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The Camargo Foundation, located in Cassis, France, and founded by artist
and philanthropist Jerome Hill, is a residential center offering
programming in the humanities and the arts. It offers time and space in a
contemplative environment to think, create, and connect. The Foundation
encourages the visionary work of scholars, artists, and thought leaders in
the arts and humanities.

We have recently launched the call for applications for the Camargo Core
Program <> for residencies
in fall 2017 and spring 2018. The deadline to apply is November 24, 2016.
The Camargo Foundation intends to support an international group of
outstanding fellows in the arts and humanities. We think that YASMIN might
connect the Foundation to qualified individuals who may benefit from
residencies at the Camargo Foundation - or even consider applying yourself.

Will you please consider sharing the information below on the Camargo Core
Program? We would deeply appreciate it.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for further information.



*Johanna Carvajal*

Assistante Administration/ Administrative Assistant
The Camargo Foundation
1 avenue Maurice Jermini, 13260 Cassis
+33 (0)4 42 01 11 57 <>

[image: Inline images 3] <>


org/>. if you have any questions. critics. 9 artists and 9 scholars & thinkers *Stipend:* A stipend of 1000 USD per month is available. .Fall 2017 (8 weeks from September 5 to October 31) . and career levels.Spring 2018 (6 weeks from February 27 to April 10 / 8 weeks from February 27 to April 24 / 11 weeks from February 27 to May 15) *Number of fellowships:* 18 Fellowships/year. in all disciplines. dear all. It offers time and space in a contemplative environment to think. etc. France. *Residency periods:* . The Camargo Core Program encourages multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches. including but not limited to cross-cultural studies that engage the cultures and influences of the Mediterranean region. is a residential center offering programming in the humanities and the arts. artists. The Foundation encourages the visionary work of scholars. create. and connect. as is funding for basic transportation to and from Cassis for the Fellow for the residency. and thought leaders in the arts and humanities. For the Camargo Core Program. . and founded by artist and philanthropist Jerome Hill. 2016 *More information:* http://camargofoundation.Scholars & Thinkers (including professionals and practitioners in creative fields such as curators. apologies for the long silence! please find below a call for an artist in residency at the norwehgian university of science and technology (NTNU). *Accompanying family members:* Spouses/adult partners and dependent minor children may accompany fellows for short stays or for the duration of the residency. please get in touch with me directly. basic coach class booked far in advance is covered.) should be connected to the Arts and Humanities working on French and Francophone cultures. independent scholars.Artists. urban planners. who are the primary creators of a new work/project. the Camargo Foundation welcomes applications from all countries. In the case of air travel.The Camargo Foundation <http://camargofoundation. . located in Cassis. *Application deadline:* November 24.

The ARTEC Artist-in-Residence Program is intended for media artists and media technologists who are interested in contributing their work to Adressaparken. The fellowship will provide access to the workshops. For more details and announcements visit.ntnu. the technology capital of Norway (https://www. and Adressavisa. florian Florian Schneider Professor. The fellowship will also offer access to NTNU libraries and ample opportunities to conduct one’s own research. 2017–July florian. NTNU.schneider@ntnu. phone: +47 7359 7903 mobile: +47 9934 5178 ---- 2017 ARTEC Artist-in-Residence Fellowship in Digital Art / New Media / Technology at NTNU Application Deadline October 15. very 2017. The artist is also expected to explore on the concept of Creative Placemaking (https://www.ntnu.please spread the call widely and to anyone potentially interested in a quite unique opportunity to work in a challenging and genuinly open environment. The grant is made available through Trondheim Kommune on behalf of Trondheim kommune. . an interactive installation outdoor park in the heart of Trondheim. 2016 Applications are now being accepted for the ARTEC Artist-in-Residence Program at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).ntnu. Up to 6-month artist-in-residence fellowships are available for the period January 1. laboratories and equipment needed for the project work.ntnu. Norway’s largest research in their proposal. The grant is managed by NTNU ARTEC. The artist(s)-in-residence will use Adressaparken as both a laboratory and an exhibition space in order to experiment with digital storytelling and new ways of communicating art. PhD Head of department Trondheim Academy of Fine Art Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art Norwegian University of Science and Technology http://kit. technology. This page also includes a document describing the parks infrastructure and hardware. instruction in the use of the necessary equipment and software. The aim of the fellowship is to explore the public and creative uses of the Adressaparken infrastructure. and the humanities in a public sphere. and project supervision for technical aspects and project content.

ARTEC artist-in-residence fellowship offers A stipend of up to 10000 Euro for up to 6 months (possibly prorated for multiple fellows). Results or Output of the Residency The results / output developed and documented as part of this residency will be accessible and stay at Adressaparken. sound.kit. mid-career. and experience in public. The successful artist-in-residence will be required to • Give two artist talks in the middle and toward the end of the program • Complete a public digital artwork at Adressaparken before the conclusion of fellowship • Document their process of artistic research and development. 2016. Shortlisted candidates for the residency will be notified by October 31. which can be used for travel and research and the production of the project Accommodation Access to and use of Adressaparken (following training) Shared studio and workshop facilities. About ARTEC . via https://www. 2016. or mix media materials. including video or audio analog and digital equipment for presentation and production Technical and administrative support NTNU library access Exhibition space and opportunities Interdisciplinary and creative working environment Candidate Qualifications The ideal candidate will be an artist who has sufficient experience with creative coding and/or hacking. and established local or international artists from a range of fields (visual. Final decision of the winner/s will be announced on November 7. if applicable) Tentative budget Timeline of completion (in English) CV (in English) Artistic portfolio (up to 10 relevant works) Selection Procedure The ARTEC artist(s)-in-residence will be selected by an ARTEC committee consisting of its board members.) are invited to The application must include all of the following: Project proposal (maximum 1000 words) including a detailed description of work to be completed during the residency (preferably with visual. sound. All equipment and materials purchased as part of this residency is expected to remain at Adressaparken or at the host institutions. etc.ntnu. Application Guidelines Applications (up to 10 MB total) should be submitted electronically by October 15. interactive art projects. Emerging. 2016. preferably on an open-source platform.

Badly planned developments can not only lead to the destruction of habitats. displaced communities and negative effects on physical health. Hosted in London. Cristina Miranda de Almeida University of the Basque Country. Please see the information to post below.ntnu. ARTEC champions research and artistic excellence and aims to support cross-disciplinary collaboration in the fields of art(s). this conference is concerned with sustainability from a variety of perspectives. Eco-retrofitting. Locally and Globally*". organised by London South Bank University. Centre for Alternative Technologies. construction and design are obvious. Locally and Globally"* *Place:* London South Bank University *Conference Dates: *09 – 10 February 2017 *ABSTRACT SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE: **30th OCTOBER 2016. The full call is in the body of the email below. Construction Engineering. The need for alternative low energy approaches to building. Thank you very much for helping with the dissemination of this information. Building sustainability assessment tools. Some include but are not limited to: sustainable construction. Eco-materials and technologies. Spain *Information to POST:* *[CFP] International Conference "Living and Sustainability: An Environmental Critique of Design and Building Practices. AMPS. Adapting to climate change. Resilience. and technology at NTNU.The Art and Technology Task Force (ARTEC) is a diverse group of researchers and artists from across fields and departments at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). key to a sustainable future are also related social Dear Roger and colleagues. In the context of a housing crisis and various government initiatives to . that will take place in London in 2017. humanities. Best regards.* Estimates of the building industry’s contribution to world carbon emissions reach as high as 30% worldwide – with figures on energy consumption in the region of 40%. they bring unaffordable housing. I am writing to ask you to disseminate to the YASMIN LIST the information regarding the conference *"Living and Sustainability: An Environmental Critique of Design and Building Practices. https://www. However. Life cycle analysis etc.

often left out. urban planners. Zero Carbon Britain. technologies of automation and constant connectivity bring? Which new economic models might emerge and what will the role of the particularities of different geographical areas be? How will the development of the future cities affect the environment and the natural resources of the planet? The future today seems to be closer than ever. community representatives and others.massively increase housing provision across the UK and elsewhere. The different geographical particularities. indisputably. While the mediation of technology is. artists. media and communication studies it is interested in how this can be done in a sustainable manner. The conference welcomes international contributions from across sectors. Full details and submission forms: http://architecturemps. which is inevitably generalized and idealized. for instance. such as: environmental *Organisers*: London South Bank University / AMPS *Key note speaker*: *Paul Allen*. infrastructure designers. of central importance when discussing the future of the urban environment. like the algorithms. Nonhuman factors. . policy makers. at the same time the following needs to be pointed out: Projections to the future usually refer mostly to economically advanced metropolises or to urban centers with no local features attributed to them. Project Coordinator. *More info*: admin@architecturemps. building technologists. have been introduced in models for smarter cities and smarter Host University site: sustainability-built-environment Tomorrows Urban fictions for possible futures Call for works Deadline: 2 December 2016 How will everyday life evolve in the cities of tomorrow? What kind of changes will smart systems. shaping an image for tomorrow’s cities. promising the constant optimization of a city’s functioning and of citizens’ everyday life.lsbu. A new way of living has already emerged based on the constant aggregation and processing of data. Centre for Alternative Technology. sustainable architects. the local economies and the dynamic of citizens’ involvement are.

More info regarding the exhibition will be uploaded on the websitehttp://tomorrows.sgt. phone. tools. The open call of the exhibition focuses on projects addressing the future of the Mediterranean cities. Panos Dragonas Designed by: Panos Dragonas. Submissions will need to be sent to tomorrows@sgt. The exhibition will open in May 2017 in Athens. infrastructures. biometric technologies and network infrastructures will be. city models that will never be built and hypothetical cityscapes will come together to tell stories about the upcoming economic. not exceeding 3 MB. wearables and everyday objects will become the starting point for unexpected or purposefully exaggerated stories. where the future is used as a tool that can assist in critically understanding present itself. opening up to territories with different possibilities and needs. All texts will need to be written in English. Greece. New urban skylines. for instance.The exhibition Tomorrows will aim to capture the urban future through different utopian and dystopian scenarios being developed by artists. postal address) • Short bio of the creator or the group (up to 150 words) Material will need to be submitted in a single PDF. The exhibition will examine how the future of the Mediterranean might evolve. It involves existing projects as well as new proposals for works referring – without being limited – to objects. Organized by: Onasssis Cultural Center / Christos Carras Curated by: Daphne Dragona. Submissions will need to include the following: • Description of the project (250 words max) • Technical and exhibition requirements • 4-6 images or drawings • List of people involved and credits • Links related to the work – if any • Credits • Contact details (email. infrastructures and environments. Part of the exhibition will focus on the by 2 December 2016. For more information use the above email address. the area is going through transformations affecting both the natural and the urban environment. social and environmental conditions. architects and designers. Real cities projected into the future. Varvara Christopoulou . a region summarizing the crisis of the western world. imagining what. It welcomes visionary ideas for alternative futures as well as reflective responses for phenomena of the present. Notifications regarding the selection will be sent by 16 January 2017. Struck by the ongoing financial crisis and affected by mass population movements and climate change. the role of the smart systems.

edu/insects-make-pattern-become-beautiful/ programme-sweden-a-call/ acordo-a-consciencia-esta-em-toda-a-parte/ arrendar-casas/ http://on-the-move.dinheirovivo.amaravati. trk=artesanato .pt/concurso-de-ideias-teloes/ http://www. https://www.html http://ahta.paisagista/ sem-desperdicio-alimentar-e-precisa-de-voluntarios-1747285 http://naturalesmedicinae.php/cod.html http://www.0/ workshop-to-build-1st-prize-winner-in-4th-earth-architecture- http://www.Iqm 1P1IDoO/ gentrification-boyle-heights-20161014-snap-story.ewao.21/section_type.blogspot.aspx %253Ftask%253Dglobal%2526jobId%253D86089%2526lang %253Dpt/ guide/thank-you http://www.instituto-camoes.wixsite.worldnomads.diyphotography.https://www.0/aj ax.kqed.insightstate.html https://saboralmacor.frame/ photography-course-online-free/ mortality-50-years-of-psychotherapy/ http://www.eracareers.HYzNDkAwEAbf5TtX0g276MvIYomQEu1NvLufy8xlM heSxXGJc7eMCCBiqXrTmLJua9HvhW- 5nqySxutgxHDQzc7850yleBZxyKcO63fJOiNcmBDI4fiZ_Kv7fgA/ utm_source=upw&utm_medium=fb&utm_campaign=swp voluntarios-que-falem-portugues/ .http%253A%252F formacao/root/cooperacao/bolsas-de-formacao http://www.wikipedia.html https://en. sweden-agrikultura-call/ documentaries-every-healthy-eater-should-watch/? utm_source=forksoverknives&utm_medium=socialswap&utm_campai gn=wgforksoverknives artistic-residencies-2017/ residencies/ portugal/170828256 brazil-casa-na-ilha-2017-interdisciplinary-call/ cross-disciplinary/ http://www.edublogs.http://residencyunlimited.evensi.aspx?pi=maisparticipacao proposals-for-spectacular-projects/ concurso-para-imagem-grafica .aspx http://residencyunlimited.