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Allies and ADverSarIeS

Servants of
Winter Court

he Allies and Adversaries series
provides GMs with NPCs that can be writing James J. Haeck
quickly and easily inserted into any color art Ellis Goodson
adventure or ongoing campaign. Each NPC Egil Thompson
receives a detailed treatment of character editing James J. Haeck
traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws, as well as game layout Eric Life-Putnam
statistics, physical description, backstory, and
tips on how this NPC may be used in play.
  The dead of winter has passed, as have the of Air and Darkness reigns. Her rule is devoid
twinkling fairy lights of the holidays. Though of love, and her every action seeds the world
the land is chill and dun, the passing of the with misfortune. Most PCs, however, will never
winter solstice has opened a door for the fey confront this Unseelie monarch themselves.
folk to once more cross over into our world. Instead, they see her malice enacted by servants,
This time, it is not the cheer and merry trickery some who are certainly enemies, and others
of the Summer Court that has seeped across who may be interested in a mutually beneficial
the veil of worlds. Past Midwinter, the Queen arrangement.

EN World EN5IDER  |  Servants of the Winter Court

are designated Product Identity. He carries a magic key that can unlock 30 feet says a word or phrase aloud. I feel guilty about the sadness my theft causes. his golden completes a long rest. Grimillo can any lock. If he cares Open Game Content The game rule information in this article is designated Open Game Content. If this trait Int 17 (+3) Wis 12 (+1) Cha 11 (+0) is used to prevent a spellcaster from performing a Notes: Grimillo the Voice-Thief is an unseelie gnome* verbal component. but disintegrates after one use.) Bond: My voiceless mother. of course. As a reaction after a creature within simple dagger. I travel on the wind and steal it from your lungs. Wordless air wheezes pitifully out of your mouth. trade dress. Or rather. Statistics Traits: I cannot be seen. and all you are left with is silence and a vague sense of unease. What am I? I’m the cat that’s got your tongue. gold pieces on his person. “The Fey Kindred. these traits he completes a short or long rest.” “EN World. consuming a spell mage (AC 16.Grimillo the Voice-Thief You try to speak. the creature Small humanoid (unseelie gnome). the spell cannot be Grimillo is short. His art of voice-stealing slot. If the purloined phrase is the Physical Description verbal component to a spell. only about 3 feet tall. 40 hit points). ya big mousey. ing anything using those words until the target completes a long rest. His skin and Grimillo cannot use this feature again until he is the color and temperature of ice. On a failure. cal noise. chaotic evil cannot speak until the end of its next turn (or for 6 Str 9 (–1) Dex 14 (+2) Con 11 (+0) seconds. including maps and illustrations (including illustrations in the public domain).com/posts/fey-kindred-6587945 and a love for spreading misfortune. but the words catch in your throat. preventing the target from say. if the target is not in combat). lips—but his scowl is terrifying to behold. and his hair is long Snap Silence. narrative and descriptive text. I try not to dwell on it. The Voice-Thief is a mercenary with few morals https://www.” EN World EN5ider. I would do anything for her. A keen smile usually plays around his 30 feet is about to speak or otherwise make vo. and has 100 steal the phrase.patreon. and his cast again until the target completes a long rest. All of the other material in this article.” EN Publishing EN product and article titles. and EN World and EN Publishing logos. and Grimillo cannot use this feature again until gives him the following additional traits. “EN Publishing. eyes are constantly in motion. the words flew right out of your mouth before your breath could reach them. Charisma saving throw. Ideal: Let’s! Cause! Some! Chaos! (But with a bit of style.” “EN5ider. Publishing ™ Servants Servantsofofthe theWinter Court | | EN WinterCourt  ENWorld EN5IDER World EN5IDER . do not affect his challenge rating: Possessions: Grimillo wears elven chain and wields a Purloin Words. Grimillo may force it to make a DC 14 Background   * Brandes Stoddard. and she’s a great excuse to steal! Flaw: Deep down. the spell fails. As a reaction when a creature within and silvery. character and place names. I cannot be heard. features have are soft and androgynous.

Notes: Missus Silverbeak is a fey-touched giant owl Grimillo is a constant joker. Missus Silverbeak may cast hypnotic pattern 3/day. that alone would be enough? others. You look—and see nothing. She must choose a location in her destination plane that she is “very familiar” with (as the teleport spell). turns its head slightly. but most importantly. in a deep. giving words back to her one-by. “just for a good Ideal: People deserve to be happy. Grimillo tries to flee. Grimillo’s Traits: I am a giant talking fairy owl. When Grimillo first developed The air is still. Then it lands with a thud. despite his unusual Flaw: Hoo hoo. Plane Shift. I don’t have any flaws! Except maybe appearance. spotlights. words or spells where it counts the most. Just point me towards the unhappy people and I will take care Roleplaying Grimillo of the rest! Grimillo is likely to surprise PCs by stealing their Bond: You. 19 hit points). Possessions: The owl matron carries a feather of invis- ibility that. it is his ailing mother. When cornered. Hypnotic Gaze. and one. Or healthy. Missus Silverbeak may call a blizzard to surround her for 1 minute.about anyone in this world. for the misery of mortals. Hoo! No! Not a single flaw! at least until he strikes. As an action. when snapped. Or mentally stable. Meanwhile. Missus Silverbeak whose own voice was stolen by agents of the First is the rushing of wind. After he purloins a few Large beast (fey). lawful evil choice words.) is an unassuming gnome. Missus Silverbeak may travel between the Material Plane and the Feywild as an action. It straightens.   But for all his altruism. He (But don’t let any of the others know.” listened to her. I imagine for most voice-theft is a tool for chaos. Summer Court. he did so for the noble purpose you. turns the user invisible (as the invisibility spell). (450 XP): Concealing Blizzard. She also carries a small coin purse containing 50 gp and 20 sweet peppermints. This damage is dealt when a creature begins its turn within the blizzard or enters it for the first time on their turn. This blizzard counts as three-quarters cover and deals 2d6 cold damage to any creature within 10 feet of her. right behind his unusual art. EN World EN5IDER  |  Servants of the Winter Court . but he can Str 13 (+1) Dex 15 (+2) Con 12 (+1) hardly keep from cackling as he sprints between Int 8 (–1) Wis 13 (+1) Cha 10 (+0) the legs of nearby bystanders. with the following additional lewd and nonsensical jokes as he can.” they’re safe. my little owlet! I care about you most of all. resonant voice asks: “Would you care for a even if her vocabulary was sparse. and for feet tall. and can easily blend into a crowd— the compulsive lying. these traits increase her challenge rating to 2 he is coolly calculating his escape angle. A massive owl looms over you. I don’t give a hoot if frecklin’ larf. and the many glass of sweet tea? I couldn’t possibly finish it all by voices with which she spoke unsettled most who myself. Grimillo’s work allowed her to speak again. with golden eyes that illuminate you like years he did so. traits. the thief loves the Statistics journey as much as the destination. nearly twenty of stealing words to return to his mother. cracking as many (AC 12.

The double-edged blessing of the helping mortals by making them happy. and things. I can feel the charming corruptor of the Seelie. Missus Silverbeak. You feel the temperature drop as a tall man appears Her feathers are a plain brown-and-white pattern. Silverbeak’s talents to lure mortals into indolence. In fact. He instead looks with steely focus at a point in the distance. allows him to otherwise “see” as if he were not she can be a valuable ally if the PCs are able to blind. This infravision Missus Silverbeak has a voice like poisoned honey. Some say she heat of all things around me. and a deathly Traits: Though my old eyes cannot see. She is known far and wide throughout the Feywild as a bringer of great Statistics joy and comfort to Unseelie fey. and but she need not be the PCs’ enemies.800 XP). lawful neutral either for her own amusement or as the prelude to Str 16 (+3) Dex 11 (+0) Con 14 (+2) conquest. and he does not meet your gaze. Few my blade. within areas of extreme heat (over 110 degrees Farenheit) or while within an antimagic field. but she doesn’t quite have a grasp lenge rating to 5 (1. Though his eyes are frozen and sight- Roleplaying Missus Silverbeak less. denizens of the Feywild know that she is actually Flaw: I remember something … barely. He is clad in frost-rimed armor and two Silverbeak often gesticulates with her wings and weathered antlers grow from his brow.Physical Description Snowblind. and when I see things that Darkness. before you. will be eviscerated by destruction upon the realm of fairies. How have I been the Material Plane to the Feywild. If he is ever deprived of it’s all just an instant compared to her immortal his Wintersight feature. Medium humanoid (fey). I cannot control my anger. or is merely biding her time until she unleashes the lands she has conquered. Others believe away from her side for so long? that she is a malign spirit from the Shadowfell Bond: I care for the safety of the winter realm over all that has assumed the form of a giant owl. The Queen of Winter often calls upon remind me of it. But Background when he speaks. the cost. Int 11 (+0) Wis 11 (+0) Cha 15 (+2)   Silverbeak now spends most of her time in Notes: Snowblind is a fey-blessed human knight (AC20. no matter Unseelie fey gives him the following additional traits. Casting remove curse or greater restoration convince her that their own enemies are a group on Snowblind suppresses this effect for 1d4 rounds. the Material Plane. cloudy. The memories an independent agent of the Queen of Air and of my old life torment me. Any who threaten my queen. Wintersight. of miserable wretches who need a bit more wintry This effect is also suppressed while Snowblind is cheer in their lives. was once a normal owl that found its way from Ideal: I must return to my queen. her homeland. he gains the blinded condi- life. anyway. tion until his Wintersight is restored. Snowblind can sense heat. Blind. allows him to see through invisibility effects. She is keenly aware that she leads them these traits and his possessions increase his chal- to their doom. Knight of Missus Silverbeak is a massive horned owl with the Winter Wastes a shining silver beak and lamp-like golden eyes. on how long a normal human being’s lifespan is. Servants Servantsofofthe theWinter Court | | EN WinterCourt  ENWorld EN5IDER World EN5IDER . you know he is speaking directly to Many legends surround the origin of the great you. She truly believes that she is 52 hit points). Snowblind cannot see. His eyes are talons in a strange facsimile of human behavior.

  He is called Snowblind now. and his weathered face and ice. demeanor is unpredictable as a winter storm. If warning to all humans that Snowblind is not one Snowblind is provoked. his signet ring. or if something about them stirs a distant memory. Snowblind speaks plainly. Two daughters with fire in their hearts. and a to the Summer Court triggers his bloodlust. too. He also directly at anyone he speaks to. Background He was human. He thinks he had a family. Physical Description   Though he is quick to make alliances. once. Roleplaying Snowblind Possessions: Snowblind wears a suit of +1 plate armor. and The many-pronged antlers that sprout from any suggestion of an ally’s duplicity or allegiance his brow are a reminder of his fey curse. he believes align with those of his queen. violence. But they’re gone now. The winter claimed them. and an amulet on the Material Plane in the first place. EN World EN5IDER  |  Servants of the Winter Court . This imposing knight of the Winter Court returns Snowblind is also quick to break them. Snowblind’s devotion to the Queen of Air and Darkness is all that drives him. A knight of some kingdom— with a name even he can’t remember. His to his humanoid form while in the Material Plane. though he never looks and wields a frost brand and a +1 shield. be it dry or fresh. carries a ridged stone that he rubs when he is trying even if he cannot fully recall why he was stranded to remember home. and the few memories he still has of his old life are distant and strange. Every action he carries a wand of enemy detection with 3 charges takes is in the service of the Winter Queen or is remaining. He traded his name for them. He traded his humanity for them. reminding him of the of them. pause and allow him to be dissuaded from further flecked beard show his age. his service eventually claimed him. and when he offered himself to the winter’s terrible queen in exchange for their lives. and his blade is almost always coated in blood. searching for a way to return to memories of his old life is enough to give him his queen’s side. like a melody heard in a dream. Snowblind intended to help him find a way back to her side. Yet she would not reward him with the lives he wished to save. He has spent decades trapped in the ridged stone he carries with him or trying to stir mortal world. He is the eternal watcher of the winter wastes. e   Snowblind’s armor is scarred and pitted from countless battles across the wastes. A husband. He traded his sight for them. and even the Unseelie Queen herself is unsure what would happen if his memory were restored. In addition to his magical gear. He will containing a lock of the Queen of Air and Darkness’s readily join forces with anyone whose goals hair.

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