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AISM Literary Focus Areas During PYP Units of Inquiry - 2016-2017

Grade 4
Unit Where We Are In Place Who We Are Sharing The Planet How We Express How We Organize How The World Works
and Time Ourselves Ourselves
Genre of Writing Narrative - Short Stories; Narrative - Memoir Informational - Reports Poetic Functional - Friendly and Functional - How-to
Biographies *Test Writing *Test Writing Persuasive Business Letters *Test Writing
*Test Writing *Test Writing *Test Writing
Writing Traits Word Choice Voice Organization Voice Conventions Organization
Ideas Sentence Fluency Conventions Word Choice Sentence Fluency Ideas

Reading Strategy Making Connections Inferences Asking Questions Visualization Determining the Main Synthesizing
Poetry Haiku
Parts of Speech Review noun, verb, Prepositions (including Prefix Interjections Conjunctions
adjective, adverb embedded) Suffix Pronouns
Word Meaning Letters without sounds Consonants with several Consonants represented Vowels in open / R controlled vowels Long and short vowel
sounds by different letters closed syllables review

Word Structure Adjective endings Verb Endings Plurals Syllabication Abbreviations

Contractions Possessives

Sentence Fragment Compound review Introduce complex Power sentence Rearrange sentence Reinforce
Construction Simple Sentence review sentence frame frame

Word Study Idioms Homographs Compound and Figurative Language Synonyms Portmanteau
Homophones Hyphenated Words Antonyms
Dolch Words Review list two (also Introduce list three Reinforce Reinforce Reinforce Reinforce
pre-primer, primer, one, words
and second as needed)