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1210 Esplanade Drive

Merced, CA 95348
April 25, 2017

3570 G St
Merced, CA 95340

Dear Mr. Ting,

My name is Mariel Carreon and I am writing you with regard to the current open job position as
barista/cashier at Em-Tea. I am very interested in filling this position, and I believe I possess the
skills, qualifications, and capability to work at your shop.

As an active member of Merced High School’s Leadership, I am required to be a very social
person and have acquired skills such as communication, public speaking, and cooperation. I
have prior experience working with cash registers and am very comfortable in communicating
and understanding my peers. I take pride in my organization skills, and always make an effort to
stay time efficient. Although only applying for a part time job, I am very flexible in handling last
minute changes and am willing to work overtime if needed.

I am also a very frequent customer at Em-Tea. Over the past year, I have gotten to meet and
know many of the staff members, so getting along with fellow employees will not be a problem. I
am very familiar with the ordering process, and have also been taught how to make the tea. I
have tasted a majority of the items on the menu, too, and can make recommendations to new
customers when needed. I am really very interested in working here and being a potential
contribution to your store.

I have provided my resume and am looking forward to your feedback. If possible, I would like to
set up an interview for further discussion. You can contact me at (209) 658-0345, or by email at Thank you for your time and consideration.


Mariel Carreon