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Mariel Carreon

Ms. Sizemore

AP Eng Lit per. 2

25 April, 2017

My junior year, I was given the task of coordinating an away prom. This marked new

territory for me, as I had never taken on an event so significant and costly. Unfortunately, our

committee had only two people, including me. As prom quickly approached, I had noticed my

partner wasn’t taking her responsibilities too seriously. However, I just disregarded it and took

over. Soon I realized I, too, was at fault for my own complacency, and I decided to take action.

I took initiative by meeting with her outside of school and asking how we could

communicate and work better together. After understanding her situation, we were able to

collaborate and work more cooperatively. I personally helped prioritize her schedule and set

weekly goals for the both of us. Together we recruited a prom committee, and I conducted our

biweekly meetings. We split up the responsibilities accordingly: I managed the finances,

paperwork, and administrative tasks, while she coordinated the contacts and booked the venue.

In the following months, I sold tickets everyday during lunch, handcrafted decorations on

the weekends, and coordinated the transportation for the 500 attendees. It required a

tremendous amount of dedication, and I worked to simultaneously balance it with sports and

advanced classes. Ultimately, our prom was a great success, evidenced by the many

compliments and praises we received from our classmates and teachers.

My leadership style developed a new level of maturity as a result of this experience.

Initially, I preferred working in the company of myself. I learned that I cannot always work

independently, but must depend on the strengths and gifts of others as well. I realized that

understanding and collaboration were essential for an effective partnership, and as a result
gained humility and a willingness to work with others. Maintaining this attitude, I have become

quite fond of group projects and have formed more intimate relationships with my peers.