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T he Ways of Dream

and Nightmare
“ To die—to sleep. / To sleep—
perchance to dream: ay, there’s the
rub! / For in that sleep of death
what dreams may come / When we
have shuffled off this mortal coil, /
Must give us pause…”
—Hamlet, III.i.72–76

reams, the domain of

unconquerable thought,

may now be conquered.

Clerics of dreamer gods, sorcerers

with transcendent spirits, and

nightmare-conjuring wizards have

unlocked the intangible power

of the realm of dreams. Warlocks

of all pacts have also devised

insidious new invocations to

manipulate the dreams of mortals writing Brandes Stoddard
color art Egil Thompson
and communicate with spirits editing James J. Haeck
beyond this reality. layout Eric Life-Putnam

EN World EN5IDER  |  The Ways of Dream and Nightmare

Potent Spellcaster Starting at 8th level. and can instantly awaken yourself from Level Spells nonmagical sleep. add your Wisdom modifier to the damage you deal with your cleric cantrips. All of the other material in this article. targeting the creature that into its dream. the creature for it to understand your projection ▶▶ lesser restoration. The duration of this effect (see below) and gain proficiency in the Insight begins when the creature choosing it spends skill. and nightmares. an action to cast it. The power fades if not the creature’s dream. Dreamwalker ▶▶ enhance ability. modify memory duplicate the effects of one of the following spells: ▶▶ augury. You don’t need to share a language with concentration once cast. As an action. You do not perceive or enter the creature’s begins when the creature choosing it spends dreamscape. resulting from a dream of the At 1st level.” “EN5ider. offer calm in times of terror. When you complete a long rest. memory. you can end the frightened condition on every The gods of dreams grant revelations during ally within 30 feet. Open Game Content The game rule information in this article is designated Open Game Content. silence has also just completed a long rest may choose 5th clairvoyance. The effect requires the creature’s can see. The duration of this effect dream. and they 9th dream.” EN Publishing EN product and article titles. Publishing ™ The TheWays WaysofofDream Dreamand Nightmare | | EN andNightmare  ENWorld EN5IDER World EN5IDER . Each ally whose frightened slumber. watch over condition you end also gains advantage on their the sleeping. delivered as a dream. character and place names. are designated Product Identity. fear. “EN Publishing. but many equal to 1d6 + your cleric level. targeting you or one creature remembers anything you say to it during this of your choice. narrative and descriptive text. including maps and illustrations (including illustrations in the public domain). you can use your Channel The Dream domain encompasses thought. to understand at least one language. trade dress. 1st alarm. and forge nightmares into weapons. sleep. used before the creature completes another long rest. you learn the dreaming tide cantrip associated animal. you gain the ability to communicate used before the creature completes another telepathically with a sleeping creature that you long rest. Slumbering Sentinel Starting at 6th level. you are fully alert while Dream Domain Spells sleeping. gods of knowledge or wisdom more openly claim influence over the Dream domain. hallucinatory terrain spell slot or any material components. It clearly ▶▶ warding bond.” “EN World. but the creature must be able chooses this effect. and EN World and EN Publishing logos. insight. These effects do not cost a 7th confusion. and are not affected by elements of an action to cast it. next attack roll before the beginning of your next Some deities only reveal this esoteric aspect of turn and gains a number of temporary hit points their portfolio to dedicated seekers.Domain of Dreams (Cleric Channel Divinity: Banish Nightmares Divine Domain) Starting at 2nd level. The power fades if not   Further. Divinity to ease the fears of others. sleep you or another creature within 30 feet of you that 3rd detect thoughts. fear one of the following.

or damage Transcendent Soul immunities.Channel Divinity: Bind Nightmares Starting at 17th level. Your innate magic comes from your soul’s longing to transcend the shackles of flesh and move Ethereal Nature among the planes. and spell. Bad Dream and undead are vulnerable to necrotic damage Starting at 6th level. (see below). you learn the etherealness powers of dream and revelatory insight.   Additionally. This journey begins with the Starting at 14th level. you reflexively slip across planar boundaries when may not do so again until you complete a short or threatened with harm. your divine focus absorbs power for up to one minute. and you gain proficiency in the Reduce the damage taken by 1d10 for each sorcery Insight skill. suffering 4d10 + your cleric level over stone. your soul finds new sympathy with both the level of the spell slot used to cast etherealness. That creature rolls a Wisdom Psychic power washes over your mind like water saving throw. point that you spend. when you would take any type Dreamer’s Gifts of damage except force damage. you regain sorcery points equal to grow. spell. you can spend a reaction to expend one use of Channel Divinity. long rest. halving the damage suffered by all targets of that effect and absorbing some of the necrotic or psychic power into your divine focus. You can expend this absorbed power: as a bonus action. but fails to deal damage because of a missed attack roll. might come from a natural gift for dreams or When you end the duration of an etherealness spell result from a vision quest you undertook. This damage is of the your concentration.   As they come to leave material limitations behind. you may expend At 1st level. you can protect your allies from the kinds of harm inflicted by nightmares. choose one creature that you can Transcendent Mind see within 30 feet. You gain resistance to psychic damage. when you cast a spell of 1st from this feature. you learn the astral projection of things that are limited to the Material Plane. It does not count against your spells known. level or higher that would normally deal damage. many transcendent sorcerers find it Planar Transcendence harder to spend any great effort on the concerns Starting at 18th level. a successful saving throw. until at last you Once you regain sorcery points in this way. and harness that power to turn back against those who wield it. you may spend 2 sorcery points to (Sorcerous Origin) retain the expended spell slot.   When you use Channel Divinity in this way. the Ethereal and Astral planes. same type the focus absorbed. damage on a failed saving throw. Aberrations are vulnerable to psychic damage from this feature. As you that you cast. or half as much and no amount of psychic damage can interrupt damage on a success. It does not count against your spells known. When you or a creature within 30 feet would suffer necrotic or psychic damage. you learn the dreaming tide cantrip sorcery points to reduce that damage as a reaction. EN World EN5IDER  |  The Ways of Dream and Nightmare .

When fails this saving throw may attempt a new saving you cast an illusion spell of 1st level or higher as throw at the end of each of its turns. ending the part of an Intimidation ability check. Components: V   You are immune to the frightened condition as Duration: Instantaneous long as at least one creature within 30 feet that is   You evoke the dreams and nightmares of a frightened of you.   You can evoke the dreams of even the dead. Dread Power Through a Nightmarish Mirror When a creature fails a saving throw against a Starting at 14th level. creature you can see within range. you may change its damage type until the end of your next turn. that bestow the frightened condition. Once you use make an Intelligence (Intimidation) check instead this feature. and exploit fear. the creature becomes (4d6). You may do so a number   When a creature that is frightened of you of times equal to your Intelligence modifier takes damage from a spell you cast. you can cast fear as a bonus Enchantment cantrip action rather than an action. rest before you may do so again. it takes an (minimum 1). you may use a this spell does not wake sleeping creatures. The target makes a Charisma saving throw. you Casting Time: 1 action may cast fear as a bonus action even if you used Range: 60 feet your action to cast a spell of 1st level or higher. bonus action to force its nearest ally that can see   This spell’s damage increases by 1d6 when you it to make a Charisma saving throw against your reach 5th level (2d6). deviant school derived from the teachings of necromancy and illusion to inflict. It instead has advantage on ignore its resistance or immunity unless it also has its saving throw against your spells and effects resistance or immunity to psychic damage. Though it is possible to wield such power for positive ends.School of Nightmares (Wizard School) The School of Nightmares is a twisted. it is frightened of you with a spell.   When you deal damage to a creature with ignoring an undead creature’s immunity to the resistance or immunity to necrotic damage. You regain all expended uses when additional 1d8 psychic damage. you frightened condition. The TheWays WaysofofDream Dreamand Nightmare | | EN andNightmare  ENWorld EN5IDER World EN5IDER . you complete a long rest. spread. most practitioners of the art of nightmares study it for evil. 11th level (3d6). to necrotic or psychic. suffering 1d6 psychic Reign of Terror damage on a failure. Additionally. you may frightened condition on a success. A creature that gain proficiency in the Intimidation skill. New Spell Sudden Panic Dreaming Tide Starting at 6th level. On a failure. you must complete a short or long of a Charisma (Intimidation) check. Nightmare’s Apprentice You learn the dreaming tide cantrip (see below) and frightened of you for 1 minute. A creature that is frightened of Starting at 10th level. when you deal damage spell you cast by 5 or more. and 17th level spell save DC. while at least one creature you takes an additional 1d6 damage. Damage from within 30 feet is frightened of you.

Your pact weapon can strike any frightened creature Nightmare Ward within 30 feet of you as if you were adjacent to the You learn a ceremony that requires 10 minutes to creature. you   When a spell or effect would cause both you must complete a long rest before you may use this and your familiar to become frightened if you fail invocation again. you can cause your pact weapon to deal psychic damage rather than bludgeoning. which is consumed Ominous Dreams in the casting. perform and affects an area with a radius of 30 feet. you may not do so again until you both willing. piercing. This Friend against Fear does not require verbal. somatic. Using this feature adds a material complete a long rest. you can cast augury without expending a spell slot. If cast as part of a short rest. you can use either your A creature that is frightened of you. the spell’s messenger can teleport spell for that duration. and you do that you successfully intimidate with a Charisma not require somatic or material components. fear spell Nightmare Mask   When you cast fear. you regain the expended spell slot.Eldritch Invocations Many warlocks hear their patrons in speaking to them dreams. component to the dream spell: a hand mirror worth at least 300 gold pieces. Pact of the Blade feature   As a bonus action. unless throws or are immune to the frightened condition. a saving throw. or slashing damage until the end of your turn. Creatures that begin a long rest in that area Dreamwalk automatically succeed Wisdom saving throws Prerequisite: dream spell against the dream spell for the next 8 hours. or a creature action or your bonus action to do so. you choose for them to remember you. does not remember your creatures in the spell’s area succeed their saving appearance or identity after the encounter. The following invocations can be used by warlocks of any patron. you learn whether that creature is immune to the charmed and frightened conditions. and a rare few hear their patrons whisper secret words with the power to twist the dreamscape around them. If all (Intimidation) check. They   When you cast dream and target a friendly are also immune to the psychic damage of a geas creature. When you deal psychic damage to a creature with your pact weapon. or material Prerequisite: find familiar cantrip components. As part of any short or long rest. neither of you are affected if either of you succeeds the saving throw. e EN World EN5IDER  |  The Ways of Dream and Nightmare . Word of Doom Prerequisite: 9th level. Once you perform this to the target’s location if it and the target are ceremony. Dreaming Blade Prerequisite: 5th level.

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