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by IAN MASON 24 Apr 2017 33 Reclusive Millionaire Warns: "Get Out Of

Cash Now"

Attorney General Jeff

Sessions joined the chorus of
criticism Friday over a plea email address
deal allowing Silicon Valley
start-up CEO Abhishek
Gattani to stay in the United States after his second conviction for
QUIZ: Only 1 In 10 Americans Pass This
attacking his wife. World Religions Test. Can You?
Topix Offbeat
Gattani was secretly recorded by his wife, former Apple engineer Neha Rastogi, as he hit
her repeatedly about the head in a 2016 argument. He already had a 2013 conviction for
assaulting his wife, which was only reduced to a misdemeanor when Rastogi urged
prosecutors to do so. According to a report in The Daily Beast, witnesses in that case
described that Gattani punched his wife with a closed fist repeatedly as he dragged her
around their suburban Sunnyvale, California, neighborhood.

In the 2016 investigation, Rastogi cooperated fully, providing authorities with the
What She Did With An Old Cooler Is
recording and issuing a four-page victim impact statement asking for strict treatment of
her abusive husband. HeadCramp
The plea deal that Gattanis lawyers and Santa Clara County Assistant District Attorney
Steve Fein reached, however, would result in less than 30 days of actual time in jail. More
importantly for Gattanis future, the felony to which he will plead guilty, accessory after
the fact, is not considered a violent felony, and he, therefore, will not be deported to
India at the completion of his short jail stay.
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This leniency appears to be a matter of deliberate policy in the so-called sanctuary state Puppytoob

of California. Fein freely admitted to The Daily Beast that the deal was tailored to avoid
by Taboola
triggering the federal automatic deportation provisions for violent felons. He described advertisement

that as fair. He also suggested the head of his office, District Attorney Jeff Rosen, tries to
prevent deportations of felons in his district. TAKE A LOOK
Do You Trust President Trump?
Left-leaning commentary from The Daily Beast and The Huffington Post has been very Republicans in Panic After Truth is
critical of the plea deal on the grounds of its leniency but only touched on the immigration Exposed
implications. Student Stuns Doctors With Crazy
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Attorney General Sessions, in his address in San Diego Friday, jumped into the fray, How Much Money Do You Really Get
from a Reverse Mortgage?
expressing his outrage over the result as part of his continued push against these so-called
The Women Who Turned Down
sanctuary jurisdictions: 'Sharks' And Built A $100M Empire
Itching This Part of Your Body Is a
Just the other day, it was reported that a local prosecutor in California went so far as Sign of Alzheimers
to intentionally lower violent and heinous domestic abuse charges against a repeat Outlaw Painkiller Now Avaialable.
offender so that the abuser wouldnt be deported. Think about the message that "Better Than Adderall" Say US
sends: if you are an alien and you commit domestic violence, prosecutors will charge
you with a lesser crime so you can stay in the country. Enough is enough.

The address came after Sessions made good on his threat to cut Justice Department grant Sean Hannity Warns: End of Fox News
money from California and other jurisdictions that actively frustrate the enforcement of Channel if Bill Shine is Replaced
immigration laws. Friday morning, his Justice Department issued letters to nine such 3,303 comments - 3 hours ago
jurisdictions, demanding proof of compliance with federal immigration reporting laws
Report: Detroit FGM-Doctor Mutilated
before grant money is dispensed.
Girls Far Worse Than She Admits
4,221 comments - 6 hours ago
The Santa Clara County District Attorneys Office has been one of the most proactive local
agencies in resisting the Trump administrations immigration enforcement efforts. The White House: Donald Trumps
office filed suit last week, along with nearby San Francisco County, to block Trumps Dramatic Whiplash on NAFTA Art of
executive orders aimed at cutting off funding to sanctuary jurisdictions. the Deal
5,501 comments - 15 hours ago

Exclusive: Sarah Palin on Donald

Big Government, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, California, Sanctuary Cities, Santa Clara Trumps First 100 Days
2,499 comments - 9 hours ago

Ivanka Trump: Opening Border to

Syrian Refugees Has To Be Part of the
Discussion, Wont Be Enough By Itself
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Can We Guess Your Education Level Based On The Movies You've Seen? BuzzFeed Scoop: Sebastian Gorka Not
Topix Stars a Nazi or Anti-Semite
2,410 comments - 11 hours ago

Far-Left Austrian President: All

Reclusive Millionaire Warns: "Get Out Of Cash Now"
Women Must Wear Headscarves to
Fight Islamophobia
4,225 comments - 18 hours ago

Quiz: Can You Place These Famous Movie Quotes? Test Yourself! Tribal Leader Threatens Protest If Border Wall Is Built
1,421 comments - 7 hours ago

White House Begins Release of Tax

Archaeleogists Make A Discovery That Leaves Them Speechless Plans: Simplify, Eliminate AMT, Death,
The Brofessional Obamacare Taxes
7,697 comments - 1 day ago
Report: Feds Widen Investigation into
Mummy Zebra Gets Revenge On Baby's Attacker Fox News
Mozo Travel
717 comments - 1 hour ago

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Comment count on this article reflects comments made on and Facebook. if Bill Shine is Should Send
Visit Breitbart's Facebook Page. Replaced Money to
3,303 Comments Universities That
Only Have One Set
33 Comments Breitbart News Network Smash Some Glass of Speech

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KJinAZ 3 days ago Report: Feds

Okay Jeff let's see you really take a firm stand on this issue, and arrest the Governors, Widen
Mayors, and Police Chiefs that are breaking the law. Either we have Justice for all, or Investigation into
we have selective Tyranny. Fox News House Oversight
717 Comments Testimony:
19 Reply Share
America Has
SpokenWe Want
fahgettaboudit 2.0 > KJinAZ 3 days ago the Wall Built
This has become a National Security Issue !! Right Away
Our...2nd Amendment...Guarantees our Right to defend Ourselves....Especially
against....Stupid Politicians,...who do not ave our best interests at heart !!!!!!!!
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KJinAZ > fahgettaboudit 2.0 3 days ago

Report: Detroit Planned
FGM-Doctor Parenthood Touts
Mutilated Girls Grandmas for
Far Worse Than Abortion
She Admits 766 Comments

Facebook Working
Federal Law on Brain-
Doesnt Require Computer
Healthcare Interface to
Providers to Translate
Report FGM Thoughts to Text
Despite Half a 175 Comments
Million At Risk

Another Facebook
Live Death: Man
Breitbart News Films Suicide
Daily: Countdown Following Breakup
to 100 379 Comments

Silicon Valley
Tribal Leader Democrats Plot
Threatens Protest Effort to Save Net
If Border Wall Is Neutrality
Built 406 Comments

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