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Student Name: Eve Thomas

Title of Lesson: Observation Two Lesson__Total Lesson Time: 35 minutes__

Grade(s): fifth grade Subject Area: general music

Curriculum Standard(s)
MU:Re7.1.4a: Demonstrate and explain how selected music connects to and is influenced by
specific interests, experiences, purposes, or contexts.

MU:Re7.2.4a: Demonstrate and explain how responses to music are informed by the structure,
the use of the elements of music, and context (such as social and cultural).

Learning Objectives (Benchmark) and Assessment:

Learning Objective(s) Assessment(s)
Students will be able to:
1. perform the first part of Sashay the Donut 1. I will walk around the room as the
with the music students perform the dance to check
2. recognize the differences in a new time for accurate and respectful movements
signature 2. I will monitor a brief discussion about
the differences in time signature in
Away to America

Materials Needed:
- Projector
- Laptop
- Books

Lesson Procedures: Time Differentiation (Adaptations

for Diverse Learners, ELL,
1. Introduction Singing in the Rain 10 min - if the students dont sing all
- talk about the time period when the movie was the intervals of a phrase
made and background information on Gene Kelly correctly, I will sing it to them
- echo sing to learn main melody of song again at a slower tempo
- watch video clip

2. Guided Practice Sashay the Donut 15 min - if students are really

- teach the partner actions to the dance emphasize struggling or goofing off, I
respect and focus will ask one group who is
- try that much with the music behaving to demonstrate the
- teach the sashay part and prep expectations proper way to do the dance
- try the whole dance with music

3. Conclusion Away to America 10 min

- have students get textbooks to follow along with
the score
- listen to the whole song, ask what it is about
- listen again and sing on the refrain
- guide a class discussion about the countries that
students came from
- ask about what the time signature means - I will ask guiding questions
- try singing along with the whole song to help students discover what
the 8 at the bottom of the time
signature means

Classroom Management Strategy (How will you foster engagement and positive behavior?)
- I will first use nonverbal cues to address individual student misbehavior, then I will say
something quietly to that student
- If the whole class begins talking or being disruptive, I will use a redirect and say
freeze, eyes on me
- During the Sashay the Donut dance, if a group is being unsafe, touching others, or
goofing off, I will have them sit down and watch other groups