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FINASARI. Effect of Land Area, Fertilizers and Pesticides Against Palm Oil
Production in Sub Peulimbang Bireuen District. Guided by the mother Elfiana, SP.
M, Si and Si father Ahmad Ir.Ibrahim

Subdistrict Peulimbang is one of the districts of palm oil in Bireuen District. This
study was conducted to determine the effect of land use, fertilizer and pesticides
on the production of palm oil in some village in the district Peulimbang
respondents interviewed in 2012 as many as 29 people, which is determined by
Simple Random Sampling. The data obtained with the use of interviews and
primary data obtained from the relevant agencies. Analysis of the data used is
multiple linear regression, to determine the coefficient of determination using (R).
Based on regression analysis of the results showed that the coefficient of
determination equal to 0.960 or 96% means that the variable land area, fertilizer
and pesticides could explain the production of palm oil at 96% and the remaining
4% described other variables outside the model. Probability of a significant F
value obtained results are smaller than the alpha (0.000> 0.05), this means that the
land area simultaneously, fertilizers and pesticides have a significant effect on the
production of palm oil in the District Peulimbang. And the T-test based on the
results of the regression analysis only the amount of fertilizer that significantly
influence the increase in palm oil production in the District Peulimbang, with the
probability value is significantly smaller than the alpha (0.019> 0.05), whereas
pesticides also affect the increase in palm oil production in Sub Peulimbang
although not significant.

Keywords: Effect of land, fertilizers, Pesticides, palm oil production.