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The Terminal AM Program in Statistics Requires:

 The satisfactory completion of 8 letter-graded half-courses taken within the
Department of Statistics and approved by the department.

 All 8 courses must be at the level of Statistics 110, or above. The actual courses will
vary according to the student’s interest and preparation and will be determined in
consultation with the student’s advisor.

 Statistics 110 (or 210) and Statistics 111 are required.

 At least one 200-level course is required.

 At least 2 courses at the interface of theory and applications are required.
These include: Stat 115, 120, 121, 131/231, 139, 140, 149, 160/260, 170, 183, 186, 220, 221,
225, 230, 232r, 240, 244, and 245.

 Econ 2146 (with Neil Shephard) is permitted in place of a 100-level course.

 Terminal AM students must earn a B average in their Statistics courses and no more
than one C.

 Terminal AM students may take 300-level courses, however, only one 300-level
course will count toward the required 8 letter-graded half-courses, and prior
approval by the advisor and the Director of Graduate Studies is required for the 300-
level course to count. The 300-level course would take the place of one of the non-
200-level courses.

Updated August 26, 2016