1)The Urederra Nacedero declared natural reserve in 1987 is one of the most

beautiful landscapes of the Urbasa mountain range. The nacedero is the natural
and majority outlet of the important aquifer formed in Urbasa. A colloquial form
of calling the nacedero is a spring where the Urederra river is born.

What is the meaning of the word Urederra that comes from the Basque

A- Blue water

B- Clean water

C- Beautiful water

D- New wáter

A picture of the reservoir of the rainforest of Irati

2)We are in the rainforest of Irati and there is a reservoir you have to identify.

What is the name of the reservoir of the rainforest of Irati?

a) Irabia
b) Yesa
c) Tzingalagirigu
d) Titicaca

3)The Esca River is a water course in Spain. It is located in the northeastern part
of the country, 300 km northeast of the capital, Madrid.

Can you do rafting on the esca river?

a) No

b) Only if you have rafting ever

c) Only for vocational training centers

d) Yes
Foz De Lumbier

4)The foz of Lumbier is an area of limestone rock where it passes the river Irati.

Question: What is a Foz?

A. A lagoon without movement
B. The pass of the river under a bridge
C. The pass of the river between two
D. Current of water who falls down by a
sudden incline

5)The Ega is a river in the north of Spain. It is a tributary of the Ebro. The Ega
flows through Navarre, but it originates in Álava, near Lagrán, and flows through
the town of Estella-Lizarra. The river Ega at Estella-Lizarra.

In what main river does the river Ega end?

1. Nile river
2. Ebro river
3. Thames river
4. Danube river

6)The reservoir of Alloz was built up in 1930 and it is surrounded by kermes oak
groves, pastures, scrubland and pine trees. It is a perfectplace to go with the
family at any seasons of the year but especially in summer. Is a fantastic place to
enjoy water sports or to have a bath in that refrescating blue waters.

From which river does the swamp receive water?

a) Nilo river

b) Ebro river

c) Ubagua river

d) Danubio river

The embalse is 86% of its total capacity
7)What is bidasoa?

1. A monastery
2. A dog
3. A river
4. A cementery

8) Pitilla´s Lake is a natural area, situated 60 kilometres south of Pamplona and
three kilometres from Pitillas, in the Central Zone of Navarre, is a Nature
Reserve, a Special Protection Area for Birds and a Wetland of International
Importance, which gives an idea of its exceptional environmental value. The nature
reserve offers shelter to around a hundred species, which represent almost a
third of those that can be observed in Navarre, and this makes it the second most
important natural reservoir in Navarre in terms of the diversity of nesting birds,
and the leading stopping off point for migratory birds.

 What animal would be impossible to see in the Pitilla´s Lake?

A. Heron
B. Rabbit
C. Iberian Lynx
D. Crab

9)We are located in Sangüesa Navarra a town next to Lumbier through which
passes the river Aragon.
How long is the Aragon River?

-98 km

-129 km

-40 km

-153 km
10)The Yesa reservoir is located in the Pyrenees and forms with the damming of
the river Aragón, in the Navarrese population of Yesa. It is located in the
northwest of the Aragonese province of Saragossa and in the northeast of the
Foral Community of Navarre.

·Answer the following question

¿Which river flows into the marsh of yesa, also known as "sea of the

A) Misisipi

B) Ebro



11)Which is the most common type of bird that lives in the Foz de Lumbier?

a) Vulture.
b) Otter.
c) Eagle.
d) Falcom.

In this picture we can see how's the aspect
of the Foz de Lumbier.

12)Wich river ends in Eugi`s swamp?

a) Rio Arga
b) Rio Ega
c) Rio Ebro
d) Rio Irati

In this photo we can see
The Eugi`s swamp.
13)There’s a river in Navarre, which borns next to France and flows into the
river Aragón. It’s one of the great rivers of Navarre, since it crosses over
Navarre from North to South, and it runs entirely in Navarre.
This river is dammed in the Eugui reservoir (Esteríbar valley), whose main use is
the supply of fresh water for our main city, Pamplona.

Do you know what river am I talking about?





In the first picture you can see a bridge,
which is in Zubiri. And in the other photo
you can see the Eugui Swamp with its

14)How many kilometres long is the Bidasoa river?

A) 107 km long

B) 343 km long

C) 69 km long

D) 214 km long

Bidasoa river before flows in Atlantic Ocean
15)“Laguna de pitillas” It's a lagoon originally known as Laguna de Sabasán, It´s an
endorheic wetland located between Pitillas and Santacara in Navarra.

According to this link wich allows you to translate in English, what is the

extension of the Pitillas lagoon?

a) 22 hectares
b) 206 hectares
c) 619 hectares
d) 260 hectares

Sunrise in thelagoon