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QUIZ answers


How many states are there in New York city ? And can you give their names ?

5 states : Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island

What is the nickname of New York ?

The Big Apple

What is the name of the monument in memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks ?

The World Trade Center

Can you give the names of the five boroughs ?

Little Italy, Chinatown, Time Square, Broadway, Soho, Wall Street, Central Park, 5

What is the particularity of this city ?

The most cosmopolitain city in the world

Can you name 2 different things to do in Sydney ?
The australian museum and practice kayaking

Where did the British arrive in this country ?


What are the symbols of Australia ?

The flag, the kangaroo, the emblem

How many stars are there in the Australian flag ?


How many states are there in Australia ?


What are the names of the members of the group ?

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Georges Harisson, Ringo Starr

Where is the museum situated in Liverpool ?

The museum is situated in Albert Dock, the famous place of Liverpool

What is the name of the Beatles's manager ?

Brian Epstein

What is the colour of the submarine ?

Yellow submarine

Give the names of two songs by the Beatles

Let it be Hey Jude Something

In my life Yesterday Strawberry fields forever
Yellow submarine The Day in the life I want to hold your hand

Who are the two trainers of the two clubs of Manchester ?
Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho

Can you give the names of the four museums of Manchester?

The national Football museum, The People's history Museum, The imprial war museum,
The museum of science and industry.

Right or Wrong : Manchester count 450 000 inhabitants.

Wrong, about 512 000 residents live in Manchester. (511 852 to be exact)

What's the name of Manchester City's Stadium ?

The Etihad Stadium.

What kind of city was Manchester ?

It was an important industrial city .

How many inhabitants live in Liverpool ?
Can you give the name of an artist who painted in Liverpool ?
Banksy, Cranio
What is the name of Liverpool FC's stadium ?
Anfield Stadium
Which cathedral is the most recent ?
Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral
Where is the International slavery museum situated ?
Albert Dock

What is the top speed of a zip line ?
The top speed of a zip line is 80km/h.
In paragliding where do you launch from ?
You can launch from Grouse mountain peak with an elevation drop of 3,300 feet.
In how many zone(s) can you practice Snowboard ?
You can practice Snowboard in 2 zones.
What happened in Grouse Moutain in 2010 ?
In 2010 in Grouse Moutain the winter olympic games took place.
Where is Grouse Moutain situated ?
Grouse Moutain is situated in Vancouver .


Where is Auckland situated ?

Northern Island of New Zealand.

What is the climate there ?

It's a warm coastal climate without extremes of temperature.

What makes the city so special ?

The thing that makes the city so special is its melting pot of cultures.

What's the name of New Zealand's famous volcano ?

New Zealand's famous volcano is called Rangitoto.

What happened after the capital moved to Wellington ?

The region began growing up from the 1870's. During the 20th century, Auckland became New
Zealand's largest city.