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UMTS setup delay solution

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UMTS setup delay solution

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. Page 2 of 9 . UMTS setup delay solution Problem description In tele2 network observed extremely long setup delay in UMTS (>10 seconds). 5] (5. Problem occurred during transition states on PCH and FACH channels until UE not switched to DCH channels as HS/R99. 3] (3. cluster example 2016-10-10 Huawei Technologies Co. 10] (10. seconds Most of session in tele2 Tele2 Altel network >10 seconds 1196 845 148 211 33 60 63 15 (0. Ltd. After UE switched to DCH no delay issues.1 Web browsing delay in Tele2. Max) Pic. Web browsing delay between Tele2 and Altel UTMS Tele2 and Altel comparison Browsing session time. Graph 1.

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2 PRACH) The principle of the spreading and scrambling (figure 2) of the PRACH message part..2.2. CTFC 1 responsible for data. Most cells in network has missing configuration of CTFC=1 of PRACH. while the binary value "1" is mapped to the real value –1. UMTS setup delay solution Investigation During tests with TEMS investigation was observed that some cells has no issues. When UE on FACH (only DL) channel there was no UL transport channel for data transmission. separate data and control parts messages on PRACH channel.e. (3GPP TS 25. After compare CFGMML was found that some cells has missing configuration of RACH channel. i. The binary control and data parts to be spread are represented by real-valued sequences. Page 4 of 9 .213 version 9. consisting of data and control parts. Ltd. sub-clause 4. while the data part is spread to the chip rate by the channelization code cd. Technical Description Details: (CTFC) is Calculated Transport Format Combination In accordance with 3GPP standard CTFC with index 0 and 1. Meaning: CTFC 0 responsible for signaling. therefore UE stuck on FACH. The control part is spread to the chip rate by the channelization code cc. 2016-10-10 Huawei Technologies Co. the binary value "0" is mapped to the real value +1.0 Release 9.

set PowerOffsetPpm to -3. The 10 ms scrambling code is applied aligned with the 10 ms message part radio frames.0.. Recommended Value: In signaling (control) transmission mode.e. Page 5 of 9 . For detailed information of this parameter. the real-valued spread signals are weighted by gain factors. The β values are quantized into 4 bit words. After the weighting. UMTS setup delay solution After channelization. The quantization steps are given in sub clause 4. the first scrambling chip corresponds to the beginning of a message part radio frame. At every instant in time. This complex-valued signal is then scrambled by the complex-valued scrambling code Sr-msg. In addition.2. at least one of the values βc and βd has the amplitude 1.1.n. In service (data) transmission mode. when two (2) TFC are configured with index 1 and 0. there is a need to assign power offset parameter in accordance with BSC6910 UMTS Product Documentation (Product Version: V100R016C00) under ADD UPRACHTFC command with parameter PowerOffsetPpm (Power Offset) Meaning: The power offset between the last access preamble and the message control part. set PowerOffsetPpm to -2. by separating control and data parts. The power of the message control part can be obtained by adding the offset to the access preamble power. the stream of real-valued chips on the I- and Q-branches are treated as a complex-valued stream of chips. i. βc for the control part and βd for the data part. 2016-10-10 Huawei Technologies Co.213. Ltd. see 3GPP TS 25.

PHYCHID=4. 2016-10-10 Huawei Technologies Co. POWEROFFSETPPM=-3. Ltd. GAINFACTORBETAC=13. GAINFACTORBETAD=15. LOGICRNCID=xxx. U2100 ADD UPRACHTFC:CELLID=xxx. the uplink interference increases and the uplink capacity is reduced. LOGICRNCID=xx. Page 6 of 9 . GAINFACTORBETAC=10. If the parameter value is too large. GAINFACTORBETAC=10. GAINFACTORBETAC=13. CTFC=1. CTFC=0. PHYCHID=4. GAINFACTORBETAD=15. LOGICRNCID=xxx. Commands: U900 ADD UPRACHTFC:CELLID=xxx. affecting the uplink coverage. UMTS setup delay solution Impact on Network Performance: If the parameter value is too small. CTFC=0.. LOGICRNCID=xx. GAINFACTORBETAD=15. PHYCHID=4. the probability for UTRAN to correctly receive signaling and service data carried on the RACH decreases. PHYCHID=4. POWEROFFSETPPM=-3. POWEROFFSETPPM=-2. ADD UPRACHTFC:CELLID=xxx. ADD UPRACHTFC:CELLID=xxx. GAINFACTORBETAD=15. CTFC=1. POWEROFFSETPPM=-2.

1] (1.20% 0.Web browsing delay before and after changes 2016-10-10 Huawei Technologies Co. 10] 15] 20] Max] Time s 19.22 % % Graph 2. UMTS setup delay solution Result Based on found difference for CTFC configuration. Table 1.14 11. no delay transition from FACH to HS channels noticed. Browsing time before and after Range. (15. Ltd. 3] (3.70% 7. Therefore. Page 7 of 9 .41 77.49% 0.78 Before 2..43% 14. Avg second (0. time to transit has been reduced significantly. 5] (5. the second TFC has been added and tested using the same test scenario as for the previous tests (web browsing).62% 0.56 41. it directly being transferred to High Speed channel.82% 2. (10. (20. The results were great.39% 2.59 14.87% 3. when UE starts web browsing or other data services by reaching FACH buffer size.80 % % % % 12. .03 After 5. The approximate time to transit from F2H has been reduced to 3 seconds therefore end user experience while performing web browsing should improve since.

87% 10.2 Web delay before 2016-10-10 Huawei Technologies Co.00% 50.00% 60.00% 30. 15] (15. Ltd.00% 80. 20] (20.00% 41.70% 3..43% 0.00% (0.20% 0. 5] (5.82% 5. Max] Before After Pic.39% 0.14% 20.78% 40.62% 2.00% 2.00% 77.49% 0. 1] (1. Page 8 of 9 . UMTS setup delay solution Web browsing delay. 3] (3.03% 70.00% 14. seconds 90. 10] (10.59% 7.41% 11.56% 12.00% 19.

3 Web delay After 2016-10-10 Huawei Technologies Co. Page 9 of 9 . UMTS setup delay solution Pic.. Ltd.