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It has always been my dream to pursue my study to the highest academic level,

to hold a PhD. From the beginning of my freshmen year in college, Ive already
layout a plan and setting my goals. We all heard about this, its clich, if we fail
to plan, we plan to fail. But for me, planning is a crucial things and to have a
short term and a long term goals is a must for every person.

My passion in academia especially in doing research and to pursue a PhD was

actually come to my mind during my day as a banker where I worked as a Fraud
Analytics Officer in a bank. During that period, I did a lot of academic research
by myself. Reading journals and articles. Making summaries out of the journal
read is satisfying.

My initial plan to stay in the industry for 5 years is cut down to just 1 and a half
year after being granted a scholarship from my alma-mater to do my Master of
Science and thats when things get more serious.

In two of my classes, Data Mining and Text Mining, I realized that there's so
many opportunities that I can exploit especially in the Actuarial Science world
where I came from and in the social media world where the data flowing in per
seconds! With this so many data, so called Big Data, made me so excited and
really motivate me to start my postgraduate study as soon as possible.

I've had the chance to read few articles in regards with Insurance and Big Data
Applications during my free time exploring the web written by Institute of
Actuaries of Australia and it gave me many ideas for my future research.

That being said, I'm looking for a suitable supervisor to talk more about my plan
and to discuss in greater details to work on this topic as well as looking for a
potential supervisor who in need of assistantship for their project with a grant.
And I think the University of Edinburgh got everything that I need.

The objectives of my PhD project will likely to focus on text mining, big data and
IoT, potentially in the actuarial/insurance scope or any field related.