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Anatomy of a

War Camp

What is a War Camp?
When a warlike race pillages for
treasure, food, or slaves, they must
venture far from home. While on the
road, these soldiers set up militaristic
bases called “war camps” from which
they launch raiding parties. Some war
camps last only a night, as the group
writing Jeff Gomez
must move on by daybreak. Others
editing Felipe Real
provide a base of operations for weeks
color art Phil Stone
or even months.
Layout Xanditz

EN World EN5ider | Anatomy of a War Camp

(Example: Hobgoblin) struction is so shoddy that the tent collapses 3. with no decorations or adornments. This encampment is regimented in a grid without at least once a week. ani- its soldiers will not be rested enough for a good mal bones. Sleeping Arrangements 1. The area is clean and quiet. weapons. (Ex. wound felled it. High ranking individuals keep their own tents. remark. This camp is filthy chaos. four hard bedrolls mounts. This war camp is spacious if disorganized. the tent takes the effort of the entire war camp. Most soldiers sleep on the ground. or lounge about. and the tension is palpa. Tents are arranged in rows. If it fails in this regard. To the side. and clearly show the general state ple: Bandit) of affairs. pillage. These large tents are cramped with gear and ably peaceful given the camp’s purpose. There ple: Military) are few personal belonging as most gear is either 4. the raiders build immense bonfires which singe flesh if anybody gets too close. and personal effects. this group The grounds of a war camp are visible with some could be out on a pleasant camping trip. mon areas. and most The primary purpose of a war camp is to provide soldiers with a place to sleep. The few structures in it are arranged with no apparent order. armor. (Example: Military) EN World EN5ider | Anatomy of a War Camp . 6. and officers’ yurts double as briefing (Example: Goblin) rooms. Rows of tents lead to com. along with their even if they can behave like savages to outsiders. follow the racial suggestions for a specific type of camp. This war camp is unusually casual. tents are kept relatively clean to avoid irk- 5. real or imagined. maps. ing any commanding officer who approaches. clustered ample: Goblin) around a burning bonfire. To save space.) (Example: Hobgoblin) peat bonfire. and books. around the bend that could use a visit from an (Example: Orc) adventuring party. smoking and joking as they relax. There is no end of war camps just for long enough and you will see somebody die. tions between commander and soldier. with shared (such as armor). and the inhabitants take drinks from barrels Grounds of wine. 1. These soldiers adhere to orderly military codes. and the chief rouses the respect to terrain. ble. Violence is everywhere. dirty. entire camp to help him pull it back up again. War camps are a favorite target of quest-giving becomes a brutal confrontation. es. The mess a stolen tarp draped over poorly positioned hall is a trampled area where troopers eat thin sticks. with clear delinea- The chief’s tent is poorly constructed and filthy. 3. Every slight. Warriors Use the following tables to generate a war camp. The area is sparse and impression of cleanliness and structure. Speared hogs slow cook on half a dozen camp- fires. though raising 2. Within each long grey tent. and occasionally a corpse rots where a gut complete with tables. Blood sprays the ground in stinking patch. Roll 1d6 or choose one. Only the chief or commander is worthy of a tent. warriors simply sleep where they fall. The con- paid with lashes. and discarded gear litter the grounds. Insubordination or failure is dirty pile of his favorite possessions. Watch this camp tavern keepers. Trash. The people. (Exam- cursory scouting. the camp gives off the lie directly on the ground. the chief keeps his gear and a gruel on the floor. Roll 1d6 or choose one. or worn at all times (such randomly placed tents clustered around a central as knives and gold. (Exam. At night. a makeshift stable houses 2. most tents house be- raiders are always respectful with one another tween four and six soldiers. Howev- (Example: Lizardfolk) er. If it weren’t for the weapons. Inside. From a distance. chairs.

Luckily. The sol. Tents are large and circular. These are social raiders. They meditate. The structures are hastily made. around bonfires to tell ancient stories or exag- and are often too drunk at the day’s end to even gerate recent accomplishments. Large green tents are clustered into small groups consume his corpse while extoling his virtues. (Ex- Hobgoblin) ample: Goblin) EN World EN5ider | Anatomy of a War Camp . and the (Example: Bandits) shrill squeals of laughter can be heard from afar. Pranks. are common. In the hours 1. and boasting to pass the room to eat. 4. Each trooper erects his own small tent (violence ample: Military) is too pervasive for angry soldiers to share any. These raiders are relatively subdued in their lei- thing). and some a half 5. These soldiers put up virtually no defenses. or is too distracted to do his job properly. these games rarely ever come to blows. and entertain guests. asleep. These soldiers relish games of skill. falls player to player. tent is his home on the move. or hidden in secret soldier may instigate a fight between two others. Roll 1d6 or choose one. based on social circles. Inside he has enough enjoy games. Personal spoils and impressive valu. (Example: Bandits) or simply start swinging to relieve the boredom.4. and attack. fireworks. (Example: Orcs) die in battle. Even of leisure. the others ritualistically burn or 6. That and While war camps are filled with capable warriors. archery targets. pastimes. lighting-clothes-on-fire. Grog is another popular pastime. and each tively clean. If this camp is fresh. He attends to it however. they gather tants spend their time wandering the war camp. Violence is entertainment in this war camp. Their naturally chaotic combat commander by causing any problems. Each tent is different– (Example: Lizardfolk) some house a single individual. discipline in both the soldiers and the with care. These soldiers are consummate gamblers. the raiders are quick to rouse and always diers know better than to risk the wrath of their eager for a fight. and murder is nearly unknown. As time wears on. or choose one. These and everybody enjoys watching a master at work. Special zones are set up for pit fights. and scalps or family blades. A soldier’s time with drills and practice. though each tent 3. raiders enjoy their rough camaraderie. A bored ables are displayed within. relax. adorning it with decorations such as officers diminishes. Some level of status can be earned by os here. (Example: Goblin) some defenses are needed in the event of a surprise 2. and many Leisure nights end with the entire camp asleep in a In the extensive downtime between raids. with no sure time. Despite insults and threats. hunt. small clusters of trooper sit in stony if the chief decrees a night watch. sleep. However. take their cards and dice seriously. the unlucky silence watching the prize money move from trooper in charge usually forgets about it. At night. or simply sit and real attention to care or decoration. drunken stupor. There’s plenty of fun to be had within the cha. compartments. The inhabi. the greatest attraction is the gigantic Defenses and Night Watch bonfire which lasts through the night. Horseshoes. (Example: style lends itself well to nearly any situation. drunken brawl earns a jeering crowd. long evenings. Roll 1d6 6. such as poking-out-an-eye or achieving the highest rank in a particular game. Rarely do these pastimes devolve (Example: Lizardfolk) into brawls. dozen–but they all are well maintained and rela. speak with one another. gambling. Should a warrior stumble back to their bedrolls. the troops occupy their only houses one or two combatants. (Example: Orc) pillagers need a way to occupy themselves. (Ex- 5. and even chess are popular 1.

(Example: Lizard- por. not to raid and case. While the commander discourages looting. They prefer items which appear valuable. these guards understand the importance of their They take their time combing through goods and duty. They quickly identify enough treasure is acquired. lust. their guards watch the area with infinite Soldiers go for easily hidden valuables that are attention. trinkets. of ry. 1. Without complex armor or weapons. These troopers perform their looting in a blood- take security seriously. or distracted by grudges. unlikely to be discovered during a routine inspec- even a sleeping warrior springs to action at a mo. as a way to bol- sleeps with his weapons at hand. weight. and raise small lookout towers. drunk. items. At least one course. the group returns. The raiders of this camp enjoy their play. healthy slaves. Far from disciplined. These raiders possess a keen understanding of moment. the camp is particularly and other tradable goods are for final consider- vulnerable to surprise attacks. Their loot piles are mostly most valuable items are stored in locked chests. While this includes shiny. Pillage (Example: Orc) The purpose of most war camps is to raid and 6. plunder wealthier civilizations. However. and communicate with one another status. The soldiers of this camp are disciplined and 3. so they are slow to rouse. guards are usually most this war camp is to murder any trespassers dozing. anything that catches their eye in the (Example: Bandits) EN World EN5ider | Anatomy of a War Camp . tion: gemstones. dig ditches if they fear caval. Soldiers accus. (Example: enemies are just as important as other valuables. but a com. and thus military tactics. (Example: Orc) folk) 6. and often grab items to increase their own tage points. but 5. carefully considering use against 3. These soldiers are methodical in their looting. (Example: Military) 5. sometimes slaves are captured to help carry the loot home. They place their war camps in often valuable. This encampment runs strictly defined watches. and 2.2. (Example: Hobgoblin) treasure troves. religious idols. wood- strategic positions. While these raiders love looting. but careful. The raiders from this war camp are savvy and pillage far from a creature’s homeland. en carvings. Roll prized goods. and pretty pillows. These raiders have great pride in their own gear mon punishment for bad behavior is the night and care little for stolen goods. The intent of watch. Bandits) Though many raids end in massacres. gems can get past the guards. are the ultimate prize. Combat gear and slaves are distributed tomed to fighting in strict regiments and armor among the rank and file. (Example: Goblin) soldier is on night watch in every direction. High quality weapons and armor take and even erects stockades. goes straight to the commander for sale. When discerning customers. for example. it is impossible to stop the practice completely. 1d6 or choose one. while other treasure make for easy prey when taken out of their ele. (Exam- ment. they are not Wealth from a raid is distributed evenly. These raiders rarely build defenses. it also includes dolls. such as gemstone or magical items. many soldiers sleep in a grog induced stu. ready to tackle ster their rank. fenses. 4. (Example: Lizardfolk) gers. Each soldier such as crowns and gemstones. In any or take on an incoming danger. Fireworks. Then. via bird calls or other secret codes. Though they rarely construct any real de. if aggressors first priority. ation. and fancy dag- ment’s notice. as well as weapons or armor useful to their cause. and the particularly good at it. Scalps and the heads of important a threat with just a few seconds’ notice. (Example: Military) ple: Hobgoblin) 4. Gold. Guards take hidden van.