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Motivation Letter (max 500 words)

Please specify why you decided to come to Azerbaijan and Khazar University for study
and indicate the reason why you consider yourself eligible for a tuition exemption.

Azerbaijan is located on the Asiatic continent in the eastern part of the Transcaucasia. Iran to
the south, Armenia to the west, Georgia to the northwest and Daguestan are the neighbor
countries of Azerbaijan, which is confined to the east with the Caspian Sea. The total length
of Azerbaijan's land borders is 2,648 km. The three mountain ranges are together covering
approximately 40% of the country. The climate of Azerbaijan is varied; it is subtropical in the
mountains and very humid in the flat lands.

Foreign citizens visiting to study at Azerbaijan universities, dont know teaching language,
but they began main education after elevant language training. Just, by purpose to implement
relevant language training of foreign citizens in Azerbaijan universities, training faculties, the
departments and the centers are functioning in 17 universities.

Khazar University is a private educational institution for undergraduate, graduate and

professional studies promoting advanced study and research. Khazar is the first private
University in Azerbaijan and one of the first in the countries of the former Soviet Union.
Khazar is the first in Azerbaijan to apply a flexible credit system. Khazar is the first university
in Azerbaijan where the main language of instruction is English. Khazar is the first University
in Azerbaijan composed of multiple independent schools united by the same academic policy
and principles, which offer a really wide scope of diverse majors. Khazar is the University
many professors of which has got recognition and leadership in their professional fields and
was awarded the national and international prizes and grants. Khazar is a research oriented

Reason to consider myself eligible for a tuition exemption is distinguish me from my

classmates and help me to more fully enjoy my educational experience. In addition to
covering your education costs, certain scholarships also allow students to take advantage of
opportunities to expand their knowledge and experience outside the classroom through
internships, fellowships or travel abroad. The Fulbright Scholar Program, for example, affords
students the opportunity to study and conduct research in one of approximately 155 countries.
Earning one or more scholarships can also raise your visibility and make you more attractive
to admissions committees if you plan to continue your education at the graduate level.

Plus, to enter the workforce, listing one or more scholarship awards on your resume can make
me more appealing to prospective employers. This is particularly true because this scholarship
allowed me to develop certain skills or increase my work experience by completing an
internship with a specific company. During hiring, companies that offer internship programs
typically give priority consideration to previous interns, with some making direct job offers
after the internship ends. Earning a scholarship from a particular company does not
necessarily guarantee that me will receive a job offer, but it can increase my chances of
securing employment in that industry or field.