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Did you know… Supporting the SIP: We have many
MDE has released sample M-STEP questions training opportunities you can attend
for 2017. To access them, click here and that are outlined in the SIP. If you
choose your specific grade level. You will need haven’t gone to one yet, be sure to
to use the username and password they give sign up for an upcoming event soon!
you to log-in.
Free PD Opportunities:
• Promoting Children’s Mathematical
Inquiry through Play
• Leading, Implementing, and
Sustaining Innovations in
Personalized Learning
Staff Shout-out: Our Staff Shout-out goes • Developing Students’
to Art Moody, who had the highest overall Numerical Understanding Skills
growth in math last year! He attributes much with Marilyn Burns
of his success to allowing students to visualize • Personalized Learning in
their work by writing on their tables using dry- Project-based Math Classes
erase markers. Our tables and desks work as
• Inclusion Is for Every Learner-
dry-erase boards already, but you could talk
to admin about getting super fancy like this!  Or Is It?
Challenge*: Watch any of the webinars
Brain Food: above and report back to me.
• Using Your Voice to Advocate for
Education Tools for You:
• Education Spotlight: Math Instruction (Lots • Coordinate Planes Activity for
of articles here!) Interactive Notebooks
• Math Education Should Focus on Visuals • Math Properties Posters
• Resources for Teaching Growth Mindset • Ratios and Proportions Word
• Number Paths vs. Number Lines Wall Cards
• Are Kids Missing Out by Not Skipping a • Hands-on Fractions Activities
Grade? • Partner Wheel
Challenge*: Read two articles listed above and Challenge*: Try out one of the
send me a short overview of your thoughts! activities above with your class!

*Complete any challenge by February 28th for a chance to win a prize!