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Did you know… Supporting the SIP:
We have a shared Google Drive folder set up Make sure you’re explicitly teaching
for math activities! The folder contains vocabulary in your math class!
subfolders to separate the activities by Challenge*: Send me five ideas you use
different domains and RIT bands. The more (or have used or plan to use) to teach
each teacher adds to the folders, the more math vocabulary in your lessons.
resources we have available across grade
levels! To access them, click here. Free PD Opportunities:
Challenge*: Add two lessons or activities to the • Putting Data into Action
Google Drive folder. • Creating Positive Relationships
• Early Number Concepts
Staff Shout-out: Our Staff Shout-out goes • RIGOR: A Key Principle for High-
to Lori Burnell who has already added several Impact Learning
activities to our math folder under Challenge*: Watch any of the webinars
“Geometry!” Lori is an invaluable member of above and report back to me.
our Intervention Department! In addition to
sharing resources, she runs the progress Brain Food:
monitoring for T2 and T3 students, teaches • Doing Away with Grades
multiple Power Up groups, and services • Student Autonomy in Education
students in many of our general education • 7 Reasons Differentiation Works
classes! Thank you for all you do, Lori!!  • Unleashing the Power of Objects
• Solving Real World Issues Through
Tools for You: PBL
• 20 YouTube Channels for Math Teachers • Customizing Homework
• Pear Deck Interactive Engagement • Habits of Talented Math Students
• 10 Free or Low-cost Math Apps • Commentary: Why I’m Worried
• Use QR Codes to Explain HW About the Future of Charter
• Virtual Number Frames Schools
• Virtual Money Pieces Challenge*: Read two articles listed
• Teaching Growth Mindset to Students- 5 above and send me your thoughts!
videos & 4 activities
Challenge*: Explore four of the links above Click here for an inspirational video.
and tell me how you could use them in your Click here to find out why obtuse
own classroom or lessons. triangles are always upset…

*Complete any challenge by May 5th for a chance to win a prize!