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ortho test-positive finding

Ortho Test Positive Finding Significance
Adson's Test TOS (ant scalenes) [px]
Compression Test IVF encroachment [cerv and/or radicular px]
soft tissue [px]; N root compression [relief of
Distraction Test
Spurling's Foraminal Encroachment
N. root irritation [if radicular-facet if local]
Kernig's Test Meningeal irritation-px prevents completion
Brudzinski (soto-hall) Meningeal irritation-buckling of knees
Gaenslen's Supine Test Sacroiliac joint tension-exacerbation of px
True Leg Length ASIS to medial malleolus
Apparent Leg Length Umbilicus to medial malleolus
Ely's Test Lumbar N. Root
SI or LS lesion - local px at site of lesion or
radiating px down nerve
Yeoman's Test Hip of SI lesion-px deep in SI joint
Bechterew Disc lesion-px down affected leg
Minor's Sign Sciatica
Gower's Sign Muscular dystrophy
Toe Walk S1 n. root/L5 disc
Heel Walk L5 n. root/L4 disc
Supported Adam's px on flexion-pelvic problem
Lumbar m. spasm or sciatic-flexion of knee on
Neri's Bowing Sign
affected side to relieve px or tension
lumbar facet syndrome-local px w/wout
weakness oppo glut medius (MS)-hip on side
or raised leg is lower
Sacroiliac fixation-ilium fails to move posterior,
Gillet Test
medial and inferior
Lewin-Gaenslen's SI joint px
Iliac Compression SI joint px
Ober's Test TFL contracture-leg does not fall, or does in

excess mvmt back-post cruc lig Meniscus damage-incomplete ext and has Bounce Home Test rubbery resistance to further ext (vs.- Tinel's Sign px. Phalen's Test Carpal tunnel syndrome-px or redup of sx Stenosing tenoynovitis/Dequervain's disease- Finkelstein's Test px in anotomical snuffbox Carpel tunnel-median n. px on active mvmt Dejerine's Triad SOL. paresthesia Tinel's in hand Ulnar n. due to paralysis of adductor pollicis median n. disc. esp. clonus Burn's Bench Malingering-refuses/unable to perform Malingering-no downward pressure on Hoover's Sign unaffected leg Sprain-ligament px on passive mvmt. tingling distal to n. compression fx-radicular px Valsalva space occupying lesion-radicular Millgram's Test SOL-LBP Apley's Scratch Test Decreased active ROM-limited mvmt Rotator Cuff tear. strain- O'Donohue Test muscle. supraspinatus-shoulder Codman's Drop Arm px and hunching of deltoid Apprehension Chronic shoulder dislocat subacromial bursitis-pxful spot disappears Dawbarn under dr's fingers as arm is abducted Tear of tranverse humeral lig-bicipital tendon Yergason's Test instability-px or audible click at bicipital groove Lateral epicondylitis/tennis elbow-px in elbow Cozen's Test over lat epicondyle Mill's Test Lateral epicondylitis-px in lat elbow Stability Test Tear of collateral and/or capsular lig Neuritis. lesion-pt flexes thumb in order to hold Froment's Paper sign it. neuroma or regeneration of ulnar n. sharp endpoint) . lesion-px. compression (entrapment in Pinch grip test pronator teres) Injury to anterior or posterior cruciate Drawer Sign ligaments-excess mvmt pulling fwd-ant cruc.

rot.-lat Apley's Compression Test meniscus. lig Ligament tear-invert calc=gapping (ant Stability Test talofib/calcaneofib lig). Meniscus tear-pxful click-medial menis McMurray's Test (external). pxful click-lateral meniscus (internal) Meniscus had slipped back into place-click Reduction Click Test sound during rotation and ext Effusion Test . in varus = lateral collateral Meniscus damage-px.Major Joint effusion-rebound of patella Minor effusion-tap causes fluid to wave over to Effusion Test .in lat. lig Homan's Sign Thrombophlebitis Anterior Foot Drawer Instability of ant. in lateral rot. in medial rot.-medial meniscus Collateral ligament damage-in medial rot.=medial collat. in medial rot.=lat Apley's Distraction Test collat lig.Minor lateral side of the joint Roughening of the articular surface Grinding Test for Patella (chondromalacia patella)-palp crepitus Chronic patellar dislocation-look of Apprehension Test apprehension Collateral lig disruption-px/inc laxity in Stress Tests valgus=medial collateral. talofib. evert calc=deltoid lig gapping Thompson's/Simmond's/Achille's Rupture of achilles tendon-lack of plantar Continuity Test flexion .