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the Beyond

his article examines the roles

blessings and charms can play
GM Lent in a campaign, and adds a

color art Sade new type of supernatural gift: benisons.
Benisons fill an area in between blessings
James J. Haeck
and charms; they are powerful magical
Eric Life-Putnam effects, but they can only be used once
and only in the pursuit of a specific goal.

EN World EN5IDER  |  Blessings of the Beyond

whereas charms are provided by powerful   A cleverly applied gift can serve not only as creatures in the world. or provide an alternate solution to a enchantments here or there. and a temporary ability such as preparation to face) a difficult task. a a little extra oomph to handle an upcoming task one without a wizard could benefit from a few or fight.” “EN World. especially since blessings fabric of reality with a few words and gestures. for example. entity. such as a specific in style and application. A +2 bonus to an ability score is In some cases. supernatural gifts come in two   A supernatural gift can also help a party that forms: blessings and charms.   In the core rules. blessings are a means of casting spells only available to those provided by a deity or other powerful extraplanar classes. from impossible from a supernatural gift is simple power. are permanent. but the certain characters or character types. so a party two operate differently and offer different ways that lacks a bard or druid. the gifts can provide a means of linking otherwise disparate adventures together and integrating them into an overarching narrative. the characters suddenly find themselves pitted against a medusa and her gorgon servants. A Game Master whose campaign includes snakes and serpent people as a common enemy might have a character’s deity or patron reward them with defenses against poison. including maps and illustrations (including illustrations in the public domain). Supernatural gifts are also a is needed or useful in overcoming a challenge.” EN Publishing EN product and article titles. All of the other material in this article. both provide Game type of spellcaster. Supernatural campaign with magical items. Though different lacks certain magical resources. A party without a cleric Masters with an excellent tool to give characters may be in desperate need of magical healing. Then. Generally.” “EN5ider. Publishing ™ Blessings Blessingsofofthe Beyond | | EN theBeyond  ENWorld EN5IDER World EN5IDER . a reward for the player but as foreshadowing of things to come. Magic The first and most obvious benefit a party gains comes in many different forms. Used in this way. “EN Publishing. trade dress. characters seeing in darkness or summoning animals will may be granted a supernatural gift. the way of providing temporary magical assistance use of supernatural gifts in the campaign allows to a party—useful for GMs wanting to give a party lacking the typical magical resources to their players a leg up but leery of flooding their remain viable and be successful. are designated Product Identity. character and place names. prove useful to creative players. and EN World and EN Publishing logos. can gain of enhancing a campaign. and the Value to the Characters hallmark of what makes a story fantasy. along with fragments of a mysterious legend describing granite statues of dozens of forgotten heroes. In cases where magic puzzling situation. A creatures to physics-defying landscapes and blessing or charm can add a substantial boost to a architecture to characters who can warp the very character’s capabilities.Magic is the lifeblood of a fantasy game. when this bit of foreshadowing has faded into memory. narrative and descriptive text. as a reward for facing (or in no minor treat. Both blessings and gifts can also provide access to spells restricted to charms can provide substantial benefits. Open Game Content The game rule information in this article is designated Open Game Content.

it could be worth seeking out of magical favors devalues casters and makes and dealing with such dangerously capricious them less special. Characters can seek out fey EN World EN5IDER  |  Blessings of the Beyond . In Tolkien’s The Two Towers. This way. Bargaining   A campaign where supernatural gifts are with such creatures for the benefit of oneself available might also take a different view of or a loved one would become the stuff of fable wizards. and require a manner of operating outside the normal rare ingredients as payment for providing the parameters of a campaign. blessings are described as being a party that is granted a charm which allows them granted by deities as a reward to their loyal wor- to add a magical property to a weapon may begin shippers. Since the gifts described within the core rules mostly duplicate the effects of magic items and potions. they find them- adventures. But supernatural gifts provide hostile giants in the nearby crags. but can also serve tures or entities can grant charms and blessings. what if the PCs discover depth to the world. the players have a direct selves stronger and taller than they were before. magic potions from the faerie court in the Old   For Game Masters lamenting the lack of a Woods. if it is widely known that hag giants ancestral homelands? Such situations can covens can provide charms that can cure diseases help shape the political and cultural landscape of and blindness. amongst the populace for that fact. effect on the development of the campaign and There is no reason a treant can’t provide a similar feel more integrated. The purpose of the charm might RPG benefits the GM as well. why bother seeking out the suspicious hag magic item economy in the game. For example. they would like become famous the campaign. and after drinking it. After all. but soliciting the charm Master provides opportunities to draw off of the could lead to additional adventure opportunities. the ent provide invaluable plot ideas to the Game Master. that the coven is in fact trying to intrude into the   For example. but others might feel that the availability receive them. Treebeard provides a special “ent-draught” to Merry who can work some of them into upcoming and Pippin. By providing be to assist the party in whatever quest they are opportunities and tools to the players. If spirit nagas are known to provide might track down spellcasters to beg for gifts and charms that increase the lifespans of those who favors.Value to the Campaign Who Can Grant Supernatural Gifts? A supernatural gift can provide plot hooks and While the rules seem clear on what sorts of crea- previews as described above. For example. but fantasy literature is full of examples to speculate about where and how such a property of “ordinary” creatures providing powerful boons might be useful. “blessing” to the PCs in your campaign. For example. clerics. lines. the GM could have a prominent NPC instruct a Value to the Game Master group to seek out a charm from a hag coven in Anything that brings value to any part of a fantasy the mountains. ideas they generate and develop the campaign The coven might be preparing magic to fend off world from there. The situation could even lead to greater a distinctiveness in a setting and provide greater roleplaying situations.   Supernatural gifts can also help define and expand the campaign world. and can help establish charm. if one can procure creatures. bargaining for charms and/or blessings could be an effective surrogate. the Game currently pursuing. Listening to the discussion can to adventurers. supernatural in the creepy tower in the first place? gifts also prevent a possible solution. and other spellcasters. as a springboard to generate player ideas and there is no reason to abide strictly by those guide- thereby increase player involvement. Some and legend.

Benisons that or a more mundane (though still highly magical) replicate spells that require concentration do not creature such as a dragon. bringing peace more worldly entities such as dragons. somatic. benisons of your own. require you to maintain concentration. The text of a benison addresses its user. but with toppling an evil overlord. New Supernatural Gift   For benisons which duplicate spells that have Type: Benisons expensive material components. a Take into account the source of a benison when benison might be granted to characters tasked deciding this: deities can easily pay this cost.   The ritual that imbues a character with the For this reason. or lich. fey lord. the benefactor A benison is a moderately powerful supernatural granting the benison may require a donation gift which falls in between charms and blessings or service equaling the normal cost of the in terms of its power level and effect on the component. if you like. a benison can’t be removed from a creature by anything short of divine intervention or the wish spell. and chanting. This allows characters to make   Example benisons are provided on the next mistakes in the pursuit of the goal without being page. or permanently or liches might choose not to. or the patron may choose to pay the game.or 7th-level spell. to have any effect). penalized for misusing the gift. or intrinsically tied to the world’s history and lore. candles. Benisons are focused and can only be used cost of the spell themselves when granting the gift. Most benisons old forgotten shrines or more powerful creatures duplicate the effects of spells. For example. and a character can to petition for blessings—all of which helps keep use a benison without spending a spell slot or the magic level of a campaign under control and providing any components (verbal. so it is easy to create more entity: a deity or a powerful extra­planar being. a benison simply won’t function benison may be as simple as the benefactor laying if a character tries to use it for any purpose other its hands upon the recipient’s head and chanting than its intended goal (the benison is not lost in softly or as complex as a ceremony involving such cases. A typical benison is similar to the effects of a   The source of a benison can be any appropriate 6th. fey lords. In addition. Blessings Blessingsofofthe Beyond | | EN theBeyond  ENWorld EN5IDER World EN5IDER . material). defeating a dragon or other powerful creature. in the pursuit of a discrete goal.or other creatures to barter for charms and visit   A benison can only be used once. to warring clans or factions. calling upon the benison merely fails multiple participants.

but the spell lasts until you an action. the spell will lead you to the location where the destination will be in one week. Benison of Divining Location Benison of the Crystal Sphere This benison allows you to cast the spell find the This benison allows you to cast the scrying spell as path as an action. you do not have to be as an action with the following changes: when able to see the destination as long as you have casting the spell there is no chance of a mishap or seen it at least once before. the creature you summon is friendly to you. e arrive at your destination. within 60 feet that are friendly to you. but will This benison allows you to provide truesight out undertake only nonhazardous tasks that align to a range of 120 feet for yourself and all creatures with its ethos. Using the benison takes an action and the effect lasts for 24 Benison of the Distant Gate hours. EN World EN5IDER  |  Blessings of the Beyond . though it will not provide protection maintain their momentum as if they were directly from environmental dangers once you arrive or a adjacent to both points. These circles are filled arriving in a similar area. A Benison of Transport second linked circle appears at a point of your This benison allows you to cast the teleport spell choosing within 500 miles. creatures who pass through one circle existence. means of return. with the following changes: an action. This benison allows you to create a teleportation circle on the ground within 10 feet of you. is sympathetic to your cause. and requires no Benison of Arcane Sight payment for the services rendered. Using this benison can with opaque mist and hover above the point you transport you to destinations on other planes of chose.Benison of Servile Conjuration Benison of the Evil Eye This benison allows you to cast the planar ally This benison allows you to cast the eyebite spell as spell as an action. In cases where the destination might move (such as a flying tower or the tent of an army general).

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