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Nadya Chen

Ms. Starry

English 9 Honors

21 September 2016

Anthony Marston’s Role

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie is stuffed with stock characters that can

relate and teach important lessons about the real world. Anthony Marston could represent the

reckless, spontaneous young adults that often have to suffer the consequences of bad decisions

soon after the decision was made.

Anthony was always shown to be thoughtless and everything he did was unplanned. He

was introduced in the beginning of the novel as “an enormous Super-Sports Dalmain car rushed

past... Tony Marston, roaring down into Mere” (Christie 13). The quote demonstrates he doesn’t

think practically but rather spontaneously and how he feels in the moment. Tony was also shown

fully enjoying his life up until his last breathing seconds when he “said with a grin: ‘The legal

life’s narrowing! I’m all for crime” (Christie 74). Rather than think of how a madman was

trapping all the guests in the island, he took the perspective of seeing how he was stranded and

therefore could do whatever he pleased.

Tony could be an excellent lesson to prove that there are consequences to all choices you

make. When Anthony was accused of murder, he merely said “Must have been a couple of kids I

ran over near Cambridge. Beastly bad luck’” (Christie 68). Little did he know, he was going to

be killed for his poor choices. When he drank his beverage, he “drank it off at a gulp. Too

quickly, perhaps. He choked - choked rather badly” (Christie 74). In his true nature, he didn’t

have any time to examine his drink or realize it smelled different because he was too busy
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moving on to the next eventful thing happening. Although he probably would have died anyway,

his habits prove that every bad choice has its repercussions.

Anthony Marston was only one of the guests there, but he did his part in the murder

mystery by embodying the reckless, impulsive youth. There are often bad effects that come with

not thinking through decisions. Anthony was an example of this, and he ended up paying the

ultimate consequence.

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