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Observation Task 8: Activity types

Focus: Learning activities
Throughout the day, make notes in the table below about the activities the learners are
engaged in.
Activity Individual Purpose Teacher
/group/class directed/
(Literacy) As class Let the students know the five Techer
tells the students story sense shapes and names. directed
about the five senses.

(guessing game) Individual Let the student know their Teacher
1. The teacher chose one smile sense and what they use directed
student. to smile (nose).

2. Close her\his eyes and
let them smile if it is
dad smile (smiley) or
good smile.
(hot potato game) As class Let the student know the 3D
The teacher give the shapes and names.
student one of the 3D
The student should pass
the shape quickly like a
hot potato, during the
When the teacher stop the
song, the student who
hold the shape should say
what is it.

• Talk to a child. Ask her or him what she or he enjoys doing at school - the activities and
the subjects. Why do they like it?
I ask a child her name is gala, she said that she enjoys to play at school with her friends
in the playground. Also, she enjoys the Arabic class because she like the alphabet song
that the Arabic teacher put it for them.

• Ask them about the things they are good at and what they want to learn more about.

I ask them about what they want to learn they said that they want to learn the animals by
watching and touching the real ones.
They also said that they wont to have a bale classes and jujitsu lessons or karate.