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STUDENT NAME : ______________________________ NEW BUSINESS
INTAKE : ________ _______________________________
LOCATION : ________ BSC COLOMBO ____________________________

1. TOPIC / TITLE : A study of factors leading to sustained profitability in
conducting national level events in the event management
business of SLIM

2. COMPANY : ____________________________

The main objective of this project is to develop a business plan to BRING ABOUT FACTORS FOR
SUSTAINING PROFITABLE EVENT MANAGEMENT in managing large scale events. This proposal will
explain the strategies and plans involved along with factors of marketing the event, cost and
human capital management. Also a financial plan is proposed for the 3 years ahead. This proposal
will lead to establishment of effective management of the main events to achieve profitability and
long term sustainability leading to achieving the future objective of becoming a well recognised
awards DESIGN
programme at the
The research design will be Asian regional
carried level.the methods involving qualitative and quantitative
out through
analysis with existing data internal and external. The data will be analyzed to provide the right
direction and solutions for the organizations stated issues and opportunities.

coordination. PROJECT TIME PLAN (GANTT CHART FOR 12 WEEKS) – PLEASE ATTACH 6. DO YOU HAVE ACCESS TO DATA SOURCES? Yes. . 7. data bases and the journals where the data is already present. books. delegation. Management. the data sources to be referred will be through the mode of secondary data which are from the sources based on past events as well as the websites.5. team building. analytical and planning skills acquired through over 10 years senior management experience locally and abroad will help in this endeavor. STATEMENT OF PERSONAL COMPETENCE TO ACHIEVE THIS PROJECT The project will be achieved with the constant interaction with the industry personnel and through prior knowledge in this industry sector which I have been involved in for the last 5 years. Data from previous research conducted for similar Business development plans and dissertations will also be used.

. human and the financial resources will be deployed towards the project. Date of Submission: ______________________________ Signature: _________________________________ Project Time Plan Apr- No May-17 Jun-17 Jul-17 Tasks 17 . W W W W W W W W W W W4 W2 W2 W2 W4 1 3 4 5 1 3 4 5 1 3 1 Submission of brief template Submission of online training results and 2 ethics form Guidance & Feedback from Academic Panel 3 Members. Data from annual reports and internal data on revenues. RESOURCES TO BE DEPLOYED Capital. 8. Insights of past committee members will be used to ascertain best practices. costs and profitability will be used to assess profitability.

4 Start of BDP 5 Submission of Finalised Ethics Forms 6 Classification of data required Second Guidance Session with the Academic 7 Panel Members. . 18 Finalise BDP & RRR 19 FINAL Submission of BDP and RRR. 15 Start Reflective Research writing 16 Finalise Reflective Research Report Final Feedback Session with the Academic 17 Panel Members. 11 Writing the report 12 Finalising the draft report Fourth Guidance Session with the Academic 13 Panel Members. 8 Gathering data & analysis 9 Establishing foundation for report writing Third Guidance Session with the Academic 10 Panel Members. 14 Submission of 100% Draft of the BDP.