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Name: Rachel Vetelino__________
Mentor’s Name: Michelle Jacobson_______

Date Number of Description of Work Mentor's
Hours Initials

10/13/16 1.0 I talked to dance teachers and instructors
to see if they would help to contribute to
my exhibition

11/18/16 1.0 I researched how to choreograph a dance
and what factors to keep in mind

11/25/16 0.5 I discovered how to donate to an
association such as the American Heart

12/26/16-12/29/ 4.0 Picked a song for my choreographed
16 dance and started to work out

1/6/17 1.5 I researched different Associations
related to heart problems and decided on
the American Heart Association. I
figured out what would be the best way
to make a donation with my type of

1/26/17 0.5 I talked with my mentor about slightly
changing the direction of my project. We
decided together to make the project a
workshop instead of an exhibition.

2/6/17-2/17/17 4.0 Over this time period, I researched more
about how pulmonary embolisms and
what occurs anatomically and
3/7/17 0.5 I emailed a chiropractor to ask if she
could possible come to my workshop to
talk about her specialty and how it
relates to dancing.

3/21/17 1.0 I contacted different people in order to
have other teachers at the event other
than myself.

3/23/17 - 0.5 Advertized my workshop to Michelle
3/30/17 l’ecole de danse students during classes.

3/27/17 1.0 Choreographed

3/28/17 1.0 Choreographed

3/29/17 1.0 Choreographed

3/30/17 1.0 Choreographed

3/31/17 1.0 Choreographed

4/1/17 1.0 Choreographed

4/2/17 1.0 Bought flowers for my teachers who
participated and wrote them thank you

4/2/17 2.0 Dance and Wellness Workshop

4/26/17 0.5 Mail the American Heart Association

Total Hours:​ ​ 24.0________

As a mentor, I verify that the student spent a minimum of fifteen (15) hours on his/her fieldwork.

Mentor’s Signature: _______________________________________________ Date: ________