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Task 9b: Integrated Subject Areas (e.g.


Focus: Integration

Concept Activity Language
3D shapes (song) Sphere
(names The student sing and dance to the 3D shapes song. Cone

3D (competition) Sphere
shapes(shape) the teacher shows the 3D shapes, pictures on the Cone
blackboard by the data show. Cylinder
Chose 2 students and tell them one of the shapes names. cube
The winner who puts the stick first on the right shape.

3D shapes (Centers) Sphere
+ Tell them to go to their groups or centers to explain what Cone
2D shapes they should do. Cylinder
Each center has different activity, dependence to their cube
(centers) levels and abilities.
Center 1:

Center 2: they should Laying string the play do with the
shape, correctly.

Center 3: They must Threading beads or shapes.

Center 4: painted and colored the shapes.

• Ask a child what they enjoy about this class. Ask them what they learn.
I asked Hiasa and she said that she liked activity 2 which is a competition between 2
students, the teacher tells them one of the 3D shapes and they should put the stick
quickly to win, on the right picture on the blackboard. She learns from this class the 3D
shapes and names.