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2 Drill Bits Infracore
2010 Doosan Fall 2010
Letter from the President
Weve just recently completed our annual convention, which was held in St. Louis,
Missouri. The convention was well attended considering the economic climate that
were all currently experiencing. Travel has become extremely difcult for some of us
who have to decide how best to expend our hard earned monies. Therefore, thought-
ful consideration was given to provide useful and informative seminars for those in
attendance. The feedback was inordinately positive for all of our speakers and their
presentations. They were really informative and interesting, especially CSA 2010 by
MODOT, which affects all of us with CDL drivers. Because of the many requests we
received beforehand, there were several presentations on geothermal, which is quickly
becoming a new revenue stream for the drilling business.
It was good to see and talk to our industry cohorts and discuss what was happening in
their drilling world. Of course, most everyone wanted to know hows business. Like
it or not, its always good to hear how your buddies and your competitors are doing. Its always benecial to hear and learn
about interesting projects and what new innovations are out there. There was much camaraderie during the breaks and so-
cial functions, one of which was the Presidents dinner where all in attendance had the distinct pleasure of witnessing me,
your humble president, on display as the magicians able assistant. According to some, it was the highlight of their trip.
As one put it to me it was great entertainment. Im sure there are photos on the NDA website (that you should denitely
avail yourself of at, which personies my innate ability to throw caution to the wind and don a clown
cap so others could get a huge belly laugh at my expense. Im just thankful we didnt have a hypnotist. Thank goodness
for small miracles.
Were really pleased to say that vendor participation exceeded our expectations. The variety of exhibitors present offered
newer versions of tooling, bits, additives, and machinery to make us think of new ways of doing the same old tasks. For
instance, a newly designed hammer by Rockmore, with fewer parts and capable of being taken apart in the eld for clean-
ing or adjustment; a tool manufactured by STS Mixers to separate geoloop lines while grouting; and a different diamond
bit for coring sandstone and limestone designed by Boart Longyear. Many vendor representatives expressed to me that
they were glad that they had exhibited at the convention and were pleased with the turnout. Im told several deals were
made, which is one of the many advantages of exhibiting at the convention, not to mention those who beneted from the
deals offered by the vendors. Without such tremendous support from our vendors and sponsors we would have been hard
pressed to pull off such a successful convention. The NDA is truly grateful for all of their support at this convention and
throughout the year.
The weather cooperated. The blue skies and comfortable humidity made the outdoor demonstrations easy to enjoy. Cen-
tral Mine Equipment demonstrated its newest version of the track 850XR, drilling with six-inch hollow stem augers using
a continuous sampler. Geoprobe showed distinctly different methods of core sample procurement, using a sonic rig and
a combination auger/rotary/probe rig. Baroid and Boart Longyear teamed up to demonstrate a grout mixer and pumping
The Subsurface Investigation (SSI) course, held concurrently with the convention, was well attended. SSI attendees were
able to enjoy the benet of face time with the vendors and also sit in on the majority of the presentations and all of the
outdoor demos.
The NDA also had the good fortune of welcoming and visiting with many attendees from Canada, Mexico, Australia,
Panama, Korea, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. We want to give a big shout out and thank you to all of them
for their ability and willingness to travel so far to share the informative and educational experience with their American
counterparts. It was really interesting learning about the drilling industry in other parts of the world. Although some were
not procient with the English language, I think they fully understood the entertainment provided by the magician and his
humble assistant. It seems that laughter at another persons expense is a universal language.
On behalf of the National Drilling Association, I would like to thank all of those who attended the convention as well as
a huge thank you to all of our vendors and sponsors, who without their support, the convention would have been very dif-
cult, if not impossible to provide. I also want to thank all those that helped behind the scenes to make this convention a
Our next convention is slated to be held in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area in the fall of next year. It will coincide with
the 40th anniversary of the NDA and the Tri-state Chapter. Im condent we will provide interesting and informative pre-
sentations and outdoor demonstrations, as well as an abundance of vendors with lucrative and attention-grabbing exhibits.
And lets not forget the entertainment. Please join us in celebrating 40 years of the NDA. Drill Bits 3

2010 NDA Officers, Board and Committees
OFFICERS Dennis Duty Mike Tiani
(Expiring 12/31/11) Baroid Industrial Drilling Products Terra Testing, Inc.
P.O. Box 1190 260 Meadowlands Blvd.
Peggy McGee, President
Dillwyn, VA 23936 Washington, PA 15301
Ranger Consulting, Inc.
Tel: 434-969-2297 Tel: 724-746-9100
3147 Martha Berry Highway
Fax: 434-969-2301 Fax: 724-746-1497
Rome, GA 30165
E-mail: E-mail:
Tel: 706-290-1782
Fax: 706-290-1701 Mark Miller CONVENTION/SEDC/TRAINING
E-mail: Miller Drilling Co. Inc.
107 Helton Dr.
Larry Gibel, Past-President Chair: Jim Howe
Lawrenceburg, TN 38464
Ohio TestBor, Inc. Members: Larry Gibel
Tel: 931-762-7548
P.O. Box 365
Fax: 931-762-6381 DCDMA COMMITTEE
Hinckley, OH 44233
Tel: 330-220-6436 Chair: Frank Villella
Fax: 330-220-6609 David Neibert Members: Gregg Nieto
E-mail: Central Mine Equipment Co.
Dan Dunn, Vice President 4215 Rider Trail North MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE
Boart Longyear - Core Drilling Division Earth City, MO 63045 Chair: Warren McCann
300 Grayson Road, P.O. Box 919 Tel: 800-325-8827 Members: Mark Miller
Wytheville, VA 24382 Fax: 314-291-4880
Tel: 276-228-7811 E-mail: SAFETY COMMITTEE
Fax: 276-228-6936 Frank Villella (DCDMA Chair) Chair: Dan Dunn
E-mail: Hoffman Diamond Products Members: Tim Augustine
Jim Howe, Secretary/Treasurer 121 Cedar Street
Punxsutawney, PA 15767
Geotechnology, Inc.
Tel: 814-938-7600 Chair: Larry Gibel
11816 Lackland Road, Suite150
Fax: 814-938-7625 Members: Mike Tiani, Frank Villella
St. Louis, MO 63146
Tel: 314-997-7440 E-mail:
Fax: 314-997-2067 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Buckeye
E-mail: ([SLULQJ Steve Wright
S&ME, Inc. Mid Atlantic
J & M Business Solutions, LLC
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National Drilling Association
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E-mail: Alan Garrard
Southern Company Services, Inc. Northwest
BOARD OF DIRECTORS 5001 Arkwright Road Warren McCann
(Expiring 12/31/10) Bin No. 65010 E-mail:
Tim Augustine Macon, GA 31210
Bowser-Morner, Inc. Tel: 478-784-4267 Tri state
4518 Taylorsville Road E-mail: Pat Replogle
Dayton, OH 45424 Len Rexrode E-mail:
Tel: 937-236-8805 Aquifer Drilling & Testing, Inc.
Fax: 937-233-2016 150 Nassau Terminal Road
E-mail: New Hyde Park, NY 11040 Tel: 800-238-3745
Fax: 516-616-6194

4 Drill Bits Fall 2010

Permafrost Tunnel Walls Provide
Glimpse into Past
D illi through
th h permafrost
f t (ground
( d th
thatt ttypically remains
frozen for at least three years) usually presents unique
opportunities to drill rig operators. Subsurface samples recently
collected near a permafrost tunnel 10 miles north of Fairbanks,
Alaska, proved no different for GeoTek Alaska, Inc. (GTA), located
in Anchorage.
The U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Centers
(ERDC) Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
(CRREL) operates the CRREL Permafrost Tunnel, an underground
facility, near
Fox, Alaska.
left to right) A CREEL representative and Elliott As part of an
Wilson, GTA Driller, are nearly surrounded by expansion
ice crystals deep within the tunnel. project, the
U.S. Army
Corps of
Engineers (USACE) contracted with GTA to use direct
push technology to complete nine borings at the site to
help determine the best location for an additional tunnel.
All of the borings were required to be 3-in. diameter
continuous soil samples from the surface to the depth
of interest, and the soil samples needed to provide the
ability to determine lithologic changes within the soil
types encountered, particularly changes in pore ice The U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Centers
content, color, and organic layering. Based on existing (ERDC) Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
data, the anticipated soil types in the borings included (CRREL) operates a unique research facility called the CRREL
a relatively thick section (~70 ft.) of loess (i.e. wind Permafrost Tunnel. The tunnel is located near Fox, Alaska,
deposited silt), thin colluvium layers (mid-level), and a in the Goldstream Valley, about 10 miles north of Fairbanks.
gravel layer near the bottom of the borings that overlay The tunnels frozen walls expose a continuous cross-section
weathered bedrock (schist). of undisturbed, perennially frozen, fossil-rich silt, sand, and
gravel on top of quartz-mica-schist bedrock. The tunnel,
Prior to the start of the project, GTA identied two
which penetrates 65 ft. of permafrost between the top of a
signicant challenges to the project. Right away we hill and bedrock, has material from 10,000 to 40,000 years
knew we had to minimize surface impacts, said Elliot old, frozen by extreme cold that penetrated the ground during
Wilson, GTA rig operator, so we needed a relatively those frigid years. Originally excavated for the study of
lightweight rig. But we also knew we needed a machine geology, ice science, and mining and construction techniques
that could grab a large diameter soil sample (3-in.) to the specic to permafrost environments, the tunnel offers unique
depth of interest, approximately 100 ft., and still meet the opportunities for students and research scientists. The tunnel
rst challenge. has also been the ideal lab to explore such subjects as climate
change impacts, permafrost deterioration mechanics, and
USACE required that the performance of the
frozen soil strength. The existing tunnel smells sour from the
borings produce as little vegetation disturbance as plants and animals decaying from their rst exposure to the
possible. Intact, non-compressed vegetation is essential atmosphere in thousands of years. Researchers have found
in maintaining the frozen regime of the near surface soils the preserved remains of ancient beetles, mites, ies, moths,
of the area. This requirement applied to both the direct butteries, and snails, and the bones and teeth of mammoths,
push rig and any other ancillary support equipment. bison, and horses within the tunnel. The tunnel was dug 360 ft.
The rst challenge was a serious concern. Damage deep through a frozen hillside in the early 1960s. Researchers
to the tundra on the surface might alter the natural plan to expand the tunnel during the next few years, drilling or
blasting a new shaft 450 ft. into a frozen hillside to parallel the
temperature regime and impact the planned temperature existing tunnel. The expansion will add laboratories, ofces,
data acquisition. Disturbance of the tundra and/or and a learning center. (Tunnel information reference: http://
removal of other surface vegetation (and subsequent
warming of subsurface temperatures) might lead to continued on page 7 Drill Bits 5


( L


Q }V>>V>`p
Q ipi}\x
/i-ii`->]i`>{ `\ni}\
Q i`i*/"i`i}
iVVLi`i`>V` >`i
Q `>V`i
i]>`>Liiv`iV>`i Q


6 Drill Bits Fall 2010

continued from page 5 ~
weakening of the existing tunnel, resulting in a possible collapse.
GTA chose their Geoprobe 8040DT for the work based on its
capabilities for efcient data acquisition to the depths of interest,
while the size and lighter footprint of the tracked rig met the
challenge of minimal ground disturbance.
Equipment was kept to a minimum. In addition to the
8040DT, GTA used two portable Geoprobe tool racks with drill
rods and a John Deere 450 bulldozer to clear a main trail of snow
and ice and to transport a 375 cfm air compressor. Only the
8040DT was allowed to move to the boring locations that were
located up to 300 ft. off the pre-existing main trail.
The soils encountered in the boreholes were difcult to One of many bones of mammoths, bison and
penetrate, sometimes requiring 30 minutes of hammering to get horses that have been found within the CRREL
a core (2.5 to 5 ft. of sample). According to Elliot, we pushed Permafrost Tunnel. Materials inside the tunnel
DT45 tooling with continuous sampling through frozen silts with ice are from 10,000 to 40,000 years old.
lenses up to 28 feet thick! We often experienced up to 200 percent
expansion in the sample liners with the soils in the area. The acquisition of continuous sampling provided the
client with excellent data for the soil types that would be encountered in an expansion of the tunnel system, he
GTA continued to use the 8040DT with dual tube tooling until
they reached the base layer of the overburden which was mainly
fragmented cobbles.
Once we reached the
gravels, Elliot explained,
we tripped out DT45
casing and seated
4.5-in. casing into the
gravel layer. After the
casing was seated,
we turned to the rotary
head capabilities of the
This ice wedge on the ceiling of the tunnel was 8040DT and advanced
formed by water that seeped into cracks in the through the gravel into
silts and then froze. bedrock which consisted
of extremely weathered
schist. We were fortunate to have frozen soils at this depth. It
allowed us to drill with an open-hole beyond the casing using air
rotary drilling methods. Although the air rotary method did not
produce soil samples as high in quality as the DT45 samples, the
cuttings that came out of the hole provided the client with useful
When total depth was achieved, 1.5-in. PVC wells were
installed for the insertion of thermistors. The thermistors will
provide for the future acquisition of temperature readings from the (left to right) Dustin Caneld and Elliott
subsurface. Wilson, with GeoTek Alaska, use an 8040DT
to collect one of nine soil borings near the
A total of nine borings were completed, ranging from 55 to
CRREL Permafrost Tunnel. A pre-existing,
117 ft. bgs, and all were completed within the proposed cost and
cleared trail was used by the rig and a
schedule for the project. bulldozer, but only the 8040DT was allowed to
travel to the boring locations that were located
up to 300 ft. off of the main trail.
Submitted by Gayle Lacey,
Communications Director
Geoprobe Systems Drill Bits 7

Atlas Copco works with American Drilling to develop their exploration
Mutual respect is the feeling in the air when speaking to anyone related to the contract
exploration drilling company American Drilling. From the guys who work on the rigs to their
customers to even the vendors, its evident that success comes from a conscious effort to
work together. Atlas Copco is one of those vendors who has worked with American Drilling
from its inception, supporting its eet of rigs, as the company developed relationships with
Steve Elloway, President of American Drilling, is private about his customers, yet is
very open about the quality of his people. I dont see American Drilling growing into a big
company; I want to be a small company doing the best work we can for our exclusive client Brian Morris, Exploration
Manager, Great Basins
Hollister Mine
Mostly the company focuses on underground core work, but they will do surface
work if their clients request it. When the company opened for business in 2008 they began
working with Atlas Copco to purchase its rst Diamec series drill rig.
I want to work with a company that will work with us to make improvements to our equipment and business, which
is what Atlas Copco does makes us better, said Elloway.
Atlas Copco Area Sales Specialist John Wolfe has a slightly different angle on that philosophy. We are not here to
make them better; they have made us better, he said, referring to the companys open-minded way of doing business.
This example of how both parties dealt with a change to one of the companys rigs is recent proof of the good
relationship. We knew there was an issue with the dump valve, said Elloway. Atlas Copco made changes three or four
times to make it the best it could be. That effort says a lot about Atlas Copco.
Although the company also has a Diamec U6 for more cramped conditions, and a CS 10 drill for surface work,
American Drillings main drill for most operations is the Diamec U8 core drill rig. We decided to go exclusively with Atlas
Copco. I rmly believe the U8 is the best underground drill
on the market. We pride ourselves on having the best, and
safest, technology and that is why we are exclusively with
Atlas Copco, said Elloway.
Elloway decribed the U8. There is nothing more
impressive. You cant drop a rod. Our mission statement is to
have state-of-the-art equipment and to be a step ahead. The
U8 ts our mission.
Wolfe said, Theyll try anything new and give feedback.
Their drillers keep good records, which helps when testing
new products and improving on existing equipment.

Proof in productivity
Great Basin Golds Hollister Mine in Nevada is a
location where American Drilling is putting the U8 to work.
While partners Steve Elloway and Casandra Mulligan are
located in the headquarters in Spokane, Wash., Johnny
Johnston is American Drillings general manager of operations
in Nevada and a partner in the company. Johnston said, The
U8 [at Hollister] has only gotten better as we have put time on
American Drilling drill operator Josh Tiner said, Ive
never seen a drill work this good this long. It drills better today
than when we got it and there has never been a real problem.
CIRCLE READER SERVICE CARD NO. 25 The reason for that performance record is because

8 Drill Bits Fall 2010

Atlas Copco has worked with them in the eld to make improvements to the
machine based on the working environment. Johnston said, Atlas Copco
has been here every time we have needed them, and for that reason all our
equipment works great.
Drilling in Nevada is difcult because of the broken and abrasive
Johnston said, Most who have drilled around the world would agree that
Nevada is about the most difcult drilling.
John Wolfe agreed, If you can drill here, you can drill anywhere.
An example of those difcult conditions is that all core drilling in the Josh Tiner, Driller, and John Johnston,
region requires oversized bits, just .385 extra, to give the barrel extra space General Manager of Operations, American
in the annulus. Johnston said, Basically its just a hair larger, allowing more Drilling
grease to be applied for better wall cake.
In addition to all the core barrels and other consumables, American
Drilling uses the new Excore bit from Atlas Copco at the Hollister Mine.
Drilling at Hollister is mostly horizontal to a slight incline. The holes
average 700 feet and have gone as far out as 1800 feet. When abandoned, the
holes are concreted to protect future mining operations. Johnston said, Great
Basins abandonment policy is to use concrete, they really want it done right.

Setting records
American Drilling driller Ty Kidd recently set a mine, and a company,
The Atlas Copco Diamec U8 works on the record at Hollister using the U8 and the Excore Bit. In 11 hours, using NQ size
lateral at Hollister Mine. Monthly totals pipe, Kidd drilled 348 feet with helper Rod Fisher handling the pipe. Johnston
range from 4,000 to 6,000 feet. said this is a testament to his entire team at Hollister, which also includes Bill
Hauser, Bob German and Josh Tiner.
Tiner said, We help each other by leaving our equipment ready for the next crew.
Exploration Manager for Great Basins Hollister Mine, Brian Morris is very
complimentary of American Drilling and its crews. You can tell these guys are all Grouting Equipment
professionals. They run a tight ship. Once an MSHA inspector even complimented
the crew saying, This is the cleanest station Ive ever seen. Heavy
For Morris its not just about appearances though. When I heard the guys Construction
at American were starting up [business] and getting a U8 I couldnt wait to get
them here. Morris said the exploration company working here before was getting
1,500 feet a month even after they were on the job a while. American exceeded
[the previous company] in the rst two weeks they were here. Last month was the Restoration
biggest month at 6,500 feet. Monthly totals range from 4,000 to 6,000 feet. Repair

Morris said, My cost-per-foot is half of what it was before and Im getting

more production. We have to stay ahead of the mining operation. Ill gladly pay
more. Im happy to write that check. U `}i

American doesnt give up on safety for speed either. Morris said, Because
U >
these guys are productive and work safe, I sleep well. And because American
hires the best guys, I wont get a call in the middle of the night, and that means a U/i Infrastructure
from the
lot to me. Ground Up
Ui for over
Elloway was clear he is not looking for business, but rather focused on
40 years
keeping those he works for today happy. We dont have a driller with less than U7i
ve years of experience and we have great customers. We owe a great deal of ii>
success to Atlas Copco. Since we started out they have been there, backed us up, Making grouting protable for over 45 years

and helped us move forward. They are committed.


The entire world watched as the incredible story of hope and survival unfolded in Copiapo, Chile. Since the
collapse of the main mine shaft that trapped 33 miners underground, the miners themselves showed remarkable
inner strength that is an inspiration to the entire world. In more than 100 years of business, Schramm has had
no greater mission than to provide drilling rigs to rescue the miners as quickly as current world class technology
Events began on August 5, 2010, when the main access tunnel collapsed in Copiapo, trapping 33 miners
about 5 miles into the winding shafts of a gold and copper mine 2,300 feet below the earths surface. With
emergency food supplies originally intended to last just a few days, the miners stretched their supplies to the
limit by eating two spoons of tuna, a sip of milk and half a biscuit every 48 hours. Fortunately, water was readily
available. Two days before the food was ready to run out, a Schramm T685 rig found the men alive, 17 days
after they lost contact with the outside world.
When the search began, seven narrow boreholes were drilled vertically down from the surface, all failing to
reach the miners. Finally on August 22nd, after the 8th attempt, when families and friends had almost given up,
the Schramm T685WS dug a narrow borehole down to where the miners were trapped. The men tied 2 notes
to the drill announcing in big red print, All 33 of us are ne in the shelter. Grapefruit sized 5-inch boreholes
restocked the miners with food, water and fresh air. More important, communication to their families and
renewed hope of rescue was restored.
Taking the rescue to the next level, a bigger rig was needed. A Schramm T130XD, referred to as rescue
Plan B, arrived shortly after the miners were found alive to speed up the process. Its rst mission was to widen
the hole from 5 inches to 12 inches in diameter. Completed successfully, the widened hole allowed teams to
provide the miners with larger objects such as clothing, medication and even ber optic entertainment.
The hole was then widened to a nal 28 inches in diameter when completed sufciently to hoist the miners
back to the surface and pull them to freedom. Plan B needed to drill about 2,074 feet deep following the track
of one of the existing bore holes used for communication lines to the miners. In late September the Schramm
T130XD penetrated to a depth of more than 984 feet of the
2,066 feet of rock separating the miners from the surface,
giving the world hope that the miners would see the light of day
signicantly ahead of prior estimates provided by the Chilean
Ministry of Mines.
After nearly two months of waiting, on the morning of
October 9, 2010 Plan A and Plan C drills slowed as the
Plan B drilled through the nal rock. The world exploded with
emotion as the hole that provided the miners a way out was
nally complete. The miners themselves helped the drillers bore
through the nal few feet. Miners were hauled one by one in a
custom built steel rescue capsule approximately 21inches wide
to see the sunshine once again. Extraordinarily, in less than 24 hours, each of the 33 miners were pulled from
the mine into the arms of their loved ones.
The tale of these trapped miners is truly a remarkable story of strength, discipline and determination.
Everyone at Schramm is proud of their part in the effort and happy to see that dreams sometimes do come true.
The extraordinary rescue effort will likely be used as an example of what can be done in future situations.
Dick Schramm, Chairman, Schramm, Inc.

10 Drill Bits Fall 2010

When it comes to drilling through overburden, nothing buzzes through sand, silt and gravel like a sonic.
But, on one recent occasion, the drilling speed surprised even the company who manufactures the sonic drill
Drilling a test hole for a future geothermal project, a Sonic Drill Corporation rig was able to bore past
300 feet and complete the hole in two hours and three minutes. No other drill exists that could do the job any
The drilling project, part of a law library extension for the University of British Columbia, was contracted to
Hemmera Energy, a division of Hemmera Environmental Services Consultants in Vancouver, British Columbia,
Canada. In this initial rst step, the company was asked to conduct a feasibility study to see if it was practical
to install a geothermal eld in the proposed extension.
Our role is to do the test holes to see if a larger scale project is feasible, said Christiaan Iacoe, an
environmental scientist and consultant at Hemmera Energy. If youre going to drill 200 holes or more, its good
to know the conditions.
Located on the campus near the high sand bluffs overlooking Burrard Inlet, the plan was to drill a single
350-foot hole. The initial hole was drilled using a conventional
mud rotary rig but, when the drill rig got past the 320-foot mark,
it was stopped in its tracks. Thats when the sonic drill was
brought in as a rescue rig.
In typical fashion, the sonic rig buzzed quickly and easily
through the same challenging conditions that jammed the
conventional rig. The only problem was when they installed the
geothermal loop into the hole, it was too buoyant due to salt
water intrusion.
We always add rebar to compensate but, this time, we
didnt have enough, said Sonic Drilling Ltd.
general manager Bill Fitzgerald. By the time
we got more rebar, our pipe had now become
We overdrilled the stuck pipe, removed
it, moved the rig ahead, cleaned up and drilled
the next hole, he said. I dont know the time
on that one. We didnt measure it but it must
have been pretty close. We installed the
geothermal loop and there was no problem.
When it comes to test holes, Iacoe
says any failed attempts are just as useful as
ones that are successful. If it shows its not
realistic to drill at that site, thats really important.
Our job is to produce a feasibility report, so what we do is drill the test hole and install a geothermal test
loop. We have a piece of equipment that runs off a pretty big generator, that applies a constant temperature to
the uid in the loop, he added. That gives us a temperature versus time situation to see what the actual heat
transfer is.
Iacoe says, based on the geology of the site as well as moisture conditions and other factors, they get a
range of values including thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and deep ground temperature. If the decision
continued on page 12 Drill Bits 11

is made to proceed with a larger eld, this information gives mechanical engineers, in the design phase, the
ability to use the actual numbers in designing the system, rather than projections.
Thats way, way more accurate, says Iacoe. We also pinpoint challenges at each site for full-scale
We have a lot of experience working with Bill and Sonic, and they can drill through things other drills
cant, adds Iacoe. Their drill holes are fully encased so there is not as much sloughing and they can grout a
borehole and retract the casing, compared to a mud rotary, which just leaves an open hole.
Sonic Drill Corporation rigs use an award-winning, patented drill head to transmit vibrations and power
through a drill string. The energy produced liquees overburden and bedrock and pushes the material up
and away from the drill pipe. This enables a sonic drill to achieve penetration rates 3-5 times greater than
conventional drilling systems such as mud rotary, air rotary and auger drilling all without the use of drilling
mud and while drilling through overburden.
The sonic is fast and so we count on getting through those zones before a problem arises, explains
Fitzgerald. We do jobs all the time that require us to drill through a lot of overburden and we do it better than
anybody else.

Submitted by Al Price for Sonic Drill Corporation

DCDMA: an international organization made up of manufacturers of core and soils equipment, dedicated
to establishing standards for drilling equipment. Membership is open to all responsible manufacturers who
can meet the standards and specications set forth by the organization.
The end result of DCDMA standardization is the ability of the end user to source products and have the
assurance of interchangeability.


12 Drill Bits Fall 2010

Safety is the Issue is a regular feature of Drill Bits magazine. Readers wishing to have a particular subject addressed in future
issues of Drill Bits should contact the National Drilling Association at 1545 W. 130th Street, Suite A2, Hinckley, OH 44233,
Tel: 1-877-nda-is4u, Fax: 216-803-9900 or e-mail


Everyone involved in the drilling industry should be concerned about safety. Drilling contractors and
manufacturers, including service companies and sub-contractors, employ people exposed to hazards. Safety
meetings are one method of making employees aware of the hazards on the job. A good safety meeting provides
employees a means to manage and minimize their exposure to those hazards.
These safety meetings are a waste of my time a couple of employees complain. The company forces me to
attend, then complains about my production.
Safety meetings dont have to be boring and unproductive. If done right, they can be upbeat, leaving
employees feeling good about their safety, the safety topic, and the company they work for.
Following a few simple steps can turn an otherwise dull safety presentation into a motivating and powerful
safety meeting.
Properly preparing for your safety meeting is the key. Decide your purpose for the meeting. Is it simply to give
safety information to employees to improve their safety record? Perhaps the meeting is to satisfy OSHA, MSHA,
DOT or client requirements? Maybe you want to focus on a particular hazard or a recent accident? As you plan the
content of your meeting, make sure the purpose is fullled. You may have to do some research or ask other people
for suggestions.
Allow yourself to think big. Undoubtedly, as you rene the plan, you will have to trim it down, saving only the
most important or best ideas. Putting too much information into the time allowed can ruin the safety meeting. It is
better to give your employees 2 things they will remember than 20 things they will forget.
A good rule of thumb used for safety meetings is to: rst, tell employees what youre going to tell them. Then
tell them. Then tell them what you told them.
Dont just lecture. Use a slide presentation with bullet points and pictures, CD/DVDs and handouts to
involve their senses. Dont forget to use resources like the Drilling Safety Guide, the Tailgate Safety Tips, and An
Introduction to Drilling Safety DVD, all available from the National Drilling Association.
Employee interaction will keep them interested. In fact, encourage them to offer ideas. Use the knowledge
employees bring to their jobs. When people participate in the safety meeting, theyre more likely to remember what
you say.
In a sense, you are a salesman who is selling the benets of
safety. Focus on what employees will gain if they practice safety
techniques. To get people to buy into your safety program, you will have
to tell them whats in it for them.
Give yourself plenty of time to plan the meeting.
Schedule your meeting in the morning when everyones
awake and alert.
Use current, updated training material
Use examples and tell stories relating to the topic.
Solicit input
Show respect. Dont criticize their ideas.
Keep it short.
At the conclusion of your safety meeting, review your main points.
So that employees know you are committed, describe your follow-up
plan. Thank them for attending, and let them know you expect them to
use the ideas you have presented in their jobs.
The safety meeting was great. Now that its over, how do you
prove it ever took place? Document it! Always have your employees sign-off on the training that you provide.
These records should be led with your permanent training records for future reference.
Make your safety meetings meaningful. When done right, your safety record and your employees safety
attitude will improve.
Dan Dunn chairs the NDA Safety Committee. With 27 years of experience in the drilling industry he is
currently EHS & Operations Supervisor at Boart Longyear Companys Core Drilling Division in Wytheville, Virginia. Drill Bits 13

14 Drill Bits Fall 2010
2010 NDA Convention Sponsors
Acker Drill Company
Atlas Copco
Baroid Industrial Drilling Products
Central Mine Equipment Company
Craig Test Boring Company
Diedrich Drill, Inc.
Hoffman Diamond Products
International Construction Equipment
N&N Drilling Supply
Ranger Consulting
Rig Source
SIMCO Drilling Equipment
USExploration Equipment Company

2010 NDA Convention Exhibitors

Acker Drill Company
AMS, Inc.
Atlas Copco
Baroid Industrial Drilling Products
Baski, Inc.
Boart Longyear
Central Mine Equipment Company
CETCO Drilling Products
Diedrich Drill, Inc.
Environmental Service Products
Geoprobe Systems
Global Drilling Suppliers, Inc.
Hole Products
Master Technologies Ltd.
Mobile Drill Intl
N&N Drilling Supply
National Driller
Rig Source
Rockmore International
SIMCO Drilling Equipment
STS Mixers
TAM International
Tube Technologies
USExploration Equipment Company
Watson-Marlow Pumps Group
WorldWide Drilling Resource, Inc. Drill Bits 15

Geotechnology, Inc.a leading provider of geotechnical and environmental engineering,
materials testing, geophysics and drilling serviceshas announced a signicant safety
achievement. The rms St. Louis Drilling Group has attained 1,000 workdays without a loss-time
accident. This amounts to over 141,000 man hours worked.
Im very proud of this achievement, particularly because of the inherent risks associated with
drilling, said John Bostwick, R.G., Geotechnologys St. Louis Drilling Group Manager. Its also a
testament to the success of
Geotechnologys company-
wide safety program.
Geotechnology takes a
multi-pronged approach
to managing safety,
Safety Training
Enhanced Safety
Incentive Program
Revitalized Safety Team
Increased Safety

This approach has

successfully contributed to a more than 60% decrease from 2008 to the present in the companys
OSHA recordable incident rate.
Geotechnology, Inc., is an employee-owned, professional corporation offering a
comprehensive range of consulting services in applied earth and environmental sciences,
including geotechnical and environmental engineering, materials testing, geophysics and drilling.
Geotechnology has provided expertise on nearly every major construction project in the region,
including the new Busch Stadium, Lambert Airport expansion, the new Mississippi River Bridge, and
both Lumiere Place and River City Casinos. Geotechnology, Inc. is based in St. Louis, Missouri and
has ofces in Collinsville, Illinois and Overland Park, Kansas. Geotechnology has 120 employees
and recorded $14.9 million in sales in 2009.

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Supplier or
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Regular Agencies
(Domestic or Foreign)
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$270 $80 $80
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$640 $640
$5M to $10M $1,765
Over $10M $2,000

Manufacturer Persons, firms, and/or corporations who manufacture products for the drilling industry.
Contractor Persons, firms, and/or corporations who own and operate one or more drill rigs and contract for services.
Government A government agency or organization providing ancillary services to the drilling industry.
Retired Any person retired from the industry.

Company Annual Dues (From Schedule Above) $________ Mail or Fax Payment to:

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NDA x 1545 W. 130 Street, Suite A2, Hinckley, OH 44233 x Tel: 877-632-4748 x Fax: 216-803-9900 x

18 Drill Bits Fall 2010

I had another desktop in my ofce fail this
summer. Im not sure its down for the count, since
the RAM and hard drive both test out ne, yet it
randomly reboots. Since it is just one of four desktops
I use with a keyboard/video switch, it isnt totally
critical, so I moved the two printers attached to it
Dust that has collected inside a clients computer when I
onto another computer, moved QuickBooks onto yet decided to clean it out.
another and will come back to it when I have more
I suspect the problem might be something thermal since the problems are more pronounced later in the
day when it is hotter.
That got me thinking. Most of my computer failures have occurred in June or July when the temperature
rises in Colorado. Even if the failure was something like a hard drive that bit the dust, I have to believe heat
was a major factor.
So I opened the cases of all four desktops and used compressed air to blow the dust out. And there was
quite a bit of dust to clean out. I also noticed one of the fans had stopped spinning, which I see frequently.
The dust tends to collect in the fans. As they spin, static builds up which attracts dust. The problem is as
the dust collects in the fan, it can cause them to seize or burn out.
I use a small program called SpeedFan ( to monitor the
temperature of my notebooks, which tend to run hotter than Id like, but I just installed it on all of my desktops.
It also monitors the hard drives S.M.A.R.T. system, alerting you if your drive is showing the early signs of
Most CPUs have maximum operating temperatures of 60 C to 75 C. Even if your computer isnt
running at its maximum temperature, the hotter it runs, the shorter the lifetime of the computer. An overheated
component in a computer may be the cause of those intermittent lockups. Some systems will slow down the
processor if it starts overheating.
I have to admit I havent gotten into a routine for cleaning my computers. Now that I realize how
important it is, Ive set a reminder in Outlook that will remind me the rst Monday of every other month to clean
out the computers.
Ive got backup programs running on every computer. They are automated, so I know they are doing
their job even when I forget. I wish I could have an automated computer cleaner.
The big question for you is Have you cleaned your computer recently? Keeping it clean so it stays cool
will help keep it running at its best. And mark your calendar to clean it at least once a quarter.

Submitted by Gregg Marshall

Gregg Marshall, CPMR, CSP, is a speaker, author and consultant. He can be reached by e-mail at, or visit his website at Drill Bits 19

&& Pieces
Pieces Bits Bits Pieces
Pieces Bits Bit & & &
Atlas Copcos Boyd, Mattila to take on MSA New Products
new assignments within the company ALTAIR 4X Multigas Detector Features New
Torbjorn Redaelli, President Atlas Copco XCell Sensor Technology
Construction Mining Technique USA LLC, has announced MSA introduces a new addition to
that Ron Boyd has left his current position as Business Line the Altair family of portable instruments.
Manager for Rock Drilling Tools (RDT) to take on a new The new ALTAIR 4X Multigas Detector
assignment as Project Manager for Atlas Copcos oil and driven by MSA XCell Sensor Technology
gas RDT products. offers many performance advantages:
In this capacity, Boyd will standard three-year warranty, four-year
initially focus on developing and sensor life, faster response time, increased
executing a strategic two-year plan, stability, and less than 60-second span
better positioning Atlas Copco within calibration time. The ALTAIR 4X
the North American oil and gas Multigas Detector operates with only
drilling market and identifying new MSA XCell Sensors for combustible gas, O2, H2S and CO.
growth opportunities both
domestically and globally.
Ron Boyd Boyd will work
directly for the Grand
Prairie Product Company within Atlas Copcos
RDT division in Grand Prairie, Texas.
As a result of this
change, Gene Mattila
has left his position as
Business Line Manager
for Geotechnical Drilling
and Exploration (GDE)
products and taken on
the position as Business
Line Manager for Atlas
Gene Mattila
Copcos RDT products.
With his broad expertise and senior
status in the U.S. construction and mining
business, along with his proven leadership
skills and ability to deliver results, Gene is
uniquely suited to take on this challenge, said
Both assignments were effective April 1,


20 Drill Bits Fall 2010

& & &&
tsPiecesPiecesBits BitsPiecesPiecesBits BitsPieces
Bits Pieces & &
The ALTAIR 4X Multigas Detector is compatible with the RIG SOURCE INTRODUCES A NEW
ALTAIR 4 Galaxy Test Stand, and provides exclusive INJECTION PUMP TO THE DRILLING
optional MotionAlert and InstantAlert features.
MARKET: The New ChemGrout
Photo: MSA ALTAIR4X Solid_X-Ray.jpg
New Bulletin for MSA Permanent Instrument Rig Source Inc. saw a need for a heavy duty injection
Horns and Strobes pump in the rental market. In order to come
New PG07 bulletin #07-0040 MSA Instrument up with a solution, Rig
Accessories: Horns and Strobes 2010 is now available. Source worked closely
This comprehensive and handy one-page guide lists MSA with ChemGrout to
P/N, type, power, approval, dimension, current draw, color, develop a unit that
and decibel level for MSA horn and strobe accessories. would both mix and
To view and download this bulletin, please visit www. pump all remediation or compounds without
having any problems.
MSA Workman Personal Fall Limiter The result of this combined knowledge is the ChemGrout
Remediator. Rig Source tested the units durability and
A lightweight yet durable engineered thermoplastic
production with our rental clients. After a year of testing
housing; rugged, impact-absorbing protective
and use of many different pumped products, RSI is proud
bumpers; and choice of cable or web lifeline
to say that the test unit still has the original seals in it.
combine to provide a Personal Fall Limiter
Drilling contractors have also been impressed with the unit.
(PFL) that will be there for you when you need
Do you think this improved pump may help you? Give us a
it most. The MSA Workman PFL is designed for

call as new units are
durability and ease of use, with a multitude of
now available and in
connector choices and exible ATO ordering for
stock for sale or for
the exact options you need. Additional features
include a 400-lb working capacity, no annual Drilling Contractors rent.
For more
recertication requirement, and integral load
information about
this new unit, contact
the RSI sales team at
MSA Workman Tripod Combines Ease of
1-877-365-1649 or
Use with Durability and Versatility An online directory for drilling contractors
visit our website at
Quick and easy set-up, to list their company and services.
increased durability, greater stability, com.
and improved portabilityall in LOOHUFR
QGDGU te in markets
one product! The MSA Workman will prom g expertise is in
llin e
where dri and: Ground sourcl/
Tripod makes conned space entry high-demmps, geotechnica n
heat pu ental, foundatio
with vertical descent safe and easy. environm g and more.
New features include: internal leg-
locking mechanism, maximum
height indicator on the tripod legs,
cut-resistant leg pin retention chains,
recessed product labels, reduced
List your company today and be found!
weight and integral carrying strap. For more information on how to list your
company call 800.874.4245
or visit QGDGULOOHUFRP. Drill Bits 21

&& Pieces
Pieces Bits Bits Pieces
Pieces Bits Bit & & &
New Website Launched
To Support Geothermal Heating And Cooling
Bob Lawrence & Associates, Inc. (BL&A) has launched a new website - - to promote the
installation of geothermal heat pumps (GHPs) across the United States. GHPsRUS is short for GHPs are U.S. The
website URL is was created to:

1) Help collect data from contractors, designers, installers, drillers, and GHP manufacturers and their suppliers; and
2) Generate excitement about and serve as an online portal for the GHPsRUS Project.

The GHPsRUS Project seeks to quantify the economic, environmental, and social benets resulting from a nationwide
deployment of GHPs, wherever they make economic sense. Economic sense will be dened vis--vis current
sources of heating, cooling, and electricity as well as geographic factors.

Economic benets include jobs created, taxes paid, business expansion, and energy savings. Environmental benets
include a reduction in the emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants and a decreased need for new electricity
generation. Social benets include improved quality of life. features a poll of the month, links to useful websites and reports, press releases, and specic pages for
GHP contractors, designers, installers, drillers, and GHP manufacturers and their suppliers.

The GHPsRUS Project is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy through the American Recovery and
Reinvestment Act of 2009.
Geothermal heat pumps (GHPs) - among the most efcient heating and cooling technologies available - use the constant
temperature of the earth to heat and cool buildings. GHPs move heat between buildings and the earth three to ve times
more efciently than other HVAC systems. And, about 70 percent of the energy used in a GHP system is renewable
energy from the ground. While the technology has existed since the late 1940s, GHPs, also known as ground-source heat
pumps and GeoExchange, currently account for less than two percent of the total North American heating and cooling
Bob Lawrence & Associates, Inc. (BL&A) is a Washington, D.C.-based government relations rm established in 1986.
It features corporate clients and federal government contracts and has signicant relationships with several international
entities. BL&A has worked with the U.S. Department of Energy since its inception to promote the use of clean
renewable energy in the United States and around the world. Visit BL&A on the web at

22 Drill Bits Fall 2010

Spring 2009
& & &&
tsPiecesPiecesBits BitsPiecesPiecesBits BitsPieces
Bits Pieces & &
New Products from Atlas Copco
New Atlas Copco rock drill series does the job in even the toughest conditions
Atlas Copco has launched three new heavy duty versions of its COP 1800 series hydraulic
rock drills. The COP 1638HD, COP 1838HD and COP 2238HD are designed for
underground drilling in even the toughest of mining and tunneling conditions.
The COP 1800HD series works in long-hole or face drilling with a hole range
of 38 to 64 mm.
New features include a side bolt design with four front bolts and
two rear bolts. This minimizes the risk of impact piston misalignment and
secondary damages to internal parts. Serviceability is also easier with side
bolt torque procedures. In addition, the front head has been strengthened to absorb more shock from the rock, so the rock
drills are sturdier in demanding conditions.
When developing these new heavy duty versions, we wanted to extend the service intervals and minimize total
downtime, even when drilling in very tough conditions, said Peter Bray, Product Manager, Face Drilling Equipment at
Atlas Copco. We have been eld testing at a number of locations with extremely demanding conditions, and the machines
have been performing beyond expectations.

New Atlas Copco Boomer T1 D set to replace the

Boomer 104 in narrow vein face drilling
The new Atlas Copco Boomer T1 D face drilling rig builds upon the
proven features of the Boomer 104 in narrow vein applications
with improved productivity, more strength and more options.
The hydraulically controlled rig has a tight turning radius, and
with the enclosed cabin option, stands just 1300 mm wide and
2722 mm high.
It comes standard with a COP 1838ME rock drill, which
not only has a high penetration rate, but boasts excellent drill
steel economy because of its double dampening. An optional long-hole feed kit is
available, suitable for both face drilling and long-hole drilling.
The rst T1 D has been shown at the Elko Mine Show in the United States and the CIM Conference in Canada, and
has been very well received by operators and miners. We look forward to getting this product in the eld, said Business
Line Manager Ed Tanner, Atlas Copco Underground Rock Excavation.
Serviceability is improved on the Boomer T1 D with easy access to all service points, making for faster diagnosis
and repair. The standard protective roof is FOPS approved, as is the optional enclosed cabin. The ergonomic design of
the operator compartment makes this a very safe, comfortable and productive machine to operate. It is equipped with
SAHR emergency and parking brakes; improved LED tramming lights that provide better visibility with lower power
consumption; and HID (Xenon) work lights that provide better visibility and are less sensitive to water splash.
Options include: COP 1638 rock drill for softer ground conditions; COP 2238 rock drill for high productivity;
telescopic feed BMHT 2000 series; FOPS-approved air conditioned cabin; boom suspension system; hole blowing kit, and
a manual grease kit and rig washing kit.
Atlas Copco is rst introducing the Boomer T1 D face drilling rig in Australia, Canada and the United States and
will make it available worldwide for deliveries starting in early 2011. Drill Bits 23

&& Pieces
Pieces Bits Bits Pieces
Pieces Bits Bit & & &
News from Fordia
Fordia Unveils New Coring System Design
Following the trend of advanced coring systems, Fordia has introduced a new core barrel with self-locking latches
that cannot be accidently retracted once engaged. This latch system helps prevent the accidental loss of samples, which
may be caused by a mislatch of the core barrel and overshot.
The development of such a system is a premiere for the company. Even though Fordia already owns various patents,
the one obtained for the design of the new OWL Self-Lock is their very rst that is related to equipment.

One Sticky Catch Phrase

In partnership with Robco, a leading manufacturer of industrial lubricants, Fordia has expanded its product line to
include two greases specically designed to reduce vibration while adequately protecting the drill rod string on diamond
drill rods.
BLACK WIDOW is an extra-tacky grease meant to offer optimal performance even in the worst application
conditions. Drillers will appreciate that it is great in all climates, whether hot or cold. In very hot seasons and climates,
BLACK WIDOW will not liquefy as other greases do. It will also keep its properties even at low temperatures.
Now offering a biodegradable version, with the BIO BLACK WIDOW (over 70% biodegradable!), Fordias product
is an exclusivity in the Canadian market. Manufactured with biodegradable vegetable oils, BIO BLACK WIDOW is a
simple choice to minimize the impact of drilling on the environment, especially in eco-sensitive areas. This grease is
not only a green product; it also offers better performance and greater anti-oxidation properties than most conventional
biodegradable lubricants.

HERO Declares War on Abrasive Ground

Specializing in the manufacturing of diamond tools and equipment for the diamond drilling and geotechnical
industries, Fordia caused a buzz with the launch of the HERO 7 matrix in June 2009.
Popularized by an outrageous marketing campaign and a comic strip featuring a driller becoming
a hero, this core bit series has left its mark.
The company is already expanding this new series with the HERO 3. According to the
manufacturer, this matrix has been designed to address soft and abrasive ground types, which
are usually rated between 3.5 and 5.5 on Mohs hardness scale. These rock formations are mostly
comprised of sandstone, shale or limestone.
Besides offering an excellent resistance to abrasion, HERO 3 also allows a smooth
transition when drilling in various hardness levels, an almost unavoidable challenge considering
the complexity of rock formations.
Manufactured one by one with great care and precision, HERO 3 core bits are made of a unique blend of
powders and a special alloy. Compliant with the HERO series, this new matrix comes standard with a 13 mm diamond
impregnation height and offers an outstanding penetration to lifespan ratio.
Fordia recommends choosing a Pie-Shape conguration with this matrix, a smart move considering the ground type,
because it allows a greater evacuation of drilling cuttings. Sedimentary rocks that can easily block waterways and slow
down the work optimal matrix and conguration choices can help reduce this possibility. HERO 3 is also available in
Standard and Turbo-Pie-Shape congurations, as well as in Vulcan, with a 16 mm diamond impregnation height.

About Fordia
Fordia offers global drilling solutions to its customers in the mineral exploration and geotechnical industries. With a
complete range of diamond tools, equipment and accessories, the company has ofces on all continents and is represented
by its distribution network in more than 25 countries. For further information on Fordia, please visit

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Bits Pieces & &
Engineers Leadership Foundation Launches Program To Make Kids
Better Readers and Better Students
The Engineers Leadership Foundation is pilot testing its new Engineering Better Readers program,
an initiative that incentivizes elementary-school students to read more while giving participating engineers
leadership roles in their respective communities.
The diminishment of our childrens reading skills is a serious national problem, said Foundation
President Gerald J. Salontai, a professional engineer and former engineering rm CEO. Studies show
that kids who do not master reading skills by third grade are far more likely to drop out before high school
graduation. Nothing much can be accomplished in any eld, including engineering, without knowing how
to read.
According to Patty Bachner, Engineering Better Readers program director, Our research shows
that incentives work. They also give kids a chance to experience achievements and empowerment through
reading skills. She will be directing the programs three pilot efforts in Newark, N.J., Houston, and Denver.
Under the program, a participating engineering rm coordinates with local school authorities to
sponsor a reading initiative in a designated under-performing elementary school. The rm purchases kid-
friendly incentives and provides mentors who encourage students to read, provide assistance when needed,
and discuss books chosen to enrich the reading experience. Incentives include iPods, Wiis, and other
electronic items; nonviolent toys and games; and skateboards, basketballs, and other sports equipment,
among many others. Children read books for points they use to purchase the incentives.
Salontai said the Engineering Better Readers program can also help engineers develop their own
leadership skills, which relates directly to the Foundations mission. We have designed Engineering Better
Readers to encourage the principals and employees of engineering rms to get directly involved in an
important community outreach activity, Salontai notes. Its often difcult for those in the private sector
to gain exposure to the community by doing their day jobs, but that exposure is fundamental to community
leadership. Were extremely optimistic that Engineering Better Readers has the potential to be successful on
many fronts.
For more information about the Engineering Better Readers Program and the Engineers Leadership
Foundation, visit or contact the organization at
or 301/588-6650. Drill Bits 25

NDA Marketplace

Rig Source took delivery Rig Source sold a

of a new Geoprobe used Boart Longyear
7822DT unit at noon and LF70/Morooka MST-
by 3 pm, NDA member 1100 to West Core of
Harriss Drilling Services Elko, NV.
Inc. of Freeburg, Illinois
was renting the new
unit! The 7822DT unit
has proven to be a popular rental unit due to its
multipurpose features including direct-push and
auguring capabilities. Harriss drilling plans to use the
7822DT on an air force base for soil sampling and Chateld Drilling
groundwater monitoring well installations. Im excited of Greenville, PA
to use the new Geoprobe 7822DT on this project, purchased a Morooka
after all the great things Ive heard about this new MST-1500 from Rig
unit, said Chuck Harriss of Harriss Drilling Services Source.
Whether you are looking for long or short term
rentals, Rig Source is here to help you manage
your eet. For more information about this new unit,
contact the RSI sales team at 1-630-365-1649 or visit Patton Mining
our website at purchased an Atlas
Copco RD20 Range III
from Rig Source Inc.
M & W Drilling of
Knoxville, TN purchased
a used Diedrich D-120/
Morooka MST-1500 from
Rig Source Inc.
Rig Source sold a
Geoprobe 6620DT
to Parratt-Wolf
Inc. located in East
Rig Source sold Syracuse, NY.
used Geoprobe
54DT to Direct Push

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New Members
$662&,$7(6 &2175$&7256 *29(510(17
7HO 7HO *
6833/,(56',675,%87256 KHQGHUVRQJHUDUG#HSDJRY


28 Drill Bits Fall 2010

2010 2010
Have an item for the calendar? If so, please mail, fax or e-mail the information to Drill Bits
magazine, 1545 W. 130th Street, Suite A2, Hinckley, OH 44233, fax 216-803-9900, or e-mail
to We will use calendar items as space permits.

National Ground Water Association 2011 North American Environmental Field 113th National Western Mining
Ground Water Expo Conference & Exposition Conference
December 7-10, 2010 January 10-13, 2011 Colorado Mining Association
Las Vegas, Nevada Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa on Mission Bay February 27 March 2, 2011 San Diego, California Colorado Convention Center Denver, Colorado
Mineral Exploration Roundup 2010 APRIL
Association for Mineral Exploration
British Columbia Shallow Exploration Drillers Clinic
January 24 - 27, 2011 April 12 14, 2011
Westin Bayshore Lancaster Event Center
Vancouver, British Columbus, Canada Lincoln, Nebraska

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8 Acker Drill Co., Inc. 570-586-2061 25

17 Atlas Copco 303-253-6922 20

Outside Back Cover Central Mine Equipment Company 314-406-2997 15

9 ChemGrout 708-354-7112 29

6 GEFCO 580-234-4141 14

Inside Front Cover Diedrich Drill, Inc. 219-326-7788 1

2 Doosan Infracore Portable Power 704-883-3764 22

27 Geoprobe Systems 785-404-1173 8

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Tight Spots
call for
Instead of
When mounted on our CME-300
remote controlled tracked carrier, the
CME-55 can get into tight locations not
accessible to a truck mounted rig.. The
rugged planetary drives and triple walking
beam suspension also allow this machine
to climb hills, traverse mud, sand, rocks,
and snowall while your operators feet
are planted firmly on the ground.
Of course the rubber tracks will
not damage most pavement, so you can
also use this rig anywhere you might
use a truck mounted drill.
We designed the CME-300 tracked
carrier specifically for carrying drill rigs, so
there are no compromises. It has the best
center of gravity for both driving and
drilling. And you wont find a more
rugged carrier in its class.
Once you get to the site, the CME-
55 can give you up to 9,400 foot
pounds of torque and 28,275 pounds of
retract force.
Its available with all the features
you need to get the job done as effi-
ciently as possible. Like in/out and
sideways slide bases, angle drilling,
automatic SPT hammer, auger racks,
tool boxes and more.
And for low clearance jobs, the
CME-55LC can also be mounted on
this carrier.
Give us a call and find out how the
CME-55 on the CME-300 carrier can
get you in (and out) of a tight spot.


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