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Web Hunt
The BIG Question:
How did historical events lead California to become a state in the United States of America?
Targeted grade level: 4th grade
Standard: California Content- History-Social Science: 4.3
Students explain the economic, social, and political life in California from the establishment of
the Bear Flag Republic through the Mexican-American War, the Gold Rush, and the granting of

You are about the embark on one interesting journey in finding out who, what, where,
when, why, and HOW California became a state in the good old U.S.A.
Read about the major players and major stakes that were made, which led up to all of us
living here in The Golden State today.
Answer ALL of the questions, and you may earn your ounce of gold in knowledge!

1. When did the first people arrive in California?
2. Can you name 3 Native American tribes who lived in California before European
settlers arrived?
3. In 1769, who started building missions in California?
4. What country did the territory of California belong to before the U.S. bought it in 1848?
5. Who was the U.S. President during the Mexican American War?
6. What was the goal to expand the U.S. called?
7. Can you name one thing the bear on the Bear Flag Revolt flag represents symbolically?
8. Who was the first man to find California gold and set up Sutters Mill?
9. How did people travel to California Trail during The Gold Rush years?
10. Who were Jefferson Hunt, Biddy Mason, and Pio Pico? (Just write a short phrase or
sentence to describe each person.)


TeacherTube: California Gold Rush video made by 4th Grade students

TeacherTube: FLE 4th Grade Social Studies - California Gold

YouTube: California History

Read: California State History

NatGeo Kids: National Geographic Kids: State of California

American Mexican-American War & The California Republic

California Pioneer Heritage Museum- So. California Settlers

Instructions For Students:
1. Read the 10 questions first, then visit the websites and look for the answers.
2. Make a document and record your answers to the Web Hunt.
3. Make a note of one interesting thing you learned while digging for answers. Where did
you find it in the Web Hunt? Write down which website you found it on!

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