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National Workshop On
1. Introduction to Research & Statistical Software

Multivariate Analysis Session Timings Introduction to research design

Using 09.00 AM to 5.30 PM
Sample determination


Data preparation and cleaning
* 4.30 to 5.30 is allocated for
Discussions and Clarification 2. Hypothesis testing
(A Complete Approach)
Descriptive statistics
22-28 March 2017 Chi-Square
Discriminant Analysis
Cluster Analysis
Factor Analysis
Scale development

4th Edition Reliability & Validity

4. Introduction to model building

Understanding AMOS Graphics
Basic SEM Model

Regression analysis in AMOS

Path Analysis
Measurement Model
Model Evaluation
Mediation Testing

Moderation in SEM
Multiple Model Comparison

6. Fit Measures in AMOS

Improving the model fit
Department of Management Studies Getting the Best Model
Kongu Engineering College Clinical Session
Perundurai, Erode-638052, Tamil Nadu
ABOUT THE WORKSHOP This is the fourth edition of our workshop that aims at a complete WORKSHOP FEE
approach to progressive research methods. The previous editions (Fee Inclusive of Lunch, Refreshment, Manual, Certificate and Workshop Kit)
with inferential approach and inclusive approach were held during March 27-28, October
Registration Fee
30-31, 2015 and August 5-7, 2016 respectively in our campus. The massive success and OPTION
overwhelming post workshop responses from the participants created a brand value for Research Scholars Academicians

our workshop and encouraged us to come out with series of the workshops every Day 1 - 4 (Basics) Rs.2000 Rs.2500
year. This edition is designed to give comprehensive understanding of multivariate
statistical methods with advanced software. The emphasis is on Theory & Model Day 4 - 7 (Advanced) Rs.2500 Rs.3000

building and testing through a series of statistical tools.

Day 1 7 (Complete) Rs.4000 Rs.5000

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to use SPSS, AMOS, Smart *Registration fee is inclusive of service tax
PLS software to do data diagnostics, perform appropriate analysis and make meaningful
inference. Participants will also be able to write research reports based on their own
analysis, inferences and findings. Participant fee can be paid through Net banking / DD. For Net banking mode of payment,
kindly mail to to obtain details)

WORKSHOP HIGHLIGHTS Comprehensive Course Materials DD should be taken in favour of IIP Cell Grant in Aid A/c payable @ Perundurai/Erode

Publication and Report writing approach

Detailed knowledge delivery sessions

Personalised data analysis using your data set*

ACCOMMODATION Guest House accommodation within the campus can be arranged for
Real Time experience in statistical software (SPSS, AMOS & registered participants on request at Rs.200/day inclusive of Breakfast and
Smart PLS)
Dinner. (Confirmation should be made on or before 28th February 2017)

*Participants are encouraged to bring their own dataset for discussion and clarification on interest


To illustrate the applications of Multivariate analysis using SPSS software with hands on
laboratory sessions For further details, please contact:

To familiarise the participants with SEM application using AMOS & Smart PLS Software Workshop Coordinators Registration
To enable the participants to analyse, interpret and report using high level statistical tools.
Dr. S. Padmavathy, Dr. P.Sundharesalingam Interested aspirants shall register
WHO CAN ATTEND Dr. M. Umasankar through online registration form by
Department of Management Studies clicking the below link.
Kongu Engineering College
Supervisors who are interested in improving their statistical exposure and
Perundurai, Erode - 638 052. Tamil Nadu.
quality of their guidance Mobile: 86750 14214 / 98429 12127
Research scholars who want to do the statistical analysis and write thesis Email:
on their own