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Handbook: Techniques for Psi-Vampires

By Sanguinarius E. Sanguinarius 2/14/2015

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Energy Techniques Recommended

from Anonymous Contributor

In retrospect, I believe that I was born a psi-vamp. My mother was not supposed to be able to have children, and for
many years she tried, and was unsuccessful. However, after giving up hope, my older brother was conceived, then I
was. It is only a guess that my brother and I were somehow born incomplete in some way. Unable to produce
enough of our own energy to sustain ourselves. I am more in touch with the spiritual world than my brother, so he
knows not that he drains people of their energy, but I can sense it when he does it.

Both my parents are religious, god fearing, respectable people, so I do not feel that we are in any way inherently evil
or any of that nonsense. My father has been interested in hypnosis, alternative medicine, martial arts, and the
spiritual world since his adolescence. Both my parents have an ability to sense each others feelings, and they have
tried very hard to pass this on to us.

Since I was 5, my father taught me martial arts. As I advanced he taught me to be sensitive to how energy was
transferred in different techniques. As I learned more, he taught me about chi, the Chinese term for life-energy. It all
came quite naturally to me. About 5 years ago, a friend bought me a book on Chi Gung, the art of cultivating and
manipulating chi for use in healing, longevity, martial arts, natural magic, and many other purposes. I was a natural
with Chi Gung and progressed faster than most people.

After a terrible knee injury while wrestling, I spent many months in recovery. During my recovery, many people,
females in particular, volunteered their emotional energy to me. I took in a larger amount of energy on a daily basis
than ever before. However, after I recovered, and was no longer obviously injured, a lot of that emotional energy
was no longer volunteered to me. So, since my spiritual self was already in tune with the energy forces of the
Universe, it simply took it from people, or from my natural surroundings. Whichever was more potent at the time. I
was unaware of this until I did some research on vampires and found a description of psi-vamps and non-personal
energy hungerers as one author called it. Since then I have worked to control my feedings. I still take energy from
other people without noticing it, but I work to control that. I have taken up a new art, called Reiki, that helps a lot.
Reiki sensitizes you to the Universes energy so you can pass it on to other people or for yourself. This helps reduce
my cravings, and I can always feed off of it when I am hungry.

I strongly suggest that other psi-vamps take up chi-gung, reiki, taoism, meditation, and yoga to help them. It will
make a world of a difference.

from LadyChrys

Meditation Meditation is important I would say. Its peaceful and inspirational. I, being wiccan, as well, like
meditation. Most people like to meditate to New Age tapes like babbling brooks, and oceans, and classical music.
They can be helpful, but this is gonna come as a surprise: L I like to meditate to Metallica, and other dark, or
comforting / depressing music. Now Im not Goth at all, but the music helps me open up the doors. I used to meditate
a lot, and it helped me uncover a lot of past life memories, and the intensity of these memories is quite amazing.

I couldnt tell you how to meditate. Everyone has their own way to do so. Basically, I like to lie on my back and close
my eyes, and put my hands out and open to my sides, and listen to the music, and let it fill my mind; and then it
seems the room begins to spin I guess this what they say open the vortices in your chakras all over your body, as
there is one in your forehead, heart, hands, stomach, I think, and feet. I dont focus on that. I just let the music fill
my head and I float and the room spins, and I drift along with whatever Im shown, and if I am floated to a scene I
look around and ask questions about where I amwhat am I wearing?, whats the ground feel like?, what color is
the house? something like that.

Others tell you to lay down on your back and count backwards from 100, and as you count down, step down a spiral
staircase with each number, and imagine each step changing color till you get the bottom, and there will be a door,
and you open it and youre there. I never did thatin fact, I tried and couldnt. I did what felt natural and it works for

Wolfys Astral-Type Guide

from Wolfy

Make sure your surroundings are quiet and peaceful, no noise, and no distractions. You should be very comfortable
and not stressed or worrying about anything.

1. Silence yourself, feel no emotions, thoughts, try to feel nothing, just quiet and comfortable, your position must
not give you any sensations. Remain stable and silent.
2. Feel the energy within yourself, the natural life force that is with you, the uniqueness of yourself, the unity
between your mind and energy, ie., your soul, or astral body, whatever description you like.
3. While in touch with your natural energy feel it flow through you, between your hands, from one to the other,
through your body to each hand. Try to manipulate it to move it throughout your body, relaxing each part you
flow it through, thinking of and feeling each part of your body that your energy touches and flows through.
Feel it tingling, caressing, moving within you.
4. Imagine yourself floating above your body trying to see, imagine backing off from your body, eyes closed or
maybe open, slowly back off from your body.
5. You must stop feeling your physical body, focus on the outside of it, be aware of your surroundings, the
sounds, the inside of the room, the things near you, go out and look at them feel them with your energy, your
astral body. Walk or float around. But its not necessary.
6. Will your astral body out from your physical one. Focus on a destination person, place. Then will your astral
body to go forward, switch off your normal senses, try to go forward with only the feeling ability of the astral
double. Keep going till you reach your destination or wish to return. The desired astral body is felt, you feel
linked, or you reach the place you wish to visit.

You can pass energy between astral bodies, take and give energy, emotions. Experiment and have fun..

Controlling Empathy
by Lukaru

You can control your empathy with this handy exercise:

Dont try this exercise if you KNOW you will not be able to handle the emotions created within. It will most likely end
in insomnia caused by fear of the dark, or possibly even paranoia.

1. Provide a horror movie which you know trigger atavistic (primitive) fear in you. Watch the movie alone in a
dark room.
2. Turn off the TV. Put music into your stereo; put on music which you know can aggravate the fear. You have to
bring out the fear of the dark emotion.
3. Start meditation. Close your eyes, and try to feel the room. The fear should start to colorize your imagination,
telling you that someone is around you, that something is going to touch you, trying to convince you to open
your eyes. DONT do this.
4. Invoke a light trance. Try to separate yourself from your emotions. SEE them as if they were not yours, but
some other persons. Keep them outside; watch and analyze them. Think about things that make you shiver,
that made you shiver when you were a kid. KNOW that they are frightful, but dont let them get into your brain
and trigger a flight reaction. Just feel them as if they are alien to you, as if you were a psychologist.

When you master this, you would be able to not get hooked by peoples emotions; you would be able to control your
own emotions as well. It wont kill your empathic ability; it will just let you control it to a certain extent.

(SphynxCat adds: By the way, thats not just a way to control your empathy it can also give you a handle on
controlling the Beast. Being able to look at it from the outside, separating yourself in a way.)

This exercise lets you control all emotions, no matter if theyre coming from the outside or inside, including the urges
of the beast.

But bear in mind that this exercise may be somehow dangerous. When you start doing it, be sure to finish it
positively, or you may worsen the fear of the dark. If you could not overcome the flight reaction, your atavistic
fears that you were to analyze could override you and you might not be able to sleep for some time.

If this happens, you have to banish it with laughter. Just laugh laugh at it; try to convince yourself that the fear is
bullshit and all of it was a joke; the exercise was for fun only. It is a way of deleting/removing the negative things you
programmed into your subconscious if you tried this exercise unsuccessfully.

Refining Energy
by Setanankhu (Michelle Belanger)

Some advanced techniques of energy work as applied to psi-vampirism.

In the seated position, first achieve a stillpoint within yourself (grounding and centering), turning your senses inward
and concentrating on the rhythm of your body particularly your breathing and your heart.

If you deepen your breathing, slowing its rhythm, your heart will follow, and your body will begin to relax.

From this, focus on increasing your energy with each intake of breath. Draw in energy from every point of your
being, using your breathing as a focus.

This is how you should be breathing: draw the breath lightly but steadily in through your nose. Breathe in for a count
of seven. Hold the breath deep in your abdomen for a count of three. Exhale through your mouth for a count of
seven, blowing lightly as if you were exhaling through a straw or playing a note on a flute. As your breathe, focus
your senses inward and see the energy building at your center.

Allow this energy to build, continuing your measured breathing, until you start to feel very warm. You may also feel a
tingling sensation throughout your entire body, as well as a blossoming sensation behind your eyes and behind your

Once the energy has built to a point where you feel bathed in it from within, turn your will inward and begin to
concentrate the energy. Focus it into a smaller and smaller space so that instead of filling you and coursing through
your torso, arms, and legs, it instead hangs suspended in a tight little ball at your center. Continue to build energy
while focusing on that which you have already gathered. With each breath now, this ball should not enlarge but
instead grow concentrated and more dense.

This is the refinement of energy. When you have done that successfully, the energy you have gathered will change
states, attaining a higher quality which is deeper, more intense, and greatly sustaining.

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