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Asimina Kontogeorgiou

School Advisor for Science Teachers
of Larisa Prefecture
of Larisa
is situated
in the
I leave at Ano Lehonia,
near Volos
Greek Educational System

Primary level
• 4-6 Kindergarten (mainstream, All-day, Special)
• 6-12 Primary School (mainstream, All-day, Special)
Greek Educational System

Secondary level
• 12-15 Γυμνάσιο - Middle or Junior High School (General,
Musical, Ecclesiastical, Physical Education, Special)

• 15 -18 Λύκειο – academically oriented General High School
or Vocational Training.
Greek Educational System
Tertiary level

• Universities and Polytechnics, Technological
Educational Institutes (T.E.I., 1983 ~ present) and
Academies which primarily cater for the military
and the clergy.
• Undergraduate courses last 4 years (5 in
polytechnics and some technical/art schools, and 6
in medical schools),
• Postgraduate (MSc level) courses last from 1 - 2
years Doctorates (PhD level) 3 - 6 years.
As School Advisor…
My responsibility is to:
• Advise Science Teachers how to be more
effective in their role.
• Support them applying innovative teaching
methods in physics, chemistry, biology and
geography – geology.
• Help them Feeling well in their everyday
professional life!
As School Advisor…
My responsibility is to:

• Collaborate with the two directors in Science
Experiment Centers (Larissa & Elassona)
• Organize with them seminars for Science
As School Advisor…
My pedagogical responsibility for seven schools (4 Middle high
schools, 3 general High schools) is to:
• Support and advise on issues relating to the relationship
between all members of the school community.
• Organize(In collaboration with the teachers and the
principal) lectures or workshops to educate the school
community on issues that make school life more functional,
such as school violence, racism, conflicts between various
members of the school community (principal, teachers,
parents, students), etc..

This ROLE is very complicated last years because of the
economical crisis!


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