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Procedure for E-102 handover to maintenance

1. Isolate Crude /Shell side (blue valves) and drain to CBD. While isolating if required DHV-431 from panel as there is no bypass for crude side.
2. Isolate Crude Column Overhead/ Tube side (Red Valves).
3. Flush Shell Side thoroughly using Flushing oil and drain contents to CBD.
4. Fix pressure gauge on TS-2 top floor, near the block and bleed arrangement of the Vent upstream of AFC inlet valve. (near individual sample coolers)
5. Stop wash water through the control valves to Tube side.
6. Do not depressurize the tube side right now. Under the already pressurized but isolated condition perform a pressure test and observe for any pressure
fluctuations due to passing inlet and outlet valves of the Colum overhead vapors.
7. Make water hose connections on the two 2" stubs upstream and downstream of AFC by taking supply from the service point on TS-2 top floor.
8. Depressurize the entire tube side system to CBD (which is floating with flare system). Observe the pressure.
9. After the pressure becomes steady, stop the draining to CBD by closing the drain valve and start water supply from the two stub connections as well as
the wash water control valve and let the water fill the system. Observe the pressure. Now slowly open the two vents on highest points viz. near E-102
tube side inlet downstream and near AFC inlet upstream and remove the residual hydrocarbons.
10. Continue the water supply till water starts coming from the vents. This also ensures that the pipe walls are thoroughly washed off any pyrophoric iron
that might have deposited over the course of time.
11. Now close the vents and drain all the water to CBD and hand over to maintenance.