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Ellie Sands and Hope Charman

The location we chose to set our film at was the village train station which can often be viewed as
a quiet and isolated setting even though it is regularly used. This is a popular convention within
horror films as it makes the audience feel apprehensive because it is somewhere that they are
likely to go and wouldn’t usually associate with horror events. This convention is demonstrated
in ‘The Woman in Black’ where the train station is a key part of the film ending.
Amber’s costume was relatively casual which reflects what a typical teenager would wear.
Although this sort of costume has been used often in modern day horrors such as ‘Split’ it also
challenges what the audience would expect to see in a film that is designed to scare them .
However the killer wears an all black outfit consisting of a hoodie and jeans which adds to the
anonymity of the character as black is generally associated with the unknown. This is similar to
the film ‘Hush’ where the antagonist wears a similar costume.
We used establishing shots to address the mise-en-scene to the audience and to introduce the
location. This helps to familiarise the audience with where the scene is taking place so they feel
included and part of the experience which overall adds to the fear effect. We used a range of shots
in our opening to keep the audience intrigued and to make them feel as if they are seeing things
from different perspectives. We contrasted using a point of view shot and mid/long shot as the
killer was stalking Amber. This developed the typically used hand-held shot, for example in the
opening of the film ‘Halloween’ and instead we combined it alongside another popular shot to
make it original.
Our film opening has minimal dialogue in order to create suspense and focus on setting the scene
using the mise-en-scene as opposed to explicitly explaining what is occurring. This is displayed in
the films ‘Hush’ and ‘The Shallows’ where suspense is built up in a short space of time for a
constant period.
Our narrative challenged a classic film’s order of events as we opposed Todorov’s Narrative
Theory by deciding to not end with the restored equilibrium and instead leave the audience
on edge. However this technique is becoming more used in the more modern horror films
such as ‘It Follows’ .
Amber acts as a red-shirt character meaning that she dies soon after being introduced. This
was shown in ‘Scream’ which we found intriguing and exciting so we wanted to incorporate
it into our film. The use of this character helps to set up a storyline and to further develop
around this event. Amber’s personality appears innocent and sweet which is a common
character personality for a victim in a horror film because it forces the audience to like them
and then not be prepared for this character’s departure. The killer stays anonymous
throughout the majority of the film in order to keep the audience anticipating the reveal of
who’s under the mask. This is also shown in ‘Scream’ when Billy, one of the main characters,
is exposed as the villain which was completely unexpected.

The Woman in Black: Train station
Split: Character’s casual clothing

Scream: Killer reveal
Class: Our film opening represents C1/C2/D social class groups mainly through Amber who
is portrayed from the C1 group. This is demonstrated by her popular brand of trainers and
the most up to date phone model she has.
Gender: The killer at the end of the film is revealed to be male which supports the stereotype
that males are the more violent sex and more associated with these types of crimes, especially
in the media today. Amber is a typical stereotype of a young woman of how they are seen as
being weaker and the less dominant sex. A scene in our film opening demonstrates this when
she see’s the killer and screams whilst running away.
Age: The main age range in our film is 16-21 which is in a similar age bracket to our primary
target audience. Amber ‘s character supports one stereotype of a teenager of being
irresponsible through her naivety as she does not appear to notice that she was being
followed for a while. In addition, her first resort when she felt she was in danger was to
contact her friend through the use of her mobile phone instead of the emergency services. The
killer in our film opening is also around these ages and stereotypically teenagers, especially
teenage boys, are known to enjoy playing violent video games. This can sometimes go on to
influence similar behaviours.
Blumhouse Productions are an American film company. They have produced a number of
successful horror films such as ‘Insidious’, ‘Sinister 'and ‘The Purge’ franchises which have
grossed more than $2 billion at the worldwide box office. They are currently looking at a 10
year first look deal with Universal Pictures.
For this reason we think that they would be best suited to distribute our film and really
benefit it. The films they have produced are in the same genre as ours so this shows they are
already familiar with the genre and have the knowledge to work with it. In addition their
audiences who have seen the successful films they’ve produced are more likely to be
interested in seeing ours as they trust this company to support a worth seeing film.

Blumhouse Production Logo
Insidious Sinister
The primary audience for our film is 16-30 year olds, this is a common target audience for the genre
of horror films especially ones that include teenage characters as ours does. As the genre can often
include a lot of explicit violence and gore it wouldn’t be suitable for anyone under the lower
bracket. Due to this, we would classify our film with an 18 certificate so that legally anyone under
this age cannot view it in public as we feel it would not be appropriate for them to be exposed to.
We feel that there is no particular gender who prefer horrors so we decided to aim our film at all
genders. A well known stereotype is that women tend to have a more emotional response towards
the horror genre and they experience the fear of what the film aims to do. The male often acts as a
protector and could comfort the female which makes them feel masculine. In addition, we want to
reach the widest possible audience and attracting all genders helps to increase the audience
We expect that the majority of our audience will be in C1/C2/D social class groups. This is due to
the location used of a small village where a large proportion of the population are middle and
working class families and they can relate to this.
The slasher horror genre is becoming increasingly popular due to films like Scream who introduced
this sub genre. The current teenage generation are still watching this film, even though the original
is twenty years old, proving the success of this genre. In addition the killer wasn’t revealed until the
end of the film which sustained the mystery and kept the audience intrigued. We used this concept
in our film as we know it has been proven to be successful in other films.
The film begins with establishing shots which help to set the scene and make the audience aware of
the surroundings of the film. We also used close ups which introduced characters and let the
audience make a connection with them. In addition the use of over the shoulder shots makes the
audience feel as if they are following the journey with the characters and makes them feel included.
We used haunting music to manipulate the audiences emotions and create a sinister atmosphere
which is what we aimed to create. The audience can tell that something horrific is going to happen
anytime soon. Furth more the use of very little dialogue makes the audience feel more included in
the experience as it if forces them to engage more and pay more attention to every little detail.
YouTube contributed significantly to my film opening as I used it both in my research and as a platform for
my product. It was influential of my work as I was able to access hundreds of thriller films and specifically
their openings which helped me get a framework of ideas. I have learnt how to upload videos onto
YouTube which I was unable to do before which is now a skill I have. was the platform we uploaded all our work on to which was convenient as well as useful as
we could access it both at school and at home. Also everything was all in one place and it could hold
multiple media platforms. Previously I have never used a blog so it is now something I will able to use in
the future.
We used the software Photoshop to create our production logo, we found this to be a good software as
uploading images was easy as well as adding text and using all the other tools. With only having a short
time frame to do it, this was very helpful.
We used the camera on our iPhone 6s smartphone to film our opening, as the quality is good at 12
megapixels. We found this to be successful when filming our opening as the sound quality and footage was
clear and it made it look professional. Also using the smartphone was feasible when needing to upload it
onto the computer to create the final cut on an editing software. All we needed to do was use a lead to
connect it to the computer and then we had clear, easy access to all our clips.
We used Power Director to do all our editing. At first I struggled to use it as I hadn’t used it for a long time,
however I asked other students in my class to help me. We found the software quick and easy to use, we
could add sounds and special effects at the click of a button and easily delete and re-do parts.