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Collegia Magia

he following is the first

part of Collegia Magia, a

series focusing on magical

academies that can be dropped

into a campaign with minimal

preparation. Each article in the

series presents several detailed

NPCs, points of interest, and

loose plot hooks that can be

developed during play. Also

included are lore and options for

enrolled PCs! This installment

of the series details Granspire
writing Josh Gentry
Seminary, a holy lighthouse with color art Phil Stone
editing James J. Haeck
a dark secret. layout Eric Life-Putnam

EN World EN5IDER  |  Granspire Seminary

Ye can take the holy light with ye home. particularly intellectual bent (or those aware of sorcerers often find the lessons stale and stuffy. language. who seem to embody magic as a living ways of ministry and psalmody. by of- brilliant lighthouse. they do not activity) abide the laws of man and nature. Publishing ™ Granspire Seminary | | EN GranspireSeminary  ENWorld EN5IDER World EN5IDER . character and place names. (True) Class Relationships All spellcasters are welcome at the Seminary. the Seminary’s secret) are instructed in the art of   Warlock. and faithful. it will serves its fishermen. They say that if you go into the lighthouse The village of Granspire. 8. Lock the doors at received no druid students. and will offer full scholarship to a student their studies do vary somewhat based on their willing to divulge and document the Druidic character class. Yet for all of Granspire’s inclusivity. and the arcane are most common. All of the other material in this article. The best fishing is after a storm. clerics here lead curious seekers to study weathered tomes can study virtually any Divine Domain. Granspire Seminary. however. trade dress. and keep your crystals glowing. have demonic red eyes! (True)   The Seminary has a peculiar perspective on 5.”   Druid. The crystal’s light shines up through (False) the lighthouse and out to sailors and pilgrims. The pel. To keep the crystal’s light ablaze. (False. students. lighthouse’s beacon lays not at its precipice but (False. They wish to correct volumes-of-lore-2716738 Open Game Content The game rule information in this article is designated Open Game Content.” “EN5ider. 2. any Seminary affiliate is permitted) in its basement: a sacred crystal which radiates a 3. This means the 7. To date. https://www. and sailors gotta offer all stripes. including maps and illustrations (including illustrations in the public domain). you’ll see the fell glow of the ghost ship Hell- magical spells and items can each be described as chain. are designated Product Identity. Only priests can go into the beacon room.  Bard. Those with a miracle. beacon room and look at your shadow. The closest we can get to the crystal is the cha- home to students of theology and magic.” “EN World. after hours. At home at the Seminary. Contained in the library’s dustiest aspects related to light. and EN World and EN Publishing logos.Introduction Rumors and Plot Hooks Overlooking a humble bayside village is a 1. Though cosmology is taught at the True Naming*.” EN Publishing EN product and article titles. After all. However. Seminary. the priests magic: the instructors and administrators firmly must offer regular blood sacrifice. but this. The dean is the child of Granspire’s founders. knowledge. holy light. This ferin’ a priest yer own gemstone. 4. bards  Sorcerer. Bad things come out these waters at night. “Volumes of Forgotten Lore: Arcane. “EN Publishing. warlocks—is ultimately of divine origin. and offers to all an education sanctified blood sacrifice to keep ’em at bay! (True) by the light. They say if you look into the bay at midnight. Granspire Seminary has EN World EN5ider. (False) believe that all magic—even that of wizards and 6. at the Seminary’s base.   * Ari Marmell. (True) landmark is a mages’ tower by any other name. but demons Seminary accepts magically talented students of come with the storms. vast gaps in the syllabus frequently   Cleric.patreon. Few students are received so well as are respected at Granspire and educated in the sorcerers. narrative and descriptive text. there may be sea monk miracles beyond mortal description. With their talent for inspiration.

Many follow the spellcasting character who prays with the gem Theologian‡ tradition. wizards here encode their spellbooks Wondrous item. I have almost no resis. can use it as a spellcasting focus.” A prism Casting Time: 1 action shatters even pure tance against temptation. The gem returns can take the following trait options. New Item and even certain Sea Lord† patrons. This cantrip is available to any spellcasting (Good) character affiliated with Granspire Seminary. the heavenspark property. (Chaotic) Range: 60 feet 5 Superiority. “Volumes of Forgotten Lore: Divine. normal trait from your background. 5 Diabolic lore intrigues me. reach 5th level (2d8). You can also buy a   Optional Proficiencies: Arcana. If the target was an object. and 17th 3 I defy any mage or priest to debate me. (Evil) Duration: Instantaneous 6 Unity. otherwise unharmed. or bear it on a shield. Knowledge is power. about about everything. I’m right level (4d8).patreon. You can also   A donation of 10 gp will let a priest bless a replace one your background’s proficiencies with gem or gem-bearing jewelry item you own with the optional proficiencies must know more … I must know more …   Ari Marmell. EN World EN5IDER  |  Granspire Seminary . There is no “one essential truth.” EN World EN5ider. ‡ 6 I’ve been sheltered so long. the caster must hold it in hand. https://www. wear it visibly. it 1 I have worsening cataracts from staring too long takes no damage and instead emits bright light in directly at Granspire’s beacon.patreon. To use the gem in this way. All objects. the target takes 1d8 d6 Flaw radiant damage. I must be a beacon of wisdom and healing. and then teach the next generation.tomes are the sigils of several celestial patrons. (Any) Evocation cantrip 4 Spectrum. 4 I’m paranoid the gods are watching … and I think they are displeased. Those who cannot see my glory are Components: V. “Friends Close. I must know more … I https://www. a 30 foot radius until the end of your next turn. Enemies Closer. 2 Impartiality. Religion heavenspark quartz pendant for 20 gp. and now I   This spell’s damage increases by 1d8 when you fear the darkness. Background Options   This property disappears if the gem is not used If you are affiliated with Granspire Seminary. you in prayer for more than 12 hours. people. On a hit. The wise watch.   † Josh Gentry. Granspire Traits d6 Ideal New Spell 1 Hope. Make a ranged spell attack against the target. S unworthy of my benevolence. learn. Presented with Granspire’s magical Heavenspark Gem theories. (Lawful) or object within range. 11th level (3d8). and worlds are bound by   You shoot a comet of cosmic light at a creature the same universal principles.” EN World EN5ider. Any theological principles. replacing the to its mundane state. (Neutral) Celestial Burst 3 Intellect. common with a language considered compatible with   This gem glows with the light of a candle.   Wizard. 2 I’ve grown too used to Granspire’s light.

the demon remains sealed to this day by the   Ideal: Ambition. which is cleric who.” luminous beacon. the ground of the crater transforms into crew.” for he is duo recruited magically talented disciples. the duo called Seminary’s founder’s daughter. In a last-ditch effort. As the demon gnaws Granspire’s holy lighthouse saved him and his at its seal. but Dralfor. eventually the teachers and students This human mariner is tall and robust.Significant NPCs A Brief History Landola Truehope. black and red crystal. to instruct students. They gave chase. The   Trait: He is sworn to silence. for through precious Seminary affiliates. and import assumed that should the crystal’s light ever go gold!” out.” length they encountered the demon once again   Bond: A rumor posits Landola to be the on the coast. the crystal. shared speckled with gray. the motivation for keeping the holy crystal out of common sight. in the crystal’s holy light. their combined insight they discerned that the   Ideal: Evangelism. the Sea Dog (neutral) lighthouse. This rarely far from her side. took this as a sign of their new duty to safeguard stern countenance. so they constructed a pavilion. the wizard-cleric   Bond: Oft called “Landola’s Shadow. and dreams are scarred chapel for receiving pilgrims. Dean of Granspire The Founding (lawful good) The Seminary was founded by a wizard and a This half-elf has dark blond hair. “We must bring amphibious demon would regain untold power enlightenment to every heart and crystal which if it escaped to the sea. Granspire Seminary | | EN GranspireSeminary  ENWorld EN5IDER World EN5IDER . and sports abandoned the old school building and took up short red hair and goatee. and Granspire will   Bond: While lost at sea. From these.   As the days passed. It fled. Due to the religious duties at the seminary. the   Flaw: His face. but the reading the tomes and theses gathered by her wizard and cleric could not rest easy. his vision of feel its resurgent vengeance.   Trait: His eyes twinkle with ambition. they encountered a demon that had   Trait: She spends late nights voraciously escaped from its terrestrial prison. quick to crack a randy smile or hearty laugh. and at might bear it. the crystal’s light faded. my own first of all. It is shine on the world map! Export gods. and the magical convenience of the Captain MacKensey. this frightening and obvious   Flaw: He cannot resist the scent of stout ale or demonstration of the demon’s will was part of pleasurable company. “The destruction of demonkind is their travels to become acquainted with this worth any sacrifice. in their adventures together. A shimmering   Flaw: Power and security are well worth crystal fell to the earth and sealed the demon at political bargains and misdirection. except during pavilion brought pilgrims who sought to bask prayer or purification ritual. and she sports her signature their lore and found commonality. and the seminary from the night sea demons sunk his ship. and sailors paused   Ideal: Purity. On one of their sky blue robes. body. residence in the lighthouse. They This dwarf wears a black robes and a scarred. “I plan to make Granspire holy crystal and the prayers of the devout. the demon will escape. the Exorcist (lawful good) the duo’s prayers restored the crystal’s light. though upon mighty magical forces to stop the demon— documents clearly point to the contrary. and he is   Though it is not a matter openly discussed. the base of its impact crater. adventures. lead to the construction of the lighthouse. and the universe responded.

but it needs to be submerged at least lobster vise. that makes sense for your campaign. spiritual weapon uninterrupted for 1 minute. and Limited Amphibiousness. until it or Multiattack. passive Perception 16   Until that world-shaking night. reach 5 ft. (cutlass) a boulder within 60 of the sea monks becomes a 3rd level (3 slots): animate dead.. In its hunger pangs. Sea monks were once divine magic Dark Celebrant. lawful evil imprisoned idol. the roper then remains for Vise. and melee attack roll. darken its crystal. rying along its victims. Summoning Ropers +4 to hit with spell attacks). the sea monk has advantage on its vise they were taken captive. Melee Weapon Attack: +3 to hit. or until any of its summoners claw. it is more likely Languages Abyssal. and chitin. On moonless nights. it may take the form of 13 (+1) 11 (+0) 12 (+1) 14 (+2) 14 (+2) 11 (+0) a baby kraken. command. can’t perform this ritual again until it completes a Create or Destroy Water. The sea monk can cast this short rest. dismisses it as a bonus action.. is replaced by scales. Armor Class 12 (natural armor)   The exact nature of the demon is for the GM to Hit Points 33 (6d8 + 6) determine. Perhaps STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA once the demon awakens. they will plunder Sea Monk Granspire. and its target has disadvantage on transformed into fiendish abominations: their skin rolls made to escape its grapple. one an additional hour to hold the captives as the sea target. and free their Medium fiend. thaumaturgy Each of the three creatures must use its action. swim 40 ft. or one claw and one vise. It is friendly towards them and obeys their Actions spoken commands. The sea monk makes two attacks: two all its summoners die. Its spellcasting ability is Wisdom (spell save DC 12. The sea monk is a 6th-level spellcaster. e spell at will. the sea monks lead raids against nearby ships and villages to grow their numbers. Melee Weapon Attack: +3 to hit. one in this way retreats into the sea unharmed. Spellcasting. the demon-worshiping sea monks. inflict wounds movement. and Sahuagin the players will encounter the demon’s servants: Challenge 2 (450 XP) the sea monks. barnacles. magically transform a seaside boulder into a roper. The sea monk can breathe they grow fins and claws—including a terrifying air and water.. At the end of the ritual.The Demon’s Legacy Though the nameless demon appears safely sealed by the beacon. choose an aquatic or demonic monster Speed 30 ft. Hit: 3 (1d4 +1) slashing damage. While the sea monk and its target are users (perhaps even Granspire students) until in darkness. It remains for 1 hour. They worship dark aquatic powers. reach 5 ft. it telepathically calls out to its aquatic brethren. target. or something Skills Religion +6 Perception +6 even more terrifying. Hit: 3 (1d4 +1) slashing damage. dragged underwater. car. It has the following cleric Three sea monks within 30 feet of each other can spells prepared. A roper dismissed Claw. When the stars are right. it is more accurate to call the demon sleeping … and hungry. and concentration (as if casting a spell) 2nd level (3 slots): hold person. 1st level (4 slots): bane.. dispel magic roper. A summoner get is Large or smaller it is grappled (escape DC 15). once every 4 hours to avoid suffocating. or an aquatic balor. Aquan. and organize sea monsters to attack the surface. EN World EN5IDER  |  Granspire Seminary . Cantrips (at will): guidance. Senses darkvision 120 ft. and if the tar- monks sacrifice or transform them.

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