel drawings. She also NUTURES
homeland to start a new lifes journey. HERSELF as a cooker and sewer as she sews quite a
Although it just started out as a holiday lot of her owns garments. Recently she has considered
to Australia, this new life was a total new change in the possibility of marriage and put out her husband-
lifestyle and a new environment. The Fool is a very shopping list to a religious leader who you will meet
exciting person to be around - lot of fun and you later in the story.
never know what tomorrow is going to be with this
gentleman in your life. Into this picture we get The Emperor which is both a
situation and an element of a persons personality. We
Into this story comes The Magician who is still this will now give The Fool/Magician gentleman a name.
person with his quick thinking and a way with words, He will be called Jacob. This man EMPOWERS our
even though English is not his first language. In fact it High Priestess/Empress who we will call Ivy. Ivy now
is his last language. He speaks many other languages has the belief that she is a smart lady and as a result -
but English just a few words. Ivy Empowers herself with a new career potential, but
Met our High Priestess who is living in her Ivory starting the study of psychology.
Tower in St. Kilda. She has been studying Tarot and is As a situation, it is Ivys working situation as she is
a practicing her religious beliefs and therefore is living currently working for Department of Defence and
life according. This also means living a celibate life as works with the Army. Jacob as a personality is also
she is currently an unmarried woman. Recently this The Emperor as he is old fashioned and likes to be the
lady started TO FEEL - that getting married may be a ruler of his own house and the provider and protector
good idea. of his women, which include his sister - Yannick, niece
- Violet and Ivy.

Spring Issue 63
Learning tarot in story form helps you remember the meanings of the cards

Our Hierophant is the religious leader who is we will strength of both partners need not to loss their
call Father King. Fr.King REGULATES other peoples tempers with each other.The Hanged Man is about
sex lives - what sex life? This man is instrumental in sacrifice. Jacob is sacrificing his family life back in
the introduction between our two players in life with Greece and is hoping to have a better life here in
the view of marriage. No hanky panky is the religious Australia. Things with the paperwork with the Dept
instructions he gives them as they head off on their 1st of Immigration are currently at a standstill as they are
date. awaiting paperwork on any possible criminal records
to come from overseas. The Georgious has had to
The Lovers - is the choice which both parties agreed SURRENDER the problem to our Creator in Heaven
to marry. Naturally this is suppose to be a committed and hope for the best.
relationship with the blessing of The
Almighty above. They now become Death - Is the actual death
Mr. & Mrs. Georgiou. of the situation Jacob is
TRANSFORMED for being a
The Chariot is a situation as Jacob Foreign National to Australian
has some difficulty in finding work Residence when Jacob is
- he works using The Chariot in the finally cleared after two years
form of truck driving Interstate. He of waiting for the paperwork
is therefore CONTROLLING - his to be finalized.
Chariot by the trucks driving wheel.
Temperance is Jacob
Justice is also a situation of where Dept INTEGRATION into
of Immigration are BALANCING the Australian society and Ivys
situation and deciding whether or not patience with the whole deal.
this person is going to be good for Ivy is basically a mild natured
Australia. Jacob is going through the person.
paperwork for Australian residency on
the bases of an ongoing marriage to The Devil is Jacob himself.
Ivy. In hindsight - Jacob does not
have a strong sense of self and
The Hermit is when Ivy is on her as a result can unfortunately
own in the flat, whilst does a lot of been very manipulative with
COMTEMPLATION whilst Jacob is his way of dealings with other
away truck driving. It is a quiet period for Ivy, which people and that includes his wife. He often FEARS
she actually enjoys as getting used to be married is not the breakdown of this relationship and does not
that easy after having lived on her own for a couple of understand what we FEAR we usually bring into our
years. lives in some shape or form.
The Wheel of Fortune is when Jacob decided to The Tower is unfortunately the police
CREATE HIS OWN OPPORTUNITIES by opening UNEXPECTEDLY comes to the door of this couples
his own business. Jacob came into some money whilst home one evening. It is then Ivy finds out about
in Queensland. It was this money he used to start the $25,000 that Jacob pocketed illegally. Naturally this
business. He is a bit of a gambler, which his new wife causes a great upheaval within the marriage.
does not know about and does not find out about for
many years into the marriage. The Star is wifes optimism that even though she now
REALISES that her husband is not a saint but the
Strength is both the physical and mental strength Devil instead, she is still hopeful that the marriage will
ENDURENCE to run this business. It is also the survive in spite of having The Tower strike.

64 Psychic Guidepost
Esther Libra is from Melbourne Australia
she is a professional astrologer and reader
at StarzPsychics.
The Moon is about DECEPTION that belongs to
Jacob. It turns up on the doorstep on The Georgious in php?ID=481
the form of another woman coming to the home and
declaring herself as one of the many lovers of Jacob.
Ivys self-deception is the belief that any marriage can
survive a lack of trust issue.
However a couple of years later from the Moons dust
has settled, the Sun is Ivys many friends who assist
her in showing her sunny side to the world at a later
date. Ivy also starts to SHINE in her advance study of
psychology with the Applied College of Psychology in
Ivy has arrived at this stage through Judgement. This
stage was going through self-examination and grief
counselling for a couple of years after having lost the
marriage and no long having Jacob in her life. Ivy
now SEE CLEARLY that there is no shame in being
divorced more than once as people are living a lot
longer than our parents or grandparents did. As a
result there are many people or are married more than
once just like Ivy herself.
The World is Ivys world of living on her own again,
and finding FULFILLMENT within herself. In a way
Ivy has gone complete circle from Divorced Woman to
Married Woman and back unfortunately to Divorced
again. Available at Amazon
Spring Issue 65
Past lives and Soul Connections

by Cristina

f youve ever have an out of body experience confidence and cheerful creativity.
in meditation or a dream, or if youve had a near
death experience, then you know that we are not In my advisor practice, Im often asked, why do I
a limited beings confined to this human form. We feel such a strong connection to this person? The
are an awareness, a consciousness that reunites with answer is really very simple, youve known each other
the ONENESS that is our Source or God. When we before, most likely in past lives. And your souls have
cross over, we go to our original form. We become that recognized each other in this lifetime, or felt a pull
absolute divine spirit that encompasses everything all towards each other. This doesnt necessarily mean you
at once. are supposed to live happily ever after together in this
lifetime, but that you have to experience something
We are multi-level, multi-dimensional beings. One together for the benefit of moving forward in your
aspect of us remains associated with the subtle realms spiritual journey.
of light, we are available to other souls in a spiritual
sense. The other aspect of us is physical, an earthly In an interview on the Oprah network, Dr. Brian
body. As a spiritual being in human form we explore Weiss, author of Miracles Happen, says, It is very
the lessons and adventures of this lifetime. We grow common to travel through different lives with the same
over a multitude of lifetimes whether on this planet group of soulsI call these groupings, soul mates
or another. The aim is to evolve, just as the universe or soul companions, or soul families. We seem to
is evolving. With each lifetime we cultivate more, learn our spiritual lessons and accumulate or resolve
grow in talents, virtues and especially grow in love, our karma with our soul groups. Relationships may
compassion, generosity, un-attachments, courage, change from life to life, but the souls are the same. For

66 Psychic Guidepost
example, your grandmother might reincarnate as your
grandson. In this sense we never lose our loved ones,
because we are always being reunited either on the
other side or back here in physical bodies.
I believe when we experience each other, whether
in love relationships, work relationships or family
relationships that we are learning a bit more each time.
Lets face it, our lives last a second in time. If the earth
is 4 billion years old, and we only live to maybe 80,
that is a second in time, we would need several lives to
evolve to a higher level where we reach a Nirvana, or
God Source and we become higher evolved beings.
If you are feeling a relationship challenge, ask yourself
what you need to learn from this this experience. Youll
discover its all about growing to a higher level of self,
or becoming wiser. Sometimes its a matter of learning
Great movie and book on Amazon
self-respect and self-love. That person you met could
be the one who shows you never to accept crumbs of
affection from anyone again. Or he could be the love of
your life. Either way you met for a reason.

Cristina is a five-star reader online. She has been doing

readings for more than 40 years using a combination of Tarot
and Channeling to answer questions. Cristina is author of
Ancient Magic for the Modern Witch, Gypsy Wisdom, and
See the Future with Regular Playing cards.
Visit her at:

Spring Issue 67
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