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Observation Tasks 5 and 6: Different learning styles and

differentiation – General observations

1. What do you notice? Identify the students who answer the questions?
I think that Hiasa and Gala are the most student raise their hand to answer the questions.

2. Identify the students who are quiet? Identify students who do not seem focused?
Mohamed and Hasan are the quietest students in the class. And Mayed is the most do not
seem focused.

3. Identify learners who finish activities quickly? What do they do when they have
Gala is the student who finishes the activates quickly, when she finishes her tell the teacher
(miss I am finished) and the teacher give her another activity to do.

4. Are there learners who do not finish a task(s)? How does the teacher deal with them?
Yes, there are Moza, and Rasheed, the teacher use with them some strategy to encourage
them to finish the task like (if you finish the activity I will give you point in class Dojo)

5. Are there any learners with special needs? What kind of special needs do you think they
have? How does the teacher deal with them?
My first class in KG1a I ask the teacher if there are any learners with special needs, she said
that there are no special needs in our class.

6. How does the teacher manage learners with different levels/abilities?
She creates different activity dependents to their levels and abilities.

Observation Task 5: A day in the life of a child who has not reached
expected cognitive targets

Record sheet
Follow one learner who experiences some difficulties in class, for an entire day and
document his or her activities and movements in the table below.

Name: Aljouri Zaid Age: 4 years Level: experiences some difficulties in class

Brief description:
Date of observation: 13/ 3 / 2017

Time Activity / Movement Notes / comments

The teacher asks the student questions about the date. Aljouri listen to the teacher
8:30 without raising her hand and

The teacher plays a song for the whole class. Aljouri was singing and

8:40 dancing with the song.

The teacher divides them into groups in different activities. Aljouri was play with the rise

8:50 Algory was in fined the letter M in the rise center or group. without finding letter M.

In the PE class the teacher gives the student activity to collect Aljouri collects only one

9:10 the shapes from the ground with the whole class. shape.

The teacher gives out a writing activity for learners to complete
Aljouri tries to write her
9:30 in groups.
name but she cannot or she
wants someone to hold the
pencil with her.

After the observation: Reflect and document:

1. How many different activities the learner completed.
The teacher gives the learners 6 different activities to do and Aljouri completed 3 activities
during the day.

2. How s/he interacted with the other learners throughout the day.
She is good in her relationships with the classmates.

3. The longest period the learner spent focusing on one activity.
She spent a long time in a writing activity.

6. What the learner did during break times.
She ate and play with her friends.

7. What the learner’s attention span / level of interest seemed like during activities.
She like arts center and playing activates.

8. What the learner seemed to like doing the most / least during the day.
Aljouri like playing in the playground with her friends.