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Keep Your Powder Dry!

Part 3:
Industrial Firepower
he first article in this

series took a look at the

earliest firearms that emerged on

the battlefield. The second article

took a look at the advancement

of firearms as they overtook

bows and crossbows as the

preferred ranged weapons

on the battlefield. This final

article in the series showcases

the emergence of the firearm

as the dominant form of

personal protection thanks

to the development of multi-

chambered firearms. writing Walt Ciechanowski
color art Tamara Cvetkovic
editing James J. Haeck
layout Eric Life-Putnam

EN World EN5IDER  |  Industrial Firepower

and rangers) tend towards the Archery. flintlocks continued to with a single revolver could now shoot up to a be used right up until the American Civil War. including maps and illustrations (including illustrations in the public domain). inefficient for rifles and carbines. and a gunfighter with a revolver in each issue. and many soldiers didn’t a weapon for the masses. and EN World and EN Publishing logos. paladins. trusted allies. “EN Publishing. as the former Thus. so the multi-barreled new feats at the end of this article should help pepperboxes were usually smoothbore weapons. continued to be improved upon to the point then the firearms in this article become the that they became the sole weapon of a traveler dominant weapons of the setting. centerfire cartridges. Publishing ™ Industrial Firepower | | EN IndustrialFirepower  ENWorld EN5IDER World EN5IDER . the nobles and gentry largely replaced only carried by the creature that created them or their swords with walking sticks. Mad Geniuses and Strange Inventions Industrial Campaigns While the firearms in this third article are certainly All of the firearms in this article have something more advanced than the typical medieval range in common—they were invented long after the of standard fantasy settings. Early caplock firearms are being used in the GM’s campaign. improved GM to decide how far firearms technology has accuracy.The Revolving Revolution   If the GM wishes to run an industrial setting From the 18th to the mid-19th century. Rather than ceremonial purposes. while in Paris) and it’s hardly civilized to walk   Pepperbox and revolver designs proved to be into a social function with your pistols and rifles. except for alchemists or other genius inventors.   The development of the percussion cap and Dueling. The development of the revolver enabled the   Note that even prior to this era. firearms modeled on the Georgian or Victorian eras. A soldier advanced—in America. hidden daggers. then the were still muzzle-loaded. Personal body for them as a “secret technology” in the hands of armor was largely a thing of the past.” “EN World.” EN Publishing EN product and article titles. are designated Product Identity. trade dress. many cities and shooter to put the bullet directly into the chamber towns passed gun control laws (there’s a reason rather than down the barrel. half-dozen enemies before needing to reload! The other settings may have pepperboxes but no true sword continued to see use as a cavalry weapon revolvers. narrative and descriptive text. and higher bullet capacities. Until the development of rimfire and characters in industrial campaigns. making rifled barrels the Three Musketeers primarily use their rapiers practical. All of the other material in this article.” “EN5ider. disguised and easily concealed weapons was too heavy and the latter had the nasty habit of (weighted walking sticks. the creation of such bother carrying melee weapons for protection. there is still a place face of warfare had changed. If feats multiple capacity firearms. but also fostered the development of true hand makes for a deadly opponent!). character and place names. and Two-Weapon Fighting fighting the subsequent “cap and ball” or “caplock” styles (archery style applies to all ranged weapon firearms not only made the weather no longer an attacks. while hand axes and knives were carried more as   In such settings martial characters (fighters. tools than weapons. and shooting metal slivers into the shooter’s bracing pocket pistols) are also standard equipment for hand. rifles and carbines would largely remain single-shot weapons. Open Game Content The game rule information in this article is designated Open Game Content. firearms are closely guarded secrets and likely Indeed. characters adapt to new tactics. It is up to the or soldier thanks to fixed bayonets.

but   * Walt Ciechanowski. but larger caliber versions pack a bigger punch. wielder uses this weapon to attack as an action. Keep Your Powder Dry!: Firearms for Fantasy the second attack has disadvantage. On a roll of 10 to rest. All bullets rip through its hand. magic may play a role in the creation of for example. Similarly. takes half damage from the extra bullets as they igniting an additional 1d2 chambers. such firearms Variant Firearms are one-of-a-kind artifacts that are difficult to As innovation led to variable calibers and multi-shot reproduce. Other new Weapons Table are “average” versions of their type properties are described in previous articles in this and should suffice for most purposes. but some were built with a dozen barrels “cheats” in order to bypass the usual technologies or more. those listed on the in this article are described below. fire at the same target. If a multi-chambered firearm such as a   If a chain misfire is used with a revolver. When the miss if the target is beyond the normal range. EN World EN5ider. If the chain misfire is used with a revolving 20 the weapon misfires as normal. Creatures Campaigns. On a roll of 1 carbine or rifle. Indeed.   Chain Fire. https://www. Powder Dry!: Early Modern with the Extra Attack or Multiattack feature do keep-your-powder-7797923.patreon. GMs seeking series. and Walt Ciechanowski.   Firearms with this property do not need to reload until all shots are fired. it may attack twice. then the creature must make the gun is repaired with a gun kit during a short a chain misfire saving throw. rolls without the use of a rest. especially if the rest of the world lacks barrels.patreon. varying sizes – a small caliber pistol is easier to hold steady when firing. then pepperbox or revolver is used in a ranged attack the gun is also damaged and cannot be used until and a 1 is rolled. the creature may still using smaller bullets to decrease the overall choose how many shots to load the firearm with weight) and probably draws disadvantage on attack up to its maximum capacity. EN World EN5ider. then the creature using it also to 9 the weapon instead suffers a chain misfire. but may only be fired once as an action.* more variation can increase or decrease the die   Capacity. One problem with early multi- chambered firearms is that the spark of igniting the gunpowder could accidentally ignite all barrels. revolvers had ammunition of necessary to craft such weapons. a firearm with the Capacity property may be used to make multiple attacks in a round. Thus. while a that may be fired before the weapon needs to gun that carries more barrels is likely heavier (while be reloaded. Keep Your not suffer disadvantage on the second attack. The firearm has mechanisms have disadvantage on the roll and automatically that enable it to fire more quickly. or reaction during the same round in which it is reloaded. were usually built with five or six such weapons. The firearm contains multiple bullets type to represent a larger or smaller round. Weapon Properties   Rather than make an exhaustive list of each The following weapon properties new to firearms possible combination of firearm. as an alchemist or other inventor barrels. EN World EN5IDER  |  Industrial Firepower . variation within each type of firearm. or reaction.  When used in this manner. When reloading. bonus action. Pepperboxes. bonus https:// www. but the additional bullets   Double-Action. there was a lot of experimentation and firearms or has only developed early versions.

The carbine detailed here is bullets travel more slowly. Ammunition (range 20/60). Also. it revolver. loud. but the invention of action design. double-action. Ammunition (range 100/400). Ammunition (range 200/800). loud. capacity (6). On the downside. although they were more difficult to large or particularly strong creatures may have use as fragments leaving the chamber tended to more barrels). With the advent of the revolver and greatly reduce the weight of the weapon. Double-action revolvers are much the double-action revolver ultimately renders the more complex. allowing the creature to rotate the cylinder become fouled. loud. doing less damage than a smoothbore carbine. heavy. pocket pistols cavalry forces as it is easier to fire from horseback have an extremely short effective range and its than longer firearms. Ammunition (range 50/150). Industrial Firepower | | EN IndustrialFirepower  ENWorld EN5IDER World EN5IDER . loud Pepperbox Rifle 650 gp 2d8 piercing 12 lb Ammunition (range 100/400). the pepperbox pistol uses rotating made it possible for the development of the barrels for each bullet. A carbine is simply a musket or rifle (Sleight of Hand) checks when concealing it on with a shorter barrel. two-handed Rifle 500 gp 2d8 piercing 9 lb. impale the creature’s secondary hand (as it is in Simple Ranged Weapons Name Cost* Damage Weight Properties** Carbine 400 gp 1d12 piercing 7 lb. a regular pistol. Ammunition (range 10/30). due to its heavy weight. misfire.   Pepperbox Rifle. two-handed Pocket Pistol 200 gp 1d6 piercing 1 lb. A pocket pistol is a small. capacity (6). chain fire. loading. It is prevalent amongst one’s person. and the one listed here. The most popular multi-shot design limits it to one or two-barreled models. two- handed Pepperbox Pistol 500 gp 1d10 piercing 4 lb. and often don’t exist in settings pepperbox moot. in some settings they may even be considered priceless “magic” items! ** New properties are described in Keep Your Powder Dry! Firearms for Fantasy Campaigns. The development of precision parts safe revolver. loud. The revolving barrels and. capacity (6). This rifle is built with rotating   Revolving Carbine and Rifle. chain fire. The GM should feel free to increase the cost if the weapons are sufficiently rare. the pocket pistol’s compact   Pepperbox Pistol. capacity (2). two-handed Revolving Rifle 800 gp 2d8 piercing 9 lb. chain fire. which separated the cylinder from the takes a longer time for a pepperbox pistol to barrel. chain fire. loud Revolver 600 gp 2d6 piercing 3 lb. with “inferior” pepperboxes. loud Revolving Carbine 700 gp 2d6 piercing 8 lb. The pocket pistol grants advantage on Dexterity   Carbine. misfire. two- handed   * Costs are for settings where such firearms are commonly available. loud. pistol prior to the introduction of a reliable and   Revolver. Due to such rotation. loading. palm- The following firearms are appropriate to the sized firearm that is designed for concealment. is a single- double-action firing method. is limited to cylinder design was also applied to rifles and four barrels (although pepperbox rifles built for carbines. chain fire. capacity (8). The the pepperbox still remains popular due to its first revolvers. Ammunition (range 50/200).Firearm Descriptions   Pocket Pistol. industrial era. double- action. Ammunition (range 200/800). chain fire. capacity (4).

bullet (50). it wasn’t long before Dash action as a bonus action (otherwise.   Ammunition. Using a New Feats revolving rifle or carbine without some protection on the hand and wrist (a thick glove is enough) Greased Lightning causes 1 point of damage to the creature every You are exceptionally fast with multi-shot time it fires the weapon. The triangular bayonet’s Dash). someone developed a more effective blade that you would use your action to spur it to leaves nastier wounds. The rifle is simply a musket with a rifled ability to fan the hammer. doing 1d6 damage. disadvantage normally applied to the second In addition. then you may treat it as if it All of the equipment and options listed has the double-action property. there are a few new and amended shot. or within 5 feet of you. You gain the following barrel (an early name for a rifle was a “rifled benefits: musket”). A creature may also use an un-affixed triangular bayonet on its own. e 1d10 when wielded with two hands. options listed here. firearms. shape leaves irregular punctures that are difficult ▶▶ You don’t suffer from disadvantage when to heal. With the ubiquity of socket ▶▶ Any mount that you are riding can take the bayonets during this period.front of the chamber holding the barrel). A creature using a musket or rifle affixed making a ranged attack against an opponent with a triangular bayonet does 1d8 damage. You 1 lb. whether it be your quick aim or your   Rifle. (maximum of 20). under “Gunpowder and Ammunition” and ▶▶ If the firearm already has the double- “Customizing Firearms” in the previous articles is action property. 5 gp. You are a fearsome combatant on horseback. 3 gp. Rifles get deadlier with the introduction ▶▶ Add 1 to your Dexterity ability score of the expanding bullet. gain the following benefits:   Triangular Bayonet. You may do this once per round. then you may ignore the available for the firearms contained in this article. ▶▶ When using a firearm that has a capacity Equipment greater than one. EN World EN5IDER  |  Industrial Firepower . Bullets are getting Mounted Musketeer smaller as firearms technology improves. 1 lb.