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EN5ider Presents

The Zeitgeist Adventure Path
Player’s Guide
Part 2
From the Pen of Ryan Nock Thoroughly Playtested for Maximum Enjoyment by
Evocative Cover Illustration by Jacob Philipp Hackert Jason Boss, David Braught, Josh Brzinski, Ted Brzinski,
Stunning Cartographic Displays by Jonathan Roberts Sam Coman, Neil D’Cruze, Francis Dickinson,
Robert M. Everson, Michael Gallogly, Matthew J. Hanson,
Masterful Interior Illustrations by Brian Lindahl
Michael Hart, Michael Iachini, Tom Jones, Laura Kertz,
Claudio Pozas Gene McDonald, James Robert Parks IV, Cathy Perez,
ShenFei Romana Perez, Hamid Raoof, Bryan Rennekamp,
& artists of history Tyrone Shekelberg, Judson Stowe, and Eugene Zaretskiy
with Layout and Graphic Design by Eric Life-Putnam Seamlessly Updated to Fifth Edition by
Ably Produced and Facilitated by Russell Morrissey Ryan Nock and James J. Haeck

Our Humble and Special Thanks to to the hundreds of gamers who backed the original release of Zeitgeist on Kickstarter,
and to the over one thousand generous patrons of EN World EN5ider whose support has
made this Fifth Edition update possible.

when used in firearms. taking 7d6 fire damage on a failure or half Lady’s Outfit. phlogistite (translucent red vapor slime that floats in globules if ex- scalpels. Monks cultivate this herb. since it burns too fast it has been a black market item in most of Lanjyr. and since the fall of the Elfaivar Empire five hundred years ago tively harmless as a weapon in its own right. This Goggles 5 gp 1 lb. When chewed or to cause serious wounds like traditional alchemist fire. firedust is rela- ing.” all EN Publishing product and article titles. but have disadvantage in a 10-foot radius. that first hit die is wasted and restores no hit points. rolled. character and place names. a pocket watch deters the attention of minor fey. ripheral vision. has a lower risk of fouling or corroding the Leaf of Nicodemus. scissors. or run backward in the presence of powerful fey creatures. If you fail by 5 or more. and is hydrophobic. multiple layers of fabric. explodes throws to resist effects that would blind you. granular black substance rendered in alchemical furnaces) and forceps. With a suf. “EN Publishing. cane. whalebone corseting. vest. allowing it to burn even Pocket watch 25 gp — after immersion in water. Equipment T he new technological revolution has produced new weapons. but constables and even criminals Gentleman’s Outfit. A one-ton pallet explodes in a 30- of frills. who use hand-held explosives. ignites a cask full of firedust. probes. week’s supply 10 gp — Early firearms used smoky gunpowder as propellant for its ammu- Gentleman’s outfit 30 gp 6 lb. top find little use for such indiscriminate destruction in an urban hat. Designed for working in factories or laboratories with searing chemicals or embers. the first hit die that ally spends restores an additional tantly to society at large. 2 |  EN5ider Presents: The Zeitgeist Player’s Guide • Part 2 . The dwarves of Drakr field grenadiers these visions are actually glimpses into the Dreaming. this item might also fashion is important to showing one’s class. Many other firearm accelerants exist. the monk’s leaf soothes nerves and damage to a space containing the cask or pallet is sufficient to cause sharpens perception slightly. Steam engines use a variant. environment. Civilized Gear Item Price Weight Explosive Alchemicals Fey pepper. Whenever you treat an injured ally during a short or long rest. Any attack that deals at least 5 fire and smoked as a cigarette. aid the treatment of long-term afflictions. but firedust is by far the most widely used. unlike fey pepper. but recent alchemical advances have produced firedust. roughly a foot across. narrative and descriptive text. All other material in this article. and possibly foot radius (again dealing 7d6 fire damage and requiring a DC 12 a small hat with a lace veil. you may make a DC 10 Wisdom (Medicine) check. If you succeed. which grows best instead take an additional 7d6 bludgeoning damage from the ex- on the islands of the Yerasol Archipelago. nition. are designated Product Identity. It can be addictive if used extensively. and some items are unique to the Zeitgeist adventure path. When crumbled. panding gases and flying debris. Creatures caught in the radius make a DC 12 on Wisdom (Perception) checks. and more. Example Explosion. In addition to telling time. though. While wearing them. sutures. Definitely no cogs either. you gain advantage on saving A twenty pound cask of firedust. If someone smoked. but those within 10 feet of the explosion Leaf of Nicodemus. the user begins to hallucinate. today is a civilized time. More impor- Pocket Watch. syringe posed to open air). week’s supply 1 gp — weapon’s internals.” “Zeitgeist. This rare plant only grows near paths to the Dream. While it is the source of a firearm’s deadly power. cause it to explode. firegems. an explosion. trade dress. these goggles are atrocious for pe. Goggles. including magmite (a bone saw. retractors. Dexterity saving throw. Surgeon’s kit 50 gp 2 lb.” “EN World. the pepper makes the user giddy and upbeat. Open Game Content  |  The game rule information in this article is designated Open Game Content. At the GM’s discretion. Still no goggles. though simply shooting firedust with a bullet won’t but has no social stigma. debriding curette. including maps and illustrations (including public domain illustrations). the resulting explosion could ficient dosage. which burn slower but longer Fey Pepper. and EN Publishing tm EN World and EN Publishing logos. Dexterity save for half). though many claim seriously hurt those nearby. Watches will occasionally stop. Surgeon’s Kit. skip. This ornate dress has an excess of weight composed as much damage on a success.” “EN5ider. morphium. This fine outfit includes coat. and 5 hit points. Gentlemen do not wear goggles. powdered variant of alchemist’s fire produces practically no smoke Lady’s outfit 30 gp 12 lb. ether.

When you throw a grenade. such as by cannot be mass-produced. showcased in the “Keep Your Powder Dry” series. The gun. (See “Requisitioning Equipment. make) grenades and rifled versions of normal firearms. but in the heat of battle you might not always have time to reload it. rifled Ammunition and Explosives Item Cost Weight   * Walt Ciechanowski. Ammunition (range 80/320). ry weapon. but with a stock and barrel. Ammunition (range 100/400). 5-foot space. bullets and firedust (20 shots) 1 gp 2 lb.” EN World EN5ider. consider EN5ider’s “Keep Your Powder Dry” series. This heavy metal hand-thrown explosive resembles at least with light crossbows. and few people use them as a prima. Small firegem percussion carbines and shotguns. Effects such as feats that specifically apply to crossbows also length of three to four feet. arms use rules similar—but not identical—to those presented in If the GM wishes to make firearms less cumbersome. is negligible. simple weapons. Ammunition (range 50/150). Drakr possesses somewhat or else there is a risk the gem will crack and misfire. can’t normally fire two guns and reload For the specific period of firearm development of Zeitgeist. the risk of bouncing and exploding somewhere other than their which contains firedust and a bullet. loud. they have a longer loading times to boot. cal firegem percussion cap must be replaced every few dozen shots riety of factories in Flint and elsewhere. loud. choose a creature or an unoccupied man aims and pulls a trigger. acts as a percussion cap. A typi- Risur produces pistols. but the cost superior firearm technology. them in the same Firedust.”) Gunsmiths can craft these items. https://www. misfire. or imported from Drakr.) caps at its vertices ignite the firedust inside when they are struck with sufficient force. Ammunition (range 40/160). Firearms. but they are the domain of specialized gunsmiths. two-handed Shotgun 75 gp 1d10 piercing 6 lb. Carbine. muzzle-loading Carbine 75 gp 1d12 piercing 5 lb. Equipment Firearms The hammer strikes a firegem set at the back of the barrel. producing a spark inside the barrel. and muskets from a va. and a heavy crossbow is equivalent to a mus. Sometimes these caps do not ignite at first impact. muzzle-loading. a light crossbow is equivalent to cussion cap. and innovations such as metal cartridge ammunition are known to ex. scatter (see “Scatter”) Advanced Firearms These weapons must either be hand-crafted by gunsmiths. cask 20 gp 20 lb. and it is possible to import (or custom. which sends shards of metal in all directions. found in the core rules. Even gunsmiths. muzzle-loading. two-handed. misfire. Ammunition (range 30/90). misfire. a carbine and shotgun. who tend Compatibility with the Core Rules.patreon. shotguns. misfire. loud. Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties Pistol 75 gp 1d10 piercing 3 lb. two-handed Musket 90 gp 2d8 piercing 10 lb. (If the creature occupies a space greater than 5 feet. rifled Rifled Carbine 300 gp 1d12 piercing 5 lb. Increase the Favor level to requisition one by 1 step. Likewise. muzzle-loading. A muzzle-loaded one-handed firearm with a firegem per- proficient with a pistol. which Firearms use explosive alchemicals to fire metal ammunition. Ammunition (range 60/180). Muzzle-Loading Firearms. They fire lead ball ammunition. misfire. Check with your GM for availability. down the barrel. two-handed. loud. to carry a pair of pistols. The following items are or might become available to PCs in the For the sake of weapon proficiencies. Like a pistol. Ammunition (range 20/60). The intention is that a fire- ist. Common Firearms These weapons can be easily acquired in Risur. loud. rifled Rifled Musket 315 gp 2d8 piercing 3 lb. Additional Muzzle-loading firearms are very different from crossbows. fire. grenades are considered Zeitgeist Adventure Path. apply to firearms. You can adjust the level of weapons technology in your Zeitgeist campaign by using firearms rules from the different eras Weapon Descriptions. muzzle-loading. (Note that every class except druids is proficient Grenade. so everyone but druids are able to use a somewhat rounded dodecahedron.* These firearms are replacing the Muzzle-Loading property with the Loading property prone to occasional misfiring. Any character proficient with a hand crossbow is Pistol. then packs in the bullet with a ramrod. “Keep Your Powder Dry! Part 2: Early Modern Ammunition. loud. The gunman pours firedust intended target. two-handed. and as yet arm is a great weapon to open up an engagement with. with a total ket. muzzle-loading. loud. keep-your-power-7985372 EN5ider Presents: The Zeitgeist Player’s Guide • Part 2  | 3 . (See “Gunsmith. carbines. which releases the firing hammer. muzzle-loading. so grenades hold Reloading involves drawing and tearing open a paper cartridge.”) Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties Grenade 50 gp special (see “Grenade”) 1 lb. shooting and then moving into melee. misfire. Thrown (range 20/60) Target Pistol 300 gp 1d10 piercing 3 lb.

against AC 10. continue aiming at the same target or switch to another target you 4 |  EN5ider Presents: The Zeitgeist Player’s Guide • Part 2 . Occasionally a firearm fails to fire due to fouling or the choice.Equipment choose one of the squares it occupies. you have disadvantage on 3d6 damage on a failure. Half of this damage is bludgeoning. Effectively just a carbine which has had the last kit or a use of mending). It is not par. but can be devastating point-blank. Rifling extends the range a firearm can accurately hit and enhances accuracy at range. if there are multiple). You must clear the barrel using a gun kit throws and take damage as normal. the grenade directly strikes that creature (or the creature of your Misfire. which is more conical. the weapon’s short and long ranges for the purpose of attacking striking a roughly 5-foot radius at a range of 90 feet. then you have cracked the barrel and the range accuracy. Effectively just a pistol with a rifled barrel. The weapons listed above may have one or more of the following missing by 5 feet in a random direction. this weapon. The bullet’s Muzzle-Loading. Rifled Musket. or 10 feet if the target area traits. bringing it to a munition may be used again). that target. These weapons use different am. the grenade veers off course. few inches of the barrel rifled. as an action before it may be fired again (note that the cleared am- Musket. Until you stop aiming. Firearms are noisy and expel a lot of powder when fired. was at long range. Because of the extreme time required to reload hollow flared tail that expands from the force of the ignited fire. is an attempt to grant long disadvantage on the roll. Wisdom (Perception) checks to discern your location. and Dexterity (Stealth) checks to remain hidden or move silently until half piercing. you must spend an action or bonus action to reload gems. imparting a spin that stabilizes the bullet Rifled. You can spend an action to aim down the weapon’s sight. Each turn thereafter you can spend an action or bonus action to Target Pistol. grenade lands must make a DC 12 Dexterity saving throw.) Make ranged weapon attack New Weapon Traits. munition – the Latimer bullet. the end of your next turn and other creatures have advantage on If you targeted a creature and the attack roll is a critical hit. The creature takes 6d6 damage split round getting stuck. Other creatures in the area make saving sidered to have misfired. If the d20 roll is a 1 and you had total length of over five and a half feet. taking After you make an attack with a firearm. If the d20 roll is a 1 when making a ranged between bludgeoning and piercing and cannot attempt a saving attack. Magical guns never misfire or break from regular use. Each creature in a 5-foot radius of where the Loud. firearm is useless until repaired (requiring a day of work with a gun Rifled Carbine. then in addition to missing the target the firearm is con- throw for half damage. quadruple Shotgun. a target. If the attack misses. forcing the edges of the bullet against the spiral grooves of before you can shoot again. and choose a creature you can see. the inside of the barrel. Effectively just a musket with a rifled barrel. The extended barrel of this firearm. This smoothbore weapon fires pellets that spread out. ticularly effective at distance.

ridiculous. Sniper Scope. Item Price Weight Scatter. allowing the weapon to be Reinforced Barrel. and if you hit you deal half damage. and both rolls hit the target. Alchemical launchers. Equipment can see. needing to spend an action. Such weapons are almost carbine. Ammuni. unless the attack fails to main benefit is to allow a wielder to switch between ranged and damage the cover. it still deals 1d4 damage. For a that fires down the length of a longsword. melee attacks without having to draw a new weapon. Likewise. a few inches of stone. The tion clips and reinforced barrels can only be added when a weapon blindness lasts until your next turn. it uses your gun’s from. ons. but a pistol/spear or flail/musket is or dirt. or similar item such as alchemist’s fire or holy water into this un. If you move or take damage. with a bayonet as if it were a rapier in melee. As an action. If you are hidden when you attack. or a half-inch of metal. Their half the weapon’s damage to its target. You might be fine with a rogue using a pistol likely cannot see the target). if ridiculous is your style. If you have disadvantage. the weapon deals an additional 1d10 Ammunition clip 1. Firearm Enhancements. such Ammunition Clip. or they can be requisi. For a pistol. hit but the other misses. you are considered blind ex- and suppressors can be retrofitted onto existing weapons. Other firearms have attachments that let the that instead holds five rounds. Typically this is to or bonus action. your aim is ruined and must Firearm Enhancements start over again. attach a bayonet to a carbine or musket. creature struck does. Some firearms integrate a bladed weapon into their designs. (Of course. Your shots are relatively quiet. If you have advantage on an attack roll with a shotgun Alchemical launcher 1. Combination Weapons and Bayonets. Adding rifling to a weapon adds 50 gp to its cost. You’ve modified your barrel to fire heavier used as a spear. an ammunition clip is revolver as a dagger with a pistol that fires along the crosspiece. You can aim down this finely-tuned telescopic sight without tioned with a Favor level 2. you can load one grenade suppressor lose the Loud trait. or a carbine cylinder that lets you fire six shots before you need to reload.000 gp 5 lb. Sniper scope 1. You can also attack a creature with total cover. is crafted. A derslung launcher. such as cover-piercing ammunition. you remain hidden from creatures more than 50 feet from you. attack bonus and range. Suppressor 500 gp 1 lb. cept against creatures in a direct line from you to your target. damage. rounds. an ammunition clip is a stripper clip always custom-built. penalty to your attack roll (in addition to disadvantage since you bination is feasible. and each would need to be enchanted separately. a carbine/ These rounds usually only work through less than a foot of wood axe could theoretically work. then go wild!) Cover-piercing ammunition costs twice as much as normal ammunition. Suppressor. and firearms with a Alchemical Launcher.000 gp 1 lb. However. you take a –5 The GM should use common sense to determine whether a com. if you hit cover you deal weapons. however. not retrofitted. and one attack roll would have Reinforced barrel 500 gp 1 lb. You can use the item as if it were in your hand. know the direction the shot came If the item normally requires a ranged attack. musket.000 gp 2 lb. EN5ider Presents: The Zeitgeist Player’s Guide • Part 2  | 5 . sniper scopes. or shotgun. Replacing a clip requires an action wielder affix a melee weapon to a gun barrel. If your GM uses the Mechanically. This enhancement is only effective on rifled weap- Gunsmiths can craft the following items. these hybrid weapons function as two distinct alternate rules of attacks hitting cover.

as the spell misty step once per Prestige (see “Prestige. 6 |  EN5ider Presents: The Zeitgeist Player’s Guide • Part 2 . has Hostile creatures stepping aboard treat the first square they enter never seen combat. Designed to fill the role of sailing excise cutters.V. The 90-foot Roscommon mounts a three-masted square-topsail rig. using Risur prestige. Requesting Khalundurrin and its crew of eight is a Rank 3 favor Inevitable. most of its vessels are still powered by sail. day. it in a boiler explosion. Due to the ship’s great expense. so constables must pilot it themselves. It has no standing Requesting the Impossible and its crew of sixty-four is a Rank crew of its own. plus an optional topsail for extra speed. since sometimes the signer had a druid deliver a replica to a fey circle near the logging constabulary needs to deal with threats at sea or simply pursue town of Roscommon. and the next morning when the designer returned to work. armed with enchanted cannons and guided by skyseers who can con- trol the winds. Rutger Smith. bowsprit. steam cutters can more easily travel against the wind.” below). Arcanists who examined the Requesting the Audacious is a Rank 1 favor using Risur prestige. mockery from other crews in the RHC and the navy. ing. and this affection manifests the Fourth Yerasol War. fuel. when it was nearing completion its de- Flint branch has five vessels at its disposal. with bold imagery like something out of a dwarven opera. Its captain. but his ship had changed course when he wasn’t look- sight of the ship if the vessel is undamaged. Requesting Roscommon and its crew of sixteen is a Rank 3 favor Audacious. the ship’s figurehead had been replaced by a beautiful faerie woman Requisitioning a Risuri vessel requires the characters to ask for carved from living wood. The model ship delighted the local fey queen investigations in other cities or countries. modified by the time the ship will be needed.. like it wanted to get into combat. and is primarily used only been in use by the RHC for five years. not a warrior. and can only be done by characters with a certain level of vessel can teleport short distances. but are louder and must rely on Impossible. The rigging is somewhat petulant. Extreme Clipper. are arguably the greatest seafaring military in the world. garet Saxby or one of her superiors. an incredible power in ship-to-ship combat. He sees himself as a philosopher. It has no standing engine. Excise Cutter. Steam Cutter.O. but the a favor. and while his crew have great morale. they are the target of light Requesting the Inevitable is a Rank 1 favor using Risur prestige. and its first crew died for missions of immense urgency. with only maintenance crews aboard. as difficult terrain. Risuri forces captured the Khalundurrin from the Drakran navy ten serve as harbor patrol and law enforcement. Not every threat to Risur happens in the streets of Flint. Roscommon. Units of constables when the ship strayed too close to an ongoing naval battle during have used this beloved ship for decades. modified by the time the ship will be needed. Inevitable has The 250-foot Impossible is built wholly for speed. Bold Dwarven Steamship. This traditional fore-and-aft rig of a 30-foot long cutter has a single mast supporting a mainsail and two or more headsails attached to a Khalundurrin. Excise cutters of. Ships of the RHC T he Risuri navy. though. Fey-Pact Schooner. Its captain claimed that he tried to avoid by granting all the crew a +1 bonus to saving throws while within the fight. ships stay docked. Usually. The ship was salvaged and repaired. and now is usually only deployed by the order of Lady Chief Inspectress Mar- some unearthly force daunts those who would threaten the vessel. The Laid down in 417 A. ship postulate that some manner of spirit might inhabit its steam modified by the time the ship will be needed. these Medb. Crew who serve on it sleep easily and speak of dreams filled crew of its own. modified by the time the ship will be needed. Though Risur is slowly integrat- ing steam engines into its fleet. modified by the time the ship will be needed. 4 favor using Risur prestige. which somewhat limits their long-distance uses. so constables must pilot it themselves. using Risur prestige.

In Zeitgeist. A criminal group. a mage to perform a ritual too high-level for them. The lords of the fey who rule in the Dreaming Favor Wait Times. a party with Risur Prestige 2 might call get help from allies. and the greater Risuri govern. You can make a Charisma (Persuasion) casting remove curse (Favor 3). usually to acquire special gear or to allied group. the identity of which is secret at If the Favor level is… Then your favor gets fulfilled in… the start of the campaign. Your Prestige +3 A month. enemy. whether they’re calling in most in the group don’t know them or assume they won’t do anything else interesting. from a week to a day for instance. either as an ally or enemy. a successful favor one step. and how much effort your enemies will put into defeating you. Persuasion check). If the next day they wanted a 5th-level wizard capable of you can get what you want. Using Prestige. assaulting a criminal stronghold. your The party as a whole can call in one favor per day from a given Prestige lets you call in favors. Your Prestige +1 A day. Less Than your Prestige As little time as humanly possible. * The Unseen Court. he would arrive the next morning check (DC 8 + 2 per level of the favor) to increase the speed of your unless the party pulled some strings or yelled a lot (e. Your Prestige +4 Never. In addition to acting as a handy track of your notoriety. (or actually is in charge). these are just guidelines. An ideological group. ment and military. Your Prestige +2 A week. As with any rules for social interaction. secret at the start of the campaign. For Prestige system. and he’d show up in a you want. either viewing them as a powerful ally or a dangerous enemy. Then compare that rating to your Prestige to see how fast few hours. even though they’re pa- can call on in a pinch. Prestige M ost fantasy adventurers are “free   agents” with no boss but themselves. The citizens of the city of Flint. and most members of the group know about their actions and talents. the local police. as buffoons or pariahs. if on day two the party above also needed a squad of four EN5ider Presents: The Zeitgeist Player’s Guide • Part 2  | 7 . Your level of Prestige influences how easy it is for you to call in your fellow PCs may want to call in favors from the favors from your allies. or other power groups. The RHC. A lot of resources are devoted to either helping them out or In Zeitgeist. ••Rating 2: The party has done a few noteworthy things. The group will not take the party seriously. Prestige mechanic provides a quick guideline of how ••Rating 1: The party is relatively unknown to the group. * Criminal. The ••Rating 0: Viewed with disdain. though. the criminals might view them as a significant threat (Prestige 3). the easier and faster on a soldier for back-up (Favor 1) and get someone to show up in a you can get what you want. one PC needs to make and good will to find people who are both able and willing to help. For example. The higher your Prestige. Calling in a favor represents the party expending its resources If the party needs to call in more favors.. and the GM judgment is appropriate when adjudicating them. the identity of which is Equal to your Prestige A few hours. the GM will need to track the party’s Prestige taking them down. The next day they might call for a 3rd-level druid to Use the following guidelines to determine the Favor level of what cast some healing spells for them (Favor 2). If the party thwarts several criminal plots but anger Flint politicians in the process. the police. few minutes. usu- ally out on the edge of civilization with few allies they Prestige Rating The Prestige rating represents how prominent the party is. but much clout the party has.g. trying to get their hands on a rare battle wand before ••Rating 4: The group pays close attention to the party. you and riahs to the Risuri establishment (Prestige 0). or they’re viewed as the face of the * Risur. with five groups: ••Rating 6: The party has the ear of the leader of the group * Flint. * Philosophical. ••Rating 5: The party is one of the top priorities of the group. RHC. a Charisma (Persuasion) check (DC 8 + 2 per level of the favor + so there are limits to how often the party can take advantage of the 2 per each previous favor beyond the limit in the same day). or ••Rating 3: The party has distinguished itself. instance.

somewhere. driver to provide you discreet passage around a district. A politician to take a stand for something that might them. plus also another by the fey that they could easily have sprites delivering messages check (DC 14) to round up the squad in time for that evening. as long as it doesn’t put any of the fey into dan- If they failed the first check they’d have to wait until the next day ger. but wouldn’t be able to get their schedules together until something for them. and wouldn’t count against the limit if the party wanted to Here are some sample favors. cost them their office. the squad might always get a local police officer to provide backup or go look into be willing. A city-wide protest. A local celebrity to put on a private show. A craftsman to make a custom non-magic item for you The Favor Ratings below are just guidelines. A class of university students to come out the level by 2. A docker to create a distraction that will probably the officers are killed because you screw up. or state that certain favors are impos. A carriage- of technologists to spend a few hours testing the air in various dis. A city-wide search for a missing person. A call for all citizens to take The party can request any number of favors that are of a level less arms against a threat. they would need example. if you call in back-up to a crime scene. A journalist to run a story. Inconsequential Requests. If you just saved the story that could have serious consequences. A small group of concerned citizens to rally and protest Time and Money. If they failed the second check. Urchins to watch a street for you. A minor bureaucrat to bend modifiers at their discretion. A gang of thugs to commit some violent crimes for you. favors can get people to help you for up to half an political figure. PCs with Risur Prestige 2 or more can pretty much to call in that favor. The GM can impose (the PCs pay the normal price). by 3. call on favors from the people of Flint. A ferry-man to give you discreet passage around the the police any less likely to help the party out. increase the * Level 4. A journalist to run a false be less inclined to send you back-up next time. the rules for your sake. Risur. it wouldn’t make * Level 1. A large crowd of protesters to block off a whole level by 1. A major public police chief’s life and need a dozen men to track down the assassin.Prestige police to stake out a wharf for a night (Rating 3). the next day. increase building or street. and if a week or more. figure agreeing to talk with you for a few minutes. the group time to gather and travel to wherever the party needs * Level 5. you’ll usually need to factor at least a 1-level increase to give smuggle in something for you. If you want someone to help you for a few hours. A secretary to look urchins to tail a suspect for a week (Level 3). you’ll have an easier time of that. For 8 |  EN5ider Presents: The Zeitgeist Player’s Guide • Part 2 . All the above favors would be based on the party’s Prestige with Flint Favors. tricts for traces of a particular chemical (Level 4). a party with Unseen Court Prestige 2 is respected enough to make a check (DC 14) to even get the favor. A journalist to print an exposé on a powerful As a default. If they wanted some street * Level 0. than their Prestige without counting toward their daily limit. sible. and all * Level 2. and needed a group through documents or handle your paperwork. the police force will get them beaten up or arrested. * Level 3. around the city. * Level 6. hour. Particularly with large and use their skills for the common people. For instance. Likewise. Even the king needs a few weeks to march an army to war. city. provided by Flint’s citizens. A ship captain to groups. If the favor requires working for a day or more.

GM has discretion to be lax or strict with these guidelines. A spell cast by a 3rd-level spellcaster (the PCs pay for any expensive spell components). A squad of twelve officers. A member of the Great Hunt to chase down and kill take to receive the item. Requisition a Rare magic item. travel expenses. Prestige Risur Favors. items means the RHC might not provide any more. Tools of the Mission. and minor properties tables in the core city and observe a target. one Uncom- without being seen. An officer to provide back-up or investigate a lead with. Requisition a Very Rare magic item. that might mean the party isn’t trusted enough. This abstraction represents what would realistically be a complex the fey of the Unseen Court would often trade enchanted items for system involving paperwork and arranging collateral for whatever favors. a bargain which can be magically compelled at mon. If the party wants to request a magic item during an adventure. It’s always dangerous to ask for help from the fey. the RHC will trust them with. ment technologists need a testbed for their inventions. The party’s Risur Prestige determines how many enchanted items A spell cast by a 5th-level spellcaster. A spell cast by Principal * Party Risur Prestige 2. or sim- Second. paying off con. the royal magic item vaults. Requisition a Legendary magic item. Meanwhile. or the military. * Level 3. Four officers or soldiers. One Common item per constable. is too high. with the requirement that those items be used every so often government agency previously had the item. rules to demonstrate that the RHC’s items have a diversity of back- * Level 4. A precinct-wide alert for all officers to assist. A company * Party Risur Prestige 0. A spell cast by a 9th-level spellcaster. quirks. though their Risur Prestige will de- lice. One soldier to fight alongside you (see “Allied Stats. Two Uncommon items for the unit. Two Rare items for the unit. A spell cast by a 7th-level spellcaster. declines to get a rare item but wants a dozen potions of healing. the RHC will probably be fine with that. the RHC provides its agents three types of resources for * Level 7. before each mission the constables will be granted a ply that such an item doesn’t exist and would need to be crafted. * Level 3. * Level 5. A tiny fey to deliver an item to a specific house * Party Risur Prestige 5. * Level 1. * Level 6. which supports a comfortable * Level 6. one Rare. One its head. Use the Favor meet and provide information. Four between missions. Regardless of the relative rarity. If there’s a few weeks’ downtime * Level 4. termine how many items the government is willing to trust them * Level 1. These items should be returned when no longer needed (not for you. or a unit of twelve soldiers. Requisition a Common magic item. No magic items granted. and one Very Rare item per constable. A young treant to sneak into the the creator. details. a target in the wilderness. lifestyle. for the unit. and one Very Rare item per constable. and one Rare item per constable. Uncommon per constable. Three Common items and one Unseen Court Favors. the constables can generally call upon the fol- 12-soldier units. of one hundred soldiers. A city-wide alert for all officers to assist. A pixie to kill a person’s pet and eat everything but items. each unit of constables can requisition equipment from And here are some examples of help provided by the RHC. Four companies of soldiers. * Party Risur Prestige 6. Requisitioning Equipment. and that sometimes you won’t get exactly what you want. one Uncom- be repaid in kind. * Level 2. lowing sorts of items. A hag to provide an uncommon illegal magic item The GM is encouraged to take a moment for each item to use (the PCs pay for the cost). Govern. Two Common items per constable. * Level 5. If a PC tacts. the po. Four Common items. A nymph to lure someone off into the Cloudwood. One Very Rare item any moment. If the level of the favor or else returned. * Party Risur Prestige 1. In addition to a constable’s salary. The stipend for purchasing mundane weapons and tools. Six Common and two Uncommon * Level 2. and the like. EN5ider Presents: The Zeitgeist Player’s Guide • Part 2  | 9 . * Level 4. Minister Harkover Lee. * Level 5.” counting things like potions that are consumed upon use). Requisition an Uncommon magic item. Five Common items. levels listed below as a guideline to determine how long it would * Level 6. Losing below). their missions. threaten him. A vekeshi mystic to abduct a factory owner and grounds. the king’s court wizard. Legendary item for the unit. A dryad to hide someone on the run from mon. A fey lord (though not one of the Unseen Court) to they need to call in a favor using their Risur Prestige. * Level 3. one Rare. the law. Any favor must * Party Risur Prestige 4. the RHC will rarely grant a First. Third. * Party Risur Prestige 3. described above. the RHC quartermaster might provide constables with group of constables more than one item apiece beyond the limits technological devices or magic items from the royal coffers.

range 20/60. which might grant him cover against the attack. turn until it spends an action and succeeds on a DC 10 Dexterity check to Reloading requires an action or bonus action. a PC who Linked Ally Some faint royal magic empowers RHC agents. the soldier can fire. Each allied soldier is linked to one PC. though. one target. Pistol Ranged Weapon Attack: +3 to hit. reach 5 ft. use his reaction when targeted by a ranged or area attack to move 5 feet Carbine Ranged Weapon Attack: +3 to hit. 13 (+1) 12 (+1) 12 (+1) 9 (–1) 10 (+0) 8 (–1) leaf of Nicodemus Skills Intimidation +1. Alchemist Fire Ranged Weapon Attack: +3 to hit. any alignment Armor Class 16 (chainmail) training necessary for large-scale combat. one target. Special: The weapon misfires on a natural 1. and protects is adjacent to an allied soldier linked to him can spend a hit die to have those who follow their orders. badge. soldiers can questing these allies. Generally we recommend the operate as units. Hit: 6 Hit: Target catches on fire. acts on that PC’s turn. reach 5 ft. hand-cuffs   When an allied soldier is reduced to 0 hit points he stabilizes as long as Traits his linked PC is within 100 feet. limited how often Billy Club Melee Weapon Attack: +3 to hit. pack. range 20/60. and Challenge 1/8 (25 XP) acts on that PC’s turn. Individual officers are useful for chasing down leads or keeping an eye on a person of interest. Soldiers are really only useful See “Prestige” (above) for the Favor Ratings of re- if combat is expected.. 10 |  EN5ider Presents: The Zeitgeist Player’s Guide • Part 2 . Perception +2. short sword. Allied Stats U se these stats for allies the party can request with favors via their Risur Prestige. range 50/150. Hit: 7 (1d12 + 1) piercing damage. making use of combined attacks to GM divide control of allies among the players. Hit: 4 (1d6 + 1) bludgeoning damage. Once per day as a bonus action. HP 16 (3d8 + 3) Speed 30 ft. whistle. police officers lack the Medium humanoid (any race). Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha Allied Police Officer 13 (+1) 12 (+1) 12 (+1) 9 (–1) 10 (+0) 8 (–1) Medium humanoid (any race). or to drop prone. taking 2 (1d4) fire damage at the start of each (1d10 + 1) piercing damage. Flint Native Due to familiarity with Flint’s landscape. the allied officer can Hit: 4 (1d6 + 1) piercing damage. Equipment uniform. and protects Languages Primordial those who follow their orders. Reloading requires an action or bonus action. Special: The soldier only has one flask. one target. pistol. that officer heal hit points equal to the die roll. Short Sword Melee Weapon Attack: +3 to hit.. and that soldier heal hit points equal to the die roll. Druidic Guidance The allied soldier has advantage on the first saving throw   When an allied officer is reduced to 0 hit points he stabilizes as long as it makes each day. Challenge 1/2 (100 XP) Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha Equipment chainmail. carbine. In large numbers. any alignment Skills Intimidation +1. billy club. extinguish the flames. one flask of alchemist fire. one target. Each allied officer is linked to one PC. By contrast. Special: The weapon misfires on a Actions natural 1. and they can fight in a pinch. his linked PC is within 100 feet. one target. Perception +2 Traits Senses passive Perception 12 Linked Ally Some faint royal magic empowers RHC agents. Survival +2 Armor Class 13 (studded leather) Senses passive Perception 12 HP 11 (2d8 + 2) Languages Primordial Speed 30 ft. Once per day as a bonus action. threaten creatures much stronger than any individual Allied Soldier soldiers. a PC who Actions is adjacent to an allied officer linked to him can spend a hit die to have Multiattack The allied soldier makes two attacks.

Hit: 30 (4d12 + 4) piercing Carbine Fusillade Half the soldiers fire while the others load and ready the damage. Melee Weapon Attack: +10 to hit. sible to defend against.. combat it is best to treat the unit as individual soldiers. The area check to extinguish the flames. Speed 30 ft. Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha 13 (+1) 12 (+1) 12 (+1) 9 (–1) 10 (+0) 8 (–1) 13 (+1) 12 (+1) 12 (+1) 9 (–1) 10 (+0) 8 (–1) Skills Perception +7 Skills Perception +12 Senses passive Perception 17 Senses passive Perception 22 Languages Primordial Languages Primordial Challenge 5 (1.g. making it impossible to makes each day. the target catches on fire.g. all 16 spaces. units may also be equipped with pikes if they Gargantuan Company The company consists of thirty-two soldiers work- expect to battle large creatures ing in tandem. The two those who follow their orders. Special: The unit can only make this attack becomes awash with flames for one round. taking target. or two attacks if it has half Short Sword Swarm The mass of flashing metal is overwhelming. cohesion. leaf of Nicodemus. Ranged Weapon Attack: +7 to hit. The   Damage to the company wounds individual soldiers and weakens unit GM should use their best judgment when adjudicating such effects. on that PC’s turn.g.800 XP) Challenge 17 (18.   Attacks that affect an area deal double damage to the unit if they   Non-damaging effects that target only a single creature (e..000 XP) Equipment chainmail. Special: The company can only make this attack four times. Attack: +10 to hit. The two surviving Actions Allied Soldiers link to the same PC. Ranged Weapon 5 ft. Multiattack The allied unit makes four attacks. and protects made it up stabilize as long as their linked PC is within 100 feet. The company only makes four attacks with its Multiattack   Damage to the unit wounds individual soldiers and weakens unit action reduced to half its hit points or fewer. one target. guard so others can score wounds. When the company has Actions half its hit points or fewer. up stabilize as long as their linked PC is within 100 feet. the poi- includes 2 spaces of the unit. radius Hit: 15 (2d12 + 2) piercing damage.. Outside of acts on that PC’s turn. area with alchemist fire. an entangle spell) might grant the unit advantage on its save. Hit: 9 (2d6 + 2) piercing damage. Non-damaging spaces. The unit only makes two attacks with its Multiattack action replace the company with two Allied Units.g.   When an allied company is reduced to 0 hit points. Allied Stats Allied Unit Allied Company Large swarm of Medium humanoids (any race). When reduced to 0 hit points. + EN5ider Presents: The Zeitgeist Player’s Guide • Part 2  | 11 . When reduced to 0 hit points. and it can move through any opening Large Unit The unit consists of eight soldiers working in tandem. Each allied unit is linked to one PC. and   These stats represent the unit in combat for ease of play. and so on. the soldiers who Linked Ally Some faint royal magic empowers RHC agents. the soldiers who made it throw it makes each day. turn in the area take 5 (2d4) fire damage. any alignment Armor Class 16 (chainmail) Armor Class 16 (chainmail) HP 96 (18d8 + 18) HP 384 (72d8 + 72) Speed 30 ft. space of a Large creature. Alchemist Fire Bombardment The company bombards a 5-ft. any alignment Gargantuan swarm of Medium humanoids (any race). an entangle poisoned effect of ray of sickness) have no effect on the unit. carbine. filling the an individual soldier could move through. carbines. range 20/60. swarm a single target unless the unit spreads out. reach Carbine Fusillade The retort of the guns is like thunder. pack. and triple damage if they include all 4 soned effect of ray of sickness) have no effect on the unit. it instead only makes four attacks. one target. Hit: 18 (4d6 + 4) piercing damage. The GM should use their   Non-damaging effects with an area that only includes part of the unit best judgment when adjudicating such effects.. those who follow their orders. impos- its hit points or fewer. On a failed save.. taking 5 (2d4) fire damage at the start 5 (2d4) fire damage at the start of each turn until it spends an action and of each turn until it spends an action and succeeds on a DC 10 Dexterity succeeds on a DC 10 Dexterity check to extinguish the flames. some knocking aside your target. up to octuple for through. The unit needs only fill 4 contiguous spaces. range 50/150. Non-damaging effects that target only a single creature (e. the effects with an area that only includes part of the unit (e. and acts surviving Allied Units link to the same PC. cohesion. one Dexterity saving throw. triple if 4 spaces. Each creature in the area must make a DC 19 Alchemist Fire Volley Ranged Weapon Attack: +7 to hit. short sword. when reduced to half its hit points or fewer. one Short Sword Swarm The soldiers coordinate. and creatures that end their four times. The company Traits needs only fill 16 contiguous spaces. Multiattack The allied company makes eight attacks.   Attacks that affect an area deal double damage to the unit if they and it can move through any opening an individual soldier could move includes 2 spaces of the unit. and protects replace the unit with two Allied Soldiers. filling the space of a Gargantuan creature. one flask of alchemist fire Traits each. but no more than Druidic Guidance The allied unit has advantage on the first saving throw it four can originate from the same”side” of the unit. (e. Druidic Guidance The allied company has advantage on the first saving   When an allied unit is reduced to 0 hit points. reach 5 ft. one target. Linked Ally Some faint royal magic empowers RHC agents.. spell) might grant the unit advantage on its save. Each allied company is linked to one PC. Melee Weapon Attack: +7 to hit. Hit: Target catches on fire. range 50/150.