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Road Safety

‘Πρόγραμμα ΦΑΕΘΩΝ’
School Educational Project
 The World Health Organization in the year of 2013,
reported 186,300 death of pupils under eighteen.
This number is being repeated almost every year.
 In Europe, road accidents are amongst the top five
causes of death for kids over five and the primary
cause between the 15 – 17 year olds.
 In the European Union sector those numbers they
become less year by year and European Union in now
the safest sector universally on road safety
 In Cyprus, road deaths amongst kids have been
increased according to the statistical data that were
collected by the Traffic Department Police in Cyprus
in the last few years (Police of Cyprus, 2015).
◦ WHY?????
Aim of project
 The European Union is a huge success story. Road
deaths between youngsters have been reduced by
more than 30% between any other age group in the
last twenty years and under fifteens’ are nowadays
by far the safest road user group in The European
Union (European Commission, 2015).
 The aims of this project was to:
◦ Offer public awareness to pupils on road safety issues
◦ Improve of pupils attitudes, knowledge and behaviour on
road safety issues and
◦ Learn how to avoid vehicle – pedestrian collisions as
road users or pedestrians.
 Based on statistics by the ministry
of Ministry of Justice and Public
Order we were a school of high risk
in traffic delinquency.
 The program, called ‘ΦΑΕΘΩΝ’, was
being run in 7 different schools
around Cyprus with the
collaboration of Ministry of
Education, through the field of
Home Economics.
Home Economics
 Another name being used for this
field is Family and Consumer
Sciences since it covers subjects
that have to do with economics and
management of the home and
community (IFHE, 2015).
 This sector deals with the issues
that involve individuals, families and
communities and the environment in
which they exist.
Programme ‘ΦΑΕΘΩΝ’
 It lasted 12 months ( January 2015 – December
2015) and about 250 pupils took part.
 Road safety learning is a life-long development from
primary to secondary school, so that protection
becomes well-established as part of the tradition
and practice of our kids.
 Training pupils to distinguish and understand audio
and visual clues is vital.
 As these types of skills are developed, pupils become
more conscious of applicable signs and appraise
traffic situations more capably. Students are not
yet aware of the thought of danger and must be
taught to comprehend the risks inherent in the road
society. A realistic experience is essential to enable
road safety skills to develop.
The road users needed to develop:
 Familiarization and understanding of
road traffic
 Behaviour skills essential to survive in
 An understanding of their own
responsibilities for keeping themselves
 Awareness of the cause and effects
of road accidents
 A sensible attitude regarding their
own safety and the safety of others
Skills to be established:
 Recognition of the presence of traffic
 Optical timing judgement
 Coordination of information from
different directions
 Coordination of perception and action
 Cognitive ability to assess the traffic
 Methods of internalizing traffic
Theory of practise
 The students had four workshops in order to
learn the theory behind road safety
 Two sessions outside school (on the road) to
identify sensible and insensible attitudes
regarding their own road safety and the road
safety of others.
 Pupils should experience the world beyond the
classroom as a vital part of personal and
learning development, whatever their ability,
circumstances or age.
 After the theory they had to come up with
ideas that could help their school/community
to become a safer place for them and their
Seminars given by The Police
 Presentation by Mr. Kyriako Panteli,
who is the person in charge for
Road Safety Issues in the district
of Larnaca.
Workshop seminars by the
Organization of ‘Reaction’
Participated in the program
«Save kids Lives»
Ομάδα εργασίας:
Αντωνίου Χρυσταλλία, Β΄2
Οικονόμου Κατερίνα, Β΄2
Αλεξάνδρου Φοίβια, Γ΄5
Ρίζου Μαρία – Αρετή, Β΄2
Ομάδα εργασίας:
Περού Έλενα, Β΄2 Ιωαννίδου Αντωνία, Β΄2
Ιωάννου Ραφαέλλα, Β΄2
Αδάμου Στυλιανός, Β΄2
Περικλέους Χρυστάλλα, Γ΄5 Μανώλη Μάρω, Β΄4
Κωνσταντίνου Θεοδώρα, Γ΄3 Αρτεμίου Μαρία, Γ΄3
Ομάδα εργασίας:
Ιωάννου Ραφαέλα, Β΄3
Ιωάννου Μαρία, Β΄3
Παναγιώτου Άννα, Β΄3
Στυλιανού Ναταλία, Β΄3
Κατεχάκης Αντώνης, Β΄3
Κωνσταντίνου Άντρεα, Β΄4

Νικολαΐδου Νίκη, Γ΄4
Ομάδα Εργασίας: Χατζηπαναγιώτου Γεωργία, Β΄2
Δαβλάντη Χριστίνα, Β΄3
Αλμασιούρ Ραγέτ, Β΄3
Ομάδα Εργασίας:
Γεωργίου Ραφαηλία, Β΄3 Ομάδα Εργασίας:
Χειμωνίδου Μαρία, Β΄3 Βάσιλα Κυριακή, Γ΄5
Λουκά Άντρεα, Β΄3 Οργανίδου Πετρούλα, Γ΄5
Αάρον Γκάντ
Wrote a song and set the music
«Νίκησε του δρόμου την απάτη»
 Στίχοι: Ταμπούρλα
Μαριάννα, Β΄2

 Σύνθεση:
Δωρόθεος, Γ΄4

 Ερμηνεία:
Γεωργία, Β΄6
Νίκησε του δρόμου την απάτη
Όταν στο δρόμο βγήκα αέρα για να πάρω
Η καρδιά μου κτυπούσε πάνω κάτω
Δεν μπορούσα βλέπεις να τους φανταστώ
Τους κινδύνους λάθος αν κυκλοφορώ

Καθώς περπατούσα εδώ και ΄κει
Δυνατά την κόρνα ακούω να μ ‘απειλεί
Στο πεζοδρόμιο αμέσως βγήκα
Στα δεξιά να περπατάω αυτό το βρήκα

Σαν μάθεις σωστά να κυκλοφορείς
Θ΄ απολαμβάνεις τη δική σου διαδρομή
Βάλε φρένο στους κινδύνους και τα λάθη
Νίκησε του δρόμου την απάτη
Film 1:

Road Safety


Χρυσήλιου Μαργαρίτα, Β΄2
Film 2:

Road is not a game...


Group of Students
1. Καλλιγά Μάριαν, Β΄1 9. Κωνσταντίνου Γεωργία, Γ΄4
2. Μαυροβουνιώτη Ευρυδίκη, Β΄1 10. Παναγή Χριστιάνα, Γ΄4
3. Γρηγορίου Αλέξανδρος, Γ΄2 11. Σωκράτους Ελεάνα, Γ΄4
4. Καρακόκκινος Σόλων, Γ΄2 12. Φιτκόσκι Καμέλια – Άντρεα, Γ΄4
5. Αντωνίου Χρίστος, Γ΄3 13. Πασχαλίδου Γεωργία, Γ΄4
6. Χριστοφή Μαρία, Γ΄3 14. Κωνσταντίνου Μαρίλια, Γ΄5
7. Ανδρέου Παύλος, Γ΄4 15. Ανδρέου Έλενα, Γ΄6
8. Αριστοδήμου Δέσποινα, Γ΄4 16. Τταντή Άννα, Γ΄6
Meeting with the major of Larnaca
 Had a meeting with the major of
Larnaca, Mr. Andrea Louroutziate
and discussed the issues concerning
our school. The students presented
him with a short movie maker film
pointing out the problems we are
facing as a school.

1. Ανδρέου Πέτρος, Γ΄1 10. Χρίστου Γεώργιος, Γ΄1
2. Γκεοργκίεβα Τάνια – Ιβάνοβα, Γ΄1 11. Ηροδότου Νικολέττα, Γ΄3
3. Καπούρ Ζαχαρίας, Γ΄1 12. Κατσαρή Άννα, Γ΄3
4. Κυριάκου Ραφαήλ, Γ΄1 13. Κυριάκου Άντρια, Γ΄3
5. Μόισε Άννα-Αλεξάνδρα, Γ΄1 14. Ουζούνης Σωτήριος, Γ΄3
6. Οικονόμου Ανδρέας, Γ΄1 15. Πολυχρονίδης Άρικς, Γ΄3
7. Στεφάνου Δημήτριος, Γ΄1 16. Γιαπάνης Ηλίας, Γ΄4
8. Συμεωνίδης Χαράλαμπος, Γ΄1 17. Κωνσταντίνου Κωνσταντίνος, Γ΄4
9. Χριστοδούλου Χρίστος, Γ΄1 18. Πέτροβα Γκαμπριέλλα, Γ΄6
19. Τταντή Άννα, Γ΄6
By Benjamin Franklin

Sponsors of the project
We had the cooperation of