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Investigations in Science 7 – April 28, 2017

What we did this week:

We started the week by learning a little more about twins. We looked to see
the difference between fraternal and identical twins.

Then we practiced using a micropipette to move a small amount of liquid from
one location to another. Using a micropipette is not as simple as it first appears.
The practicing of this technique helped so that our lab results were more accurate
when we completed a gel electrophoresis lab. This was our day to make all of our
mistakes. 

The microarray results from last week informed students if their client’s
offspring had a genetic disorder. This week they tested the offspring for the
presence of dimples, tongue rolling, and free earlobes. To test we used gel
electrophoresis. Electrophoresis is the process that uses electricity to pull
molecules from one place to another. In this experiment, the genes were
represented by various dyes.

With the practice tests under their belts, students had one chance to
accurately load their samples and controls into the gel wells. Below is all the
equipment for the lab and the results of one group (a few more pictures are on my
blog). The offspring results were compared to the controls to determine if the
offspring had or didn’t have the trait. Also this week, students created a genetic
counselor report for their clients based on all the information they learned
throughout the unit.
On Thursday, we completed a chromatography lab. We used sharpies and
rubbing alcohol to create a tie dye effect on a piece of cloth. This was similar to
the gel electrophoresis lab because the molecules were spreading throughout a
substance at different speeds. I have pictures up on my blog.

Today, we will finish up our gel electrophoresis lab and finish our RFP.
Students will be able to clean out their science section. Please have them leave all
papers in a safe place at home and not recycle them. Students should be leaving
their warm up sheet in their binder.


Come support our student interns Ms. Mason and Ms. Doermann at Maryland
Day as they finish up their graduate studies at University of Maryland! They have
tons of activities planned throughout the day with other science interns in the
county. Please visit the website below to learn more about Maryland Day and all it
has to offer!

We will be beginning our last unit on Monday. The new unit will focus on
Earth’s history and biological evolution. Students can clean out their science
section. They should be keeping their warm up sheet in their binder and leaving all
other papers in a safe place at home.

Please Volunteer!

FMS Career Day
May 11, 2017
Farquhar Middle School will host its annual and very popular school-wide
Career Day on Thursday, May 11, 2017. We are especially excited about
holding this Career Day in our beautiful new building.

We are looking for adults to talk about their work with our students. All
occupations are welcome and encouraged! Speakers are needed between the hours
of noon and 3:00 p.m. Sessions are just 30 minutes long and take place in
classrooms supervised by our teachers. Suggestions and tips for presentations
are provided.

Please help our students become familiar with the world of work and its
relationship to their education!

If you are willing to speak, can suggest another speaker, or would like more
information, please contact the FMS Counseling Department at 301-240-1210 or
email Mr. Ingram at

Thank you for your interest and support of this important Farquhar

Coming Up:


 Geological Timeline
 Fossils
 Owl Pellets 


 April 24-28 – Roadrunner Week
 Friday – Give someone a Compliment Day
 April 28 – Roadrunner Night 6:30-9:00 pm
 April 26-30 - FMS Art Show @ Lakeforest Mall
 May 1-5 – Staff Appreciation Week
 May 2-4 – PARCC ELA
 May 7 – Social Studies Family Field Trip
 May 11 – Career Day
 May 11 – NEC Parent Meeting @ 7:00 pm
 May 16-18 – PARCC Math
 May 16 – PTA Meeting @ 7:00 pm
 May 19-20 – Band Field Trip to Pittsburgh
 May 25 – Spring Music Concert at Blake HS @ 7:00-9:00 pm
 May 29 – No School
 May 30-June 5 – Map-R and Map-M in English and Math Classes
 June 14 – 7th Grade Fun Day
 June 16 – Last Day of School – Early Dismissal