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My family and I are from Madrid, Spain. I have a small family, it´s me, my
mom, my dad and my older brother. I can´t forget my cute cat named
Moon. We love the city of Madrid. Sometimes we go to the beautiful parks.
We would spend 1 hour a day and play with each other. We also enjoy nice
family time together. We laugh so much, especially when my brother makes
jokes. Sometimes we can´t stop laughing. He is so funny! My mom works a
lot in an office here in Madrid. When she comes home, we play with each
other. My dad also works a lot. I don´t get to see him much, but I love
when he walks me to school. When mom and dad are working, I get to
spend a lot of time with my older brother Gael. We have funny games that
we play. Such as hide and seek and we play with our cat. Our cat can be
silly and do funny things. I like having family time!!!


As a family, we love to take vacations together. Our favorite place to travel
is Castilla and Leon community. We have a second home there, in a village
called Valdegeña. In the mornings, we travel to older villages. We love to
learn about history in the different villages. In the evening times in
Valdegeña, I enjoy playing with my friends from our village. Thing´s I enjoy
when I’m there, I can see my cousins. I get to play games with them
outside and run through our village.

When we travel to our village, we will spend time at the beach. Which, we
would travel to city called Valencia. We enjoy spending time at the beach
and swimming in the ocean. We always have a wonderful time together.

I love my beautiful cat named Moon. She is a British short hair kitty. She is
black and gray. She has beautiful blue eyes. I love to take care of, so I
make sure she is clean. I brush her hair and make sure she is fed. I love
when I go to bed, because she comes and lays with me. One of her favorite
toys, is a toy bird. She loves when I throw the toys and I try pull it from her.
Another thing I do is, when I make loud noise, she runs all the way to my
room. She hides until she feels safe again. We have many funny moments

As I spent a lot of time in my village and visiting places in Castilla y León I
have some plans for the future. I am going to plan a journey to different
countries in Europe. First I am going to visit Turkey. One month ago there
was a Turkish girl called Bilge visiting the class and she told us about Turkey.
She told us interesting things about her country like it was between Europe
and Asia. Turkish food seemed delicious so I want to try with all my family.
Besides there were three girls from the Netherlands visiting the school. They
taught us how to sing a song called “Hoedge van Papier” and we counted til
ten in Dutch. I think Dutch is more difficult than English!! So my second
destination will be The Netherlands. Finally I am going to visit Italy. One of
my best friends is called Bruno. His family is from Italy and he can speak
Italian. I really like pasta and ice- cream so I think when I visit Italy I am
going to try all the ice cream flavours that they have included the Nutella
one!!! They will be delicious!!!


 How often do you make with your family?

 Were you born in a city or in a village?

 Are you going to travel to different countries this year?

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