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Did you know NWEA and Khan Academy Supporting the SIP: Make sure you
have paired up to offer activities on Khan that hang up the laminated Mathematical
directly correlate to students’ RIT scores on Practices posters handed out at Math
NWEA? To learn more, log in to the MAP Core (or given to your team teacher
website, and click on “Map Reports,” and then if you weren’t there)!
click on the Learning Continuum. Scroll down
and choose “Khan Academy Resources by RIT.” Free PD Opportunities:
Download the document for your grade level Developing Students’ Numerical
needs. Understanding and Skills with Marilyn
Designing Your Classroom to Prepare
Students for 2020 and Beyond
Challenge*: Watch one of the webinar
recordings and report back to me.

Staff Shout-out:
This month’s staff shout-out goes to
Jen Melero, who was caught teaching
her kindergarten students (within the
If you decide to utilize this program, I am first few weeks of school!) all about
happy to help you set up accounts for you symmetry! They decided my pants
and your students! Just let me know. that day were definitely symmetrical.

Brain Food: Tools for You:
Presidential Candidates & Education Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy
Education Spotlight: Math Instruction (Lots of Plickers (formative assessment)
articles here!) NWEA Math Vocabulary by RIT
Boost Reading Skills through Science & Math Instructional Strategies (strategies for
Creative Ways to Use Math Manipulatives monitoring progress, getting moving,
Challenge*: Read two articles listed above and working together, comparing and
send me a short overview of your thoughts! contrasting ideas, adapting content,
Upcycling Hacks for the Classroom sharing ideas and opinions, forming
Inspiration from Kid President groups, and taking notes)
How true is this?! Challenge*: Try out a new strategy!

*Complete any challenge by November 23rd for a chance to win a prize!