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Earth and Space Sciences: Six Sentence Science Story Week 8
Term 1

Use the video to inspire a story that connects the character and scientific concepts you
have learned about volcanoes.
Read the rubric and instructions to help you and write a draft on paper before filling in
the sections below.

1. Introduces the main character:

2: Describe where the character is:

3: Describe the character’s special skill:

4. Describe the character’s problem:

5. Describe how the character was feeling:

6. Describe how the character solved the problem:
Six Sentence Story

Follow the formula to create a whole story in just six sentences.
Remember the steps!
Sentence one: Introduce the main character.
HINT: Make it unusual to hook the reader in.

Sentence Two: Describe where the story is set.
HINT: Use precise nouns and scientific language and ideas.

Sentence Three: Describe the character’s special skill or ability.
HINT: What does it mean to be able to do that?

Sentence Four: Describe the character’s problem.
HINT: Make the reader feel empathy for the character.

Sentence Five: Explain why the character felt that way.
HINT: What did the character wish for? Use phrases such as “She longed for…”

Sentence Six: How did the character solve the problem?
HINT: Show, don't tell eg Instead of writing “He solved the problem by…” try “From that
day on, he decided to…”